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  1. Setting: Many years after S1
  2. Main character: Carefree and annoying at first. Learned martial arts at Langya Hall. Recalled by family during a time of need and quickly discovers he has to grow up and take responsibility.
  3. Father of main character: One of the three swordsmen trained of Mei Changsu (middle aged one). He is adopted by the prince who becomes Emperor at end of S1. Sworn brothers with current emperor who is son of the prince (Previous emperor).
  4. Main character’s older brother: Also adopted, he is the son of the eldest of the three swordsmen trained by Mei Changsu. (Carbon copy of previous emperor, basically a Gary Stu character. Perfect in every way both at home and in the military.)
  5. Main character’s family: Leader of the Changlin Army, created at end of S1.
  6. Main character’s love interest: Sworn to marry the MC at birth by MC’s father and his sworn brother. However, her mother took her away and hid her out of fear of her living her life with a husband who must frequently go to war. Now she is a doctor and is reunited with MC many years later although MC and his family do not recognize her anymore.
  7. Setting of story:
  8. Within the Palace, many are disgruntled with the fact that the current emperor greatly favors his sworn brother (MC’s father and his family) over the opinions of the rest of the State. This includes the current Empress + her brother who is the grand secretary. Reasoning is that the current crown prince (Emperor’s actual son) is still young so Emperor doesn’t give him too many official duties. But Emperor’s wife and her brother feel threatened that their family line is being threatened by the Changlin family.
  9. The “real” antagonist is quite a tragic figure and remains hidden until midway through the season
  10. Outside the palace, there is a cult that was originally from a province of the kingdom that was destroyed many years ago. They blamed the destruction of their kingdom on the Changlin army who sealed their borders during a time of need. Now they are willing to do anything for revenge.
  11. Analysis of S1 & S2
  12. The stories are almost complete foils.
  13. The main character of S1 and S2 are opposites. Where one starts off smart/cunning but weak in body, the other is peak martial artist but seemingly goofy and unreliable.
  14. The villians in S1 are right in front of your eyes, and have been since the beginning, the villians in s2 operate in the dark.
  15. Both seasons have impeccable acting, and numerous references to S1 are made in S2. The characters are still very much aware of the characters of S1 even though they don’t really show up because they’re mostly all dead already.
  16. S1 is definitely a tragedy. S2 is also tragic but ends with a “happy” ending.
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