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Frontiersmen: BRAVE NEW WORLD (edited version)

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Feb 17th, 2016
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  1. - [Edited a lot of OOC chatter to make it easier to read, fixed spelling errors, and accounted for chat limit by merging sentences.] -
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  4. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: *The Frontiersmen currently aboard the Globetrotter sit ready in the situation room as Captain Collider briefs them on their next universe.* "As we near the centre of the Multiverse, the Metaversal Pulses get significantly stronger. The fact of the matter is that there are some universes which possess a greater level of multiversal stability than others, and those lacking in a certain level of stability are going to be annihilated much quicker than others regardless of relative distance from the Multiverse's centre." *He gives a solemn sigh.* "The next universe we'll be passing through will by my own calculations be in the process of losing all cohesion. It's a doomed world. No, a doomed plethora of worlds. And I fear there's nothing we can do to save any of them."
  8. [NU VU] Vespula Sting@Doctor_Awesome: *Beeman fizzles in and about the Globetrotter, flitting about in short moments of actually being seen. Poking at computer screens and generally being in the background.* "Doomed would mean there isn't any reason to be here. But there, obviously, is. So what is it?"
  10. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: "...a tragedy," King sighs. "But we can't save them all."
  12. [NU VU] Watchman@Alstann: Sitting back in his chair, Watchman says, "The Inspector raises a good point. What's our reasoning for travelling to this one?"
  14. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: *Leland sits quietly, expression contemplative and a little grim as he listens. Overhead lights make the deep hollows of his face appear near skeletal.*
  16. [NU VU] The Crawdad@micromax2000: Leaned back further in his chair, suddenly throwing himself forward to prevent himself from reclining too far back and toppling offer. He hadn't been snoring. Nope. "Wuh-.. Uh.. yeah, what the Bug-Brain said."
  20. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: *Captain Collider bites his lip before continuing.* "We're here on a gamble. One with a very narrow chance of being successful. However, if if we do our jobs correctly..." *He brings up a diagram on the holographic screen behind him.* "We might be able to save the Earth of this universe and all its survivors. And with that knowledge, we could make steps towards doing more the next time we encounter a doomed universe."
  24. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: "Truly? Won't that have far reaching effects on the rest of the multiverse though?"
  26. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: *Captain Collider hesitates before continuing, seemingly conflicted over the decision.* "...I don't know."
  28. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: *Leland sits forward, resting his elbows on the table and steepling his gaunt fingers before him. He glances at the sorcerer as if his own thoughts were begging that question.*
  30. [NU VU] Watchman@Alstann: "Ever the risk-taker, Captain. Might have to mull this one over."
  32. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "Allow me to explain the method before you pass too much judgement."
  34. [NU VU] The Crawdad@micromax2000: "Give us the game plan, Coach."
  36. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: "This is quite dangerous then. Though the potential payoff is quite high. If it works out," he nods. "I'm curious to hear the details."
  38. [NU VU] Vespula Sting@Doctor_Awesome: *Beeman starts tapping out keys on a nearby computer screen, glancing over rapidly passing screens. Beeman's suit fizzles back into an entirely other colour, over the period of the entire talk.*
  42. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: *He brings up a new image on the holographic display. Before them, the Frontiersmen would see two Earths, separated by a line bisecting the display in the middle.* "What you see here is two distinct Earths in two distinct universes. An Earth-A and an Earth-B. Earth-A and Earth-B are connected by a sort of cosmic magnetism as a result of being directly linked to one another. They're what we would call 'Parallel Earths' -- equal, but different." *He presses a button and, soon, Earth-B begins to shake violently as pulses sweep over it like waves in the ocean.* "Now, in this scenario, Earth-B is being threatened by total cosmic annihilation as a result of Metaversal Pulses. If this were to continue unabated, Earth-B would inevitably lose its cohesion and literally collapse into nothingness."
  46. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: *Leland's vacant eyes drift to the display, unblinking. There's something a little less human, less anxious, less fidgety in that lifeless face today.*
  48. [NU VU] The Crawdad@micromax2000: "...So what would happen to A?"
  50. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: *He looks over to Crawdad* "Nothing. It would lose its 'magnetic' connection to B, but it would remain relatively unharmed. Well, until the Metaversal Pulses threaten to do the same to it... However, the same magnetism between A and B mentioned earlier is exactly what gave me this idea..."
  52. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: "You intend to have them share their 'stability'? Strengthening the weaker Earth?" King leans forward, eager to hear if his guess was correct.
  56. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: *He changes the display to show red and blue lines indicating magnetism being directed between Earths-A and B.* "Now, imagine, if you will, that Earth-A and Earth-B both exact the same level of magnetic force on one another. They share an attraction, yes, but they are balanced and, therefore, always kept separate from one another. But... What if there was some way to intensify the 'attraction' of one Earth to the point where it would overpower the other Earth? Or, otherwise, to lessen the attraction of one Earth."
  60. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: "Not a sharing of strength then... a merger."
  62. [NU VU] The Crawdad@micromax2000: looks the slightest bit puzzled as he scratches his head with a claw. "Alright.. so how would we go about doing that?"
  64. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: *He nods to Ultima King.* "The other Earth would find itself being forcefully pulled towards the Earth with the stronger pull. Now, in theory, this could simply cause both Earths to collide with one another, destroying them both and, perhaps, causing a colossal explosion capable of wiping out an entire solar system..."
  66. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: "Are there not.." Leland speaks up, his voice a brittle whisper, "...questions of consent before an experiment of this magnitude?"
