Umineko1 Notes

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  1. -Kinzo's alchohol smells sweet/poisonous & is green
  3. First chapter:
  4. - Start October 4
  5. - Battler's been gone for 6 years; left when his mother died; lived with maternal grandparents until they died
  6. - Battler: 180cm (5ft 11in), 18 years old
  7. - George: 170cm, 23 years old, works at father's company as Hideyoshi's aide, Battler admires him
  8. - Hideyoshi: Kansai dialect
  9. - Rudolf: about as tall as Battler, womanizer
  10. - Eva: Martial arts, kind of harsh on George
  11. - Ange: (not present in this story) vomiting, Hideyoshi hasn't seen her in a while, frail, Kyrie's family is looking after her
  12. - Maria: 9 years old
  13. - Eva "A child's health is always more important than an adult's convenience"
  14. - George "I still have very little experience out there in the real world, and I need to work on becoming more bold and sociable."
  15. - Rosa late because of train connection
  16. - Rosa is "not the kind of person who would forget or break a promise" according to Battler
  17. - Maria seems to be the same as she was at 3
  18. - Kinzo obsessed with European names
  19. - Battler cannot handle vehicles (guess: has to do with mother's death)
  20. - Jessica: talks masculine, heir after Krauss, doesn't like her parents
  21. - Kumasawa: slacks off sometimes, elderly, sickly.
  22. - Kumasawa had some purchases to make on the other island which is why she came to pick them up.
  23. - No one wants to talk about why Battler is living in two houses (probably more to it than just his mom's death)
  24. - Rudolf 'betrayed' Battler's mom (guess: Ange is Battler's half-sis from Kyrie whom Rudolf impregnated)
  25. - Only people connected to the Ushiromiya family visit Rokkenjima
  26. - Torii used to be on a crag around the island; now gone; also shrine to regional god
  27. - Kumasawa "perhaps a huge lightning bolt fell one evening and smashed the shrine"
  28. - Maria senses misfortune
  29. - George says he doesn't lie
  30. - Arrive at harbor 10:30
  31. - Gohda: huge according to Battler, working since the year before last, rough-looking appearance
  32. - Usually seagulls (umineko) but none this time
  33. - Maria goes along with other people's moods
  34. - George is good with kids
  35. - Roses not as good this year according to Eva (summer wasn't warm enough?)
  36. - Maria's rose
  37. - Eva wants to see the garden the way it was
  38. - Kanon: slender, probably younger than Battler, inexperienced, 'furniture', working for 3 years, unsociable, possibly 16
  39. - Kanon seemed to have trouble with the sacks of fertilizer
  40. - After Battler helped Kanon 'there was something he (Kanon) just couldn't let go'
  41. - Kanon mutters something after the above line which nobody hears "Even I"
  42. - Guest house built the year before last (same time as Gohda came to work)
  43. - George's parents bicker about Japanese or Western style housing
  44. - Kinzo only trusts Genji
  45. - George asks Kumasawa something as she is leaving with the adults to go to the main mansion
  46. - Natsuhi: has headaches often (born with it), in charge of the kitchen, easily humiliated,
  47. - Silver said to dim in the presence of poison
  48. - Kanon's duty is to watch
  49. - Kanon and Shanon are brother and sister (?)
  50. - Gohda apparently worked at a fancy hotel before, chef. Picks on Shanon and Kanon because they are seniors at the house but less experienced (?)
  51. - Shanon and Kanon hated by Natsuhi
  52. - All that took place at 11:15; jump to noon
  53. - Before Battler came back the talking was more serious
  54. - reference to higurashi (scratching neck open)
  55. - Shanon also refers to herself as furniture
  56. - Shanon: 'furniture', working for 10 years,
  57. - Shanon says that they are not exactly brother and sister
  58. - The house is cold during the winter
  59. - Genji: trusted by Kinzo more than relatives, served there the longest (don't know how long; possibly since the beginning),
  60. - The picture was hung up the year before last too (according to George and Genji) in April
  61. - Witch in the forest
  62. - Kinzo had the picture painted so they would 'understand'. Kinzo thinks she exists, others do not.
  63. - Rosa's husband is not there but he still has a place at the table
  64. - Natsuhi is an outsider
  65. - Lunch at 12:20
  66. - Kinzo seems to be going crazy, talks of making people into firewood, feeding them to the witch's hearth, boiling wormwood on it, forcing them to drink it (broth of the Apocalypse), he will soak their dregs in liquor, and having his demonic absinthe prepared, says that the whispering of the green fairy reaches him no more, says that the apostles are readying their trumpets.
  67. - Kinzo says that he suffers some 'impediment' on the first day of the meeting
  68. - There is a switch on the table of Kinzo's study which apparently unlocks the door
  69. - Kinzo mistrusts his family enough to make sure they had no way to get into his study
  70. - Genji is 'relatively free to enter'
  71. - Genji 'motionlessly waited behind and to Kinzo's left, as though he were a living sideboard.'
  72. - Kinzo "You (Beatrice) cannot be anywhere but in my arms... You'll continue to whisper for all eternity in my bird cage to me, only to me!!"
