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Dadonequus Discord Part 299

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  1. >As you hopped down the stage. Pinkie went and hopped back on. She had a tear in her eye. "That was so beautiful..." she squeaked.and wiped the tears from her eyes as she brought out her microphone. "Well everypony..ahrm." She nearly choked up, and took a moment to compose herself. "Well everypony, ahhh....ahhmm...Ahh shucks!" She started crying on stage "It was sooooo magical, I don't think I can even move on to super awesome dance tim-WOAH!" Pinkie fell back as Vinyl immediately took it as her cue to blast jammin dance music for everyone to dance to. "....Well...I guess there's no time but now time for everypony to get their groove on" She says to herself as she lays on her back.
  2. >You weave through the dancing ponies as you walk over to Chrysalis, still in dismay about what just happened.
  3. "Heya sis, how ya doing?"
  4. >You say arrogantly as you wiggle your eyebrows at her.
  5. >"....That was a dirty play Anon" She grumbles
  6. "Uh huh, says the dirty dealer who did the dank deed of setting up my dastardly drop"
  7. >You laugh at that, you didn't think you could fit so many ds in a single sentence.
  8. >"I did that to show you the truth. And then you had to go and spoil it all." She huffed, it appeared...she was out of ideas at the moment. She wasn't trying anything else.
  9. "Then I guess it wasn't a very good truth, was it? C'mon...It's over. Why don't you just enjoy the party?"
  10. >"....because it's not fun. It's not a thing I do." She looked upon the dancing ponies with disgust, something you took notice of.
  11. "Why, because you see what they are doing as "Foolish" and "pointless", right?"
  13. >"What? No, this is all fun and games for them. Even I understand how important it is to relieve stress. But their taste in music is terrible, their style is bad, and it's all gaudy. All it's good for is the food" She looks over at the sound system "I will say this much, ponies from years past had MUCH better taste then they do now. Arias and sonatas is better than...what do you even call this?" She really didn't like the music at all.
  14. >...you didn't really like it either to be honest. Of all the genres of music to pick. it had to be...
  15. "It's dubstep....and I admit...it's pretty garbage."
  16. >"...at least we agree on that" She sighs "So this is how it's going to be, a constant back and forth. You, able to rely on your friends and your magic to avoid giving in. Me, just being a superior being and nothing more"
  17. >This was kind of getting heavy. It was like you and Chrysalis were actually having one of those rare bonding moments.....over the fact you both hate dubstep.
  18. "I'm telling you, things would be better...they would be nicer"
  19. >"And as I told you, things would be better for US if you just gave in. More than better, we'd have a whole world to ourselves."
  20. >You sigh, it just wasn't happening.
  21. "...So is this how it's going to be? We're just gonna push and shove each other without either of us giving in?"
  22. >"It seems like it, doesn't it? Without a major catalyst, all our efforts against each other is in vain. Makes me sick just to know how many times I've failed"
  23. "Well, y'know...I haven't really seemed to make some headway either. You're still a bitch"
  24. >"Yes...and you're still a petulant little asshole"
  25. "Yeah...So, no matter what I do. You don't even see the slightest good in being friendly with ponies?"
  26. >"No, and I gather you'll just keep on resisting me for the sake of your friends."
  27. "Yep.....you wanna get some of that punch from the table?"
  28. >She sighed, then nodded "Yes, sure why not...I need to wash the bad taste of gratuitous happiness from my mouth anyway"
  30. >You both head over to the snack table and use a ladle to fill some paper cups with some cherry punch.
  31. "So..you want to make a toast or something?"
  32. >"hmmm..I do, give me a second" Chrysalis pondered on what to toast on. It took her half a minute. but it finally donned on her on what the toast should be. "I got it. I think we should toast on the very catalyst that will make one of us see eye to eye to the other's ideology. Sound good?" She looks down at you with a smirk.
  33. >You shrug, was about as good as anything else.
  34. "Sure..ok"
  35. >You hold up your cup
  36. "So then, a toast! To that catalyst...thing"
  37. >She holds up hers "Yeah whatever, let's just tap the glass and take a HNNNN!"
  38. >Chrysalis is startled by the approach of two ponies, making her cup fall forward and splash all over your face.
  39. "U-Uuu-ughhh"
  40. >It was cold, there was ice in the punch bowl itself, so when it splashed in your face. the cold liquid sent a sharp jolt through your entire body.
  41. "T-T-This is w-w-what h-hell must feeGYAH!"
  42. >You fall over after accidentally snorting some punch. it went from cold to the burn of having sugared liquid in your nostrils
  43. "IT BURNS!"
  44. >"Oh dear..Anon, are you alright?" You are helped up by none other than Mrs. Cake "we didn't mean to startle you like that"
  45. >You coughed a little. oooghhhh...that sucked.
  46. >When you get to standing on your legs. You noticed a worried Mrs.Cake beside you. Mr. Cake standing beside Chrysalis.
  47. >"ahh geez Anon, really sorry about that. Really, we didn't mean to spook you or your sister. We just wanted to come chat with our future classmates." Mr.Cake said as he began to serve himself a glass of punch.
  48. >Future classmates? This confused both you and Chrysalis.
  49. "I-it's alright...erm..what do you mean "Future Classmates" ?"
  50. >"Oh" Mrs. Cake giggled "We signed up for Mrs. Muffin Top's parenting classes."
  51. >.....oh great. It was that?! That's what she meant?!...well..so much for keeping it a secret from Chrysalis
  53. >"Parenting class? I...don't remember anything about that" Chrysalis gave you a subtle death glare. Welp, there went bonding time.
  54. >"Oh, you didn't know? Weird, we would have thought your father would have told you. I wonder if it slipped his mind..hmmm" Mr.Cake wondered "Oh well" He chuckled "It's not like it's a bad thing. Personally, we both signed up because we want to be prepared for when our little Pumpkin and Pound cake grow up a little more."