  68. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "However..." *The Earths on the holographic projection begin to move towards each other, overlapping until, eventually, they become one single Earth.* "They could just as well become one singular 'New Earth' wherein denizens of both Earths are realigned to co-exist in harmony." *He turns over to Primordo with a grave expression.* "Yes...under normal circumstances, there would be..."
  72. [NU VU] The Crawdad@micromax2000: "I think you mean 'magnet'-tude." He looks over at Vespula Sting awaiting approval.
  74. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: King's grimace at the joke is almost able to be felt.
  76. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: *Leland's pasty head slowly swivels to regard the Crawdad with a withering sigh. He looks like that joke aged him another decade.*
  78. [NU VU] Vespula Sting@Doctor_Awesome: *Is too busy typing to give Crawdad ANY attention.*
  80. [NU VU] The Crawdad@micromax2000: just silently re-adjusts his crab-junk and sits in his seat. He clears his throat.
  84. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "But an entire world could die if we don't take a chance on this. We're already going to lose a universe. I don't think I could handle losing any more lives if I can help it. I'm not sure if any of you feel the same way." *He rubs his brow, exasperated.* "There's a high risk factor, yes, but I...I genuinely believe this will work. The science is sound, my numbers check out... It's just a matter of having your trust and support in accomplishing it."
  88. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: "And if it works... would it also make this new world more stable? More resistant to the pulses?"
  90. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "It's a...possibility. In any case, it could save Earth-B from destruction."
  92. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: *The taut line of Leland's mouth suggests he does indeed have objections, or at least deep concerns. But he doesn't voice them, and leans back into his seat again.*
  94. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: "I see," King nods and leans back again, contemplating this. "I say we give it a shot. It may lead us towards further discovery and better methods of protecting the multiverse."
  96. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: *Captain Collider hangs his head, darkly.* "I...I don't know. I want all of you to consider the risks if this doesn't work properly. We could be destroying an entire solar system in an attempt to save a doomed world. If you have any objections -- any at all -- I need to hear them now."
  98. [NU VU] The Crawdad@micromax2000: "So uh," He clears his throat before raising his claw up like a middle school student.
  100. [NU VU] Vespula Sting@Doctor_Awesome: *Beeman steps away from the computer.* "Objection."
  102. [NU VU] Watchman@Alstann: Watchman continues to ponder the effects of this experiment for a while, lightly tapping on the table.
  104. [NU VU] Vespula Sting@Doctor_Awesome: "Lack of information required. High risk, higher losses, medium reward. Several other things, but those are my majors."
  106. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: "I trust the Captain's science. If it has potential to save others in the future, it may be worth the risk. But I will admit the risks are high."
  108. [NU VU] The Crawdad@micromax2000: "How much time do we have to work with? If this universe is as 'doomed' as you say it is."
  110. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: *Leland's papery rasp sounds again* "Our goal is to save lives, not reduce them to parts and re-assemble them. This sounds less the work of heroes, and more the province of gods. But we will do as the table decides."
  112. [NU VU] Watchman@Alstann: The archer glances between Beeman and Leland, continuing to remain silent. He seems to be deep in thought.
  114. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: *Captain Collider tightens his jaw and balls his fists even tighter.* "I know, dammit. But we're talking about watching an entire world die. Could any of you sit by and allow that to happen? If it was in your power to save as many innocent people as possible, wouldn't you do it?"
  116. [NU VU] Vespula Sting@Doctor_Awesome: *Beeman's transformation is complete.* "I'm more worried about how I'd commit suicide if this fails and I was party to the death of two of my homes. Thanks."
  118. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: *Leland raises a craggy brow in the bee's direction, and puts his own thoughts more succinctly* "Yes. We could. Cruelty rules the natural order. Salvation is never so simple."
  120. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: "Sometimes sacrifices must be made for the greater good. We are on this mission to save as many lives as we can until we can put a stop to whatever is destabilizing the multiverse."
  124. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: *Captain Collider narrows his eyes.* "I'm sorry, Dr. Mannheim, but...I just don't think I'm strong enough for that." *He looks over the assembled heroes with a certain weariness.* "I'll leave the decision to act on this to you. If you disagree...if you decide that it's not our place to take matters like this into our own hands, then we'll turn the Globetrotter around and move on."
  128. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: "If this allows us to do more in the future, it's worth it."
  130. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: *Leland's eyes drift slowly to Ultima King as he speaks of sacrifices and greater goods. They linger there, uncomfortably, and finally return to the Captain.*
  132. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "But when I put on my cape, I promised I would save people. As many as I could reach and as often as I could manage. And I don't think I'd be able to forgive myself if I went back on that here."
  134. [NU VU] Vespula Sting@Doctor_Awesome: *Beeman swivels and heads back to a computer screen, typing away.* "I don't vote."
  136. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: "We agreed to serve the needs of this vessel and its passengers. We will abide by whatever decision is made," he says in a vaguely ominous tone.
  138. [NU VU] The Crawdad@micromax2000: After a quiet period of keeping himself relatively silent, Crawdad slowly rises out of his seat. "Alright, let's put this in a better perspective." He steeples both of his claws together.
  140. [NU VU] The Crawdad@micromax2000: "Eight Boston Red Sox World Series, on TWO different earths." He pauses and takes a deep breath. "Does that not mean nothin' to anyone here?"
  142. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: "...I'm afraid not."
  144. [NU VU] Vespula Sting@Doctor_Awesome: "Red Sox sucks."
  146. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "...Thank you, Crawdad?"
  148. [NU VU] Watchman@Alstann: "I think that's a vote."
  150. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: *He seems to emphasise that question mark.*
  152. [NU VU] The Crawdad@micromax2000: "Up your alley, Bug Breath."