  73. - Kinzo is like two different people
  74. - Kinzo "The power of magic is always settled with a gamble"
  75. - Kinzo "The more dangerous the risk, the stronger the magic power will be"
  76. - Kinzo "Moses, instead of betting on incalculable odds in the roulette of those with power, managed to spectacularly draw to himself the single miracle carved within the eyes of many."
  77. - Kinzo "Magical power is that fortune through which miracles are grasped. To obtain this mighty magic power, one must face the risk of despair."
  78. - Kinzo tears the bed with both hands
  79. - Lunch from 12:30 to 1:30
  80. - From 1868 to 1923 Ushiromiya was prosperous (owned spinning mills); Kanto Earthquake 1923 destroyed mansion in Odawara, spinning mills in Tokyo burned down in fire,
  81. - Kinzo formed connections with the US and supplied them during the Korean war 1950. This made him very wealthy
  82. - Gohda's previous work had complicated employee politics.
  83. - Desert was based on the rose garden, with rose petals selected from the garden (could explain where Maria's rose went?)
  84. - Kumasawa like a mother to Shanon
  85. - Nanjo "Kinzo-san's body is being overwhelmed by the demon of ill health"
  86. - Children tried to force Kinzo out last year.
  87. - The rest of the children suspect that Krauss is using Kinzo's private funds to back his resort plans.
  88. - After being told to leave, Natsuhi returns to her room.
  89. - Eva should have been out of the family register but managed to keep herself in because of Natsuhi's infertility; thus the emnity.
  90. - Negotiations went to 2:00, we go back a bit to 1:30 for the children at the beach
  91. - Legend of the Ushiromiya gold
  92. - Epitaph was written 2 years ago (again), written by Kinzo himself
  93. - Gold, 10 tons (or 10 kg) if tons then it would be worth 20 billion yen
  94. - 200 million yen "the price of a life"
  95. - 4000 years of wages
  96. - Maria says that witches exist
  97. - It is important to Maria that everyone believes witches exist
  98. - Krauss denies that the gold exists
  99. - Krauss says that the funding he is receiving is simply from friends
  100. - The other siblings allow Krauss to investigate Kinzo's assests on the condition that he pay them their equivalent share of the gold
  101. - Hideyoshi's company is successful but he is losing control of it thanks to greedy stockholders
  102. - Rudolf needs to settle a lawsuit with another company
  103. - Rosa co-signed something she shouldn't have
  104. - Kinzo "Will the miracle be fulfilled first, or will those fools expose the gold first?"
  105. - Kinzo "Great magic can house a miracle from the fools' greed"
  106. - Kinzo "The sacred night when the miracle is wagered will come, and the devils' game will begin! I will definitely win, and I will definitely remain alive."
  107. - Kinzo "Do you know why I went to the trouble of exposing the hidden location of the gold so that everyone could see it?" Kannon "No" Kinzo "It is because magical power is decided by risk"
  108. - Kinzo "If the number of people who try and discover Beatrice's gold is great, and the danger of that happening is great as well, then assuming that the bet is successful despite those long odds, the magical power will bring about a grand miracle."
  109. - Kinzo "If the miracles are gathered and the magical power is born, it will happen then! Beatrice will revive."
  110. - Cannot enter Kinzo's room without his permission
  111. - 3pm beach
  112. - Ushiromiya mansion in Odawara before the war, Hayakawa is the river running through it.
  113. - Odawara castle at the mouth of the river
  114. - Sogakishi has the word "shore" in it's name
  115. - looking for a 'key'
  116. - the witch is maria's dream
  117. - Just before Shanon started working someone was injured 'by the witch'
  118. - Scorpion can block magic; has holy power, drawn in magic-repelling magical circles
  119. - emerald brings peace to the heart
  120. - Wear charm on arm for peaceful heart, put in wallet to make sure money doesn't decrease, hang on doorknob so bad things can't get in
  121. - When looking for the rose "It felt like [Maria's] intention was to stop us from going to another place"
  122. - Rosa came out of the mansion when everyone was looking for the rose.
  123. - Battler always got in trouble on parent's day in front of everyone
  124. - Kinzo talks about the key of fate
  125. - 6pm Kids in the guest cottage
  126. - Jessica's traveling from the island to the mainland for school (stranded due to rain and storms)
  127. - Jessica wants to move to a city and go to school there instead of a school near the island
  128. - Kanon calls the kids to dinner (why not use the phone?)
  129. - Rosa "bearing a burden" fell asleep. It seemed like she had been shocked awake (slightly after 6:00pm)
  130. - Did Kanon not see Maria on his way over to the guest house?
  131. - Maria says that Beatrice lent her the umbrella
  132. - After Rosa left the siblings they moved to 'their room' and had a "'friendly' chat"
  133. - Genji ordered Kanon to go and get the kids from the guest house
  134. - 8pm Dinner
  135. - 10pm after dinner
  136. - Jessica is shocked by her parents fighting about the money
  137. - Rudolf wants to talk with Battler and Kyrie after the adults finish
  138. - Rudolf thinks he will be killed on the first night
  139. - Natsuhi is in the hallway
  140. - Krauss has an ingot of high purity gold with a one winged eagle crest stamped in it. It is supposed to be the ingot that was used to gain trust for Kinzo.
