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  1. Prologue
  3.     You're walking down the street with your phone in your hand and your umbrella above you.
  5. “I told you Dave, I'm sick of your shit!” Your wife yells over the phone.
  7. “Then get the hell out of my house!” You yell back. “Get packing or I'll call someone to evict you!”
  9. “FINE!” She shouts, hanging up.
  11.     You groan, putting your phone in your pocket. You knew marrying her was a bad idea. Your parents were against it, as they said she was a gold digger. Guess they were right after all. She had went out and bought a new car using your money without telling you first and you were now 40 grand poorer. Luckily it was repossessed and you were given a full refund, but this was the last straw.
  13.     As you passed by an alleyway, you heard a desperate cry and some grunting, prompting you to stop and take a closer look. You see two anthros going at it, the lady pushing desperately against the man, who had her in a choke hold.
  15. “S-stop! Please! I don't want this!” She begs. “I-I just wanted to find a box to-ah-sleep in!”
  17. “T-to bad! You-fuck-found me instead!” The pit bull tells her, grunting as he thrusts into her. “F-fuck you're so tight you little cum slut. Gotta break you in!”
  19.     You rush down the alleyway, not allowing this to go any further. You ready your suit case as a makeshift bat as you run towards them, dropping your umbrella in the process.
  21. “STOP!” You shout, rushing over to the couple.
  23. “What the fu-”
  25.     You slam your suitcase into the side of his head, knocking him off of her. Just as he hits the ground, he blows his load, watery geysers of spunk erupting from his cock. He continues humping the air, more jizz coming from him as the spurts get smaller and smaller. Once he finishes, he grits his teeth, obviously angry at you.
  27. “Y-you fucking asshole! I'll kill you!” He shouts, enraged you ruined his orgasm.
  29.     He jumps at you, swiping at your chest with his claws and tearing into your suit. Both of you fall to the ground as he continues to slash your suit to pieces. He doesn't make it past your shirt before you push him off and grab your suitcase, slamming it into his head again as he tries to rush you. This knocks him out cold, making him fall to the ground like a sack of potatoes.
  31.     As you catch your breath, you look back at the anthro and see she's a dog as well. She's completely naked with the exception being a bra that looks like it's been torn to shreds. The poor woman looks like she hasn't eaten in days. Her ribs were visible and her chest was almost non existent. She looked like she was ready to pass out. You grab your phone out of your pocket and dial 911.
  33. “911, what's your emergency?” The operator asks.
  35. “Hello, I just stopped a rape and have the rapist on the ground unconscious.” You tell the operator.
  37. “Is the woman okay?” The operator asks.
  39.     You cup your hand over the microphone and look to the woman.
  41. “Are you okay miss?” You ask the dog woman.
  43. “Y-yes. Thank you.” She tells you.
  45. “Yes, she's fine.” You tell the operator after uncupping your hand.
  47. “What about the male? Is he still breathing?” The operator asks.
  49. “Yes, he's still breathing.” You tell them.
  51. “Alright, police have been dispatched, where are you exactly?” The operator asks.
  53. “Inside the alleyway between Parker street and Denton boulevard. Right by the Starbucks and Arby's.” You reply.
  55. “Alright, stay on the line until the police get there. I'll be with you until then.” The operator tells you.
  57. “Alright.” You say, putting your phone in your suit pocket.
  59.     You step over the unconscious pit bull and grab your umbrella, realizing she must be soaking wet. You bring your umbrella over to her naked form and sit down next to her, removing your torn up suit jacket. You place it over her with the back side facing up, keeping her covered and hopefully warm as she sits with you.
  61. “T-thank you so much.” She says, laying her head down on your shoulder.
  63. “You're welcome. Do you have any clothes?” You ask.
  65.     She points weakly behind the dumpster and you hand her the umbrella, getting up and rounding the dumpster. The clothes were scattered all around the dumpster, still relatively dry considering where they were placed. At least she would have some dry clothes to put on when the police arrived. You gather them up and bring them over to her, bringing a smile to her face.
  67. “Thank you again.” She tells you as you sit down next to her again.
  69.     You take the umbrella and hold it for her, as she lays on your shoulder again. You wait there for 3 minutes before the police arrive, a German Shepherd and a fellow human.
  71. “Over here!” You yell to them.