  154. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "So that's two for, two abstaining... And I suppose I'm abstaining too. But I told myself that if even one of you was sternly against it, it wouldn't happen." *He pans his gaze over to Watchman.* "You're the decider, Watchman."
  158. [NU VU] Watchman@Alstann: The archer stared at Collider before speaking, "The thought of saving a parallel universe -- or any other universe than ours, really -- is something that I've never really considered or, frankly, cared for, especially when you take into account the kind of 'hero' that people know me as. That being said, our mission is to save the entirety of the multi-verse. This is why we're here. If anything, saving this universe, if we -do- save it, will most likely help us in our overall mission. I'll have to vote for Collider's plan."
  162. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: King glances towards Watchman while he speaks. Who knows what's going on behind that fancy hat? He nods slowly, approvingly.
  164. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "...I'm asking a lot of all of you today, even before stepping foot off of the Globetrotter and onto the surface of this Earth. But, before we continue, I just want to say... You're some of the bravest men I've had the pleasure of working alongside. Whatever happens, know that I only wanted what was best for all of us, and that you have my undying respect."
  166. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: *Leland has a peculiar look fixed on Watchman from further along the table. Studying.*
  168. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: King gives a quick bob of his head. "My father always said... 'Hope for the best, prepare for the worst'. I am confident in this decision and understand why you made it."
  172. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: *With that, he brings up another image on the holographic screen, this one of the Globetrotter gloating over the Earth.* "There'll be two teams: one for the North Pole, the other for the South. Each team will be given a Multiversal Shuntdrive -- it's a device of my own invention. Once both Shuntdrives establish a synchronicity with the magnetic poles of the Earth, they'll inverse the cosmic polarity of its core and subsequently lower the strength of its cosmic pull, allowing it to be pulled towards the stable Earth."
  174. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: *Having heard the decision of the table, the shape of Leland distorts, deforms, expands. The gaunt face becomes bone white, a collar sprouts from his shoulders, dull colors bleed into his shape until a 'costume' of sorts appears.*
  176. [NU VU] Vespula Sting@Doctor_Awesome: *Beeman adjusts his suit and steps away from the computer.* "A good plan. If you didn't start with this all with the word doomed, and betrayed your confidence in it - I'd have said yes."
  178. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "But beware: this is a world on the brink of destruction. What we see...what we find..."
  180. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "It may not be pretty."
  182. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: He watches the transformation a moment, taking in the new appearance before looking back to the holographic display. "Understood."
  184. [NU VU] Vespula Sting@Doctor_Awesome: *Beeman connects a couple pieces of equipment to a computer port before slapping them back on to his belt, a information visor array fluttering to life in front of his face.* "Crawdad support. One, two, three, not it."
  188. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "On the off-chance that we are met with resistance, I want to try and split the power of this particular unit evenly. Vespula, Primordo: you're with me at the North Pole. Ultima King, Crawdad and Watchman: you're South. Our Peacekeepers should be prepped and ready in the hangar. We're departing the moment we're stationed over this Earth."
  192. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: "As you wish," the creature drones, Leland's voice only one small ingredient in the cavernous echo that is now Primordo's voice.
  194. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: *Captain Collider's face is unreadable. All that can be truly made out is some kind of grave, far-off concern.* "Make your preparations. I'll be waiting when you're ready."
  196. [NU VU] The Crawdad@micromax2000: Began to start stretching, bending one knee to lean to the right, then to the left. "Ten-four." He gives a big nod as he begins windmilling one of his arms for warmup. ".. What exactly do you think we're gonna find down there that would qualify as 'resistance'?"
  198. [NU VU] Watchman@Alstann: "Roger that."
  200. [NU VU] Vespula Sting@Doctor_Awesome: "The brain power is favoring the north a little bit, Collider. - But, whatever. We'll finish quick and help you out at the South." *Beeman waves and walks off.*
  202. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: King levitates from his seat. "I'm ready. Good luck, everyone. And let's hope for the best." He drifts towards the hanger, glancing back towards Crawdad. "Desperate people, driven by fear, perhaps."
  206. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "...You're right. Vespula, you switch with Watchman."
  210. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: *Primordo says nothing to anyone. It rises from its chair, and a keen eye might notice that no limb actually bent in the process... it just reshaped as necessary.*
  212. [NU VU] Watchman@Alstann: The archer crossed his arms, looking between Collider and Beeman. "Have you any intel on this world at all, Captain?"
  214. [NU VU] The Crawdad@micromax2000: Looks back and forth between the Captain and the Bee respectively before heaving a shrug.
  217. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: *Captain Collider turns to Watchman as he leaves the room, his expression still mired in concern.* "Not enough." *With that, he leaves. A few moments later, after having prepped their gear and taken one last trip to the bathroom, the Frontiersmen find their way to the hangar where two Peacekeeper recon ships are waiting to be launched. Captain Collider stands aboard one, running final check ups. The others are free to board as they've been assigned.* "There's a smart pilot feature which will help with piloting if you're not trained. We should be just arriving in this universe."
  220. [NU VU] Watchman@Alstann: Watchman follows Collider into the ship, moving past everyone to examine the details of the interior.
  222. [NU VU] Vespula Sting@Doctor_Awesome: *Beeman isn't much for words, jumping into the pilot seat of one of the Peacekeepers before anyone else can.*
  224. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: *The elemental symbiote waits, still as a sculpture on a plinth. It's faintly glowing eyes drift again to Ultima and remain there, unblinking.*
  226. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: "You take issue with what I've said, I take it," King asks, hovering with arms crossed while he waits.
  228. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: *The glowing gaze finally detaches from Ultima as the creature follows the others obediently. Without looking back it answers: "In order to serve the greater good, one must first identify it. Correctly," is all the creature says in its rumbling echo.
