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Mar 20th, 2021
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  1. Timer (Recommended for a dedicated VR manager for accuracy)
  2. Step 1: Download XNote Stopwatch here: Extract it to a location of your choice, it does not require an installation.
  3. Step 2: Open xnsw.exe as administrator, right-click on the timer and change it to compact mode and "Always on Top". Resize as appropriate. Right-click on the timer again and click time format. In the window that comes up, untick hours and minutes and click OK.
  4. Step 3: Right-click on the timer again and go to "Hotkeys". In this window, enter the button or button combination that you want to press in order to reset the timer in the Start/Stop and Reset windows. Untick "Prevent keypresses from reaching applications". Click OK.
  6. The button you want here is up to you, but you will want to set it to something that you will not type while chatting/playing, and something that allows you to also pick up VR capsules without resetting the timer.
  8. Examples include:
  9. ] - Press E to pick up VR alone, press E and ] together to pick up the VR and also reset the timer. (the button here can be up to you, it just must be something you won't press in passing)
  10. Ctrl+E - Press E to pick up the VR alone, hold Ctrl and press E to pick up the VR and reset the timer.
  12. If using a single button to reset the timer, you can also set a keyboard or mouse macro to press E and the button together in a single press, and if using controller, you can use a program such as Xpadder or Antimicro to change the keyboard accept button in game to your chosen reset button, and set that on an unused button.
  14. Step 4: You're done! Test to make sure you can reset the timer in game, and test it out while playing.
  16. What you do now is pick up VR capsules as close to the times listed below, depending on player number. If you pick up a VR capsule and it does not give you overfill miles, you must not reset the timer as it will throw off the correct timing.
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