  55. >"Mhmmm, you know what they say. A prepared parent raises a happy foal" Mrs. Cake smiled as she gave you a gentle pat on the head.
  56. >You only gave an awkward smile. Forcing it, because you didn't have to be a changeling to know that Chrysalis was teeth grindingly angry at this point.
  57. "T-that's really nice Mr. and Mrs. Cake."
  58. >"Awww, we haven't even seen each other much and you seem so comfortable around us. Discord must be doing a really really good job. " she smiled sweetly as she decided to give you a gentle hug.
  59. >"Yeah, a lot of orphans don't usually get accustomed to things so quickly. But look at you, so young and already a hero. I..er...we could never really let our foals do that. Y'know, it's dangerous. But, I gotta say. You're the very definition of the word "go getter" "
  60. >Mr. Cake complimented you as he head his drink towards you before taking a swig.
  61. "Yeeeaahhh....ummm. Would you guys mind if I hung out a little. I think my sis needs some alone time..maybe?"
  62. >But Chrysalis immediatly makes the answer for you as she forces a sweet smile.
  64. >"Oh no no, please Anon. I'd rather you stay by me...we have so much.." She nearly makes a low growl "To discuss" She then makes a gentler smile to the cakes "So please, would you excuse us?"
  65. >"Mhmm, come on dear. I want to see if you can still boogie" Mrs.Cake chuckles, ignorant of what was really going on.
  66. >"I'm not that old, I'm still the dance champion. My old moves are the best moves." Mr.Cake felt pretty confident as he joined his wife and walked off.
  67. >Chrysalis then approached you, so wanting to have another chance of choking the life out of you. "So....then..."friend"...when were you going to tell me about this?"
  68. >You step back, waving her hoof and trying to calm her down.
  69. "Woah,woah,woah, in a room full of dancing ponies. remember? I mean, geez! If anything, this is actually your fault!"
  70. >"My fault?! How dare you....And how, pray tell, is it my fault!" She growls as she points to herself, those old daggers appearing in her eyes once more.
  71. "A..ahmm..look, it's true. If you didn't pull that crap in mentioning the other dimension. Twilight wouldn't have spazzed on Discord and forced him to take parenting classes. Y'know, something we'd ALL have to go to?"
  72. >"My fault....Twilight?....ngh" Chrysalis's rage subsided as she realized was indeed her fault. "T-that idiot....that horrid little purple pest....A-are you telling me she seriously thinks parenting classes would fix that living embodiment of shit?"
  73. >..ok, it seems the situation is diffused. She stopped focusing her anger on you. But, damn. was she still angry.
  74. "Considering your the one who goes on and on about how ponies are too nice and try to help eachother and how it's all bad...you should have seen it coming."
  75. >"Uuuuugghhhh...." Chrysalis goes to get another glass of punch, but stops halfway and drops her cup "....I need to be intoxicated right now. I don't care anymore right now...I'm losing my edge if I somehow didn't see this coming...I'll never make it through this night now."
  76. >intoxicated?
  78. >You plant your horn on your head, and do her the favor of filling her a cup with hard liquor, the hardest of liquor.
  79. "There, try drinking that."
  80. >"Hrnnn?" She looks to her right to see a cup by the punch bowl, filled with some sort of brownish gold liquid. "..what's this?"
  81. "A human drink. You want to get intoxicated? This stuff will do it....let's just say I'm repaying more of that debt I owe you."
  82. >"...paying more of that debt you say?" Chrysalis takes the cup and sniffs it and pulls it back. "What is in this? This isn't poison is it? I've never smelled anything so strong."
  83. "I promise you, it's not poison. I guarantee you that in like..five minutes. your entire world will change."
  84. >"...huh" She inspected the glass again, she scoffed a little with doubt in her breath "We'll see about that..hrnn..." She wasn't actually drinking it though.
  85. "C'mon...I told you, you have my word. I thought you would want to try something humans drink."
  86. >You tapped your hoof impatiently. You were actually trying to help, maybe...maybe..get her to see your side of things finally. and she just had to be difficult.
  87. >"Fine, fine...down the hatch, as they say" Chrysalis open her mouth and guzzles down the liquor before slamming the cup on the table. "There, now what?"
  88. "You..just sort of wait. Trust me, that was magically enhanced. You're going to feel pretty hammered soon."
  90. >"I better, but just to let you know. I can hold down my juices pretty good. Even the toxic liquids that come from the dotted poisonous plants of the Everfree have no real effect on me and also have I ever told you I wanted to molest to the point where you almost let yourself go but then it turns out it's not me, just one of my children pretending to be me and also it'd be a he and he didn't take a bath in like forever.....that would be...sooooooooooooooo funny" Chrysalis giggled as she pulled you close and started giving you a gentle hug.
  91. >......uh oh
  92. "chry-...N-Nymous?..y-you ok?"
  93. >"Mhmmm, I feel so good all of a sudden that I actually like dubstep now. Ponies suck still though...ohhhh..." She giggled as she looked over to Discord, who was putting off ponies with his inappropriate disco dancing "Did you ever notice that Discord was made up of different animal things?......that's so.....stupid" She laughs
  94. >....ok, you did NOT mean to get her this drunk.
  96. "Uhm, erm."
  97. >You didn't know what to say, she was wobbling about. And with nothing to say, she just spoke even more. "Anon, Teach me how to step the dub"
  98. "what?"
  99. >"Y'know, what's it called?" She taps at her chin "Right" She raises her hoof as she smiles when she realizes what she herself meant "Dancing. Dancing to this particular music. How do....do......do you do it"
  100. >What in the...
  101. >She wanted to dance? To this crap? erm...