  230. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: "When you find out what that is, be sure to share it with us," King responds neutrally before boarding.
  232. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: *The part-Leland creature tilts its head at this remark---almost as if it had considered answering. Instead it follows Watchman aboard Collider's ship.*
  234. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: King crosses his legs and levitate in place, seemingly deep in thought while they prepare for take off. Or he's sleeping.
  236. [NU VU] The Crawdad@micromax2000: gives one final crack of the neck as he plods up the boarding ramp into Team B's ship. "Frequent flier, Bee?"
  238. [NU VU] Vespula Sting@Doctor_Awesome: *Beeman just looks at Crawdad, silently, before flicking switches, and beginning to initiate the launch of Team-B's ship.*
  240. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: *Primordo, once aboard, neither sits nor straps itself in. It just stands in the center of the fuselage, its shape shifting microscopically to keep it more or less centered.*
  244. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "Good luck, Frontiersmen. Maintain radio contact and remember the mission." *As the hatch of the Globetrotter opens, the full horror of a world on the brink of destruction is seen from a dazzling stratospheric view. Etched into Africa by what must have been a notably powerful metahuman are the words "WHY DIDN'T YOU SAVE US?"* "I think we'll need it."
  248. [NU VU] Watchman@Alstann: The archer makes his way to a navigator seat, settling in and fiddling with the controls to get the craft to prep for launch.
  250. [NU VU] Vespula Sting@Doctor_Awesome: *Beeman guns it immediately, jetting out of the Globetrotter before Team-A. VS races to get to the South Pole before the DINKS get to the North Pole. Beeman, all the while, looks casually back at Crawdad, and starts to blare "Highway to the Dangerzone". Beeman maintains eye contact with Crawdad for at least, a good thirty seconds, before looking back to steer the vessel into the O-Zone layer.*
  252. [NU VU] The Crawdad@micromax2000: Whether or not Vespula had been indicating through his silence that he wanted privacy, Crawdad fails to read the soon-to-be thin atmosphere and squeezes his way into the co-pilot's seat.
  256. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: *It isn't long before both Peacekeepers are off towards the Earth, however, and, as they fly over the Earth to get to their respective poles, they are treated to some fairly demoralising sights: Riots. Destruction. People reaching up to the skies in prayer. Heroes fighting villains. Heroes fighting heroes. Through it all, they continue, knowing that the only thing they can do for the people of this world is to continue their mission.*
  260. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: *Shifting his weight at the cellular level to keep himself balanced, the creature looks out the viewports at the grim spectacle below.*
  262. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: "Horrific," King states. He doesn't just see with his eyes, but with his sixth sense. "It puts into stark perspective what's at stake."
  264. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: *Captain Collider looks down from a side window, the ship now on autopilot towards the North Pole. He stares at the carnage silently for a while, as if simply soaking it in.*
  266. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: *Primordo's dead features pivot to stare at the back of Captain Collider as he says in an ominous drone, "Madness does not merge well with sanity. We know."
  268. [NU VU] Watchman@Alstann: "Worse than I imagined." He presses a few buttons to help guide the craft to the landing site.
  270. [NU VU] Vespula Sting@Doctor_Awesome: *Vespula Sting's racing song gets to the midway point. He looks back over at Crawdad. Highway to the Dangerzone becomes a Dubstep. VS jiggles the throttle like mad to more or less, fuck with everyone*
  272. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: *He doesn't turn away from the window to address Primordo, but he answers all the same.* "It's funny. From here -- with my powers -- I can see so much, and I can't think of many times I've felt this powerless."
  274. [NU VU] The Crawdad@micromax2000: shifts around his seat to the best of his ability to catch a better look at the varied sites of devastation as they passed over them. "Cripes... what do you think even happened in the first place to make things 'this' crumm-!!" The Crawdad smacks straight into the side of the pilot's cabin as VS makes the ship do a little lurch. "..Sonuva.." He grouses.
  276. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "2049 gunshots, 9380 screams, 4671 cries for help. 13 children crying for parents who can't hear them." *He looks down, darkly.* "And counting."
  278. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: "Leland believes you a savior," the symbiotic ancient answers. "But we counted the epochs watching human saviors become conquerors, become tyrants, become destroyers."
  280. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: "Destabilization of the planet on an unprecedented level," King answers calmly, unbothered by the turbulence. "This is the fate of all worlds in the multiverse if we fail."
  282. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: *Whether the creature is trying to needle the Captain is unclear... there is literally no readable or recognizable human inflection in its voice.*
  284. [NU VU] Vespula Sting@Doctor_Awesome: *Beeman switches on his comms.* "Watchman, first one done wins a date with your sister." *Beeman shuts off his song and goes back to racing across the O-Zone to his appropriate pole.*
  286. [NU VU] Vespula Sting@Doctor_Awesome: *Beeman tries to keep it all a little lighthearted, considering the circumstances.*
  288. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: *Captain Collider looks over to Primordo for a moment before returning his gaze to the window.* "Sometimes it's hard to remember the difference. Especially when it gets to feeling like they don't want to be saved." *He's silent for a moment.* "They're so fragile. They're fragile, aren't they? And the more powerful I get, the more I wonder...was I ever that fragile?"
  290. [NU VU] Watchman@Alstann: The archer glances back at Primordo before putting his finger on the comm button. "It's not a race, Inspector. I'd rather be cautious. And I don't have a sister." He takes his finger off the button.
  292. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "Maybe I still am."
  294. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: *Primordo, still motionless in the cabin, stares at the Captain ceaselessly. The only answer it offers is a cryptic: "Soon we will know."