  73.     This seems to wake the pit bull, as he stirs from being unconscious.
  75. “He's waking up!” You yell, pointing to the pit bull.
  77.     The female shepherd tackles him to the ground, putting him in hand cuffs as the pit bull struggles weakly.
  79. “Fucking pigs! Get off me!” He yells as he's pulled back to the police cruiser.
  81.     The man crouches down with a pad, paper, and towel. The woman takes the towel and puts it underneath your coat. She dries herself off before managing to dress herself underneath the coat, pulling her pants up last.
  83. “I only have a few questions to ask before I go off. First one is, what's your name?” The officer asks.
  85. “K-Katy.” She replies, still a bit shaken from the whole ordeal.
  87. “Next question, do you know this man?” He asks, pointing to the police car.
  89. “N-no. He just j-jumped me and started h-having his way with me.” She says shakily.
  91. “Alright, last couple of questions. First, did he ejaculate inside you?” He asks.
  93. “Y-you're standing in a pool of his s-stuff.” She says with a bit of a smirk.
  95.     The officer stands up and lifts his shoe, a string of cum leading from his shoe to the ground. He scrapes it off his shoe and crouches back down.
  97. “I see. Last question. Are you in heat?” He asks.
  99. “No, but I will be soon.” She replies. “I was trying to find a box to, uh, hide in until it passed. I don't have the money for heat treatment.”
  101.     The officer nods, scooping the glob of cum off the ground and putting a strip inside it. He shakes it a bit and the strip turns green, prompting him to smile.
  103. “It's okay. He doesn't have any STDs.” The officer tells her. “You okay here?”
  105.     She nods, leaning into your shoulder as she puts a hand on your chest.
  107. “Alright, you two take care.” He says, getting off the ground as Katy falls asleep on your shoulder.
  109.     He gets inside the cruiser and drives off, leaving you alone with this dog girl in your arms and the soft pattering of rain on your umbrella.
  111. Chapter 1: Come with me
  113.     You've been sitting there for almost 2 hours, waiting for Katy to wake up before you feel her head move. You look down at her and see her yawn, stretching out before sticking her tongue out a bit. When she looks up at you, your heart nearly melts. How could someone as cute as her be sitting out here, homeless? You smile at her and she licks your face with the tip of her tongue.
  115. “Hey, you're awake.” You tell her. “I forgot to introduce myself when we met. Name's David, but people call me Dave.”
  117. “Hi, I'm Kaitlin, but people call me Katy.” She says, leaning into you.
  119. “Alright, well, I think we should get out of this alley before we get pneumonia.” You tell her. “You hungry?”
  121.     She cocks her head, her smile dropping into a look of confusion.
  123. “What?” She asks.
  125. “I asked if you were hungry. We can go to the Arby's next door and get something to eat.” You tell her.
  127. “Y-you'll buy me food?” She asks.
  129. “Well, I'm not going to jump to conclusions, but your belly has been rumbling for the past hour or so.” You reply. “You can order anything you want.”
  131.     Her eyes light up and she pulls you into a hug, rubbing her cheek against yours.
  133. “Thank you so much!” She says excitedly. “Is there anything I can do to repay you?”
  135. “We can talk about that when we get some food in your belly.” You tell her.
  137.     You help Katy off the ground, helping her walk out of the alley as she leans heavily on you. When you step out of the alleyway, you see just how dark it had gotten. You hope the Arby's isn't closed. Luckily, it isn't. When you enter the building, Katy shakes her legs off as well as her tail and head. When she gets inside the employees frown at her.
  139. “I already told you Katy, you can't sleep in here.” The woman behind the counter tells her.
  141. “I'm buying her food ma'am.” You reply simply. “Now, go and order whatever you'd like.”
  143. 30 minutes later
  145.     Katy is on her 3rd Reuben now, having eaten the last two with surprising grace. In the light of the store, you could see her features better now. A flat brown coat with white spots around her eyes and her body, which were emerald green in color. Her fur was ragged and knotted, filled with dirt and grime from not being washed. She wasn't itching though, so she probably didn't have fleas or any other parasites that bite.'