  141. - Natsuhi feels rejected because Krauss did not tell her about the gold before. She feels abandoned.
  142. - Natsuhi forced to join the ushiromiya family because of 'that unavoidable fate' which she is trying to forget
  143. - Natsuhi probably wouldn't care if someone appeared in the state that she is in
  144. - Natsuhi meets with Jessica in the hallway
  145. - Jessica gives Natsuhi the charm
  146. - Natsuhi wants to give Jessica a charm that was important to her when she was a child
  147. - Natsuhi goes off down the hall
  148. - Jessica returns to Battler and George (Maria asleep on couch with them)
  149. - This is at a little past 10pm
  150. - Rosa enters parlor
  151. - Children are about to head back to the guest house. Rosa gets called back to the siblings. Shannon comes out of servant room
  152. - Shannon to hold umbrella and flashlight for George who is carrying Maria
  153. - Children invite Shannon to stay with them. She goes to check the schedule to see if she can
  154. - Servant shift change ordered by Krauss
  155. - Kanon and Genji in the servant room
  156. - Gohda on the night shift in the mansion
  157. - Shannon and Kanon have the night shift in the guest house
  158. - Kumasawa and Genji are in the guest house too
  159. - Phone call came saying for Shannon to 'stay here'
  160. - Originally:
  161.     *Shannon and Kanon were night shift in the mansion
  162.     *Gohda was night shift in the guest house
  163.     *Kumasawa was in the guest house
  164.     *Genji was in the mansion
  165. - Genji "For the Master, tonight is special"
  166. - Shannon returns to the guest house and leaves again with George
  167. - George is talking to Shannon about business practices.
  168. - Immediately honoring soldiers with medals
  169. - Caring for troops immediately
  170. - George really seems to respect his dad
  171. - Shannon is an orphan brought up in the Fukuin house which is owned by Kinzo
  172. - Servants from the Fukuin house take names with the character 'on' in them
  173. - The orphans were taught to think of each other as family
  174. - There are also other servants, Manon and Renon
  175. - Not many stay for long (generally 3 years)
  176. - Shannon's actual name is Sayo
  177. - Does Shannon think that her whole life will be like this?
  178. - Shannon goes back to the mansion instead of the guest house
  179. - Goes to 11pm
  180. - Gohda stays in the servant room and Shannon goes to lock up
  181. - She hears the voices of the siblings
  182. - She thinks she sees something flickering across the hallway
  183. - Beatrice flying around the mansion in the form of sparkling butterflies
  184. - At midnight is seems that everyone is alive
  185. - 6am 1986 Oct 5
  186. - Kanon and Genji exit the guest house
  187. - Genji has a bundle of keys
  188. - Natsuhi orders that the mansion is locked from midnight to early morning
  189. - Gohda has not begun preparing breakfast yet
  190. - Phone broken?
  191. - Natsuhi sleeps light and with medicine
  192. - Natsuhi wants to lock herself in her room
  193. - Natsuhi's mirror to ward off evil spirits
  194. - Genji knocks on the door
  195. - Telephones appear to be down
  196. - Dark red liquid on door and marks around the door knob that look as though someone was tearing at it
  197. - Natsuhi thinks that maybe they are still continuing the discussion
  198. - Eva and Hideyoshi say that they went to bed slightly after midnight and that Krauss and the others were still talking at that point
  199. - Genji gives the key to Kinzo's study to Natsuhi
  200. - Genji leaves with Kanon
  201. - Maria throws a fit when she can't find Rosa
  202. - Children go to the mansion
  203. - Kinzo looking out of the window, had been ignoring the knocking apparently
  204. - Gentle talking sounds like it comes from a different person
  205. - Kinzo had looked at her and seemed to accept her as part of the family
  206. - Says the last stuff looking away from her
  207. - Missing people not inside of the study
  208. - Eva and Natsuhi return to parlor; Hideyoshi, children, Genji and Nanjo there as well
  209. - Kumasawa preparing breakfast
  210. - Shannon missing
  211. - Children watching TV; Nanjo reading a book (possibly about chess)
  212. - Natsuhi goes to make tea
  213. - Something odd about the rose garden storehouse
  214. - Kanon described as usually fearless
  215. - Key to the storehouse inside of the servants room
  216. - Kanon, Genji, Eva and Hideyoshi go to storehouse
  217. - Dark red liquid on the shutter enterance to the shed
  218. - Magic circle drawn
  219.     *two circles with a cross in the center with words written in between gaps
  220. - Not there until at least it started raining says Kanon
  221. - Genji suggests that they use paint from the shed to paint over the magic circle
  222. - Same color red liquid that was on Natsuhi's door
  223. - Genji returns to mansion out of breath and wet
  224. - Brings Nanjo back with him
  225. - They come across Natsuhi who they bring with them
  226. - Maria stays and watches TV
  227. - Nanjo says that they were probably dead about 6 hours ago (at least)
  228. - 'Damaged after death'
  229. - Outside of Nanjo's expretise
  230. - Battler "Their faces had been plowed"
  231. - Can't tell where eyes or nose are but can see the mouth. Front teeth missing, cheek torn up and exposed
  232. - No face
