[Action] Alliance

Oct 3rd, 2017
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  1. *Requirement: You must send a character of a high rank (courtier/guild leader) to perform any of these actions
  3. [Action]1. Form an alliance
  4. *Requirement: You can not initiate alliances if your guild leader is evil/good and the guild leader of the other guild has the opposite personality (evil cant ally with good). You can not initiate alliance if your guild leader is proud and the other guild has more fame than yours.
  5. Your character spends its action to form an alliance with a guild of your choice. The other guild must accept the alliance after your proposal, or the action will be considered wasted.
  6. Allies can't conquer each other's regions or perform aggresive actions (dakr magic, sabotage, theft, etc) against each other.
  8. [Action] 2. Break an alliance
  9. You can send your character to break an existing alliance. This action will cost you an amount influence acording to the current alliance laws made by the lawkeeper (see politics&law pic in thread to see the current cost). You can not break an alliance if you are not able to pay the required amount of influence.
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