  147.     She finishes her Reuben and licks her lips, going in for the last one. You look around and see a couple staring back at both of you, disgust in their eyes. You just shake your head and look back at Katy, who's happily eating away at the sandwich. You pick up a sandwich of your own and begin to eat it, relishing in the taste of the meats and cheese the restaurant is known for. Katy finishes the sandwich and sits back in the seat, resting her hands on her stomach.
  149. “Mmm, thank you so much.” She says. “I hope I didn't look like a pig while I ate.”
  151.     She grabs a container of curly fries and begins munching on them, not adding any sauce, as she did while you both waited for all the Reubens.
  153. “No, you were very polite. I wouldn't have cared either way, you look like you haven't eaten in days.” You say with a sensible chuckle.
  155. “W-well, that's because I haven't eaten in a week.” She tells you. “Last time I ate was at a soup kitchen that closed a while ago.”
  157. “That's terrible.” You say, feeling your heart sink.
  159.     Katy nods, finishing the curly fries before setting the container down, drinking her soda. When she finishes that she sets the cup down and leans forward.
  161. “I-I don't know how I could ever repay you. I'll do anything you ask me to. Just name it.” She says, eager to return the favor.
  163. “Well, I have a very simple request.” You tell her, leaning forward. “I want you to promise that you'll better your situation.”
  165. “W-what?” She asks, surprised that's what you'd ask of her. “I wouldn't even know where to begin. Nobody will hire me, I've looked!”
  167. “That's why I want you to come live with me, Katy. I'll teach you everything you need to know while I help you find a job. You can live with me as long as you'd like, but you need to eventually find a job if you want to repay me.” You tell her. “Can you do that for me?”
  169.     Her eyes light up and she pulls you across the table, hugging you as you hear her tail whack the back of the chair.
  171. “Y-yes! I'll do my best!” She tells you excitedly.
  173.     When she lets you go, you see her flick her hair out of her face, chuckling awkwardly as she blushes. You smile warmly and finish eating your sandwich.
  175. 40 minutes later
  177.     You've reached your house after driving Katy back to it. When you pull into the driveway, you see a car still parked in the driveway. You grit your teeth and pull up beside it, putting the car in park and opening the door.
  179. “When we get inside, take a shower straight away.” You tell her. “Get yourself clean before I prepare the bed for you.”
  181.     She nods, hurrying up to the front door as rain continues to pour down. When you get up to the door, you unlock it with your key and open it, allowing Katy inside.
  183. “WHAT THE HELL?!” A familiar harpy screams from inside the house. “YOU FOUND SOME WHORE ON THE STREET THAT FAST?!”
  185. “Just keep going Katy. Ignore her.” You tell her.
  187.     You can already see Katy has her tail tucked, hurrying off to the shower. When the door closes, you look over at your wife and ball your fists up.
  189. “I told you to pack up and leave.” You say, your voice quivering on the verge of anger. “Why didn't you listen?”
  191. “Because you never gave me a reason why!” She yells back. “I'm not leaving without a reason!”
  193. “We've been divorced for 2 weeks now. The court told you that this was my house and everything inside it belongs to me. You're lucky I'm allowing you to take your keepsakes and some clothing.” You tell her, releasing your grip. “Get packing and leave before I call the police.”
  195. “Then call the police! This is stupid and you know it!” She continues yelling.
  197.     You sigh, pulling out your phone and dialing the number for the local police department.
  199. “Hello? Is this the police department?” You ask.
  201. “Yes it is, do you have something to report?” The woman asks.
  203. “Yes. My wife was court ordered to leave my house and she's refusing to do so-”
  205. “LIAR!” She screams. “GIVE ME THAT!”
  207.     Your wife rushes over to you, grabbing for your phone. You hold her back, keeping the phone on the other side.
  209. “Yeah, she's trying to take my phone right now.” You say calmly. “Can you-”
  211.     You're thrown off balance and fall to the ground with a loud thump. Your phone falls out of your grasp and you grab it before she can.
  213. “STOP LYING YOU BASTARD!” She screams again.
  215.     You get off the ground and put the phone back to your ear.
  217. “Sir? Are you okay? I heard the phone drop.” The officer tells you.
  219. “My wife just pushed me down. I live on 2725 Lake street. Send someone here as soon as you can.” You tell them, struggling to stay calm.
  221. “Alright, the officers are dispatched. They'll be there in about 5 minutes.” The officer says. “Just hold tight. Get yourself and anyone else in the house outside if you can.”