  298. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: *It isn't long before both ships arrive within spitting distance of their Poles and get close enough to come in for landings. Once they've touched down and lowered their gangplanks, the conversation ends and the mission begins. Each team dismounts their vessels in their own time with one of their members carrying a large, cylindrical device roughly the size of a small car and just as heavy.*
  302. [NU VU] Vespula Sting@Doctor_Awesome: *Beeman rolls out of his pilot seat, slaps Crawdad on the cheek, thumbs up at Ultima King - and runs out of the ship on landing, fizzling into nothing.* "VS, on comms and recon."
  304. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: Captain Collider carries his team's, taking a moment to clear things up over the comm link.* "Your shunter should give a reading of the best place to plant it. Once it's set down, starting it up and inversing the polarity should be as easy as pressing a few buttons. It'll take some time, but we should be fine to leave once that happens."
  306. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: King lets their team brute handle the device. He floats from the transport and takes in the destruction around him. "Once we arrive, I'll use my magic to set up a perimeter and keep... sightseers out."
  308. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: *Primordo stomps down the gangplank after the Captain, taking in its surroundings without turning its head---which is, after all, entirely cosmetic.*
  310. [NU VU] Watchman@Alstann: Watchman steps off of the ramp, following Collider to their destination. He put a finger to his ear, "Watchman on comms. Good luck."
  312. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: *Collider eventually sets his shunter down and begins programming it. After a few seconds of button pressing, the device seems to extend a prong from below and lock into the Earth, whirling it at high-speeds like a drill.* "That's that. Someone check up on the other team."
  314. [NU VU] Watchman@Alstann: The archer nodded, speaking into the comm. "Device is in. What's your status, Team B?"
  316. [NU VU] The Crawdad@micromax2000: Crawdad comes plodding down the gangplank with the shift-drive carefully placed over a shoulder and kept in place with a raised arm. He still seems to be grumbling just a bit underneath his breath, VS was probably the cause. As he fully departs from the ship, he keeps a spared foreclaw raised up in front of his face to protect himself from the shearing winds.
  318. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: *The creature, lacking a place to easily put a communicator, stands silent amid the blowing wind and harsh temperatures.*
  320. [NU VU] Vespula Sting@Doctor_Awesome: *Beeman signals the optimum area, or roughly - to whoever was carrying the Team B shunter.* "Nearly there. The Crusty Crab is being slow."
  322. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: King extends his hands as they arrive on sight, his voice echoing as he intones. "Bold Seingart, protect us while we perform our work!" His magic springs to life, intended to create a large barrier while they wait for Crawdad to set up.
  324. [NU VU] Watchman@Alstann: "Understood." He takes this time to survey the area, his gaze more accustomed to scouting from afar.
  328. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: *As the Frontiersmen wait for their plan to come to fruition, they might notice the environment around them. Ice caps melt at a rapid speed and the local wild life lounge around -- lazily, nihilistic in the extreme. It's as if the universe itself has given up on life and life has followed suit.*
  330. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: "What a miserable feeling," King mutters. "Everything feels wrong. It clings to me."
  332. [NU VU] Watchman@Alstann: "Captain," the archer says, using his keen eyesight to take note of his surroundings. "This place is unstable as you've probably noticed. Let's hope your devices work fast."
  334. [NU VU] Vespula Sting@Doctor_Awesome: *Beeman taps on his earbuds, taking in and scanning as much information as inhumanly possible. He's too busy to chatter with Crawdad and King, for now.*
  336. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: *Something stirs in Primordo's blank features---a momentary tensing, a look of grave misgiving, as Leland shows through the cracks. It glances from the device to the hopeless lifeforms on the ice pack.*
  340. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: *As Crawdad plonks down the device and Vespula, most likely, pounds in the information to set it up, Ultima King may be the first to realise that something is off. Similarly, Captain Collider stops for a moment and turns as if looking for something. Then, his eyes widening in surprise, he turns to the others.* "Protect the--" *Before he can finish, a blur of white slams into him and carries him into a nearby mountain. It crumbles and collapses on impact. At the other pole, A bolt of magical lightning would drop from the heavens on Ultima King's barrier, creating a shockwave enough to knock his team's members on their asses for a bit. Once the dust settles, the culprits reveal themselves. For the team at the North Pole led by Captain Collider, three costumed heroes fly in -- two men and a woman -- all adorned with an infinity symbol somewhere on their costume. For Ultima's team, a shirtless man with long, shaggy hair, glowing eyes and a fist crackling with electricity floats in and speaks.* "I don't know who any of you are, but it's time you turned around and left. Now."
  344. [NU VU] Vespula Sting@Doctor_Awesome: *Beeman stands up and nods.* "You're right. We should." *Beeman immediately fizzles out of view, leaving Ultima King and Crawdad out in the open.*
  346. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: *Primordo regards the shattering mountain with the utter dispassion of a creature that has watched continents crumble into oceans. It turns, no trace of the flash of worry on its face.*
  348. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: *At the North Pole, it is the female in the infinity suit who speaks for the team.* "Who the hell are you people, and why did you think you could get away with whatever sick game you're playing on today of all days?"
  350. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: King cries out and drops to the ground, his cape settling around him. He glances up, his gleaming eyes studying their attacker. "We mean you no harm. We're merely trying to save this word." In a way, at least. "There's no need for violence."
  352. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: *The elemental moves to place itself between the Captain's device and the three newcomers. It says only: "The device will not be harmed. Leave." *Despite the blustering wind and snow, the creature's cavernous voice booms across the snowy waste.*
  354. [NU VU] Watchman@Alstann: Watchman immediately turns his head to the mountain crumbling. "Captain!" He says, before regarding the newcomers. He gazes at the woman, "Who are you three?"
