Month of May Plans

Apr 28th, 2019
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  1. Today is April 28th, 2019, which means the Marathon of this month where I do a run of a different game every day is almost over. I'm gonna be going over about how I felt about most games that I have done a run of this month. Ctrl+F "Plans for next month!" if you don't want to read stuff from this month.
  3. Majora's Mask Randomizer is something I want to do more of, but the downside to it currently is that how it works with some stuff. Right now there are currently bugs as far as I'm aware of to it like getting on Epona without a Bow gets rid of your Sword until you play Song of Time or find a Bow, progressive items not being progressive like Wallets and downgrading the Wallet can softlock some seeds (New Bossa Nova Wave on All Night's Mask check lol), etc. Guess I can go over All Masks too while talking about MM, which it was pretty fun to do besides Twinmold being a jerk and causing me to miss being able to go get Pendant of Memories from Kafei in time. Do want to work on that a bit more at some point and learn the Glitchless or at least Accessible Ruleset route.
  5. Paper Mario TTYD is my favorite Paper Mario game out of the series, which I had a lot of fun doing my own route for All Crystal Stars Glitchless. I wanted to learn this game for a while, but never gotten around to it due to the hard tricks that are in the run now like Palace Skip. I'm considering learning the Glitchless route at some point since that should be fun at least.
  7. Star Fox Adventures was also really fun to do while getting relaxed with the cutscenes. Will also need to learn the route and remember the puzzles if I want to do runs of this.
  9. Diddy Kong Racing 100% was pretty fun for the most part, mainly hate the 2nd Octopus boss race due to the Bubbles he leaves behind. Currently happy with my current PB considering I failed Fire Mountain twice I think and only 1 loss at Spaceport Alpha Silver Coins. Definitely will be down to race with my friends though.
  11. Now for Forbidden Memories. 5 Card Mod came out shortly before April 6th, so was super interested in that and 15 Card Mod to where I wanted to work on 100% for 15 Card Mod for the 1st time and finished that last night. Do actually want to work on Vanilla a bit more next month and push my PB to below 10 hours while almost always able to do races of Forbidden Memories with my friends on Vanilla/5 Card Mod/15 Card Mod. Was also happy with how the All Duelists run went and happy with a sub 4 on 5 Card Mod. :)
  13. Super Mario Sunshine Any% was pretty fun to do, not entirely sure if I want to do runs of it or not considering I suck at platforming. Was really cool remembering how to do some tricks though like Gelato Beach Skip. :P
  15. KH Series for the most part was ok to do runs of again except 358/2 Days where I got walled by menuing, Infernal Engine, and Leechgrave (more so because of menu being weird). Not sure why, but it did feel a bit weird to run KH again mainly since I feel like I'm highly expected of myself to do well while running KH, so it's a bit easier for me to get frustrated at some stuff like dying to Venitas multiple times during the LV1 All Stories run as opposed to running other games where I have less experience in. May consider coming back to BbSFM HD Beginner, but still unsure about it as of right now considering doing 3 KH3 100% Playthroughs in a row back when that came out at the end of January (JP Proud, English Proud, English Proud LV1) and got myself burnt out. Another reason why I got burnt out was due to IRL stuff, I was unable to do my Road to KH3 run on the day before KH3 came out and felt like I let everyone down. Basically if I do come back to running KH, then I'll be looking at BbSFM HD Beginner stuff most likely.
  17. Pokemon Stadium Gym Leader Castle was really relaxing to do a run of and this along with others I'll most likely look into running. This as a run I can at least easily do within 2 hours while still feeling comfy.
  19. Sly Cooper was pretty fun to do a run of again after the MOMAM 4 Race with Spike & Pie. Learned a few new stuff mid-run which was super interesting like new Out of Bounds stuff and the last phase skip for Mz Ruby. Would be down to do races of this at some point too, but not take super seriously.