  223. “Afraid I can't do that, but I'll keep my friend safe.” You tell the officer. “Thank you and have a nice day.”
  225.     You hang up the phone and shove it back in your pocket. Your ex grabs you and smacks you with a backhanded slap. Your head flings off to the left as you stumble, barely keeping your balance.
  227. “YOU FUCKING BASTARD!” She screams.
  229.     You stand in front of the door to the bathroom, enduring more punishment from your wife as you wait for the police to arrive.
  231. “Katy, stay inside until I tell you to come out.” You say before your wife hits you in the chest with a closed fist.
  233. “Okay!” She shouts over the vent fan.
  235.     After another minute or so, you hear a knock on the door.
  237. “Come in, the door's unlocked.” You tell them. “I'm kind of preoccupied.”
  239.     The door opens and you see it's the same officers as before. They give you a friendly smile before seeing the enraged woman in front of you.
  241. “THIS BASTARD IS CHEATING ON ME!” She screams to them.
  243. “Ma'am, calm down.” The male tells her, turning to you. “What's going on here, sir?”
  245. “She won't leave the house after I told her to leave. The court ordered her to leave my household and she isn't complying.” You tell them. “Katy, you can come out if you want.”
  247.     Katy comes out, a towel wrapped around her as she looks towards the door. Her tail begins wagging at the sight of the officers, threatening to unravel the towel.
  249. “See?! That's the bitch that my husband has been cheating on me with!” Your ex lies.
  251.     Katy's tail stops wagging and shoots under her, a sad whine coming from her. The cop gives you a look of understanding before his German Shepherd comes in as well.
  253. “I-I've been living in alley ways for the past 2 years. I don't know what she's talking about.” Katy says, her voice beginning to tremble. “I-I just met him today.”
  255. “Shut up you stupid slut!” Your ex yells. “The only thing you're good for is a quick back alley fuck!”
  257. “Beth!” You yell back, losing your cool momentarily.
  259.     Katy falls to the floor and begins to sob, going into a fetal position as her towel drops.
  261. “You think that you're anything more than gutter trash?! You won't even amount to half the lady that I am! You stupid fucking dog!” She yells.
  263. “BETH!” You shout back. “That's enough!”
  267.     Katy's sobs devolve into cries as she continues to get berated by your ex. Her head is now between her legs as she pulls the towel over her to hide herself.
  269. “I-I'm s-s-sorry!” Katy tries to apologize.
  271. “SHUT THE FUCK UP!” She screams, rushing over to Katy before you could stop her.
  273.     She slams her foot into Katy's leg and she yelps, turning away from Beth. You grasp Beth by the shoulder and throw her towards the officer, who catches her.
  275. “You're under arrest for assault and battery-OOF.” He says before your ex kicks off of him.
  277.     She rushes back to Katy and tries to kick her again, but you shove her back into the wall.
  279. “THAT'S ENOUGH!” You scream in her face. “GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!”
  281.     You throw her at the officer again, who now has cuffs waiting. The German Shepherd holds her steady as she's cuffed, squirming and screaming profanities at them.
  283. “IT WAS A CRIME OF PASSION!” She screams, trying to wiggle her way out of their grasp.
  285. “Add resisting arrest and escaping custody to the list of charges on top of domestic violence.” The male officer tells the Shepherd.
  287.     She nods, allowing her partner to take Beth out of the house. You rush to Katy's side, holding her gently as she continues to cry in a mixture of pain and sadness.
  289. “I'm so sorry Katy, I thought my ex-wife was gone by now.” You tell her.
  291. “You said your ex-wife?” The Shepherd asks.
  293. “We got divorced 2 weeks ago and she refused to leave the house.” You explain, holding Katy gently and rubbing her back fur. “I told her to get her things packed and leave, or she wouldn't get any of her stuff back, since the court said it's all mine. She chose to have a tantrum instead and started hitting me.”
  295.     You lift your shirt, revealing the bruises that were already starting to form on your chest. She sighs, writing more down in her notepad. You pull your torn up shirt off and give it to Katy, who stops sobbing for a moment, sniffling as she puts on your shirt. It's way too big for her, but it covers her enough for her to take off the towel. You throw the towel away and stick your hand under her shirt, rubbing her back gently as you continue to comfort her.
