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Jan 11th, 2016
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  1. The story:
  2. "If you read those words it means you have successfully crossed the mighty sea and arrived safe at the colony, Huzzah! rejoice my honorable guild master!
  3. This colony was commissioned by the empire, it has struck roots into the depth of this newly discovered continent less than a year ago! How marvelous, it is no surprise you have chosen this path - But don't think you are alone my master, others, cunning just as you are saw through this opportunity as well! Ships should arrive right along yours any moment as you will sure see... If you are to take control of this newly formed city you will have to prove your prowess against the other guild leaders as well!
  4. But, my master, I did not write this letter and sent it from so far away just to tell you things you already know, no. Some words... Rumors, fly faster than wind. Do not haste to drive your sword through your competition, you might need those guilds to face the... REAL Threat.
  5. As you were at the seas, monsters, abominations, and hordes of scourge have been starting to flock towards the city. The emperor is already informed, soldiers are carried across the ocean sailing your way but I'm afraid that for the time being you and the other guilds are all that is separating between the scourge to the city.
  6. ... Master, what will you do?
  7. Will you cooperate with the guilds to settle your ambitions and difference aside so you could face together against the new threat?
  8. Or will you exploit the hopeless situation? Sieges may be the best time for some to thrive...
  9. Remember, The balance is ever so fragile. Saving the city may come over your own benefits - while exploiting the situation might risk the lives of everyone.
  11. I know you will find the right balance my lord, I am counting on you,
  12. The emperor is counting on you"
  13. --
  15. SHEET - fill this sheet:
  17. Members: [Create 4 sheets for members as explained in here: ]
  18. Guild's name: [choose name]
  19. Political status: Council member (default start)
  20. Guild type: [scroll down to the bottom of this pastebin and choose 1 of the 10 options]
  21. Location: (Only when the game starts players get to choose their location)
  22. Fame: 6 (default start)
  23. Integrity: 6/10 (default start)
  24. Influence: 20 (default start)
  25. Gold: 200 (default start)
  26. Storage: (Generated by DM, depends on your guild type and fluff)
  27. Might: 0 (default start)
  28. Fluff: write a small backstory about your guild (optional yet recommended, helps defining the personality of your members which affects the game. No fluff = randomized personalities)
  29. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  37. Race: There are 5 races in the game: Human, Dwarf, Gnome, Elf, Halfling.
  38. Class: There are 20 classes in the game: Paladin, Warrior, Wizard, Ranger, Rogue, Cleric, Crafter, Alchemist, Smith, Miner, Butcher, Lumberjack, Farmer, Scholar, Acrobat, Athlete, Negotiator, Scout, Adventurer, Commoner
  41. >1) Merchants company: Market Taxes can never be over 10% for your guild, no matter what the current laws are.
  42. Special ability:'Face Value': for 10 influence you can buy/sell resources for their face value (base price) instead of the inflated price at the market
  43. --
  44. >2) Workers union: You never have to pay the resources you have gathered at a labor mission as a tax to the city, no matter what the current laws are.
  45. Special ability: 'Stretching limits': Every member will gain +1 resource each phase at a labor mission for this turn. However all members will lose 2 morale for working too hard
  46. --
  47. >3) Racial party: Choose a race that defines your guild (Dwarves, Elves, Humans, Halflings or Gnomes). All your guild members of that race will gain +1 morale each turn.
  48. Special ability:'Racial migration' for 15 influence you can cause the next 3 migration waves in a region of your choice to be of your racial type.
  49. --
  50. >4) Noble house: The first 4 starting members must be from the same race and are considered the same dynasty, those members don't need to pay influence to change their rank within the guild.
  51. Special ability: 'Noble cause': for the cost of 10 influence you can double the amount of the commoners who come to aid you in battle from the neighborhoods under your control.
  52. --
  53. >5) Shadow organization: you never get punished when caught commiting crimes, no matter what the current laws are.
  54. Special ability:'Protective shadows' for the cost of 10 influence your next aggresive action will not cause any loss of integrity or fame.
  55. --
  56. >6) Diplomatic agency: You can have up to 5 allies(instead of 3). The influence penalty for breaking an alliance is halved.
  57. Special ability: 'Aggresive diplomacy': you can force another guild to become your ally for 20 influence as a free action.
  58. --
  59. >7) Religious order: You gain additional +1 might each turn for every 3 tiles in your territory.
  60. Special ability:'Religious influence' when expanding territory you can spend your might points instead of spending your influence points.
  61. --
  62. >8) Mercenary band: You never have to pay the resources you have looted when completing a threat mission as a tax to the city, no matter what the current laws are.
  63. Special ability:'Claim contract' You can claim a threat mission from the list, the mission will become yours and no other guild would be able to attempt it. You can only have 1 claimed mission at a time.
  64. --
  65. >9) Imperial legion: Regions under the influence of an imperial legion are less likely to rebel
  66. Special ability: 'Tributum capitis' For 15 influence you can enforce tributum capitis(Justified high taxes) on a region of your choice for 3 turns without raising their chance of rebellion.
  67. --
  68. >10) Scholars association: Scholars get to choose from 4 different research options instead of just 2 after each time they complete a research
  69. Special ability: 'Mystic knowledge' for 10 influence and 10 might you can activate this ability which will boost your research by +10 for 3 turns.
  70. --
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