Xenos Hunters Session 42

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  1. [19:20] <@antoine> You stand in a command and control center within the mountain fortress, a communications hub where Imperials sit at cogitators and vox sets. Red faced messengers run recaf stained pages in and out of the room while the XII Crusade Army Command Staff consult their holo tables and prepare for the coming battle. A few marines are scattered through the room, with Bellerophon chatting to a...
  2. [19:20] <@antoine> ...Ultramarine veteran sergeant.
  3. 06[19:22] * Sinbad prays immediately outside the room in a clear space with his Brothers and Patriclus and any onlookers
  4. [19:42] <Bastianus> The doors open, and into the room enters a white-armored Marine. His head is a hairless and eye-browless mess of augmetic cabling, and a psychic hood rests around his neck, shaping a claw grasping around his head. He is small by Astartes standards, futher-complicated by his armor, which is made up of narrow, angular plates and clearly of an incredibly old age. The horned skull of the...
  5. [19:42] <Bastianus> ...Librarium decorates his chestplate. His left pauldron is decorated in the fashion of a Deathwatch veteran, and atop it is perched a falcon the size of a small child, glaring at the room's occupants with a sleek bionic eye. Behind him are the remaining Knights Teutonic.
  6. 06[19:45] * Bastianus casts a hand towards the assembled Marines. "Brothers of the Deathwatch, step forward," he calls.
  7. [19:46] <@antoine> A reclining Decimus turns and rises before crossing his arms in front of his chest when he stands at a distance. The humans in the room look over in hurried glances at the strange looking marine.
  8. 06[19:47] * Sinbad hisses to his brothers and friends, and they pull away from the man upon recognizing his psychic-hood with their knives in hand
  9. 06[19:47] * Bastianus nods to Decimus.
  10. 06[19:47] * Bellerophon turns from the Veteran to look at the new Astartes
  11. 06[19:48] * Bastianus waves his hand. "I mean you and your kin no harm, Sinbad of the Storm Crusaders. There is no quarrel with you."
  12. 06[19:49] * Sinbad makes a warding sign with his fingers at the mention of his name at the man, but doing nothing otherwise
  13. [19:52] <Bastianus> "I am Epistolary Bastianus of the Knights Teutonic. I passed here with my Brothers that we might render assistance to the Crusade." The Librarian pats his pauldron. "And as you can see, I have already undertaken the Vigil. I am well-acquainted with things here, and I have been asked to undertake a disturbing, precarious matter by my -- your, honored Brother, Anselm."
  14. 06[19:53] * Omniel looks over, but doesn't stand, busy performing some pre-mission maintenance on his multi-melta.
  15. 06[19:54] * Bastianus looks up at Bellerophon.
  16. 06[19:54] * Bellerophon returns the glaze
  17. 06[19:54] * Bellerophon returns the gaze
  18. [19:56] <Bastianus> "You are... Bellerophon Halcyonus?" The Librarian cocks his head and narrows his eyes. The bird leans in, glaring at the Devastator.
  19. [19:56] <Bellerophon> "Yes.  Why?"
  20. [19:58] <Bastianus> "You are to come with me." The Librarian opens up a tube at his thigh, and removes a scroll. He opens it, and begins reading. "By order of Brother-Chaplain Mikhail Polux, seconded to the Deathwatch by the Dark Angels, you are to stand before tribunal for treachery to servants of the Throne."
  21. 06[19:59] * Bastianus rolls the scroll up again. "This task has been requested of me by Brother-Champion Anselm, of my own Chapter, and of your Kill-team. You are to come with me to bend before the Chaplain and respond to these accusations."
  22. [20:00] <Bellerophon> "Am I to be facing my accusers?  Or have they decided that I am now unworthy of conversation."
  23. 06[20:02] * Bastianus stands as the psyber-rhoc on his shoulder twists its head about, looking over the Kill-teammates. "Why, if I understand correctly, you've already faced at least one. But yes. Yes, you shall."
  24. [20:04] <Bellerophon> "Your paranoia extends farther than your wisdom, Brothers.  But I shall submit to this indignity."