  102. "Well, just look at what everypony else is doing. Their bobbing their heads up and down, moving their hooves to the beat, headbanging. Stuff like that and...oh geez"
  103. >You notice Twilight dancing extremely terribly
  104. "D-don't do what Twilight is doing, she's just a pretty bad dancer when it comes to music like this"
  105. >"Bad Dancer? or maybe....best dancer. Look at her, she's dancing a lot more spritely than the rest of these fucks. Grrr, I'll show her. I'm gonna take her dance and improve upon it a million fold. For I am queen! Queen of eveeeerryyaahthing" She had a drunken form of jealousy towards Twilight, and walks off into the middle of the crowd to really get her groove on.
  106. "W-Wait! You can't just do that!"
  107. >You rush up to her and try to hold her back, but she just gently pushes you aside "Outta of the way Anon, it's super dance time." She laughs arrogantly "Watch thiiiies"
  108. >And then she did it, she started dancing like an absolute retard. Swinging her hooves about, shaking her butt, and bobbing her head every which way.
  109. >She was so damn drunk she didn't even realize how idiotic she looked. This may have been a bad idea.
  110. >She was also using too many human words now.
  111. >Someone was bound to notice
  112. >Hell, maybe serving her human alcohol was the worst part about this. Alcohol can usually kill a lot of bugs with a few dabs. There was no way, even as a tough bug queen, that she was going to be able to resist it.
  114. >And as you contemplated this. It only got worse as some other teenaged colt started to dance near her. then in front of her. He didn't seem weirded out by her dancing. And he looked quite suave
  115. >"Heya Nymous, I noticed you dancing alone and thought you might want some company" He said with a slimy smirk.
  116. >"Huh? Yeah, sure. But can you keep up with me I wonder?" she replies as she tries to keep up with some nonexistent beat she was hearing.
  117. >"Uhm, I uhh. Well, I can. I'm actually quite the dancer. But your dance I think could use a little improvement, nothing wrong with it really, I just mean it could use a "personal" touch" He says as he gets closer, captivated by her looks.
  118. >"Reeeeeeeaallly? Usually I'm up for a little small talk" She slows down her dancing as she just looked up at him with a drunken but sexual look. her cheeks blushing from being drunk. "But I can tell you got a thing for me. Let's just cut the fat and get to the meat, hmm? Why don't you come home with me riiiiight now. We can get intimate, I can get close, I can wrap my legs all around you" She grins at him
  119. >He starts blushing profusely. This was too much, it was moving so fast "Ahrm..uhh. Ok erm, don't you want to get to know eachother a little first though? I wasn't kidding about helping you with your moves, you wanna start with that first?"
  120. >"Noooooooo" She plants a kiss right on his lips "I wanna take you for myself and wrap you up in my cocoon"
  121. >"C-cocoon? L-Like...u-u-under the bedsheets?!" He was beat red at this point
  122. >"Sooommmeething like OMPH!" She groaned as you ran right up to her front and pushed her, her wobbly weak body unable to resist as you pushed her with insane speed towards the library doors.
  123. >But the moment you do, you lose your grip and slam right onto your face.
  124. >When you get up....she wasn't there.
  126. "Fucking dammit! I forgot my own goddamn spell! FUCK!"
  127. >You gave your face a quick rub and rushed back into the library.
  128. >Chrysalis was just standing in front of a bookcase. looking at the words on the spines of the books.
  129. >You stomped up to her, feeling anger for what she just tried to pull.
  130. "What were you thinking?! How could you just offer that guy sex like that?"
  131. >"Hmm? what?" She looks at you, blushy and confused.
  132. "wrapping your legs around him. Cocoons...crap like that. Remember?"
  133. >She giggles cutely "Ohhhh, no no. I wasn't interested in that. I just wanted to skip the foreplay entirely and just put him in a cocoon so my entire hive and I can feast on him. Ahhh well. Hrnnn.." Chrysalis goes back to looking at the books "Wow, a lot of these are pretty shit"
  134. "Could you not curse please?"
  135. >Geez, if she kept it up. someone was gonna hear.
  136. >"Fiiiiiine, whhhaattteevverrr. When did you turn into such a prude Anon?...you prude. Big big big BIG prude. That's you" She wobbled over to you and pointed at you "Prude"
  137. >God
  138. >You were a babysitter
  139. >You were babysitting the fucking queen of the changelings.
  140. >Though, it was your fault.
  142. >"Anon, you ok?" You hear a familiar young southern voice.
  143. >Oh shit..
  144. >You turn to see none other than the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Coming up to check up on you. It seems they saw you rushing Chrysalis towards the exit.
  145. >"Ohhhhohoho. Lookit lookie loo. It's the Cutie Mark Crusaders" Chrysalis chuckled as she glared at them with a grin "How are you three? hmmm?"
  146. >"What do you mean how are we? what are you up to? It has to be something bad if Anon pushed you away like that" Scootaloo gave a brave and angry look at her as she flapped her wings in a threatening manner.
  147. >"Bad? Nothing baaaaad." She leans back, her eyes spinning a little. "I was just calling Anon a prude for being well...a prude" She then points to Sweetie Belle "You, Shrieky Boat"
  148. >Sweetie Belle looked at Chrysalis with discontent "My name is Sweetie Belle"
  149. >"Yeaaaaahhhh ok. ahmmm...You think Anon is a prude, right? I'm pretty sure you doooooooo" Chrysalis giggled "I hear you think he's all arrogant and thinks he knows everything. Riiiiiiight?"
  150. "Chrys-Nymous! Can you just relax for two seconds? What kind of question even is that? Leave them alone and find a place to sit down until you get your head together, ok? Please?"
  151. >"Oh hush you prude. Prudish prude." Chrysalis waves her hoof in a way to shush you before looking back at the CMC "I'll tell you all something. If you all agree with me that he's a big prude. I'll uhhhh....I'll......I'll ermm......I guess I just won't put you in cocoons and actually let you roam my kingdom when I conquer Equestria. Dealsiesisis?" Her speech was slurred, the alcohol was completely in her system. She was out of her goddamn mind.
