FEF6re: Jann (CrimsonEon)

Apr 6th, 2019 (edited)
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  1. Character Name: 'Jann'
  2. Class: Fighter -> Dread Fighter
  3. Skill: Maturity
  4. Affinity: Fire
  5. Personal Fault: Wide Open: When on a tile with no effects and no allies adjacent, -10 Hit/Eva
  6. Personal Skill: Woodland Cover: When Jann is on a Forest tile, +15 Eva
  7. Personal Skill: Single Out: When attacking an enemy who has no allies in 2 tiles, +10 Crit
  8. //Personal Skill: Aberrant Slayer: When fighting non-humanoid opponents (monsters, golems, etc), +2 DMG
  10. Preferred Stats: STR, SKL
  12. Weapon Proficiencies: Thrw (C) Axe (D)
  14. Level: 12
  15. Total Level: 12
  17. Base Stats:
  19. HP: 22 (70%)
  20. STR: 7 (55%)
  21. MAG: 0 (20%)
  22. SKL: 3+1 (60%)
  23. LUK: 2 (20%)
  24. DEF: 3+1 (65%)
  25. RES: 0 (30%)
  26. SPD: 3+2 (55%)
  28. CON: 10
  29. AID: 9
  30. MOV: 5
  32. Character Creation: +1 SKL, +1 1 DEF, +2 SPD, +5% LCK
  33. First class lvl2: +STR, +DEF, +RES
  34. First class lvl3: +HP, +STR, +MAG, +SKL, +DEF, +SPD
  35. First class lvl4: +HP, +STR, +SKL, +LCK, +DEF, +RES, +SPD
  36. First class lvl5: +STR, +MAG, +SKL, +SPD
  37. First class lvl6: +STR, +LCK, +DEF
  38. First class lvl7: +STR, +SKL, +DEF
  39. First class lvl8: +HP, +SKL, +DEF, +RES
  40. First class lvl9: +HP, +STR, +MAG, +SPD
  41. First class lvl10: +STR, +SKL, +LCK, +DEF, +RES, +SPD
  42. First class lvl11: +HP, +SKL, +LCK
  43. Element Ring: +1 RES
  44. First class lvl12: +HP, +STR, +MAG, +SKL, +LCK, +SPD
  46. Current Stats:
  48. HP: 28 (70%)
  49. STR: 16 (55%)
  50. MAG: 4 (20%)
  51. SKL: 12 (60%)
  52. LUK: 7 (20%)
  53. DEF: 11 (65%)
  54. RES: 5 (30%)
  55. SPD: 11 (55%)
  57. CON: 10
  58. AID: 9
  59. MOV: 5
  61. [code]Inventory:
  62. Name Type () RNG MT WT CR Hit QL
  63. Hand Axe Thrw (E)1-2 7 9 0 70 35/40
  64. Iron Axe Hack (E) 1 8 9 0 75 38/40 [E]
  65. Vulnerary (3/3)
  66. [/code]
  68. Battle Stats (Hand Axe):
  69. AT: 23
  70. Hit: 97
  71. AS: 11
  72. Eva: 29
  73. Crt: 6
  74. DG: 7
  76. Battle Stats (Iron Axe):
  77. AT: 24
  78. Hit: 102
  79. AS: 11
  80. Eva: 29
  81. Crt: 6
  82. DG: 7
  84. Bio:
  86. Jann is a young man standing at an average height, with a light but muscular build and his skin dotted in claw-shaped scars. His hair is a moderate blue, disheveled and usually barely kept in place by a couple headbands of cloth.
  87. 22 years ago, as the Reich's forces churned at the border of Garaz and the now-christened 'Overseasland', a noble seated in the city of Vise tensed with every arrival of news. Quietly, he watched his peers, waiting for the slightest sign of weakness, all the while preparing for the inevitable. As the Reich's troops moved to occupy Vise, reports of a blue haired woman and her months-old son heading east arose briefly before being drowned in the din of conflict.
  88. Jann lived a quiet life in a small hamlet south of Agraz. Too brash and brusque to accept the company of others, he frequently made forays out into the recently-reclaimed Wilds, learning the land and soon learning to hunt and provide for his frequently-ill mother and the village they shared. His encounters with the Reich and their government in Agraz had been terse. Both the hunters of the region and he himself have been leery of their motives, and they frequently they collaborated in negotiation to ensure fair treatment of their villages. He was, however, grateful and cooperative with their ongoing efforts to purify what corrupted swamps remained in the Blackmuds far to the south. Frequently he acted as a guide and escort to Geomancy teams dispatched there in exchange for a modest amount of coin.
  89. Jann's quiet life looked like it was going to remain as such for a time, until a particular request came in from the military branch of the regional Reich jurisdiction. Their plans, as it stood, were on track to finish cleansing the Blackmuds, barring one exception. Within the Blackmuds remained one particularly powerful member of the last monsters still preying on those who dared stray near, the scattered efforts of the Reich's Geomancers and local hunters being insufficient to eliminate it. In an effort to finish reclaiming the area, the Reich assembled a unit of the finest hunters in the region to lure out the beast into a trap where Reich soldiers would end its miserable life. Jann took on the request with vigor, leading a small group of four hunters paired with another team. When the day came and he planned with the Reich, he used the forest to his advantage, drawing the monster to decoy after decoy, until the final trap where Reich Geomancers and Soldiers awaited... only when he arrived, no soldiers had come to their aid. Within seconds, every hunter who the monster laid eyes on were torn to shreds, and Jann himself only barely able to flee, buried in scars and his bow-aiming hand mangled.
  90. Jann never returned to his village. Ultimately, his distaste for the Reich grew into a barely-restrained malice, and he quickly dispersed away into hiding, only appearing in villages around various cities briefly to sell excess meat trapped from the lands nearby.
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