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  1. 1. I disagree with drinking coke to deal with thirst because it has negative effects on health, it attracts insects and not everyone likes its taste.
  2. 2. I disagree that American food is better than Chinese food because they are delicious in different ways, not all American food is tasty, and American food are sometimes too heavy-flavored.
  3. 3. I disagree with extending summer vacation because it means more homework, the schedule would be more concentrated and students would need more time to adapt to the school lifestyle.
  4. 4. I agree that students should be given a choice to attend PE or not because some students simply have worse than average bodies, the lesson is quite boring as it mostly consists of doing exercises, and sometimes the heat is just too extreme for anyone to concentrate.
  5. 5. I agree with replacing textbooks with electronic devices because if the school order new textbooks they only need to update the software on the devices, students can no longer scribble on the books and the teachers would be able to look at what the student’s screen displays.
  6. 6. I disagree with stopping allowance because the children need to practice how to control money, they can buy snacks with their money, and parents can give out more or less allowance based on their children’s behavior.
  7. 7. I disagree with banning junk food from minors because it is quite unfair, junk food is made for everyone, and doing so would make it like some sort of “drug” and people would do illegal things to get them.
  8. 8. I disagree with the thought that only hard work matters because some hard workers never gained success, luck plays a huge role in becoming successful and some lazy people are successful too.
  9. 9. The qualities of a good neighbor is kind, respecting others, and helping people when they need assistance.
  10. 10. The benefits of studying in a foreign country are that you can adapt to the local style, your language skills will get better over time, and you can make a lot of good friends.
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