  153. >"Uhhh, Anon. I hate to ask this. I REALLY hate to ask this. But, is she ok? She doesn't look so good" Sweetie Belle actually had a bit of concern for Chrysalis.
  154. >"Yeah, ahrm. ah know she's evil and all but ah got this feelin' like she's about to keel over or somethin'" Applebloom too, looked on in concern
  155. >"eh, who cares? I think we'd actually be better off if SHE WAS "keeling" over" Scootaloo however, was not concerned. And rather, hated her the most.
  156. >C'mon Scootaloo, we're Cutie Mark Crusaders. We may not like her, but we can't be wishin' for stuff like that. What if we managed ta help her and she became good?" Applebloom asked, she felt uncomfortable knowing any of them could think of her actually dying.
  157. >"I guess." Scootaloo sighed "So, what's wrong with her then?"
  158. "She's drunk"
  159. >"Drunk? What's that mean?" Applebloom asked. She has never heard that term before
  160. >none of them did.
  161. >"Anon, I'm not druuuunnnkapap" Chrysalis burped "I'm just feeling good mood feelings right now.It's a party, isn't it? You all should stop thinking of such dreeeeeadful things"
  162. "Nymous, we just don't think you're ok right now. I;m asking you to just take a rest somewhere. The library is huge. There's probably a few places you can nap."
  163. >"With that music blaring? What are you, stupid?" Chrysalis looks over to the CMC as she points to you "Isn't he stupid? I think he's super great. Great pony to have around. But heeee's sooooooooooo stupid.I think one of this dumbest decisions he's ever made was like....things having to do with other things. It's a lot of things. But yeah, he's kinda ok for being dumb. But, I gotta. I gotttttaa really ask this. What did you two see in him again? Love wise I mean. Because I gotta say, I reeeallly gotta say. If it was me? I couldn't ever fall in love with him. Fun pony to hang out with sometimes. But none of that stuff"
  164. >"Are ya seriously askin' us that question?!" Applebloom was stunned, blushing just a little at how embarrassing it all was.
  166. >Chrysalis then made herself sound like a typical teen "Like, duuuhhh. Totally"
  167. "Chrysa-NYMOUS! Can you just cut it out! C'mon!"
  168. >you grab her by the hoof and try to drag her away. But she just pulls it away as you fall back on your face. She leans down and looks at you before tapping your head "I sometimes kinda sorta wonder how your skull hasn't cracked like an egg yet. Soooo weird"
  169. >"Look, I'm NOT answering that question. And neither is Applebloom. We know you have to be up to something. We know you can fake how your acting. You're a changeling after all" Sweetie Belle bravely stepped up. "So stop playing games or else!"
  170. >"Or else? hmmm" Chrysalis rubbed at her chin, thinking about those words "Normally, I'd call you out on that and say how futile your endeavors are. But what the hay! Let's change subjects to something fun. Like, which element of harmony do you think is the worst? I vote Twilight Sparkle. Her title as princess alone makes her insufferable. But if the question was on princesses, it'd definitely be Cadaence. Why you ask? Simple." Chrysalis sighed and leaned back as she explained her reasoning. "I was thiiiis close to conquering everything. How was I supposed to see a giant dome of love magic just come out of nowhere? How is that possible?! I had Cadence weak and suffering in those caverns and her hubby was so drained that I'd have to use a sippy straw to get any more out of him. And yet they conjured up a magic powerful enough to defeat me and my entire hive. It's like the ending to a story written by incompetent children for other incompetent children to read. It's not realistic and it sounds like it was just pulled because of terrible ideas."
  172. >"Oh boy, she's really out of it" Sweetie Belle said as she approached Chrysalis and dared tapping her side
  173. >"No I'm not. Also dooon't poke unless you wanna get poked" Chrysalis pokes back at her side and grins "You're soft. Like a marshmellow." she giggles "I like you already, you'd make a good pillow"
  174. >"Pillow?! What?! I'm learning to be a better singer and get better with my magic. I'm a lot better than a pillow!" Sweetie Belle took offense to Chrysalis's words. Pillow? She wasn't a pillow, especially for changeling scum.
  175. >"Riiiiight. Oh..and then there's...YOU!" Chrysalis lunges forward suddenly,Grabbing onto Scootaloo.
  176. >"W-WAHHH! HELP!" Scootaloo cries as you all jump back in surprise.
  177. "Chrysalis! W-what are you.........wut?"
  178. >Surprise turns into a glaring stupor as you gaze upon Chrysalis cuddling onto Scootaloo.
  179. >"Oh hush little chicken. I'm not going to hurt you. I'm going to snuggle you. Snuggle you good. I had a dream once. A dream of having a pet chicken. I thought it was soooooooo dumb, me having a pet chicken? Absurd.. But now? suddenly....it feels so right. I want one...foreveeeerrr" She was just...cuddling her. It was scary.
  180. >Scootaloo just looked upon you all in pure horror as she whispered "hhhhheeeellllpppp meeeeeeee"
  181. >"Let er go! What are ya doing to her?!" Applebloom barked at her. She tries to grab onto Scootaloo's hoof. But Chrysalis pulls her away.
  182. >"Uhhhh, cuddling her. a doi! You all can be so dense I swear. Just look at her" Chrysalis holds her up like a cat. Scootaloo was trembling. trying to summon up her bravery. But being so close to Chrysalis. It crippled her mentally. "She's loving this. Probably more attention than she gets from her parents anyway. Does she even have parents? If she does, I guess they don't worry about her too much if I can always get this close to her."
  184. "Chrysalis, c-c'mon, don't you think you cuddled her enough?"
  185. >"Nope...and there's nothing none of you can do to stop me! And! Her name is Caramel by the way. Isn't that right Caramel, you're so cute. We could rule the world together as you wake me up every morning to witness the suffering of ponies everywhere." She continued to hug and snuggle on poor Scootaloo
  186. >"Erm, actually. Roosters are the ones that crow every mornin'. Not chickens" Applebloom felt some sort of southern need to correct her.
