Crossing Worlds 15: Galactic Collision

Dec 24th, 2016
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  1. *Earth-DM
  3. It is a world of heroes and villains, from low level villains like (Aussie Assailant) whose entire gimmic is that he spray painted some fuzzy long johns yellow as part of a crude kangaroo costume, has a jet pack, and only steals Australian themed merchandice, to power houses like the demon lord The Fearsome Fordanda, and the interdimensional kaiju master sorcerer Lord Lune. Likewise its heroes range from indivuals like Rodent Man who uses gadgets to powerful beings like the cybernetic Omega Mecha-Man. Of course many between and beyond.
  5. This world sports as well numerous superhero teams, The Rejects (a group founded by people whose powers arn't combat level, but want to be superheroes so do charity work and public apperances), the privatley owned and UN approved "The Heroes", and even government run groups like Super Squad and M-Group. Among these is a group that has troubled the governments of the world since it appeared, a group that insists on secret identies and whose members are all insanly powerful.
  7. Galaxy Girl, unknown to the world this space themed cape wearing heroine was once the low level super-thief *Gravity Cat*, who used a silver ring with a violet gem stone in it that she inherited to manipulate the local gravity of objects and steal them. From pickpocketing to larger heists as she gained wealth and notority in the supervillain community. She even became the nemesis of the super hero "Pink Witch". However during a battle she was caught and trying to keep her ring safe swallowed it. The stone in the ring reacted with her, fusing into her being. She saw in her mind a dark galaxy and became its avatar. The powers of an entire galaxy, but focused and limited by the body of a human, although able to augment her durability, regeneration, and such to use stronger or weaker powers. She was overcome with the desire to then and there become a superhero; as she now had powers she felt realistically made that a career choice instead of stealing with the power she had before.
  9. In time Galaxy Girl's power attracted the attention not only of other heroes and villains but also being entirely new to their world. One such being was Xin the Cat Witch; a small petite grey furred cat-girl wearing an orange witch costume with halloween patterns on it such as black cats and bats. This tiny figure originally tried to convince Galaxy Girl to allow her to remove the power from her, as she had to give it up willingly. However in time Xin became more of a traveling companion of Galaxy Girl's heroic deeds than anything else. Shortly after the space pirate Ryo-Yoshino would appear; this was a powerful woman with black spiky hair, pointed demon like ears, a black cat tail, and wore various odd "combat costumes" that were usually mixes of black, grey, and blue, and showed more skin than cloth most of the time. With Galaxy Girl's cosmic powers, Xin's advanced magic, and Ryo-Yoshino's ki powers they chose to become a team going by the name "The Galactic Guardians".
  11. A young man came upon a grey medalion in his grandmother's attic that had a violet stone embedded in it, upon touching the stone it merged into his body, thus allowing him to transform into the grey skinned nine foot tall amazon woman known as Golem Gal. A being whose strength and durability were unmatched it would seem and could adjust and adapt to virtually any opponent. His/her power attracted Xin and thus the Galactic Guardians, in short order Golem Gal joined their ranks.
  13. A young Eldritch going by the name of "Red Squid" came to this Earth wanting to be a super-hero; she had a red demon like apperance with wings and red skin, although she could morph any parts of her body into cephalopod like tentacles and had strange powers. Using her knowledge of local "cute" costumes she designed a one piece red swimsuit and a "squid hat" and entered a contest for the team (The Rejects) that was in truth a reality show contest. She was disqualified for being "too powerful", however she was scouted by and agreed to join the Galactic Guardians.
  15. The final member to join them was a petite woman with long black haired and whose attire and apperance have caused those who see her to describe her as a "gothic lolita", she is Singularity. Originally summoned to this world by a group of kids playing demon summoning games on Halloween; she was like their secret magic friend for awhile. In truth she is the avatar of a black hole, a cosmic horror that consumes matter and energy and aside from her energy attacks never gives anything back to nature. She is a consumer of worlds; albeit very slowly.
  17. Due to their combined power the Galactic Guardians ended up facing strange enemies, usually demons like The Fearsome Fordanda, Jack the Reaper, and Devil Queen Rossette; as well as magical opponents like The Pumpkin Witch and Lord Lune when he'd attack America instead of Japan or pulled out an exceptionally powerful kaiju; among other threats. So it was that the team was "off planet" when it happened.
  19. Among the group known as "The Heroes" was a liberty themed heroine called "Justice Lady", she could fly, had A-class strength, S-class speed, nearly invulnerable, and had incredible technological gadgets to boot. She said she was from another dimension, from a race of warrior women. What she left out is that this race of warrior women were a reality hopping group of conquerers out to claim every variation of the planet Earth and the human race as part of their empire; she was in truth a spy for the Ju-El Empire. Their invasion was swift, they deported most of the beings on this Earth either from another dimension, or descended from them, and easily overwhelmed the world's militaries and super-humans. Aside from a few notable battles, such as The Heroes attempting a jail break at a deportation station, or Team Okobo teaming up with Lord Lune to attempt to fight back the Ju-El's invasion of Japan; it has gone smoothly for the empire. Now however the Galactic Guardians have returned to Earth and launched an attack on Justice Lady's (true name: Officer Shina) base.
