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  1. [hr][center][color=#0b5394][size=4][b]Need help?[/b][/color][/center]
  3. The TTT Staff Team will always be willing to help if you need help making an application, appeal or just in general. You can also contact any member of them at any time over [b]Steam[/b], [b]Discord[/b] or [b]Teamspeak[/b] (
  4. [hr][center][color=#0b5394][size=4]Change Logs[/size][/color][/center]
  6. [spoiler=23/1/2019 16:44][color=#00bb00][Fix][/color] Some BBcode errors[/spoiler]
  7. [spoiler=23/1/2019 17:28][color=#00bb00][Fix][/color] Some BBcode errors
  8. [color=#00bb00][Fix][/color] Some errors with Super Administrator + commands[/spoiler]
  9. [spoiler=23/1/2019 17:58][color=#00bb00][Fix][/color] Some spacing errors
  10. [color=#00bb00][Fix][/color] Some wording errors
  11. [color=#00bb00][Fix][/color] Some BBcode errors[/spoiler]
  12. [spoiler=24/1/2019 17:30][color=#00bb00][Fix][/color] Some BBcode errors
  13. [color=#00bb00][Fix][/color] Some wording errors
  14. [color=#00bb00][Fix][/color] Some spelling errors
  15. [color=#00bb00][Fix][/color] Some grammar errors
  16. [color=#1c0de8][Added][/color] Some red circles to images
  17. [color=#e51212][Removed][/color] Some bad things[/spoiler]
  18. [hr][center][color=#0b5394][size=4]Credits[/size][/color][/center]
  20. Written by MemesAreGoodWithKim, Nepgear, Nina and Kurzex. Special mentions to the people listed below:
  22. [b]CaptinF1rework[/b]:
  23. [list]
  24. [*][url=]Welcome to TTT[/url]
  25. [*][url=]Ranks 16 - 24[/url][/list]
  27. [b]TheXnator[/b]:
  28. [list]
  29. [*][url=]Guide to becoming staff[/url]
  30. [*][url=]The Complete Guide[/url] [/list]
  32. [b]Max[/b]:
  33. [list]
  34. [*][url=]Ranks 1 - 15[/url]
  35. [*][url=]Ranks 25 - 37[/url]
  36. [*][url=]Contribution to How to use the ULX menu and Commands[/url][/list]
  38. [b]Raeker[/b]:
  39. [list]
  40. [*][url=]How to handle a report[/url]
  41. [*][url=]How to make the best application[/url][/list]
  43. [b]Luki Guki[/b]:
  44. [list]
  45. [*][url=]Binds guide[/url][/list]
  47. [b]DEADMONSTOR[/b]:
  48. [list]
  49. [*][url=]Perks Statistics[/url] [/list]
  51. [b]AfroHat[/b]:
  52. [list]
  53. [*][url=]How to use the ULX menu and Commands[/url] [/list]
  55. [b]Clarky[/b]:
  56. [list]
  57. [*][url=]Contribution to How to use the ULX menu and Commands[/url][/list]
  59. [b]coolio6556[/b] - (Not a member of the community):
  60. [list]
  61. [*][url=]Used images from this guide[/url] [/list]
  62. [hr][center][color=#0b5394][b][size=4]Requests (@ Forum Staff)[/b][/color][/center]
  64. My first request for this guide is that it is [b][u]not[/u][/b] put in the Information Thread. My second request is that it is pinned so people can see this guide. My third request is that it stays locked so the guide can look clean etc. My fourth and finale request is the Forum Staff [b][u]don’t[/u][/b] edit anything but spelling and grammar.
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