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  1. In regards to yousmell, you do not know the full story what oso ever. All you have seen is the video of teamspeak. He was harrasing me in game and on my stream. I first muted him for spam in my chat. Then he was spamming IG chat. I muted him for 30m. He then /helpoped 3 times with the same words. I then banned him for 1 hour. He came and in ts and argued with me. I was normal the first time and I kicked him for the ts after him threating me to get demoted. He then came back in ts and I pulled him in. He was told once and I didnt have to tell him again. He wanted a admin that didn't know the story and posted parts of and video. I understand the strike for not giving a reason for the ban in console. But the TS chat isnt enought to give me another. I was already stressed at the fact of what happened on my stream and I just got back from taking a nap when I got him in ts and didn't even relised who he was at first. Their is also no reason to call me a idiot as i am clearly not with me helping this erver so much with the staff team and have gotten many un deserving staff member removed. It is your desion to give me a strike and that is you job to keep the staff team in check. But I believe it is unproffesional to call me names and attempt to embarras me. I respect you and wanted you to have the full story and thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this.
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