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  1. ,Purpose,Number,Format,Output
  2. 0,Percentage with 3 decimal places,0.04341643859048916,{:.3%},4.342%
  3. 1,"Scientific format with exponent notation, 3 decimal places",0.04341643859048916,{:.3e},4.342e-02
  4. 2,"Three decimal places, right aligned",0.04341643859048916,{:>.3f},0.043
  5. 3,Two decimal places with negative sign,-0.9565835614095108,{:-.2f},-0.96
  6. 4,Two decimal places with +/- signs,0.04341643859048916,{:+.2f},+0.04
  7. 5,"Two decimal places with - sign, rigth aligned, filled, min width",0.04341643859048916,{:->12.2f},--------0.04
  8. 6,"Two decimal places, center aligned, filled, min width",0.04341643859048916,{:-^12.2f},----0.04----
  9. 7,"Two decimal places, center aligned, negative sign, min width",-0.9565835614095108,{:^-12.2f},   -0.96
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