  187. >"Whatteevvverrr, same thing really" Chrysalis shrugged
  188. >"Applebloom! can you not help her with your farm facts and help me! What if somepony comes and sees and HELLO RARITY!"
  189. >Scootaloo froze then waved with a terrified smile on her face as Rarity approached the group.
  190. >Shit...
  191. >"Hello, ohhh what is this?" Rarity giggled "are you all having a little party here within the party we are having? I must say, that's an interesting way to go about doing things. How has all your nights been?" With Rarity out of the loop, she just saw this as a sort of meeting between friends.
  192. "Oh um, it's been great. We're all a little out of it due to all the partying and dancing and stuff. Right girls?"
  193. >"Oh ummm, yeah" Sweetie Belle agrees
  194. >"Yep, that's right" Applebloom nods with a false smile
  195. >"Well, I on the other hoof feeeeeel fantastic! Rarity, have yah, have you met my new chicken?" She holds Scootaloo up to her as Scootaloo falsely smiles and waves "I call er Caramel."
  196. >"Oh, um, yes. I see it. Is...this a sort of game?" Rarity asked, now utterly confused "And are you alright sweetie? You look a tad peckish"
  197. >"Game?" Chrysalis asked, confused
  199. >You laughed as loud as you could to make it seem as genuine as possible.
  201. >"A-alright. erm..ahrm" Rarity composed herself after being caught offguard from your sudden laughter "Anyway, I came to tell you all we'll be playing "pin the tail on the pony" soon, and of course Nymous will be the first to play, given this party is being thrown for her. Will you all be ready soon? I could ask Pinkie to put on another song if you all need more time"
  202. >"Whhhat? nah nah nah" Chrysalis immediately drops Scootaloo onto her butt as she approaches Rarity, shaking her head at the entire prospect of putting on another song. "I wanna play like, riiiight now. Because, I already know I'm gonnnnaa win. er, what do I win if I win"
  203. >Rarity now found her attitude rather strange as she saw Chrysalis lurch and stagger a little in her steps "Well, first. Let me say that it is nice to see competitive spirit in you. But darling, this is just a party. The only thing you'll win is the cheers of the other ponies due to a display of skill and such. Are you sure you're alright?"
  204. >"Ah said I'm fiiine. Also" Chrysalis points to the still practicing Rainbow Dash "If that's all we're gonna win then why is she trying so hard? why would anypony try so hard just for that?"
  205. >"Well, that's just Rainbow Dash being Rainbow Dash. She just likes to win. Though, if you ask me, sometimes it's good for her to lose. Excessive winning usually has a habit of overextending that ego of hers." Rarity points out as she looks back at Rainbow Dash.
  206. >"Ya dooooon't say. Well, don't worry then. Because I'll make sure that ego of hers don't overextend at all. "
  207. >Scootaloo immediately snapped to attention after recovering from her drop. Rainbow Dash. Losing? Nooope.
  208. >"As if, Rainbow Dash always wins. And I happen to know she's actually pretty darn good at this game. You don't stand a chance!" Scootaloo yelled out, determined to see her idol win.
  210. >"Scootaloo! Don't be rude. Nymous has a very frail sense of self that I will not have shattered over something as simple as a game. We should encourage her to do well. Not exclaim that'll she'll lose" Rarity berated the young pegasus, feeling her outburst was wrong.
  211. >"B-but" Scootaloo's ears drooped. She wanted to tell her the truth as to why she said it. But she knew she couldn't.
  212. >"No buts. Nymous, I'm so so sorry about that. I personally think that you have a very good chance of winning." Rarity says, trying to be supportive.
  213. >"It's ok. She's fine. it's fine. everything is fine. Say Rarity, you like dresses, don't ya?" Chrysalis asked as she wrapped her right hoof over her
  214. >"W-well, yes." Rarity had no idea what was going on with her right now. She very carefully placed her hoof on Chrysalis's head, but felt no fever "Nymous, are you absolutely sure you're alright?"
  215. >"Yep, but look. Hear me out. Because yer gonna like this one. So, imagine black dresses...NO! Black suits. Like, spy suits but made for fashion. some can even be hybrid suits and dresses, all mostly black. It'd be daring, bold, dark, mysterious. Mares wearing these would seem much more than what they are. It'd make them hard to approach, and yet oh sooooo desirable. Shooting a glare into any stallion's eyes would be like piercing their heart." Chrysalis planted her hoof right into her chest "Right here, it would beat loudly for the mare that they could never catch"
  216. >"Hmmmmm" Rarity thought, that didn't sound to bad to her. "I never thought about making anything like that. Dark and mysterious, yes, that is quite thrilling to be honest. I know there are mares out there who at least like to pretend that there is a sense of danger and intrigue in their lives. I think I could make this work. But, what would we call the line?"
  217. >"Oh that's easy. You can just call it "The Dark". Pretty good, eh?" Chrysalis seemed to like her own idea so much she was smiling wide when she said it.
  219. >" "The Dark", hm. Well, I could use that as a working title to be sure. Once I have some free time, I'll take a stab at it" It seems Rarity actually took the whole idea seriously.
  220. >"I bet you will, and it will be gloooorious. hehe" Chrysalis let out a cute little giggle as she looked over at the party goers, it seems some latin song was playing because she could see Discord leading a conga line.
  221. >When you looked, you smiled. Smiled for him. Because he was having a blast with the other ponies. It did your heart good.
  222. >"Well, I better let everypony know you're all ready. When the song is over, come by the pony poster and we'll get you set up. And remember Nymous, it doesn't matter whether you win or lose. In the end, you're still a marvelous lady." Rarity gives her a sweet smile as she does a near immediate touch up to Chrysalis's mane. "There we are, it was a little frazzled." And with a tiny giggle, she went off to alert Pinkie you'd all be ready soon.
