Fir (3.0 FEMTO)

Mar 28th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. Name: Fir
  2. Race: Deer
  3. -Racial Traits:
  4. --Woodscraft (Passive): You navigate forests with DC-1 and you are able to identify any wild flora. You can also Stealth in any forest.
  5. --Tribal Training: Your fighting style is primitive and unpredictable, lowering the damage you deal and take by one.
  6. Gender: Male
  7. Age: 30
  9. -Talents:
  10. --Force Redirection (Passive): Your armor converts mitigated damage from Fortify Flesh and your Tribal Training Racial into a pool of points, up to a maximum of 4. These points can be spent to grant a bonus on a roll equal to the number of points spent.
  11. --General Talent (Powered Armor): Your armor is intended to help protect against harsh conditions. It adjusts to changes in gravity, atmosphere, and temperature, and can resist radiation to a point. The suit's power is self-sustained.
  13. Hits/Wounds: 8/5
  15. Class: Guardian (Alchemist/Knight)
  16. -Multiclass Skill:
  17. --Fortify Flesh (Recharge 2 after effect ends, Spell): Accelerates a target’s cell growth, restoring 1 hit per turn and lowering all damage taken by 1 for 3 turns. If the target is at max health on any of the turns during the effect they instead gain a Temporary Hit. On Crit, you can give this effect to an additional target.
  18. -Class Skills:
  19. --Slam (Recharge 1): Crush an enemy with your body, dealing damage. Crits on a 9+. [Free Skill]
  20. --Distill Life (Recharge 2, Spell): Create three Health Potions that restore 3 hits each, and on a Crit also restore one wound. You may distribute these freely to nearby party members on cast, at any time after. Consuming a potion is an Instant Automatic action. Non-Alchemists can only hold one Health Potion at a time. [Class Skill]
  21. --Counter (Instant, Automatic, Self, Recharge 3): Prepare yourself to intercept an enemy’s attack next turn. If they make a single target attack, you cancel the attack and any effects it would have had and gain a Bonus Action for Slam that turn against that target, allowing you to use Slam even if you do not know it. [Class Skill]
  22. --Martial Defender (Passive): You gain 3 Max Hits, and Slam Crits on an 8+. [Class Skill]
  25. Weapon: Shield
  26. -Guard (Passive): All counterattack damage is reduced by one.
  27. -Brace (Weapon): Rush to an ally's side, and halve the damage they would take on a success. This can be used on yourself, but not to prevent counterattack damage.
  28. Catalyst: Lens
  29. -Converge (Passive): You can condense your magic to boost its power. When you successfully cast a spell on an ally, they gain 1 Temporary Hit in addition to the spell's normal effects.
  30. -Diverge (Spell): Expel energy from your catalyst to repel attacks. If used against an attacker, remove #-5/2 (# being your roll) from the attack. Additional effects are still applied.
  32. Description: Fir is an immense, bulky elk wearing a suit of what appears to be magitech armor. His antlers are either a hologram or hardlight depending upon the situation.
  34. The magic is visible in the 'veins' and underbits of the armor, which glow different colors depending on its configuration. The natural color of the plating is a dull silver
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