HD Patched/Working Tricks

Mar 5th, 2016
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  1. Whats fixed:
  3. Ordon Gateclip (only the sidehop/backflip clip method, bonking through with Epona still works)
  4. BiT (no hard/soft reset capability)
  5. Map Glitch (taken over from GC JP which was patched in the same way)
  6. EMS (removed slow swing and the area is protected by extended collisions)
  7. Bomb Boost to Sacred Grove (can still boost up the ledge, but extended collisions prevent further progress)
  8. Fishing Rod Hover (can still dupe fishing rods, but changed controls prevent the hover)
  9. Clawshot clip in Lake Hylia (Kagarok OoB clip still works)
  10. Floor clip in Snowpeak (can still skip the ice by jumping over)
  11. Raising Mirror Skip (zoom in and out method doesnt work anymore to allow warping)
  12. Howling during the Hidden Village quest (need to beat bublins first and use a hidden transform spot to howl --> actually faster now)
  13. L-Sliding with items
  14. Vine Clip (only in Lakebed, works on other vines)
  17. Probably fixed:
  19. First Gateclip in Lakebed
  22. What works:
  24. Enemy LJA, Gale LJA, Jump Strike LJA, Midna Superjump
  25. Warp cancelling using Midna/Bottle (still doesn't give map glitch)
  26. Rupee/Pickup Slides
  27. Ordon Gateclip/Lanayru Gateclip/Ranch Gateclip (using Epona to force you through by roll bonking against the gate)
  28. Pillar Clip with/without zora armour (swimming speed is changed, but mashing Iron Boots quickly makes it work)
  29. Cat warping in Ordon
  30. Bokoblin Pushing
  31. Dupe Fishing Rods (HD doesnt crash unlike SD after many dupes)
  32. Midna text skip in Sewers
  33. S+S Skip
  34. Midna jump skip during S+S collection
  35. Coro cs skip during Faron Twilight (turn off sense early)
  36. Early Gale Boomerang (Bridge Clip)
  37. Forest LJA Skips
  38. Ookless on Diababa
  39. Forest Escape
  40. Mailman Skip
  41. Gorge Void (100% consistent with input storage)
  42. Rupee Roll
  43. Zombie Hover
  44. Gorge Skip
  45. Walk around KB1 Trigger
  46. Eponaless Gateclip
  47. Bombhouse skip
  48. 1st Goron skip on DM
  49. Epona Slide
  50. Epona OoB
  51. Bo 1 cycle
  52. Sign Crash
  53. Early Elevator
  54. GM LJA Skips
  55. GM roll clipping the moving gate
  56. Epona Fall during Eldin Bridge CS
  57. Kagarok 1 Cycle as Wolf
  58. Kagarok OoB
  59. Fake Wolf by warping with the meteor without having the MS
  60. Fast Boss Bug Strategy
  61. Epona Bomb Boost over Gorge Fence
  62. Wagon Escort Skip (skipping Midna trigger at the end)
  63. Rutella warp using backwalk in the crawl hole
  64. Early Graveyard/Zora Prince/Lake Hylia Shortcut with LJAs
  65. Lakebed Savewarp once you have MS
  66. Lakebed LJA Skips
  67. Early Boss Flag (Grove)
  68. Bridge BK Skip
  69. Air Refill Glitch
  70. Rocket Link
  71. MS Puzzle Skip with LJAs
  72. Iza glitch by beating the messengers as wolf
  73. Dupe Bomb Bags
  74. Iza 1 Skip
  75. Infinite Bomb Arrows
  76. Stealing the lent bomb bag with Ooccoo
  77. Hena Flag Glitch (she remembers you through soft resets)
  78. Desert Boar Skip
  79. Bublin Camp Skip (with LJA)
  80. Poe 1 Skip
  81. AG LJA Skips
  82. Early BK in AG
  83. Death Sword Skip
  84. Stallord Quick Hit/1 Cycle
  85. Blind Snowboarding/SP Messenger Skip
  86. Snowpeak Ruins LJA Skips
  87. Courtyard Spinner Bomb Boost
  88. Freezard Clip
  89. Ledge Bomb Boost
  90. Midna Superjump up to the Chandelier
  91. Bomb Boost in North Faron (useless since extended collisions prevent accessing the grove anyway)
  92. ToT Skips (gate skips, statue skips)
  93. Early City in the Sky
  94. City LJA Skips
  95. Early Boss Key
  96. Argorok cs skip
  97. Ooccoo skip/jump in City
  98. Aeralfos Skip
  99. Aeralfos 1 Cycle (with B&C)
  100. City Savewarp to Small Key
  101. Big Deku Baba Skip
  102. Fan Skips
  103. Robshot
  104. Cool Game
  105. Argorok quick regrab
  106. Argorok Flame Skips
  107. Argorok 2 Cycle
  108. Skip falling into the water post City
  109. Phantom Zant 1 Cycle
  110. Palace LJA Skips
  111. Early Platform
  112. Zant Forest/Goron Mines 1 Cycle
  113. Zant fast final phase with 4th combo hits
  114. Hyrule Castle Barrier Skips
  115. Puppet Zelda with Bottle
  116. No RNG Beast Ganon
  117. Beast Ganon 2 Cycle
  118. Fast Ganondorf Fight
  119. Irritate Ganondorf with Fishing Rod
  120. Escaping the Barrier inside the Ganondorf Fight
  123. Untested/Dont know:
  125. Rupee Dive
  126. Jump Strike Rupee Glitch
  127. Storing the real map to cancel out scripted map openings (gorge, vessel map, yeta)
  128. Mist with lantern during Twilight
  129. Sanctuary skip using well clip
  130. Epona Hovering after a slide
  131. Kagarok Skip
  132. Rutella Skip
  133. Bublin 2 Skip
  134. Helping Iza with the Gale only to earn her bag
  135. Empty Lake Hylia Glitch
  136. Grove 2 Skip
  137. Ice Puzzle skips
  138. Hyrule Castle Barrier 1 Skip (LJA, Jumpstrike)
  139. Darknut 1 Skip
  143. New Tricks:
  145. Aqua Super Slide/Super Skid
  146. City/Lakebed Gate Unloading
  147. Storing inputs during cutscenes/pause screen (consistent 1st framers)
  148. Infinite Bottle Contents (soup glitch from tww)
  150. Other positive changes:
  152. Blue Rupee in Ordon
  153. Only have to fish once for the cat
  154. Blind Snowboarding has better visibility and contains the rupees now
  155. No sword recoil whatsoever anymore (creates glitchy situations)
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