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  1. In this world, if someone with a powerful soul dies, an angel can be born from it, either a true angel or a fallen one, depending on how the angel turns out. Each of these angels has a job; either protecting the souls and minds in life, or imprisoning the shards of souls collected from murderers or those who committed suicide. To directly cause death always shatters souls.
  2. All angels are fighters, able to summon mighty weapons that can drive into souls and the immaterial. They are trained militaristically, often given exercises to keep them sharp. Though they often succeed at the exercises, though one the angels could never figure out, after all these centuries...
  3. One angel is being punished for shirking his job, a young angel, but one all the same. He could be forced to join the fallen, or go to Earth to find stray soul fragments. Of course, he goes for the Earth job,t hinking it'd 1. be easy 2. he could mess around too and not have them breathing down him back. So down he goes, and dons a more human (ish) appearance. (though he still looks unnatural and slightly doll like). He begins to hunt down the fragments, which he finds a huge drag, until he stumbles across the trail of something far more interesting: signs that one of the fallen angels is on Earth too.
  4. Of course, he follows this infinitely more interesting trail to the source, and attempts to battle the other angel, thinking that if he sends him back where he belongs, then he'd get to go back, super easy! Well, turns out they're pretty damn well matched and wear each other out. Then the angel learns that the fallen is there for....pretty much the same thing; he is seeking redemption to become a true angel. They decide that fighting each other is stupid, and a waste of time, so they team up to gather fragments together.
  5. One night, the angel remembers the failed exercise. If he and the fallen could do it, maybe they'd both be able to get to the heavens. Just have to solve a problem that higher ranked angels could never figure out for centuries. Easy right? They just had to find what the arch angel made....a conglomeration of soul fragments, forced into shape of one immaterial being. That was the only hint ever given. And by this time, the thing's probably escaped to Earth, right?
  6. Well, things start getting complex when the angel starts having odd dreams.....of falling....edges of sky scrapers....angels don't normally have dreams of their past lives, could someone near them be in danger? The fallen shows no signs of the weird dreams. And no angel could come from one who committed suicide. He begins to tell his friend about his dreams, not knowing that other angels from the heavens had been following him and eavesdropping.
  7. The angel is the conglomeration.
  8. None of the other angels ever suspected that the arch angel would make one who they would take up as an ally and friend for a hunting exercise. They confront the arch angel, and she is impressed they finally found it, but why have they not destroyed it? They voice their complaints, and she decided to take care of it herself, if the others had gotten too attached to her pet project.
  9. So, to fight the angels,which would condemn both of them, or to give in and be destroyed and rewarded?
  10. The fallen chooses to protect his friend, and the angel chooses to exist in the first place. The other angels wish they could show support, but know they would be condemned if they fought the arch angel. However, it soon becomes clear who really is fallen -- the arch angel herself, corrupted by ages and loneliness. The fallen displayed valor by protecting his friend, and casts the ex-arch to the depths, proving that he has redeemed himself. The angel, however, did fight the arch angel before they knew what she was. Torn up by betrayal, he becomes a fallen. However......both opt to stay on Earth. They've grown quite attached.
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