  233. - Krauss still has half of his face
  234. - George asks if Shannon is the same, Hideyoshi does not respond which we are meant to take as meaning she is
  235. - Hideyoshi sees that half of Shannon's face has been smashed off and the other half is soaked in blood
  236. - Repeatedly making it clear that it definitely is shannon makes me suspicious
  237. - Shannon has the ring on her left ring finger
  238. - Only one key to the storehouse
  239. - New padlock is placed on the storehouse and key is given to Natsuhi
  240. - 8:30-8:45
  241. - Kumasawa finds blood in the dining hall
  242. - There seems to be a lot of blood so it could mean that they were killed there last night
  243. - Hideyoshi says that he and Eva left a little after midnight
  244. - They all leave the bloody dinning room
  245. - Radio did not work
  246. - Genji says that there is a boat coming Monday morning
  247. - Krauss' boat is not on the island anymore since it has been sent for repairs
  248. - Kinzo is not in his room (that Natsuhi and Eva could see)
  249. - Natsuhi is the last one to see Kinzo, before the corpses were found
  250. - On the way back from going to see Kinzo, Natsuhi and Eva called out to him on all the floors, looking for him but weren't able to find him
  251. - Kinzo might already be dead and his corpse is somewhere they haven't looked yet
  252. - Natsuhi leaves the parlor with the remaining servants
  253. - Everyone else is in the parlor
  254. - Rudolf would get 'violently happy, sad, and angry, but he would always regain his cool immediately afterwards.' according to Eva
  255. - Eva assumes that the culprit killed them in the dinning room and carried them to the shed
  256. - Again, only key to the storehouse is the one in the servant's room
  257. - The culprit/s had to assualt the four in the dinning room and drag 6 bodies to the storehouse according to Eva
  258. - It seems more likely to Eva that there are multiple culprits
  259. - Eva suspects that there was someone behind the servants doing it
  260. - Battler thinks that if the servants really did do it then they wouldn't have hidden the bodies in a place that would implicate them
  261. - Eliminating the introduction, like Keichii's mom says in  Higurashi, would be the perfect crime. If it is never discovered then the murderer would get away free
  262. - In this case why expose the spot you hid the bodies and make everyone more cautious and suspicious.
  263. - What does the culprit gain from this?
  264. - Only Eva and Hideyoshi were relatively unaffected by the deaths
  265. - Could the murder have been meant to implicate Eva?
  266. - Eva says that she and Hideyoshi returned to the guest house to go to bed slightly past midnight
  267. - Maria says that the magic circle is the seventh magic circle of the sun
  268.     * Characters are Hebrew
  269.     * Angels in charge of 4 elements written on the top, bottom, left and right
  270.     * 4 kings written in the corners
  271.     * Psalms 116:16-17 written around the circle
  272.     * Suposed to bring freedom from actual bonds or obligations or fate
  273. - Battler remembers Rudolf telling him that the reason people go to so much effort about the occult is because it doesn't exist
  274. - Natsuhi and servants are taking a while
  275. - Kinzo had a gun which he used to shoot at birds
  276. - The part of the gun that ejected the cartridges was more interesting to Kinzo than the actual gun and he played around with it in the forest
  277. - 9:30am-1pm
  278. - They all have lunch
  279. - Kumasawa mourns Shannon with her back facing Genji and Kanon
  280. - Genji says that it looked like someone with bloody fingers had tried to scratch through Natsuhi's door
  281. - Genji and Kanon say that Beatrice exists
  282. - Servants say that Beatrice has no body and that regular people can't see her unless she wants them to
  283. - Servant chased a glittering butterfly and met with great injury
  284. - Maria says that Battler is on a different wavelength and that is why Battler can't see Beatrice
  285. - Maria says that Battler is the kind that Beatrice hates the most
  286. - Beatrice is a 1000 year old witch
  287. - They keep saying that Beatrice 'exists' with the word in quotes
  288. - Battler says it feels like she has a dual personality
  289. - It seems as though Maria's laughter has been seen before
  290. - Difference between an adult and a kid is life experience
  291. - Kids trying to gain their identity
  292. - Jessica says that she was never into the occult
  293. - Natsuhi's been holding the key to Kinzo's study the whole time
  294. - Genji says that the only way in or out of the study is the enterance
  295. - Genji says there is no hidden door
  296. - Kanon says there is no hidden door
  297. - Kumasawa says that she doesn't know about any such door
  298. - Nanjo played chess with Kinzo last night
  299. - Genji gave Kinzo his dinner after the chess game
  300. - Shannon and Kanon were with Genji for that
  301. - Eva and Hideyoshi are saying that Natsuhi did not meet with Kinzo in the morning
  302. - They are saying that she faked meeting with him so as to give herself and alibi for killing him
  303. - Eva is saying that Natsuhi killed Kinzo and threw him out the window and, when checking windows and doors, hid Kinzo's body
  304. - Possible that Kinzo is hiding and then escaped after the receipt was removed.
