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  1. How to edit icon packs, change icon color – (On your phone!)
  3. 1. Download any icon pack
  4. 2. if rooted go to data/app – look for the icon pack, extract from the /res folder “/drawable-nodpi-v4” from the .apk like if it was a zip (not sure if this applies to all icon packs)
  5. 3. if non rooted then download the .apk from the internet and then extract the same way.
  7. Example used for fight white icons
  10. Icons fully extracted are in this link:
  12. Mirror:
  14. Just search the app name and an icon should show up, although sometimes the names are different.
  16. Apps I used:
  17. 1. Color Picker
  19. 2. Photoshop touch – used to be on Google play but adobe removed it. Links are here:
  21. Mirror:
  24. Guide with screenshots:
  27. Step by step:
  28. 1. Open color picker and choose a picture. Touch whatever color you want and copy the hexcode but without the first two “ff” so for example #fff1dba5 -> f1dba5
  29. 2. google a “hex to rgb” website and copy the hex and convert it to rgb values. Save the values.
  30. 3. Open photoshop touch and select an icon.
  31. 4. Go to the Replace Color menu
  32. 5. Keep sample white (because the icons are white), go to Replace menu
  33. 6. Put in the RGB values, click the check button
  34. 7. Click done and save
  35. 8. Save to gallery in a .png file
  36. 9. Edit your icon (just click on the icon in the edit menu) with the one you saved. Don’t crop it.
  38. Note: some colors may not work well enough with the default tolerance. You might end up with slightly jagged edges. In that case try upping it. Brighter colors work better. If all else fails then you need to edit it the proper way on a PC.
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