  297. “Ren, she's in the back. We're ready to set off.” The male officer tells the Shepherd before turning to you. “Either of you want to press charges?”
  299. “No, I'll be fine.” You tell him. “You want to press charges Katy?”
  301.     She shakes her head and the cops sigh.
  303. “Well, if you wish to trespass her, just say the-”
  305. “Yes. She's not allowed back here, ever.” You tell them. “I already settled it in court. Once she leaves, she may never return.”
  307. “Alright, have a good day, sir.” He says, watching his female companion leave the house before turning back, smiling. “Also, nice swing with that suitcase of yours. Security camera caught the whole thing. Thanks for helping her.”
  309.     You nod, prompting the cop to leave. This leaves you alone with a distraught Katy. She pushes herself into your bare chest, sobbing into it as she dwells on the words your ex said to her.
  311. “Don't worry, she can't hurt you anymore.” You tell her. “I won't let her. You're too good to be treated like dirt. You deserve more than living in alleys and surviving off soup and garbage.”
  313.     Katy can't even reply, but her tail says it all. It's not wagging very fast, but you know she's happy. You both sit like this, on the floor for about a half an hour as she collects herself.
  315. “T-thank you Dave. I won't let you down.” She tells you.
  317. 5 weeks later
  319.     You come back home and see Katy watching TV, more specifically, a cooking show. You walk over to your recliner and look back at her, smiling when you do. Her body has been recovering from her malnutrition at an incredible rate, no doubt due to you insisting she eat more than just a bowl of rice every day. Her ribs are hidden, her arms don't look bony, her fur has become lush and soft, and her boobs have gotten bigger. Much bigger. They went from almost non-existent to B cups, which she says this isn't even how big they used to be.
  321. “Hey Dave, I just learned how to make steak, you want some?” She asks.
  323. “Sure, there's some in the fridge if you want to cook it. Just try not to light the kitchen on fire this time.” You joke.
  325. “Y-yeah, right.” She says uneasily, getting off the couch.
  327.     She still had issues with her self esteem, which you had found out about a day after she settled in. A friend of yours made a comment, saying she was a “dumpster babe” and she broke into tears. You've been slowly ironing it out with small quips until she had built up at least some tolerance to jokes. You've also been boosting her self esteem by giving her numerous compliments, but not too many to make it obvious.
  329.     You turn around and see her tail wagging slowly as she begins to cook the steak. Katy was so eager to pay you back that she actually went out and walked to the nearest convenience store to try and get an application, which was almost an hour away by foot. That was about 4 weeks ago, when she still looked like she had just gotten off a deserted island. Of course, she was rejected, and you had to come pick her up. She was an absolute wreck when you came to pick her up, with a guy already trying to comfort her.
  331.     You told her that she was to wait until a month has passed before she goes out and tries to make good on her promise. She took this time to learn how to cook, something you couldn't do even if you really tried. When you glance back at her, you realize just how beautiful she was now that she wasn't on the verge of starving to death. Hopefully she could find a man who cared for her as much as you did.
  333.     She puts the steak onto a plate, hopping around the kitchen excitedly. She turns off the stove and walks back over to the table, splitting the steak with a knife before grabbing another. She grabs some forks as well, turning back to see you watching her. She looks off to the side and her tail begins to wag slowly.
  335. “I-I made this for us to share.” She says, pulling her hair behind her head.
  337. “That's nice.” You tell her as she sits down on the couch.
  339.     She offers you the larger cut of steak, but you hand it back to her.
  341. “You know the rules. You get the bigger portion until the end of the month.” You tell her.
  343.     She smiles sweetly and you get the smaller portion of the steak on your plate. You begin eating it and are amazed by how well she prepared it.
  345. “Mmm, this is good.” You say after swallowing the steak. “Your husband is going to be one lucky guy.”
  347. “Y-yeah, he is.” She says, looking out the window.
  349.     Her ears fold down a bit as she looks down to the floor, looking dejected.
  351. “Hey, what's wrong?” You ask.
  353. “I-I don't know.” She says. “Sometimes I just feel really sad for some reason and I don't know why.”
  355. “I think you're feeling lonely.” You tell her. “I know I'm not very good company, but I know some guys who are. You in the market for some new friends?”