  305. - Jessica has a coughing fit
  306. - Eva goes to her room with Hideyoshi, She says that she'll call Genji when it's dinner time
  307. - She announces that they'll lock themselves in with the door chain
  308. - Eva and Hideyoshi leave after George refuses to.
  309. - It is evening now
  310. - Beatrice familiar with all 72 demons
  311. - was 4pm, now 7pm
  312. - Kumasawa as in the kitchen cooking
  313. - Kanon was helping Kumasawa in the kitchen
  314. - Genji and Nanjo in the kitchen with them
  315. - They are playing a game of chess
  316. - Genji thinks things are proceeding like Kinzo would want them to. He feels like doubting that would exceed his role as furniture
  317. - Eva and Hideyoshi's room had been built to house guest before the guesthouse was built
  318. - Eva and Hideyoshi are familiar with their room
  319. - Bedroom and bathroom
  320. - Eva wonders whether she should have had George so soon
  321. - Eva had a revelation about producing the next heir
  322. - Hideyoshi agreed so that he could 'feel once more the long forgotten thing called family'
  323. - Eva slightly glad that Shannon was dead.
  324. - Eva and Hideyoshi knew that George loved Shannon
  325. - Hideyoshi lost all his relatives in the war
  326. - Hideyoshi and Eva plan to go to the Maldives
  327. - Hideyoshi wants to take care of some business first
  328. - Eva wants to go now
  329. - Genji goes from the kitchen to the parlor
  330. - Everyone had been drawing
  331. - It seems like everyone can draw fairly well
  332. - Distance from the kitchen to the parlor is not long
  333. - guest room to parlor is a little further
  334. - Kanon went with Genji to the guest room
  335. - Note left under Eva and Hideyoshi's door
  336. - Servants would stick a note under the door if the guest did not wake up
  337. - Kanon hears what he thinks is the TV
  338. - He doesn't 'sense anyone'
  339. - Lights still on in the room
  340. - Chain had been secured
  341. - Kanon is told to cut the chain but to go and get Kumasawa first
  342. - Genji goes back to the kitchen with Kanon and tells Kumasawa to go with Kanon
  343. - Nanjo goes with Genji to talk with Natsuhi
  344. - In the time that they left the door, a magical mark has been drawn up on it
  345. - There was perhaps 5 minutes between leaving the door and going back to the door
  346. - There is something stuck into the center of Eva's forehead
  347. - Something like a knife or resembling an ice pick
  348. - The handle has a complicated design
  349. - Hideyoshi also has a similar weapon stuck into the center of his forehead while he was taking a shower
  350. - Hideyoshi was seen tumbled down in the shower totally naked and with his eyes pointing right at Kanon
  351. - Body soap in the shower had fallen with it's cap off
  352. - About one hour has passed since they died
  353. - Can't see either of them from the door
  354. - George enters the room and sees his parents
  355. - Maria seems unfazed
  356. - Room is locked
  357. - They decide to unseal the letter in the parlor where everyone can see it
  358. - They notice the smell
  359. - Kanon and Kumasawa go and check the kitchen
  360. - Kanon searches in other directions as he follows Kumasawa
  361. - The chain makes the room a closed room scenario
  362. - The chain stops people from coming in
  363. - Eva and Hideyoshi cannot be reached through the small crack
  364. - First magic circle of the moon
  365. - The Hebrew is from Psalm 107:16
  366. - It can open a door regardless of how it is locked
  367. - Gives a solution that you hadn't ever thought of
  368. - Kanon and Kumasawa realize that the smell is coming from the stairs leading to the basement
  369. - Bioler is down in the basement
  370. - They hear a slam of the door closing
  371. - Kanon runs toward the basement to chase after the sound
  372. - The person is now in the boiler room
  373. - Kumasawa then goes down after Kanon
  374. - Kanon grabs a hatchet
  375. - Sees butterflies
  376. - Kinzo calls winning against the odds a 'miracle' and the payoff is 'magic'
  377. - Kanon says that he is no longer furniture
  378. - Kanon drops the hatchet
  379. - Kanon is stabbed with the weapon in the chest
  380. - Kanon pulls out the weapon
  381. - Kumasawa comes into the basement
  382. - Natsuhi, Battler and Genji all enter the basement
  383. - Genji goes to get Nanjo
  384. - Battler chases after the person through the slightly open other door
  385. - Battler enters the courtyard
  386. - Doors in the courtyard are built without locks
  387. - Nanjo and George carried Kanon to the Servants room which can be used like a nurses room
  388. - Kumasawa and Jessica go with them
  389. - Weapon is the same kind that was used to kill Eva and Hideyoshi
  390. - Handle design a little different
  391. - Like an icepick or thin stake and had a spiral pattern like a drill
  392. - 25 centimetres long, half handle, half pointy bit
  393. - Charred corpse in the incinerator
  394. - Face, age or even gender could not be guessed
  395. - There are 6 toes on each foot of the corpse which Kinzo also had
  396. - Ushiromiya trait (it is genetic probably)
  397. - Possible reason that Kinzo was chosen as head
  398. - Child with polydactyly may be treated before they are even aware that they had it
  399. - can occur in 1/2000 babies
  400. - One of those weapons was stuck into his forehead
  401. - No Head's Ring on his finger
  402. - They leave the room and lock it shut
  403. - Not clear when the corpse was started burning
  404. - Fire was not strong so it must have started long ago
  405. - The boiler room is usually locked according to Genji
  406. - The person may be outside of the group and may have something like a masterkey?