  356. [NU VU] The Crawdad@micromax2000: Crawdad rolls himself off his back and rocks back onto his feet with a sudden forward motion, swinging both claws out to the front in a stance reminiscent of a boxer. "Sorry," he says with an annoyed grunt. "But that's not happenin', pal."
  360. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: *Over in the South Pole, the man with lightning crackling throughout his form narrows his eyes at the heroes* "See, now that's where we agree. Because I just lost my wife, my partner and my father to whatever the hell's been happening to everyone..." *The lightning around hands flares up.* "And I could use a little violence." *With that, he unleashes a blast of lightning from his hands at Ultima King and sweeps it across the area to the other two.*
  364. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: What remains of King's shield springs to life, rushing towards his outstretched hands and forming into a more solid personal shield. He winces as the lightning attack crackles along his shield, then dismisses it. "If you insist. Hateful Eluihm! Send your raging flames. Burn without mercy!" He calls and flings a burning orb of sunhot flame at Mr. Lightning!
  366. [NU VU] Vespula Sting@Doctor_Awesome: *Beeman is gone. Hiding. Away. In reality, he is stealthed and moving silently around the field of combat, to get behind his attacker. The lightning kicks up snow ten feet away from him.*
  368. [NU VU] The Crawdad@micromax2000: Instinctively weaving to the opposite side of where the lightning was beginning to arc over from, Crawdad throws himself into a forward roll, tucking into his spheroid form in the process and revving up a big pile of snow behind him. "A'ight, it's on you then!" He shouts out as he shoots out from his self-made snow drift, darting right underneath the steady stream of lightning and attempting to spin dash right into the super-powered man's torso to knock him off-kilter.
  372. -- [ Swixer went to nap then came back, Micro had to leave. ] --
  376. [NU VU] IM@Swixer: *The lightning wielding newcomer is struck by Ultima King's blast of mystic fire, sending him flying back as he hurriedly attempts to pat himself off.* "I gave EVERYTHING for this world, and this is how it ends?!" *With a shout of anger, he calls another bolt of lightning from the sky down on Ultima King. All the while, Vespula creeps around undetected. The woman speaking for the group of 'Infinity People' doesn't take too kindly to what she perceives as Primordo's threat.* "Yeah? Well, we're not feeling particularly friendly ourselves right now... Take 'em down!" *With that the two men surge forward. One attempts to plow into Primordo with super strength while the other targets Watchman, firing lasers from his eyes in an attempt to take him down.*
  380. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: King stabs his hands upwards, a seemingly delicate-looking framework of golden rods appearing around him. He attempts to absorb the lightning and channel it into the ground, but his armor takes a good jolt! "You... are not thinking straight," he grunts. "We did not cause this destruction!"
  382. [NU VU] Watchman@Alstann: Watchman narrowly rolls out of the way of the eyebeams, simultaneously unfolding his compound bow and aiming an arrow at the laser man. He quickfires a few while trying to strafe. There wasn't much cover out here for him to use. "I ask again: who are you?"
  384. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: *Unmoving, the creature's colors drain away like a painting in the rain---the super strong attacker passing instead through a humanoid cloud of phosgene gas that would suffocate a normal person. Waiting to see what effect the gas might have on a metahuman, Primordo keeps a close eye on both the attacker and the device, ready to act should he change targets.*
  388. [NU VU] IM@Swixer: *The brick flies straight into a cloud of phosgene gas and splutters as he emerges out the other side, crashing into a mound of snow. Watchman's Infinity Person continues to chase him with his heat vision.* "We're the only thing standing between what's left of this world and whatever it is you freaks want to do to it!" *The arrows either miss or bounce harmlessly off his skin as he advances, heat vision firing.*
  392. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: "I'm sorry that it's come to this," King sweeps his hands and the rods turn and aim themselves at the lightning man, their ends impossibly sharp, mystically honed. They hurtle towards the man at incredible speeds, seeking to pierce his limbs.
  394. [NU VU] Watchman@Alstann: "You seem to misunderstand our intentions then." As he keeps strafing, he pulls out a trick arrow and fires it at the Infinity-man -- this arrow contains a polyurethane compound that would explode and coat the immediate area in a blue foam-like substance if it hit anything. It would quickly dry upon exposure to air, almost simulating cement. Well, that is, if it hits anything.
  396. [NU VU] Vespula Sting@Doctor_Awesome: *Beeman stalks his prey. Given the first opening, from which there has been many so far, VS silently leaps onto the lightning man under duress and pulls a black elastic adhesive formed into a sheet around the man's face, cutting off his entire ability to breathe. VS catapulted himself off the man's back and back into nothing after attaching a particle ejector bomb to the back of the man's head. Beeman fizzles back into sight, just off Ultima King's side, holding a hand up to him, trying to signal for him to stop. His costume fizzles into an easily visible colour and he holds up the detonator, referring to the man he just booby trapped.*
  398. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: *Seeing the brute sputtering from what is a very deadly gas, Primordo's form solidifies---his poisonous particles inside the man's lungs convert to oxygen instead. He moves to stand before the device again, but makes no move to go on the offensive.*
  402. [NU VU] IM@Swixer: *The lightning man cries out as his limbs are pierced by the mystic rods summoned by Ultima King. As he is suspended in mid-air, working on freeing himself, VS plants a bomb on the back of his head using his tactical espionage action. Angrily, he starts pulling free of the rods as the Infinity Person hit by Watchman's foam arrow falls to the ground, suddenly weighed down. In an instant he roars out and bursts free of the foam, darting forward at super speed and trying to push Watchman with his super strength. Meanwhile, the girl lunges after Primordo, blasting him with heat vision while the other one waits for her to fly off and claps his hands together for a devastating sonic blast.*
  406. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: King lowers his hands sharply and the rods dissipate. He nods to Vespula on noticing the device in his hands. "Stop fighting. You're beaten," he calls to Lightning Fellow.