  357.     Katy perks up at this and nods. You smile at that, bringing up your phone and scrolling through your contacts.
  359. 1 hour later
  361.     The first of your friends arrives in some sort of black convertible that you can never remember the name of. It was your mouse friend, Chuck. You walk over to the door and open it for Chuck, who you allow inside.
  363. “How's it going Chuck?” You ask.
  365. “Aw come on Dave, I told you to stop calling me that. My name's Ted.” He tells you jokingly.
  367. “Whatever you say Chuck.” You tell him, giving him a cheese wedge.
  369.     He rolls his eyes and smirks, walking over to the couch adjacent to Katy. You're about to introduce her when you hear a horn outside. The man that steps out was a sort of half breed between a fox and a wolf. You honestly couldn't tell the difference, but he said everyone else knew at first sight. Hybrids were pretty rare and the ones that did exist were usually part feline. He comes up the steps to your house and you open the door, waving him inside.
  371. “Hey John, how are ya?” You ask.
  373. “Doing fine. Thanks.” He tells you, walking over to Chuck and sitting down. “Whoa, who's the cute girl.”
  375. “A-are you talking about me?” Katy asks, surprised.
  377. “Yep. I don't see any other ladies around the room, but Dave could easily be mistaken for one.” John says with a smirk.
  379. “Aw, fuck off.” You reply playfully. “Her name's Katy.”
  381. “Well, hey Katy. Name's John and it's a pleasure to meet ya.” He tells her.
  383. “Y-you too.” She says awkwardly, playing with her hair.
  385.     John chuckles and lays back on the couch. Just as you're about to sit down, you hear another horn outside. You see a small car that looks more at home in a box factory than on the road. Out of the car steps a large panda holding an equally large mug. He lumbers over to the steps before climbing them, knocking lightly on the door. You open it and your mellow friend steps through the door.
  387. “Hey Dave, came as fast as I could, but you know me.” He says in his usual soothing voice.
  389. “Hey Big Al, how's everything hanging?” You ask.
  391. “It's all good man. How's the wife?” He asks.
  393. “Divorced. She bought a car with my money and almost dried up my bank account.” You reply.
  395. “That's not cool.” He says, genuine concern lacing his words.
  397.     It was odd to draw any emotion out of Albert, as he was probably the most mellow and easy going dude you know. However, concern was one of the most common emotions he displayed outside of just being chill. Al walks over to the chair and ottoman he brought over one day, sitting down and putting his massive feet up. You see another car pull up and smile. Jerry was here.
  399.     A small car with pop up headlights stops at the end of your driveway as a wolf pops out of it. John always told him that he should get a manlier car, but Jerry liked the look and feel of his little car. He walks up to the door and you open it, letting Jerry in.
  401. “What's up Dave?” He asks holding a hand up.
  403. “Nothing much.” You say, taking his hand and pulling him towards you.
  405.     You both do your little routine and Jerry sits next to Katy, giving her a friendly smile before she looks away, blushing.
  407. “Everyone, this is Katy.” You tell your friends.
  409.     A mixture of greetings all came in from your friends and she smiles awkwardly, waving at them all.
  411. “Katy, you mind me telling them how I met you?” You ask.
  413. “I don't mind, just leave out the first part please.” She tells you.
  415. “Well, I actually found Katy, uh, eating spoiled food in a back alley. I took her in for a shower and something to eat...” You begin.
  417. 5 hours later
  419.     Everything's been going well. You've been catching up with John, who's actually got a job now instead of doing farm work and volunteering to work at soup kitchens. Al and Chuck are talking about video games while Jerry talks to Katy. He's actually been hitting it off with her, which made you happy she was making friends. Who knows, maybe they might hook up. Part of you feels saddened by the thought of them being together, but that's not your place to judge. She's her own person and she can date whoever she wants.
  421. “Hey, Dave. Can I go over to Jerry's house tonight?” Katy asks.
  423. “Hmm?” You ask. “Oh, yeah. You can go over if you want. Nothing's keeping you here.”