  21. ******
  23. "They've arrived," says Officer Shina looking at a monitor as the Galactic Guardians plow through un-manned mechanical drones and various robotic monsters, "they are impressive, sure you can handle them?"
  25. Another, a woman in blue armor, with short blue hair watches the monitor as Singularity blasts apart a robot with a blue Plasma Beam, Galaxy Girl and Golem Gal punch and rip apart ape like robots, Ryo-Yoshino throws a Ki blast explosive that shreds through a swarm of small robots, and Red Squid morphs her hands into tentacles that constrict and crush a large un-manned Enforcer.
  27. "I have it all set up," says the woman in blue armor, "they are playing right into my hands."
  29. As the team enters an open, albeit walled in, space, a large holographic monitor appears, the raven haired amazon of a woman Shina appears, "We have been expecting you Galactic Guardians, I am new to coming across as a villain to you superheroes, but know this...I am not the only super powered Ju-El, you will have to face a top enforcer, as well as a member of the Magical Mercenaries, Agent June.
  31. The woman with short blue hair appears, and forms a light blue sigil disc in her hand, "for my introduction," she says as she throws it like a frisbee at Singularity. Singularity unleashes a beam, her "absorption beam" from her hand. The disc flies through her and she is wide eyed as small sigils appear around her, shooting what looks like dark blue electricity inward towards her. Galaxy Girl tries to reach in only to be shocked, much to her and the whole team's surprise. Singularity's body turns a deep black and forms into a black marble as the sigils shift into a diamond shape around her, chaning to hexagon plates and then into a solid blue structure. It shrinks as it flies towards Agent June, changing into an odd gold device that she quickly stashes away into a green portal.
  33. "No," whispers Xin.
  35. "Give her back!" yells Red Squid lunging at Agent June, only to me halfway as Agent June flies forward, summoning a giant blue sigil that transforms Red Squid into a green wand adorned with tentacle monsters as she passes through it. As Agent June grabs the wand, Ryo-Yoshino, Galaxy Girl, and Golem Gal all attack at one. Ryo-Yoshio's Ki-blade is blocked with a shield sigil and she is flung aside with a mighty armthrust. Galaxy Girl is then punched in the face sending her flying and Golem Gal is kicked into the air in the same direction. As Agent June "pockets" the wand in a green portal and takes off into the air, leaving a confused Ryo-Yoshino to stand there, held back as Xin hold her arm shaking her head not to go, Shina can be heard to mumble, "Shit, I knew she was strong, but...holy shit, I didn't think she was that strong."
  37. Agent June stops in mid-air as Golem Gal has stopped and lept from the ground, her fist poised to strike. Agent June rushes her, grabbing her arm and slamming her into the ground, spinning around and throwing Golem Gal like an oversized sling into the air and at Galaxy Girl; who catches Golem Gal mid-flight. They nod at each other and leap to the ground opposite sides of Agent June.
  39. Agent June crosses her wrists and bends over, blue sigils appearing before her hands as she chants.
  41. "Goddess of the Storms
  42. Goddess of Chaos and Cataclysms
  43. By Rokonaka's name I call the powers home!"
  45. A violet orb of light appears in the center of both sigils, Golem Gal and Galaxy Girl both scream as waves of violet and purple energy erupt off their bodies and flow into the center of the sigils. The one from Golem Gal transforms into the grey amulet as it was before while Golem Gal shrinks and turns into the young man Billy Blankson. The one from Galaxy Girl transforms into the Gravity Ring as she is left powerless. Both items are dumped into the green portal.
  47. "The problem with heroes like that you never fight anyone at your own level or higher...and never against anyone that has studied you ahead of time. You both were using borrowed power from the same Goddess. All I had to do was invoke that Goddess and draw your power from you back to its host forms."
  49. "RAAAAH" screams Ryo-Yoshino coming down with a giant sword of ki energy.
  51. Agent June blocks it and flies into the air, pushing her back towards the arena they started in, "you on the other hand, space pirate Ryo-Yoshino, I'd love to test my power against you."
  53. As they land June shatters the ki-sword with a sharp edged looking sigil and then punches Ryo-Yoshino back, "however you arn't really you are you?"
  55. "What does that mean?" asks Shina as she vanishes from the holographic screen and teleports into the arena, she looks over at Xin just standing there is disbelief and over at Ryo-Yoshino.
  57. "This!" yells Agent June as she summons a massive blue sigil like the ones used against the others under Ryo-Yoshino. Ryo-Yoshino is frozen in place, her eyes closed, her body becoming transparent.
  59. "Ever wonder," says Agent June, "why as you reported this Ryo-Yoshino didn't recognize you? Or the Ju-El empire which she looted from so often in the past...and had been missing for over a millenia only to appear again on Ataross and then come here? Yes, I can confirm this is the same Ryo-Yoshino...that I and the Magic Mercenaries knew about in the Mystic Dimension, but not the one the Ju-El faced before...not exactly anyway. She's a shadow of that Ryo-Yoshino, not even close to the same power level, or focus, or memories..."