  21. DK64 Any% No Levels Early was fun to do for the most part except Gloomy Galleon boss. Was sad during the 2nd half of the run since I thought I was gonna be able to turn it into a 101% run. Unknowing to me, I got my Twitch Payout most likely mid-run and didn't know about it until I checked Paypal after the stream. I'll be doing DK64 101% next month, but do need to find time for that + want to be able to do that with Barrel and/or Raikaru. :P
  23. Jak & Daxter I had Headstrong help me out with learning a few stuff and make a route for me a few days before the run, so a big thank you for helping me learn this if you're reading this Headstrong. :P I may look into potentially run this along with other stuff as well so that I can do races with some of my friends and Headstrong hopefully at some point. Although with my current dumb curfew that my stepmom has for me at the moment at Midnight, it's mostly not possible for me to do races with Headstrong unfortunately.
  25. Luigi's Mansion 100% was fun and enjoyable to do after going through KH2FM HD All Worlds, so I'm at least happy with how that went and had fun with it Looking forward to potentially doing races with my friends in the future. :)
  27. Crash NST Any% Trifecta was pretty cool to do a run of, but unfortunately was feeling lonely for most of it (almost all of Crash 2 I think) which affected my mood during the stream. Last time I played this was my 312% run about a year ago or so or when Future Tense came out, so was really rusty.
  29. The big 51-person Ocarina of Time Randomizer Multiworld run was really fun to do. Once next month starts, I want to start doing more of Multiworld with my friends along with the Squads Race. :P
  31. Final Fantasy X is one of those runs where I wish I could run it more, but due to the run being 9-10 hours, I would need to find time to do a run of it unfortunately since it's the first FF game I've ever played growing up. Would love to do more runs of this at some point to be comfy and relaxed since I had fun with it for the most part besides screwing up in a few spots due to not having touched the game in almost 4 months.
  33. Spyro Reignited Trilogy Any% Trifecta was one of my donation incentives I had back when I was trying to raise money to buy a new PS4 Pro to replace my old dying PS4 before KH3 came out. Generally had a lot of fun with this considering I grew up with the Spyro Trilogy as a kid, so I might look into running this in the future.
  35. Pokemon Puzzle League was really fun to do even with struggling a lot on Super Hard considering I haven't played it in a while, will most likely look into this in the future. :P
  37. Final Fantasy X-2 HD Any% was pretty fun besides Magus Sisters killing Flan Azul again, which thankfully I know the back-up strat if that happens due to that happening in the back-to-back run and being really frustrated at that. This is also something I want to work on next month considering for not touching the game in almost 4 months, I was on PB pace after not paying attention and losing a minute on the Creature Creator Tutorial until Magus Sisters.
  39. Mario Party 3 Story Mode (Super Hard) is gonna be on Tuesday since I do have a appointment tomorrow and won't have time for it afterwards, so I'm gonna be looking forward to do that again.
  41. Plans for next month!: I'm still gonna be raising money for SGDQ and I'm currently about $320 away from being able to go, which I'm super excited about. I was planning on doing a subathon soon, but unfortunately that would impact getting SSI (Social Security Income) back so I won't do that. I'll be doing Forbidden Memories every Saturday and gonna lean towards working on improving my Vanilla PB. I'm also plan on joining more of the Ocarina of Time Randomizer Multiworld runs/Squads races along with doing I do also hope on aiming on starting my streams in the afternoon almost every day with casual stuff, then runs afterwards unless either it's too late to do runs or I'm doing a OoT Randomizer Multiworld run. Games I'm probably gonna look into running are Paper Mario TTYD, Star Fox Adventures, FFX-2 HD, Jak & Daxter, and maybe Sly Cooper while for casual games, I'm gonna do Banjo-Tooie 100%, KH3 (Critical) 100%, and finally get back to Golden Sun: The Lost Age. I'm looking forward to next month as I want to work on trying my best to go to SGDQ for the weekend of June 28th -> June 30th. Thanks for reading. :)
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