Shuntaro Koguchi Interview

Feb 21st, 2020
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  2. Sound Creator
  3. 2nd year of employment
  5. Profile:
  6. Shuntaro Koguchi
  7. Graduated from Chuo University, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
  8. Hired in 2019 as part of a graduate recruitment program
  10. F: What was your impetus for entering the game industry?
  11. K: When I was in high school I came across the song "Overdosing Heavenly Bliss" from Trails in the Sky the 3rd. This song completely blew me away and motivated me to try to find a job making music at a game company, if possible within a music division of said company.
  13. F: Tell us where you first heard about Falcom.
  14. K: During my high school days, I was looking intently for a song on iTunes and happened to come across the Trails in the Sky soundtracks. First, I bought all the Sky soundtracks, then I purchased and cleared all three Sky games.
  16. F: While searching for a job, which personal ability did you focus on improving the most?
  17. K: Music composition. I presented my work to lots of people, seeking their criticism, input, and advice.
  19. F: What did you keep in mind when submitting songs for a quality check and interviewing at Falcom?
  20. K: I modified my songs in advance to make sure they had a Falcom flavor while tapping into my self-confidence. I approached the interview with the mindset of "go for broke" and was very candid about my thoughts and intentions.
  22. F: Do you think you need to have a history of playing games and a knowledge of games to become employed?
  23. K: I think a little of both is necessary. It's nothing if not useful to have them.
  25. F: What did you imagine Falcom to be like before you were employed by them?
  26. K: A merit-based company that values quality over quantity.
  28. F: Please tell us what your thoughts were after you finished the interview.
  29. K: I didn't have any regrets about what I said during the interview, but up until the hiring decision came back I felt like my soul had left my body.
  31. F: Recommended things to do before joining the company?
  32. K: I highly recommend clearing any Falcom games you are playing before joining. It helps avoid spoilers.
  34. --------------
  35. Interview Section: "Falcom Newcomer Periodical"
  37. F: What kind of work are you doing now?
  38. K: For the first half of this year my primary focus is debugging. Currently I am creating music.
  40. F: Is there anything tough about your job?
  41. K: After I got hired I made roughly 10 new pieces of music, but they were all discarded. I'm currently on a course correction, rewriting my music and making new music. Wish me luck...
  43. F: Have you had any enjoyable moments at Falcom so far?
  44. K: I had the honor of naming some songs from the Ys IX soundtrack.
  46. F: Describe the fun part of the job!
  47. K: It's fun becoming familiar with game production and assigning music to particular scenes.
  49. F: The moment where you thought "I'm sure glad I got hired at Falcom!"
  50. K: When I saw how Falcom games were made and completed.
  52. F: What's your image of Falcom like after you got hired?
  53. K: A company where everyone focuses hard on their own work and wants nothing more than to create the best games they can.
  55. --------------
  56. Interview Section: "Falcom Newcomer Daily Activities"
  58. F: How's the atmosphere at Falcom? What about the surrounding area where Falcom is located?
  59. K: The area in front of Tachikawa Station is very busy and noisy, but inside Falcom's offices it is very quiet and I can concentrate on my work without issue.
  61. F: What kind of people are your company seniors like?
  62. K: They have very high standards of quality that I can't help but admire. Their advice is also impressively good. I'm not even close to their level yet.
  64. F: What's your source of motivation in general?
  65. K: The will to chase my dreams.
  67. F: What's in your commute bag right now?
  68. K: Wallet, umbrella, and a bottle of water.
  70. F: What do you do on your days off?
  71. K: I like to go to live music events and music sessions.
  73. F: What did you buy with your first paycheck?
  74. K: Living expenses and set some aside for savings.
  76. F: Is there anything in particular you want to have or want to do?
  77. K: I want to have a soundproof room where it's completely fine to blast loud sounds for 24 hours a day. Also I want to devote myself fully to music creation and practicing piano.
  79. F: Tell us your aspirations within Falcom from here on out.
  80. K: My first and foremost goal is to polish my sound quality to a high degree. In the future I also want to contribute to scenario writing in addition to music creation.
  82. --------------
  83. Interview Section: "To Future Employees of Falcom"
  85. F: Welcome to Falcom, all newcomers!
  86. K: Passionate new hires are always welcome, especially for the sound team!
  88. F: Please give a message to all those who want to apply to Falcom.
  89. K: My first application was rejected during the resume screening phase, but after I studied hard and applied again one year later, my dream managed to come true. No matter what path you take, no matter who says it's impossible, if you keep working hard and don't give up, good things will happen.
  90. Thank you, and welcome to all who want to apply.
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