  223. >"Now how do you like that. A whole line of clothes inspired by me" Chrysalis has a chuckle about it all "....I hope I get one of those for free."
  224. "Can't you just, I dunno, just change into the clothes you want with your magic?"
  225. >It did seem odd to you that she would be thrilled about all this. Was she really that wrecked in the head? Really?
  226. >".....oh...oh right. I could do all that, couldn't I? hrnnnnn" Chrysalis let's herself drop to the side "I bet it's not even going to look super evil or nothen."
  228. >"My sister would never make anything evil looking. You should be happy though, if she does do it. It's gonna be better than anything you could do with your magic!" Sweetie Belle felt she had to stand up for her sister, she didn't want Chrysalis to think she was any kinds of better than Rarity.
  229. >"And how would you know that? Tch, WATCH THIS!" Chrysalis stood up and made grunting noises, shirking her head left and right. But nothing was happening.
  230. >"What am I supposed to be seeing?" Sweetie Belle was confused.
  231. >You just put your hoof to your face.
  232. 'She's trying to transform"
  233. >"That's rrrright. Why isn't it working?" She continued to struggle trying to change her form. But to no avail, she just couldn't do it.
  234. "Uhhh, because of that curse Discord put on you, remember?"
  235. >"...........oh right" Chrysalis sighed and rolled her eyes "I guess you win this time Swatty Biggs"
  236. >"...Sweetie Belle, C'mon, it's not that hard to remember" Sweetie Belle didn't want any villain getting her name wrong. once was already enough.
  237. >"I dunno, I'm having trouble remembering things right now. It feels kind of good, but also kind of bad. what were we going to do again?" She looked a little dizzy as she tried to remember what was about to happen.
  238. "Play, "pin the tail on the Pony". Geez Chrysalis. I'm telling you, just sit this one out. This could be bad for everypony involved."
  240. >"Bad? Then that's good.. Leeeeet's do it" She cheers as she begins to step forward
  241. >"Anon, does being drunk really make you act all goofy? Or is she just fakin' it? I kinda feel bad for her, really bad. It's like she's actually capable of bein' all good and stuff sorta" Applebloom asked as she watched Chrysalis drunkily step and shake back towards the party.
  242. "No, she isn't faking it. And yeah, I really think she could be good. But, it looks like it really isn't happening today."
  243. >You tried, but you botched it. You knew you botched it. Even drunk, she was an asshole. And given how out of her mind she was. She might not even remember most of this.
  244. >The rest of you follow. Ready for the final moments of the party to end. If anything good came out of this so far. It was helping out Discord. He really did look happy in that conga line.
  246. >"Alright everypony! It's the game you've all been waiting for! Pin the tail on the Pony! Now you know the rules, the game ends if somepony gets the tail right on that itty bitty target or when all ponies have tried to pin their tail ON THAT itty bitty mo bitty target. Now remember, Nymy is our guest of honor so she gets to go first, then the foals, then the adults." Pinkie said as she walked over to a barrel of tails and grabbed one for herself, and then held it up with a blindfold "Also, remember, you're gonna be blindfolded and span around for a bit. So I hope nopony gets motion sick. Hrnnn...Nymy! Oh Nyyymmmy! Where are you? We're all ready to play!" Pinkie called out to Chrysalis, scanning the room for her
  247. >Rainbow Dash snickered as she eyed the target of the poster. "This ain't gonna be hard. I got this in the bag for sure!"
  248. >"Ya mean like the thousand tries where you ain't pinned it at all?" Applejack gave her an arrogant smirk
  249. >"That was p-p-practice. This? This is for real...just watch" Rainbow Dash leaned forward, grinning as she eyed the target with fierce determination "All I gotta do is memorize where that target is and I'll win for sure"
  250. >"Uh huh, sure thing Rainbow, sure thing" Applejack rolled her eyes and looked on ahead, finding Rainbow Dash's arrogance a tad too much.
  251. >"Yooooo! Pink, Nymous is here. Right here....r-right.....right...hold on...hold on..need to pass by these other ponies. Oops, nearly tripped on that foal, missed his head...drat..erm...uhhh...hold on...hold on.....ok....right..here i am...let's do it" Chrysalis drunkily crossed through the entire crowd, stumbling around pass everyone until she finally stood before Pinkie.
  252. >You just followed along, goddammit. it felt like it was getting worse by the minute. You realllllyy hoped she didn't drop dead. That would just be awful. the CMC followed you as you all stopped within the crowd.
  254. >"Anon, it looks like she's in a whole other world. Like she's completely different. I...kinda wanna try being drunk too. Y'know, if she can have that much fun from it. Imagine what we could do" Sweetie Belle suggested, she didn't like Chrysalis, but seeing her act so goofy and fun made being drunk seem appealing to her in a certain way.
  255. >"Ah dunno Sweetie Belle, ah think she might be fakin' it. Being drunk doesn't sound like it'd change anypony that much." Applebloom was in doubt, she didn't trust chrysalis at all.
  256. >"I'm with Applebloom. If bug breath is ok with it, then I'm not" Scootaloo just felt pure anger when Chrysalis was around.
  257. "Trust me, she isn't faking it. But also, egh, trust me Sweetie Belle. You don't wanna be drunk"
  258. >Dammit, you sucked this. Why did you give Chrysalis that drink? It was just a bad influence at this point. Sweetie Belle, c'mon, you're just a kid. Dammit, why would she even ask to be drunk?!
  259. >"Why not? It looks like it changes the way you see everything. I'm not liking what Chrysalis is doing but. She'd doing things I don't think she'd ever normally do and is having fun doing it. Could you imagine how useful it'd be to be drunk during something boring like being at a museum or something? It'd be neat!"
  260. >Ohhh,Sweetie Belle, don't be dense. DON'T BE DENSE.
