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Apr 1st, 2015
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  1. Dear International Community
  2. As you guys well know my name is Pablo, leader of the Team Tekken Peru and the only responsible for everything related to JDCR's stay inside our country.
  3. I want to begin deeply regretting his words after receiving every attention possible from our side and involving the whole continent in the same bag, still I can't understand what happened, the only thing I can think of is that this is the only way to justify the defeat he suffered in the TPT event and thus distract everyone attention and blame a country who made a great effort to bring him.
  4. I'm going to answer to every single word in order to make everybody understand since Peru is a democratic country and we always listen to both sides of the story.
  5. Peru and its organization paid JDCR's flight ticket, SEUL - ATLANTA - LIMA - SEUL, with the intention of helping him enter Final Round 18 so after that he could spend 9 days in our country with the goal of gathering funds (to send more Peruvian players outside) throughout the organization of a tournament, at the beginning JDCR agreed to spend 9 days in our country but he demanded to reduced it to 5 because he wanted to go to the well known upcoming London Tournament, this obviously caused a penalty by the airline of 400 dollars due to the itinerary change which was fully assumed by the Peruvian Community in addition to he 1600 dollars already spent on the original trip.
  6. Answering to each one of his words I keep going:
  7. The People’s behavior: Every society and culture in the world are different and variable, the fact of being from a “high developed” country does not give anyone the right to discriminate people who just wanted a picture or a match, issue that, as organization, we would not allow knowing that this will offend many of our compatriots.
  8. Everything was late: At no time there was someone putting pressure on him to wake him up of taking him in a rush to a place, it was all the opposite, we respected his needs of resting and only was called from 12:00 (noon) until 8:00 pm, In general the days I was in Lima went that way.
  9. He always had to wait, every day: There was stuff I could not directly handle since I was not in Lima the first days, but as the main responsible I offer my apologies and I will work on those details that always escape from our hands, Now concerning the last day we tried to contact him but there was no answer from his side, when we finally reached him due to the city’s traffic it took a while to pick him up but he was attended at every moment having a lot of time to spare before boarding the plane.
  10. The Spaniard Guys: We took them to eat one the most representatives dishes in Peru which was made out of fish and seafood, the bill of that day went over 150 dollars only for 6 people and everything was paid by myself and with the hope of them liking it, we deeply regret to recently discover thatthey did not like it even though they were suggested to order something else, that is how it happened.
  11. The Hotel: This is one of those occasions when in order to feel that something is properly done you need to do it yourself, the hotel topic is something that I feel ashamed for I offer my apologies one more time since only hours before my arrival to Lima, JDCR and the Spaniard Guys were lodged in one the most exclusives areas in the country in Lima and my literal words since the moment I arrived were: “I will pay for all your hotel expenses” and that is how it was because I gave them my word, aside from that I asked them if they were comfortable in that place and they told me YES, that they were fine with the hotel knowing that due to the hotel agenda they would have to leave on a Saturday, and they totally agreed with this as well.
  12. The Tournament food:JDCR did not ask to eat until the semifinal with NENE, and that’s the main reason we had to wait 30 more minutes, otherwise we would have to delay the tournament at least 2 more hours which would have been illogical, everybody was really excited for the finals and that’s the decision we made at the end.
  13. About the countries that participated, we could only count with the presence of Bolivia and Chile to whom we are greatly thankful for putting your trust in us.
  14. I have read all the text and there are words that truly denigrates out culture, the social classes and the country in general, putting the entire continent in a bag without thinking in all the effort we made so he could fly here without spending a single dollar from his pocket, the bottom of the issue is not knowing when to recognize a loss in a videogame taking it to an embarrassing attempt to internationally discredit our country, which lives and dies passionately for the Tekken Franchise with no intention of making money out of it as other countries do.
  15. Tekken Peru is evaluating the possibility of laying out a legal demand through the Korean consulate in Lima for the immense discredit that this will bring only because of a person who does not know how to take a loss and took an immature and poorly thought decision, I must clarify the day of the tournament we were constantly asking JDCR is everything was fine always getting positive answers not to mention he had words at the award ceremony who were legitimately translated and were taken by the crowd with a kind and warm round of applause only to know today that they were not sincere.
  16. I will finish saying that most of the Peruvian player don’t even own a PS3 system since the situation here is not the best, but we do have the will to keep advancing forward, many spent their hard earned money to contribute to JDCR’s plane ticket, from and until Korea, we do not have any type of sponsorship from any brand, everything came out of the humble pockets of Peruvian people who now feel disappointed by his terrible words, the amount of money that was spent in this campaign reached the 4000 dollars which can be translated to 17 minimum wages in our country.
  17. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to read all this and we hope impartial words and comments according to the reality of the thing that took place and not only by the words of a person who has wonders to say in the places he wins and horrible attacks to discredit the places where he loses since playing videogames is what he does for a living and losing the way he did in our country just makes his value as a competitive player go down.
  18. Finally I must give my apologies for all the stuff in which we failed but our intention was always the best for everyone, HyunJin Kim you are a great tekken player, in the world will always admire you but the stuff you said about the people who paid your expenses to Final Round so you could win that big prize pot, you simply cannot do that, for the record Peruvian Tekken Players always use a strategy depending of the opponent to defeat, is this case it was letting you get confident and letting you win the days previous to the tournament only to show our real level in the tournament matches.
  19. Regards and thank you.
  20. PABLO
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