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Red Chapter B13's Side Chapters Starting Points Guide

Lunos Jan 3rd, 2018 (edited) 17,867 Never
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  1. Pokémon Adventures - Red Chapter's Beta 13: Side Chapters Guide
  2. This guide was started by Lunos on January 2, 2018.
  4. ##Guide##
  5. Clarification: The places that I'm about to mention are where the respective Side Chapters begin.
  6. -Scam Artist Chapter: Route 4's Pokémon Center.
  7. -Saving Bill Chapter: Route 24.
  8. -Evolution Chapter: Vermilion City's S.S. Anne Ship.
  9. -Vengeful Maiden: A cabin inside Vermilion City's S.S. Anne Ship at Midnight.
  10. -Green's Tale #1: Lavender Town.
  11. -Abandoned Gym Chapter: Vermilion City's Gym.
  12. -Pikachu and Friends Chapter: Celadon City's Mansion.
  13. -Blue's Tale #1: Celadon City.
  14. -Love Letter Chapter: Vermilion City's Pokémon Fanclub.
  15. -Safari Zone Bonus Chapter: Fuchsia City's Safari Zone.
  16. -Ancient Turtle Bonus Chapter: Fuchsia City.
  17. -One Tailed Vulpix Bonus Chapter: Route 14's Vulpix Shrine at Midnight, make sure to have a regular Vulpix with you.
  18. -Secret Village Bonus Chapter: Interact with the Kangaskhan that you helped in Viridian Forest.
  19. -Lake Monster Chapter: Cerulean City. Interact with Rebecca who's behind a house in the down right corner of the city.
  20. -Magical Raccoon Chapter: Route 9. Interact with the Old Woman you'll see as soon as you step into it.
  21. -Patterns of Arbok Bonus Chapter: Talk with a blonde guy in Route 9.
  22. -The Return Chapter: Interact with Sammy outside of Lavender Tower sometime after the events in Lavender Town.
  23. -Icy Snorlax Bonus Chapter: Go to Seafoam Islands (East of Cinnabar Island) at some point between 9 PM and 5 AM.
  24. -Ill Omen Chapter: Go to Cinnabar Mansion in Cinnabar Island.
  25. -Blue's Tale #2: Silph Company.
  26. -Green's Take #2: Silph Company.
  27. -Broken Bird: Speak with a Team Rocket Grunt inside Silph Company during the invasion of TR in Saffron City.
  28. -Road to Stardom: Speak with Professor Oak in Pallet Town at some point after the events in Saffron City and Silph Company.
  29. -Floral Festival: Cross through the gateway from Celadon to Floral City at some point after the Love Letter Chapter.
  30. -Battle Network: Go to Silph Company and speak with a scientist who's running in front some kind of machine after winning the Pokémon League.
  31. -Relic Beast Chapter: Route 12's Cemetery.
  32. -Hospitality Chapter: Route between Celadon City and Floral City.
  33. -Mewtwo Strikes Back: Go to Cinnabar Island's Lab, pick up the Invitation and then surf to the south. This side chapter might be buggy atm.
  35. ##Bonus##
  36. I recorded in video most of these Side Chapters.
  37. You can find them in a playlist right here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCzAiydSeEjCC7LqLQPRIDQ3IsUXEOetX
  39. ##Changelog##
  40. v1.06 - 09/07/2018
  41. *Fixed the order of the side chapters. They're written in order of completion now.
  43. v1.05 - 04/07/2018
  44. *Shortened the Bonus Section because I'm tired of pointlessly writing chapters names.
  46. v1.04 - 29/06/2018
  47. *Added 4 more Side Chapters.
  49. v1.03 - 25/06/2018
  50. *Added the locations of a bunch of Side Chapters introduced in the Beta 13 Part 2 or that are now completable, compared to before.
  52. v1.02 - 5/01/2018
  53. *Added the Pikachu and Friends Chapter to the Side Chapters Youtube Playlist linked in the Bonus Section.
  55. v1.01 - 4/01/2018
  56. *Added the location of the Secret Village Bonus Chapter.
  57. *Added the location of the Icy Snorlax Bonus Chapter.
  59. ##Credits##
  60. -Valezio & DarkCacos: Valuable information regarding the Secret Village, Vengeful Maiden, Patterns of Arbok and Safari Zone Chapters.
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