  262. "Sweetie Belle, listen to me. And listen to me good. When you're drunk, you lose perception of like, everything. Your brain moves slow and you can think straight or even walk straight. Everything seems funnier or more sad and you lose control of your emotions. Do you think any of that is good?"
  263. >Sweetie Belle shrugs "It doesn't look that bad"
  264. >Dammit, it is that bad. Not for you of course, you could drink just fine. At least, you think. you haven't had beer or wine as a pony yet. but still. It's not good for her.
  265. >Time for plan B.
  266. "Ok, fine, if you think that's ok. Then what about this? When you wake up the next day from being drunk. You puke ALOT, and your head hurts super duper bad for hours. And it happens everytime. It's called a hangover"
  267. >"W-what?! Why would that even happen...wait" Sweetie Belle looks at you with suspicion "How do you even know that?"
  268. >"Yeah, ahm sorta confused too. Have ya been drunk before Anon?" Applebloom asked
  269. "Ummm, well, sorta? It was an accident, yeah, that's it. an accident. I drank something I thought was cola, got drunk, and the next day? Puuuuuke city."
  270. >That should convince them.
  271. >"Ah dunno, now ahm sorta interested to to see if ah can handle it, no offense Anon, but you ain't got a stomach like an Apple does."
  272. >Your eyes open wide when she said that. Oh geez, her too? What's worst, she sounds like she'd be aching to ask her sister about it. And if Applejack knew you were talking about stuff like this? Ohhh, You do not want that to be known to Fluttershy. Hell would drop on you like no tomorrow if Applejack went to tell her what you were talking about.
  274. "Girls, look. Trust me. Plllleeeease trust me. Getting drunk is an adult thing. If any adult found out we wanted to get drunk. We'd be in big big big trouble. Trust me, just please trust me. There's a reason we foals don't get drunk. It would hit us a lot worse. Imagine if we uhhhhmm..."
  275. >You needed something good. Maybe, even a little dark.
  276. "..walked off a cliff or thought a cockatrice WAS a chicken like Chrysalis thought Scoots was. What then? We be sooo doomed. Right?"
  277. >"errr" Applebloom could remember her own time meeting a cockatrice, as could Sweetie Belle. "Ahm, ah guess that would be bad" She was feeling dissuaded from getting drunk, if only so she wouldn't get killed by something. Given your words anyway. "Ah wouldn't want to run into no cockatrice thinkin' it was anything else but that, ah like mah hide to be furry and soft."
  278. >"Yeah...me too. But, I don't get it. If being drunk is that bad. then why get drunk at all?" Sweetie Belle was confused by this. Why would anyone get drunk if the consequences could be dire. You knew the answer to that of course, it was just fun.
  279. "Because someponies are just dumb. It's like when ponies use the alicorn amulet, they think it's good. But all it causes is bad stuff. make sense now?"
  280. >"Well, when you put it that way...huh, I guess it makes sense." Sweetie Belle was now convinced, she still found it odd. But, if some ponies can think bad stuff like the amulet was good. Then something like being drunk could fall under the same category.
  282. >"Look, their spinning her now. I hope she loses, then Rainbow Dash can show her how to really play. Or maybe, even I could. It would be SO rad to win. Especially if I pinned it right on the bullseye." Scootaloo was fixated on the game and how well Chrysalis would do. She was sure she'd fail.
  283. "Huh, it begins. All I gotta say is good luck everypony. I mean, I gotta agree. She's drunk. There's no w-"
  284. >Suddenly, everyone in the audience gasped when Chrysalis.........pinned the bullseye on the pony's butt.
  285. "You've got to be kidding....."
  286. >Chrysalis, upon hearing the gasps, lifted her blindfold and grinned a stupid grin as she pointed at the tail. "Hey look, I did it! I'm the best winner that's ever bested the best...winner...ever"
  287. >Of course, the good natured ponies began to stomp their hooves to applause Chrysalis. Until...
  288. >"Boo! That's not fair! There should be another game!" Cried out somepony, it sounded like Rainbow Dash.
  289. >And it probably was as all the ponies began to glare at her. But she was just looking to the side with dishonesty on her face before suddenly looking angry. "Hey! W-who said that!? That's not cool, she won fair and square. I mean, if SHE wants to have another go because she just got lucky. Then that's cool. cool by me, let her go, mhmm"
  290. >Goddammmmmit Rainbow Dash. It was so obvious it was you. Besides, this is Chrysalis. She's not going to give up the win, even when drunk. She'd riot if she actually lost.
  291. >You did feel she got lucky though. Scootaloo of course. agreed.
  293. >"Yeah sure ok" Chrysalis shrugged as she put the blindfold back on "LOAD ME UP AGAIN, SPIN ME AROUND LOCK ME IN. TIME FOR ROUND TWO EVERYPONY!"
  294. >Your mouth went agape. Were you wrong? WAS SHE SERIOUS?! She was fucking drunk, but every drunk person takes the goddamn win. If she loses, oh geez. she could go nuclear. She can't win twice in a row.
  295. >You slowly went to grab your horn. The moment she went critical. The party would be over by force.
  296. >But, it didn't take long after she got another spin, she just walked up, took a moment and....
  297. >"HAHAHAHAH!" She cackled "I poked the butt! I POKED THE BUTT! I'M THE BEST BUTT POKER! TWO FOR TWO! TWO BUTTS!"
  298. >...she won....SHE WON AGAIN?! HOW! Well...that was good but. HOW?!
  299. >"How?! Grrr, she must be cheating somehow! There's no way she's better than Rainbow Dash!" Scootaloo looked like she was going to zip and rip her face off.
  300. "I don't....know. That's impossible"
  301. >It's impossible. Fuck cartoon logic that said it would. You were here to actually see this shit done and it's FUCKING impossible. Just how?!
  302. >Also...why were you questioning this? The fact she won prevents the meltdown.
  303. >Ah fuck, still, it was ridiculous. She was fucking drunk! just how!?