  410. [NU VU] IM@Swixer: *The lightning guy pulls himself from the rods after much effort, whipping up another blast of lightning in his hands.* "THAT DOES IT! I won't be anyone's whipping boy any longer! The world is ending, and I'm going to have a damn good time! *With that, he releases his most devastating arc of lightning yet, tearing through the frozen tundra to strike them.*
  414. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: *Narrowing his eyes---a nugget of Leland's pacifism doing battle with the creature's instincts---Primordo's skin flashes in an instant into glittering diamond. The heat rays hit his faceted body and are instantly split as if by a prism, magnified and redirected at the clapping brute and the one chasing Watchman. But the creature can't react quickly enough to avoid the shockwave, and his diamond form cracks with an icy clinking sound. He drops to a knee in the snow.*
  416. [NU VU] Vespula Sting@Doctor_Awesome: *Beeman looks to Ultima King. His mask contorts and Beeman makes an extreme effort to become a creeper again.* "Shhhh... Shhhh..." *Presses the button on the detonator, and sprints back for the Shunter, to keep programming it.*
  418. [NU VU] Watchman@Alstann: As the Infinity man is ensnared by his foam arrow, Watchman switches targets and reaches into his quiver to make work of the girl; however, the man had already broken out of the foam and charged right for him. He fails to react in time due to super speed and gets knocked back a moderate distance, "Agh!" This does, however, keep him away from Primordo's redirected laser. The sound wave initially disorients and prompts him to tap an area on his belt which switches on his noise-cancelling earbuds.
  420. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: King grunts and raises his hands. "Seingart, impose your Unbreakable Barricade!" He puts all his mystic might into creating an intricate, glimmering metal shell to protect the team and the device!
  424. [NU VU] IM@Swixer: *The particle mine explodes at the back of the lightning thrower's head, engulfing him in a cloud of smoke. Ultima King's barrier takes the blast of lightning in a flash of light. When the dust settles, the lightning thrower lies in an unconscious heap amidst the snow and VS finishes setting up the shunter. Back at the North Pole, the Infinity Person chasing Watchman is struck in the eyes by a blast of heat vision.* "Argh! I-I can't see! I CAN'T SEE!" *Spiralling out of control, he fires his heat vision wildly, sweeping it around at Primordo and Watchman. The clapper is struck by a redirected beam also, but quickly recovers and launches himself at Primordo only to be caught in the side by a blast of heat vision fired wildly by his blinded friend and sent flying. By this point, the girl isn't liking her odds, floating backwards from the conflict warily.
  428. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: King resists the urge to take a seat after that blast and settles for simply pulling down his barrier. He notes Beeman's progress before accessing his comms. "Team B, what is your status?"
  430. [NU VU] Watchman@Alstann: "We are handling a--" says Watchman before he narrowly ducks under a blast of heat vision. "...situation with some assailants. We're almost done here." He takes his finger off the comm in his ear and turns off the noise-canceling earbuds. Flicking a small button on the handle of his bow, his mechanized quiver begins to shift and select an arrowhead for his next trick arrow. Pulling out the finished product, he aims it at the heat-vision-man and fires. The arrow is more-or-less a small-radius explosive arrow used to immobilize superpowered goons.
  432. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: *Still largely composed of super-dense diamond, the cracked Primordo catches sight of the strongman sent tumbling by laser fire and leaves him be. He fixes his glittering stare on the woman as he rises, still not taking the offensive. He simply says in a voice now made ringing and metallic by his refractive form, "Go. Away." *Any errant heat beams coming his way are promptly prismed and split back to their owners.*
  434. [NU VU] Vespula Sting@Doctor_Awesome: *Beeman finishes on his Shunter, and starts making for the plane. He slaps Crawdad in the fucking mouth for sitting inside the plane and playing Gameboy the entire time, and starts the booting up sequences, prepping to leave.*
  438. [NU VU] IM@Swixer: *Watchman's arrow strikes and strikes true, hitting the blinded man with an explosion which sends him skipping across the snow like a pebble before finally coming to a rest a few paces away. The woman, terrified by Primordo's presence, and seemingly shaken by the potential destruction of her world, simply turns tale and flies away in a gust of wind. As she disappears, Captain Collider flies in from on high, holding the unconscious Infinity Man who tackled him by the scruff of his collar. He gently puts his down as he lands and advances to the device.* "We're synced up over here. Vespula?"
  442. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: *Primordo's glittering diamond eyes watch the woman leave without expression. He turns with a clinking sound like a falling chandelier and watches the Captain.*
  444. [NU VU] Vespula Sting@Doctor_Awesome: *Beeman clicks on the comms.* "We're already at the McDonalds. I'm getting the happy meal. Crawdad wanted the toy."
  446. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: "Are you certain," the creature asks in that ringing echo of a voice, "this is what you wish?"
  448. [NU VU] IM@Swixer: *Captain Collider shakes his head. That one was a freak. Turning to the rest of his team, he begins moving back to the Peacekeeper* "The devices should begin inverting the polarity now."
  450. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: *It fixes its eyes on Collider as it slowly returns to its usual form, gradually shoring up its structure after the shockwave.*
  452. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: King gives the lightning slinger one last look before teleporting back to the transport. He takes his former seat in midair and waits for extraction. "Should we be here when that happens?"
  454. [NU VU] IM@Swixer: "As non-native denizens on this Earth, it'd be a good idea if we got out of here as soon as possible."