  61. "Give my friends back!" yells Xin, "put them back how they were!"
  63. "Xin the Cat Witch...of the Magical Mercenaries," says Agent June surprising Shina, "I never worked with or against you...must say you disapoint me for someone in the orginization, but they do say you tend to take easy jobs...or those mysterious stranger type jobs. See what a real sorceress can do."
  65. Agent June chants,
  67. "Goddess of the Storms
  68. Goddess of Chaos and Cataclysms
  69. By Rokonaka's name I call the powers home!"
  72. Ryo-Yoshino starts to blink away as the core of the sigil flashes, the purple core spreads out, changing the sigil purple, and even changing its design from stars into hour glasses and spheres.
  74. "What..." growls Agent June.
  76. "What's wrong?" asks Shina
  78. Ryo-Yoshino's body turns into a deep black shadow with glowing red eyes, her form distorting as black tendrils with thorns on them spread out from various parts of the body.
  80. "What the hell kind of dream projection is this?" growls Agent June, "she should just blink out..or..not this!"
  82. A loud woman's laugh echoes up from the sigil as larger tendrils, solid ones with red crystal eyes in the folds of the woven vine tendril, reach up and engulf the shadowy figure before retreating into the sigil as it vanishes.
  84. "What the hell was that?!" yells Shina, "Why...that was a space pirate...a Ko Kuhrai right? Why..."
  86. "I said give them back!" yells Xin followed by a, "Star Sparkle Shot!"
  88. She fires a barrage of yellow cartoon stars at Agent June, who blocks them, and winces, "I...felt that. I felt that!"
  90. Xin stomps her foot causing an earthquake, "give them back, give them back, give them back! You cheater!"
  92. The people formally known as Galaxy Girl and Golem Gal watch from a distance, knowing they could only be killed getting involved now.
  94. "Enough you annoying brat!" yells Agent June as she is lunges at Xin to strike her.
  96. Stopped by a wave of green sparkling light erupting around Xin as she yells, "MOMMMEEEEE!"
  98. An elegant green sigil appears under Xin as the column of light hits the sky causing a massive green aurora.
  100. "No way..." says Agent June backing, "there is no way..."
  102. From the sky appears a tall woman, large bosom, long wavy green hair, wearing a sorceress outfit comprised primarily of green with vine like woven golden emblems and edges. The woman lands behind Xin who leaps into the woman's arms crying, "Mommy, they took my playmates away from me and depowered my other friends too!"
  104. The woman looks at Agent June with sparkling green eyes, "Why are you picking on my daughter?"
  106. "Didn't know she was your kid," says Agent June
  108. "Hate the hair cut," says the tall woman.
  110. "What the fuck," says Shina, "enough of this Magical Mercenary bullshit, this is the Ju-El Empire!"
  112. She lunges at the mysterious figure even as June yells, "No!".
  114. With a simple gesture, like a flick of a bored finger, Shina is encased in a bubble, and with another gesture like brushing aside a tiny straw the bubble is sent flying.
  116. "Shit!" yells Agent June *zipping* away and catching the bubble with a large sigil. June's eyes flash with a blue inner light as she says, "sleep," causing Shina to fall into a deep sleep. She then *zips* back. In time to watch the mysterious woman carrying Xin like a child over to the depowered superheroes.
  118. The woman looks around, "unfortunatly I cannot give them their powers back or return those taken. The power is not mine to return, and they have all been taken outside of my...dominion. I would need permission to enter these territories and act, per the rules. The one that could grant that is...occupied."
  120. While holding onto Xin with one hand she reaches out to the two depowered heroes, "however I can arrange things so you will get your powers back someday...or grant you equivalent powers. You need only come with me."
  122. They look at each other, nod, and vanish in green sparkling light.
  124. "Hold up Salaena," says Agent June as her hair grows longer, waist length and wavy, her cloths morph into a blue silver version of what Salaena is wearing.
  126. "That's better," says Salaena, "Greetings Junelia, sister."
  128. Xin's eyes are wide, "I have more aunts?"
  130. June *sighs*, "Salaena, this world..."
  132. "Nice world," says Salaena, "be a shame if something happened to it,"
  134. With that she vanishes in green light along with Xin.
  136. "What the hell," says June as she morphs back, "since when was she so vicious? Not sure what role she's been playing lately...then again...that was her kid; she's always been more protective..."
  138. She shakes her head, "Shit...we need to get this world officially listed as a Ju-El planet quickly, then she won't be able to act against this world without a vote."
  140. She looks down at Shina, "now...what to do about how much of this you remember..."
  142. She looks over where Ryo-Yoshino vanished, "and what is that one doing? That reaction wasn't normal, it should have just stopped and vanished, it was just a projection after all...I think. Unless she's got some new trick...:
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