  407. - Someone is trying to make it seem like there is a 19th person
  408. - This person is able to do things that seem impossible, so it isn't that absurd to think that they could make it seem like there is a 19th person
  409. - Battler considering the possibility of someone faking their death
  410. - Maria said that Beatrice promised to take Maria to the Golden Land
  411. - To Maria these series of crimes seems to prove the witch exists
  412. - 7:30-8:00
  413. - Kanon dies
  414. - Jessica crying for Kanon
  415. - Maria says that she 'exists'
  416. - Natsuhi slaps Jessica
  417. - Maria says that George wants to hit someone.
  418. - Maria says that even if she told him the truth he wouldn't accept it
  419. - Maria says that Beatrice said that by the time the typhoon has passed she will have ended everything
  420. - They want to find somewhere were they can barricade themselves in
  421. - Shannon, Kanon and Ghoda have master keys which they are supposed to have on their person during work
  422. - Someone might have stolen a key from one of them
  423. - Someone might have taken a master key from the servant's room when they went to get the key to the shed's shutter
  424. - Every time the shift changes the keys were passed from one servant to another
  425. - They have keys to all the rooms in the mansion and guest house
  426. - The killer has only gone after isolated people except for the first night
  427. - Battler stops Maria from saying something
  428. - One place that can't be entered with the servants' keys: Kinzo's room
  429. - Genji always has the key to Kinzo's study and Kinzo had the other.
  430. - Genji shows the key that was on the burnt corpse
  431. - They want to force the killer to reveal how they got into the locked room
  432. - The weak point of the chessboard thinking is noise. Sometimes, things change which will make some ways of thinking wrong
  433. - Humans are the noise in this thinking, emotion and such can make people act unpredictably
  434. - Thus: this way of thinking is weak against noise, fickleness and mistakes or incorrect knowledge
  435. - The rules are unkown so it is not easy to make predictions
  436. - Jessica hates the idea of moving into Kinzo's study
  437. - They didn't eat any of the food that Kumasawa prepared.
  438. - They get some canned food and go up to the third floor
  439. - Fifth magic circle of Mars on Kinzo's door: repells magic
  440. - This was the magic circle that was on the charms that Maria gave to Battler and Jessica
  441. - Door automatically locks
  442. - Kinzo's room is now certainly a closed room
  443. - Window is tightly locked
  444. - They don't find any hidden doors
  445. - 4 sections: Study, bedroom, bathroom, and cooking (w/ sink)
  446. - No TV or radio in this room
  447. - Black has white well cornered in the chess game between Nanjo and Kinzo
  448. - Endgame had been rushed
  449. - Nanjo talks about 2 Kinzos, a wise one and one trapped by some kind of madness
  450. - Painting of Beatrice in Kinzo's study
  451. - They finally get around to opening the letter that was under Eva and Hdeyoshi's door
  452. - Natsuhi puts the letter out on the table so that all can read it
  453. - 'Praise my name' (Ref to epitaph)
  454. - Maria says that it is just as she suspected
  455. - The envelope is identical which we take as confirmation that the author of the first note is the author of the second
  456. - Same type of envelope and sealing wax that Kinzo used
  457. - Genji stays silent when asked about Beatrice
  458. - Was Beatrice his lover?
  459. - Jessica says that Kinzo's wife seems to have suspected it
  460. - Mansion was finished in 1952
  461. - Genji says that Kinzo certainly had deep feelings of love for Beatrice
  462. - Cared for Beatrice more than wife
  463. - Genji says that he heard that Beatrice passed away before the mansion was completed
  464. - Genji says that Kinzo mourned for Beatrice
  465. - Apparently Kinzo studied black magic looking for a way to revive Beatrice
  466. - Nobody tried understanding why Kinzo had this hobby
  467. - Kumasawa was only told about Beatrice once, when Kinzo was very drunk
  468. - She says that she's forgotten details but that he loved Beatrice deeply
  469. - Are the servants pretending that Beatrice's soul is alive in the mansion to make Kinzo feel better?
  470. - Lost love revived?
  471. - Consideration is magic?
  472. - Genji has not heard of any illegitamate children
  473. - Kinzo supporting Fukuin House orphanage
  474. - Rumor that Kinzo supported an orphanage and that the orphans worked for Kinzo as part of their social studies
  475. - Some people said that this was because of Kinzo's hobbies
  476. - Orphans as sacrifices for his magic
  477. - Only Shannon and Kanon were from the Fukuin House this conference
  478. - Battler is interested in the word 'sacrifices'
  479. - Maria "Magic works the same way. ...If you want an unlimited, impossible effect, then you must pray earnestly. ......Then the feelings from all those stored up prayers gain magical power and become incarnate."