  456. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: *There's a whoosh of air that parts the blowing snow, and Primordo reforms inside the Peacekeeper, waiting.*
  458. [NU VU] IM@Swixer: *He looks over to Primordo with a contemplative look for a moment before hardening his expression and nodding.*
  460. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: "Then we will see if the Savior endures, or the destroyer is born," it finishes, looking again at the Captain. No tone, no expression, no judgment.
  462. [NU VU] IM@Swixer: *Captain Collider keeps Primordo's cautionary words in mind as the Peacekeeper takes off* "QUARK, prepare the Globetrotter for Multiversial Jump. Let's go, Frontiersmen! No turning back."
  464. [NU VU] Vespula Sting@Doctor_Awesome: *Beeman looks back to Ultima King.* "... Should anyone be in the Danger Zone, Ultima King?" *Beeman flicks on the radio, full blast, again, and jets off back to the Globetrotter.*
  466. [NU VU] Watchman@Alstann: Watchman moves back into the navigator seat, looking out the window again. His finger was on the comm button, "Here goes nothing."
  468. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: Was about to respond with a question, but just sighs as the music starts.
  470. [NU VU] Vespula Sting@Doctor_Awesome: *Beeman holds his finger on the comm, flooding Highway to the Dangerzone to both Peacemakers in response to Watchman. Including, Ultima King and Crawdad's groans.*
  474. [NU VU] IM@Swixer: *Within a few short moments, the two Peacekeepers are back aboard the Globetrotter and the Frontiersmen have disembarked and made their way to the main vessel's command room. As they ready a Metaversal Jump and dart out of their current universe, they would see a rather unusual sight in the space between worlds. An illusory Earth, travelling along the weylines of the Multiverse with them, pulls ahead and creates a flash of light that the Globetrotter disappears into. When the Frontiersmen finally regain their sight, they sit in the next universe over watching the result of their work: a new Earth, twice as big as it normally would be, sits before them. Though more extensive scans would need to be carried out it would appear, from a cursory glance, that their mission was a success.* "I...I think we did it."
  478. [NU VU] Vespula Sting@Doctor_Awesome: *Beeman is right onto the consoles, plugging in data and downloading informations.*
  480. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: "Amazing..." King mutters. "It seems a bit, ah, large."
  482. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: *The creature stands near the briefing table with arms at its sides. Its eerie stare never leaves Collider, not even to look at the screen.*
  484. [NU VU] Watchman@Alstann: With a hand to his chin, he regards the new Earth with curiosity, sitting forward in his chair. "So it did work. Interesting."
  486. [NU VU] IM@Swixer: *Captain Collider hurries over to the scanners to take in information.* "All temporal and spatial readings seem normal. No unusual cosmic radiation. Life estimation seems appropriate... We've...we've created a new Earth."
  488. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: "This is quite remarkable," King muses. "Hopefully this will lead to further breakthroughs as we move forward."
  490. [NU VU] IM@Swixer: *Captain Collider pans his gaze over the other Frontiersmen before stopping at Primordo, meeting his stare with an unflinching one of his own for a while. He soon moves past this and turns his attention to the others.* "I think, for now, we should just take a moment to recollect ourselves."
  492. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: "The record," the creature drones.
  494. [NU VU] IM@Swixer: *He looks over to Primordo* "What?"
  496. [NU VU] Watchman@Alstann: The archer glances to Primordo, regarding him with suspicion.
  498. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: Still fixed on the Captain, it adds: "Leland tells us the last god took seven days and seven nights to mold his earth. You've broken the record." *All said in its usual dead, hollow voice.*
  500. [NU VU] IM@Swixer: "..."
  502. [NU VU] Vespula Sting@Doctor_Awesome: "Don't be a little shit, Primordo. -- The man has enough on his mind." *Beeman unplugs himself from the console, and stretches out.*
  504. [NU VU] Watchman@Alstann: He narrows his eyes at the creature.
  506. [NU VU] IM@Swixer: *Captain Collider turns towards the New Earth in silence after Primordo's piercing statement. His glowing eyes betray nothing, but the expression on his face seems both hurt and conflicted.
  508. [NU VU] Vespula Sting@Doctor_Awesome: *After a halfhearted wave, Vespula Sting seems just to... fade into the background.*
  510. [NU VU] IM@Swixer: Without turning to the others, he waves a dismissive hand at them.* "You're all free to go."
  512. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: Ultima King gives a short, dry chuckle and levitates off. "I need to do more research. Surely I can find some books that will help make sense of this."
  514. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: *Whether the creature's statement had its intended effect is unclear----it simply stares a moment longer at Collider before turning to lumber from the room.*
  516. [NU VU] Watchman@Alstann: Watchman quietly gets up from his seat, and turns his head to Primordo. "Primordo."
  518. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: *Primordo pauses a moment near the exit as Watchman speaks.*
  520. [NU VU] Watchman@Alstann: Staring right at the creature, he says, "Tell the good doctor that I'd like to have a word with him next time I see him on the ship." With that, he makes his way to the teleporter that lead to the Tower of Power.
  522. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: *Primordo says nothing at first, then simply nods as the Watchman turns to leave.*
  526. [NU VU] IM@Swixer: *As the Frontiersmen recover from a mission unlike any other, somewhere, down on the new Earth's surface, a young, blonde-haired woman stares up at the sky. There's a certain something in her eyes, something that seems altogether familiar and foreign. Pulling aside her shirt to reveal the infinity symbol beneath for a moment, she clenches a fist at some unknown rage and a part of her remembers why. A part of her that may end up overtaking the rest...*
  530. -- END --
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