  425.     Katy smiles and Jerry gets off the couch, taking her hand and leading her out the door. As soon as she leave, you feel a bit concerned for her. Jerry was a nice guy, but the crowds he hung around weren't. Katy had a phone, but you still worried for her. Jerry only lived down the street, so if anything did happen, you'd be able to run over if you had to. The rest of the night goes off without a hitch, having laughs with your friends and talking about guy shit.
  427. 1 week later
  429.     You come home from work with your dented suitcase in hand, having kept it after the incident as a good luck charm. When you reach the door, you see a note on it.
  431. 'went to Jerry's house for the night. will be back tomorrow.
  433.                                     -Katy'
  435.     You smile, taking the note off the door and going inside the house. You hope she's having fun over at Jerry's house. When you get inside, you see a plate of steak sitting on the table. When you walk over, you see it's still warm as you pick it up. The large part of the steak is gone, which makes you smile. You take it over to your recliner and begin to eat the steak, turning on the TV.
  437.     You've been watching TV for almost 6 hours now and it was time to go to bed. You set the plate in the dishwasher and walk off to your bedroom, setting your phone and wallet on your nightstand before taking off your clothes. You slip into your bed and fall asleep soon after.
  439. 3 hours later
  441.     You wake up to a loud ding, indicating you had a text. You open your eyes slowly, the glow of your phone fading before going black again. When you finally wake up fully, you grab your phone and open it up. It was Katy, the message simply reading 'help'. This makes you drop the phone, grabbing your club from the side of your bed before grabbing some pants and a shirt, throwing them on. You rush to the door with your club and put some shoes on, rushing out the door.
  443.     You sprinted down the sidewalk, seeing 3 cars over at Jerry's house as you ran to help Katy. Something's wrong. When you rush across the street to his side of the road, you realize something. This club's metal. You look down and see it's not a club, but your hunting shotgun. This works too. You run over to Jerry's house and see the door is unlocked, so you open it, shouldering the shotgun.
  445.     You immediately hear Katy's desperate cries as you enter the house, originating from Jerry's bedroom. Your feet feel heavy and unresponsive, but you push through anyway.
  447. “You still think you're tough rejecting us? How about we show you what it means when you tell us no?” A man asks.
  449.     You try the door to the bedroom and it's locked.
  451. “Who's that?” Another man asks.
  453. “Probably Jerry. Jerry! You can take her for a ride too if you changed your mind!” The first man yells from inside. “If you're sober, that is!”
  455.     You look back and see Jerry staring off into space with a dopey grin on his face. You look back and furrow your brow, backing away from the door. Sorry Jerry, but you're not letting Katy get raped again. You lift your leg and slam your foot into the door latch, breaking it open with a single, heavy kick. You take aim with your shotgun and scan the room, finding Katy bent over a bed.
  457. “STEP AWAY FROM THE GIRL!” You order.
  459.     They both step back, holding their hands up. The dog behind her is the same pit bull from the alley, grinning like mad. He sees you and grits his teeth, rushing at you as you pull the trigger. Nothing happens and you pull it again. Not even a click. He jumps you and you feel yourself begin to fall down a hole as ringing sound begins to get louder and louder.
  461.     You hear a loud ding and are startled awake, immediately grabbing your phone off the night stand. When you check the message, you see it's just Katy asking to come home. You sigh, getting up and pulling on some pajamas. It was nearly 1 in the morning and you were tired as hell.
  463.     When you get to Jerry's house, you see Katy standing by the road, hands in front of her as she waits for you. When you turn your car around, your lights shine on an extra car in Jerry's driveway. You pull up to Katy and unlock the door, allowing her inside.
  465. “What happened?” You ask.
  467. “W-well, Jerry invited a friend over for a drink and asked if I wanted one. I told him no and they both started drinking. Jerry asked me if I wanted to date and I told him I wasn't ready, which he took pretty well. H-his friend though, he wanted me to strip. I told him no and ran out.” Katy tells you, getting more flustered. “I was so scared that he was going to force himself on me that I just ran away as fast as I could. I'm so sorry that I woke you up this late, but-”
  469. “Katy, it's okay. Don't get so flustered over it.” You tell her, turning back into your driveway. “Remember, you're safe here.”
  471.     You turn off the car and Katy exits the car before you. She rushes up to you and throws herself at you, pulling you into an embrace.
  473. “Thank you so much.” She tells you.
  475.     You smile, hugging her back. She lets go and you both walk back inside.
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