  480. - Maria says that the key randomly selected sacrifices in a lottery
  481. - Carried out the ceremony on the day with the greatest number of people on the island so that he could increase the chance of him living?
  482. - Another letter appeared
  483. - This letter is on top of the table where the canned food lay
  484. - All of the people gathered around the portrait before the letter was seen
  485. - The letter was not there and then suddenly it was?
  486. - 'Beatrice' says that this can only end in her victory or theirs
  487. - Just before going to the portrait Natsuhi put down a can of food and she says that there definitely was no letter then
  488. - At that point the children sans Maria were already at the portrait
  489. - Natsuhi basically forces Genji, Kumasawa, Nanjo and Maria out of the room
  490. - Genji hands over two golden keys which he says are to the study and the rest of his keys to the mansion
  491. - Battler was lying about having lost the charm
  492. - Magic circle on a second sheet that was in the third letter
  493. - There is a triangle inside the circle with another, smaller triangle inside that
  494. - Some Hebrew writing inside again
  495. - 10:00 - 11:30
  496. - Natsuhi was staring at the door, George was looking out of the window, Jessica was laying down on the sofa next to Natsuhi
  497. - Jessica liked Kanon and may not have figured that out until he was killed
  498. - Maria's father ran off a long time ago
  499. - Rosa says that he is on a foreign business trip
  500. - It has become taboo to talk about Rosa's family
  501. - It's possible that Rosa didn't really like Maria because Maria kept Rosa from remarrying
  502. - Battler "It's all useless"
  503. - Natsuhi cares a great deal about her daughter because she got her 12 years after marrying Krauss
  504. - Natsuhi says that she would become the worst kind of demon to protect Jessica
  505. - The magic circle that was in the envelope was the third magic circle of Mars
  506. - Psalm 77:13
  507. - The meaning is discord
  508. - The phone rings and Natsuhi picks up
  509. - It sounds like someone is singing at the other end of the phone line
  510. - They all decide to leave the room to see what is happening
  511. - Natsuhi takes the lead with the rifle
  512. - Battler takes a three-pronged candlestick
  513. - Sticking one of those weapons into someone's skull wouldn't have been easy
  514. - It is possible that there was something else that could shoot or pound the weapon in
  515. - Could they be using something like a crossbow?
  516. - When they get down to the first floor they can hear Maria's voice
  517. - It sounds like she is singing mechanically
  518. - The door to the parlor was closed
  519. - The door to the parlor is locked
  520. - Parlor stained with blood
  521. - All the rest dead but only identifiable from their clothes since their faces are smashed again
  522. - Weapons in Genji's stomach, Nanjo's knee and Kumasawa's calf
  523. - Maria seems just like normal
  524. - Maria says that Beatrice had done it
  525. - Beatrice apparently told Maria to face the wall and sing for a long time
  526. - Maria says that Genji locked the door (how? He had given away his keys. Unless the room locks from a latch or something like that)
  527. - Maria says that Beatrice turned into butterflies and came in the crack in the door that way
  528. - Maria says that Beatrice said she couldn't get into the study and so was going to select sacrifices from among the four
  529. - Beatrice apparently has Maria sing the songs so that she doesn't hear something
  530. - Natsuhi leaves the room reading a letter
  531. - The handle won't open
  532. - Natsuhi has barred the door to the parlor by using the candlestick that Battler took with him
  533. - Natsuhi goes into the entrance hall alone with her gun and yells
  534. - Natsuhi says that she has been challenged to a duel
  535. - The butterflies form a human shape
  536. - The witch raises her staff
  537. - A shot is heard
  538. - On Natsuhi's forehead 'almost as though a sparkling shard of pigeon's blood ruby had been placed there'
  539. - Her gun smells like it discharged
  540. - Did she shoot herself in the forehead
  541. - The letter is gone
  542. - None shall be left alive referring to Natsuhi?
  543. - The journey has already ended according to Maria
  544. - Midnight is apparently the end of the journey
  545. - It seems like someone is standing there who looks like Beatrice
  546. - The witch wins when the time runs out
  547. - What does 'none shall be left alive mean?'
  548. - The events on Rokkenjima are known about because of some notes that had been put into a bottle
  549. - The notes are signed Ushiromiya Maria
  550. - A piece of Maria's jaw (identified from her dental records) was found by police
  551. - There was no sign of the children other than some body parts (see above)
  552. *************************************************************************
  553. Tea Party
  554. - They didn't try and solve the riddle and so they lost
  555. - They spent too much time trying to find out who the culprit is
  556. - Jessica says that Shannon had a worse fate than all of the rest of them
  557. - They reitterate that half of Shannon's face is smashed
  558. - George says that he seems to remember something like his body being eaten apart and dismembered
  559. - Battler remarks that Kanon's last moments were the coolest
  560. - Kanon's end better than the rest of the children's confusing end
  561. - Shannon says that because of Kanon's death we can assume a 19th person
  562. - George agrees that everyone's location was obvious so it could only have been a 19th person
  563. - Jessica agrees that it was a witch
  564. - Shannon again chimes in saying that there were things that humans couldn't do that were done
  565. - Maria "Even one of her witch friends says that miracles won't occur if you don't believe."
