[FR BIO] Datamined

Jun 25th, 2018
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  1. [columns][color=transparent]xxxxx
  2. [nextcol][columns][img][/img]
  3. [nextcol][font=courier][size=5][b]Subject Name: Navire Sanchez[/size]
  4. [b]Affiliation: The Blindsiders
  5. Age: 27
  6. Gender: Female
  7. Lethality: Extreme
  8. [/columns]
  9. -----
  10. [columns][font=courier][b]Height: 1.81m
  11. Weight: 70.2kg
  12. [nextcol][font=courier][b]Origin: ???
  13. Last Seen: Blacksand Annex, Ashfall Waste, 10:42PM
  14. [/columns]
  15. -----
  16. [font=courier]Navire Sanchez is an Elite Agent of the Blindsiders Organisation of mercenaries. She has over 200 recorded kills to her name, and significantly more victims to her crimes of arson, property damage, and thievery. She is named as the agent with the most kills within the Blindsiders.
  18. Sanchez is rather different from the rest of the agents in the sense that she rarely works alone, and is often seen with Elite Agent McKenzie, Elliot. Reports say that they are related though DNA testing has disproved that.
  20. Sanchez is at her core, efficient over anything else, and values money, loot, and personal pride, taking high-risk, high-reward jobs that she never fails. Sanchez does not respond to low-end jobs, but has been seen doing them out of sight, much like a vigilante. Navire has been involved in numerous high-end criminal activities including major heists, assassinations, and blowing up whole buildings. She has not been caught before.
  22. Citizens who encounter Agent Sanchez are strongly urged not to engage and to stay as far away as possible, and wait for the authorities to intervene.
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