Flashback HD ideas

LuigiBlood Feb 24th, 2014 90 Never
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  1. How to make Flashback HD better:
  3. Gameplay:
  4. - No minimaps (unless we make maps longer)
  5. - No energy spheres
  6. - Auto-regen only for Easy and Normal Mode (faster on Easy)
  7. - Camera SHOULDN'T SHOW when doors are opened.
  8. - Leveling System is useless. However keep the upgrades. That was good.
  9. - Puzzles.
  10. - Better animation system (Morpheme is nice, but it needs better programming in the game)
  12. Cutscenes:
  13. - Make them more fast-paced.
  14. - Add optional item cutscenes back.
  16. Music:
  17. - Rearranged original music (don't fuck it up like you did, right holders).
  18. - In case you can't, make them similar.
  20. Levels:
  21.         Titan:
  22. - More mutants in the whole level.
  23. - No invisible walls for the hole to New Washington.
  24. - Remove the moving platform above the hole. Add some platforming action there.
  26.         New Washington:
  27. - Add more slots for the motherboard in the Generator part. Make it so if you choose the wrong one, you lose time.
  29.         Death Tower:
  30. - Make it a circular tower, like the original.
  32.         Spaceport:
  33. - Lengthen the way to the jetbike.
  35.         Jetbike Chase:
  36. - It says "Jetbike Chase". Make it a chase against Ian at least!
  38.         Paradise Club:
  39. - It's a nightclub. And in the night, usually there are people. ADD THOSE!
  40. - A duct for the prison, rather than a stone showing how the AI sucks?
  42.         Morph Homeworld:
  43. - Make the professor escort part longer and more interesting.
  44. - Lengthen the level to save Sonia, your girlfriend, rather than someone else doing it. It's not interesting, and it's not rewarding at all.
  45. - The professor must die, like the original.
  46. - Make the level design use all the gameplay mechanics (from the teleporter to the useless exploding fruits).
  47. - Add a level at the end where you drive a vessel to escape, to make the Jetbike Chase level actually worth it.
  49.         Virtual Reality:
  50. - More challenges. Seems dumb, but there's not enough challenges.
  51. - Morph Challenges.
  52. - Platforming Challenges.
  53. - And more stuff that can be done!
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