  566. - They discuss the fact that Maria respected the witch and so wasn't touched
  567. - They then say that the servants also did the same and were killed
  568. - Shannon saying that her death didn't hurt
  569. - Maria says that it isn't fantasy and that Beatrice 'exists'
  570. - Kanon and Shannon agree with Maria saying that she 'exists'
  571. - Shannon says that Gods and witches might seem scary but that they are nice to people who respect them
  572. - Shannon says that they ignored the first letter and so she felt sorry for Beatrice
  573. - Battler disagrees with them that a witch did it
  574. - They all express disbelief that he could still hold such a viewpoint
  575. - Battler tries eplaining some of the things that happened to show that there was no witch
  576. - They all say that because he can't explain it he has to admit that it was a witch
  577. - Battler says that a fallback of mystery novels is that someone isn't really dead that we think is dead
  578. - Hard for one of the people killed in the first round since the shutter was closed and padlocked such that it couldn't be opened from the inside
  579. - Maria points out that Battler isn't giving any practical ways that it could be done
  580. - If Battler doesn't believe then the magic won't be complete
  581. - Battler refuses to believe it because he doesn't want the lie to become the truth
  582. - Battler says that real miracles occur if people believe in them or not
  583. - Beatrice enters
  584. - Everyone apologizes for Battler
  585. - Beatrice says that after a thousand years most witches get tired of living
  586. - She says that it is nice to meet a man with backbone like him
  587. - Beatrice says that he must have strong magic resistance
  588. - She says that he will never believe in her and so the magic won't succeed
  589. - As long as someone denies the witch she is only an illusion that can't exist
  590. - Jessica says not to let the witch break Battler's spirit
  591. - George and Jessica end up looking like a pile of meat
  592. *************************************************************************
  593. ?????
  594. - Beatrice and someone else talking in some unknown place
  595. - The other person looks like Rika from Higurashi
  596. - She calls herself a wandering witch and that she didn't intend on violating the rules of Beatrice's territory
  597. - She also says that Beatrice shouldn't display so much hostility
  598. - Beatrice says that she isn't hostile and that she is only concerned that Bernkastel is well attended to
  599. - Bernkastel says that she is powerless before Beatrice who has the power to kill an idividual a hundred times
  600. - Beatrice says that Bernkastel possesses a power that none can approach
  601. - Beatrice says that Bernkastel dethroned Lambdadelta (another witch)
  602. - Bernkastel says that she only won an endurance contest
  603. - Lamdadelta does not feel the same
  604. - Bernkastel says that Beatrice has the power to kill an individual 'without fail'
  605. - She then says that 'without fail' doesn't exist in this world
  606. - She then says that you can never get down to a zero percent chance
  607. - She says that Beatrice can give rise to 'almost perfect certainty'
  608. - Beatrice says that Bernkastel can cause success without fail 'as long as the odds are not zero'
  609. - Bernkastel says that Beatrice can kill someone endlessly
  610. - Bernkastel says that she is a traveler crossing fragments, running from boredom
  611. - She heard that Beatrice is doing something interesting
  612. - Bernkastel says that Lambdadelta is terrifying because of her cruelty but she can understand her
  613. - Bernkastel then says that Beatrice has affection but she can't understand her
  614. - That is why Bern says that Beato is more terrifying
  615. - Beato says that she is fickle
  616. - Bern says that Beato never lets the dice fall
  617. - Bern says that boredom is the only thing that can kill her and then says not to kill her
  618. - Bern calls Beato the 'Endless Witch'
  619. - Bern says to someone that something troublesome seems to have taken a liking to them
  620. - She says that she would like to lend this person her power but Beato and Bern have a bad compatibility
  621. - She says that this person is pitiful so she'll help them out
  622. - She says that this person has the name Beatrice but that she isn't necessarily one person
  623. - Bern says that her existence is a personification of the rules of this world
  624. - To beat her you have to expose the rules of the world and unravel them
  625. - This is like learning the rules of chess by watching a game
  626. - First, know the board
  627. - Then know the pieces
  628. - Last look for the conditions required to win the game
  629. - When you manage to do this, her heart will be exposed
  630. - Bern says that when she had a human body it took her a hundred years to learn all this
  631. - Bern says that she is the cruelest witch in the world
  632. - She calls this person her gamepiece
  633. - Probably this person is the player
  634. *****************************************************************************
  635. Stakes and Sins
  636. - Eva       Asmodeus: Lust      (Head)
  637. - Hideyoshi Beelzebub: Gluttony (Head)
  638. - Kinzo     Mammon: Greed       (Head)
  639. - Kanon     Satan: Wrath        (Chest)
  640. - Genji     Lucifer: Pride      (Stomach)
  641. - Nanjo     Belphegor: Sloth    (Knee)
  642. - Kumasawa  Leviathan: Envy     (Calf)
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