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  1. Already in the seventies the "Club of Rome" has indeed predicted what is happening now.
  2. Capitalism exploits unrestrained the resources of our planet and its people,
  3. it deprives us of our own livelihood.
  4. You don't have to be a Marxist to understand this.
  6. You finally need to take capitalism seriously once and for all.
  7. Capitalism is indeed our new religion, basically it is our surrogate religion.
  8. We have lost faith in everything, but we still believe in the free market economy.
  9. And because capitalism became a religion, you shall not speak out against it.
  11. If you yould dare to argue with that, it would be blasphemy and you a heretic and a crank.
  12. The gods we worship in capitalism are growth and productivity.
  13. These are our gods, employment thorugh growth, the mantra of our politicians.
  15. Employment, it is only through growth.
  16. There must be more and more, more and more,
  17. this makes the people happy and satisfied.
  18. More and more, always more.
  20. Since over 25 years, we have the situation that we produce more stuff then we consume.
  21. We throw away one third of all the foot that we produce,
  22. we throw away one third of all the medicine which is prescribed,
  23. it is becauses there is too much of everything, there is even too much money.
  25. That is the crazy thing about out economic situation,
  26. on the one hand there are people not having enough for food,
  27. and on the other hand there are others who have so much money they don't know where to  invest it.
  28. In desperate quest for investment opportunities there is so much money on the move around the world
  29. that these financial products had to be invented.
  31. Interest is at a all time low, and the interest rate is the proce for money.
  32. If there is a log of something, then the price goes down.
  33. And intrest rates are at absolute zero, except for the Greeks.
  34. As you can see this is all completely absurd and has nothing to do with reality.
  36. There is too much of everything, but we need growth.
  37. The gravestone of capitalism will read:
  38. "Too much was not enough."
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