  25. [20:04] <Bastianus> "Do not fear, Ultramarine. It is the Knightly way to slay those who are greatly suspected of treachery and heresy. But I will permit no such behavior." The bird on his shoulder glares at the Knights behind him. "Why, if you are not guilty, then there is no doubt you will be free, and your brothers absolved of their concern."
  26. 06[20:05] * Bastianus cracks a wide, sickening smile. "Let us all go, honored friends. Brothers," he motions to his fellow Knights to step forward. "Escort Bellerophon Halcyonus to the Chaplain."
  27. [20:06] <@antoine> The Ultramarine veteran sergeant comes forward, "I would stand by at such a trial and oversee it."
  28. 06[20:07] * Bastianus looks to the Sergeant. "Why, my good friend-Ultramarine, this is no concern of our Chapters, only the Deathwatch. The Inquisition. I am only here with these Knights, because we are so short-handed with the war-effort. But, I am sure that the Chaplain will hear your word, should you wish to help justify your Brother, yes?"
  29. [20:09] <@antoine> "I have heard complaints from your fellows, I trust my brother and such accusations mar my Chapter. The codex demands fair oversight."
  30. 06[20:10] * Bastianus lowers his glance, as if in shock. "Do you doubt the fairness of the Dark Angels, respectable Sergeant?"
  31. [20:12] <@antoine> "Doubt has nothing to do with it. Protocol and the codex must be followed, a second from the accused Chapter must be allowed oversight."
  32. [20:12] <Bellerophon> "If, as you say, there is nothing to fear if I am not guilty - then surely there is nothing to fear from another Ultramarine to oversee the procedings."
  33. [20:12] <Bellerophon> "If, indeed, this is to be fair."
  34. [20:13] <Bastianus> "Ah, but fine Sergeant, you forget: Bellerophon Halcyonus has sworn the Vigil. As it was with me, with Chaplain Polux, with Brother Anselm, and with all their Brothers here..."
  35. [20:13] <Bastianus> The rhoc screeches before Bastianus continues: "He is a Deathwatch Marine. You and I may only testify as witnesses and experts here."
  36. [20:14] <Bastianus> "That," the Librarian says with a nod of his head, "is the true standing of the Codex."
  37. [20:15] <Bellerophon> "Then there's no objection to his presence."
  38. [20:15] <Bastianus> "There never was."
  39. 06[20:15] * Bastianus motions to the Knights.
  40. 06[20:16] * Bellerophon experiences a slight facial twitch at the faulty logic of the knight.
  41. [20:19] <@antoine> The Knights come forward to take positions around Bellerophon to escort him to the Chaplain.
  42. [20:21] <Bastianus> "Let us go, respected friends of the Deathwatch and Ultramarines. This matter should be put to rest as quickly as possible."
  43. 02[20:22] * Bellerophon (MarkyMark@TheFunkyBunch.rap) Quit (Ping timeout)
  44. 03[20:35] * Marklon_Wahlberg (MarkyMark@TheFunkyBunch.rap) has joined #xenoshunters
  45. 03[20:36] * Marklon_Wahlberg is now known as Bellerophon
  46. 06[20:38] * Bastianus leads the group through the fortress to where the Chaplain awaits...
  47. [20:44] <@antoine> The Chaplain has set up a closed session in a secluded room underground, the chamber is dome-like in shape with the Dark Angel seated behind a podium. The litanies on the walls and the prayer scrolls lining the bookcases mark this as an old makeshift shrine used during a siege.
  48. 06[20:45] * Anselm stands before the podium, helmet resting in the crook of his arm. His armor has been dramatically altered: his gorget now rises halfway-over his face, and his plate's decoration is significantly embellished at places.
  49. [20:45] <@antoine> The Chaplain stands as you enter, the Dark Angel states in his gravelly voice, "Come, let us be done with this. We have a war to fight."
  50. 06[20:47] * Bastianus bows his head. "Let us. I bring you, respected Chaplain, Bellerophon Halcyonus, as well as his Brothers, and also Veteran Sergeant..." looks to the Ultramarine Sergeant, grasping for a name.
  51. 06[20:48] * Bellerophon takes his seat/position
  52. [20:49] <@antoine> "Grathus" replies the Veteran Sergeant.
  53. 06[20:49] * Bastianus smiles, and looks back to the Chaplain. "Veteran Sergeant Grathus, yes. We must make haste, then."
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