  305. >Rainbow Dash couldn't believe it either, she was just silent as Chrysalis, blindfold now raised, walked over to her and closed her ever open mouth. open from the shock of instant loss. "Relax there Dashie, the way yer looking everypony would peg you as a sore loser. Relax, it's just a game, a game I won twice, with the odds of winning being minuscule, winning before you ever even had a chance to try, after ALL that practice, but yeah....just a game." Chrysalis giggled with a stupid grin as the other ponies congratulated her, some asking how she managed to get in twice in a row "I could just FEEL it"
  306. >FEEL it
  307. >FEEL
  308. > She cheated
  309. >You figured out how she cheated just from that
  310. >She probably felt the emotions of everyone there. And could figure out how close she was through it. Even while drunk. Good fucking christ.
  311. >And as Chrysalis passed by the cheering crowd. She walked to the four of you. And stood before you with a goofy grin.
  312. > "Did you see Anon? Did you see? I won! And all the ponies are cheering for me!" She was smiling so wide from her victory. it was almost cute.
  313. >"You cheated somehow, I know it!" Scootaloo immediately and angrily accused her.
  314. >"Oh relax, I just used the reesources given to me" Chrysalis replied in a sing song way
  315. >You wouldn't say how she did it, if only because you didn't need the situation escalating. Instead, you'd ask her a very important question.
  316. "Ok, well. that's very nice. But, let me ask you this. Now that you won, and the ponies are cheering about it. How do you feel? do you feel loved? do you feel that it's pretty cool? I mean, you even got away with semi humiliating Rainbow Dash. Surely that means something to you, right?"
  317. >Chrysalis just stared at you for a moment, then booped your nose with her hoof "boop! You're cute Anon, but you talk too much. It's annoying"
  320. >You sigh, utterly giving up
  321. "Whatever...."
  322. >"So, you're not going to admit you cheated?" Scootaloo looked up at her, feeling for sure that she was right.
  323. >"I'm going to admit that it's cute that you THINK I did miss detective. And....OHP!" Suddenly, the crowd of ponies started to gather around her to talk to her, some asking how she managed to do it as well. The attention just piling onto her.
  324. >There wasn't much to the party after that. Chrysalis was near unapproachable after that. The other ponies were just gathered around her too tightly for you to get in any words anymore.
  325. >Scootaloo's bias never let up, and Rainbow Dash looked crushed despite the game not being important anymore, she was internally trying to figure out how Chrysalis managed to do it without any kind of practice whatsoever.
  326. >The last of the party itself was just a few gifts which Chrysalis happily accepted. And even when it came to the cake being presented to her so she could have the first slice. She seemed happy to accept it. "Cheese Cream Coffee Crumb Cake?! Gee! It sounds all kinds of delicious if it has that many Cs"
  327. >"I KNOW NYMY! THAT'S WHAT I SAID!" Pinkie giggled as the cake got passed on to her so she could take her own slice.
  328. >And after that, as the party started to wind down, ponies began to say their goodbyes and thank yous. And Chrysalis was pretty cheerful about it. even as Applejack and Rarity and such went home, taking their sisters with them. Chrysalis treated it all as good fun. even towards the angered Scootaloo.
  329. >Yeah, all that was left was figuring out if you'd go home or stay the course with Fluttershy. And say goodbye to the last of the lingering ponies.
  330. >And then....there was tomorrow
  332. >The only ones left was you,Fluttershy,Spike,Chrysalis, and Twilight. Discord seems to have gone off somewhere.
  333. >"Well, that was fun. I'm heading to bed. I'll get everything cleaned up in the morning. Seeya all in the morning" Spike waved as you all gave him a good night.
  334. >Now, there was four.
  335. >"Well, I had fun. Lots of fun. How about you Aunty?" Chrysalis grinned "You had fun?"
  336. >"Oh my yes. It was...fun. Nymous, erm." Fluttershy wanted to mention SOMETHING about the whole changeling issue. But she held back, she didn't want to ruin the moment "erm, um, I'm...so glad that you had a lot of fun. I don't think I've ever seen you so happy"
  337. >"I don't even think I'm thinking right now Aunt Flutterz. And it's all thanks to my little bro Anon" Chrysalis brings you in close for a hug and gives you a noogie "I love him soooooo much. I dunno what I'd do without him or cheese. Because for some reason, I like cheese and my legs are great and Twilight is ummmmmmm, purple. She's very purple. And, it's something that rhymes with hitch. But I can't think of it right now."
  338. >"Oh, well. I am purple. And uh, I guess I do fill a certain niche when it comes to party goers. I think that's what you may have meant." Twilight noticed Chrysalis's odd behavior and thought she just may be really tired.
  339. >"Huh, was that it? I thought it started with a b. But maybe that's just me. uggghhhhh, I feel like dropping dead right now. Everything is spinny" Chrysalis said with a stupid smile
  340. >Twilight now felt she was right, without knowing the real reason why "I thought you may have been tired. Nymous, maybe you should head home and get some rest. Trust me, it'll do you good. You'll get used to Pinkie's parties eventually."
  341. >"Huh, I suppose that could work. Ohhhhhh" Chrysalis bent forward and stretched with a yawn "I'm gonna sleep so hard tonight. I bet I'm gonna wake up as fresh as the cries of my enemies"
  343. >Fluttershy heard that, but she, didn't comprehend it."W-what was that?"
  344. "She said daisies! Fresh as daisies! R-right sis?"
  345. >"Wah?..oh right, yes, daisies. I like those, I think. So uhhh, Anon, What are you gonna do tomorrow? You wanna hang? watch a documentary? I like those" Chrysalis leans her head to the side as gently sways from side to side.
  346. >...shit. Was she even going to remember any or most of this tomorrow? And hell, if even if she doesn't. She's going to pissed as a hive of angry hornets once that hangover kicks in. It'd probably be best to just stay away from her.
  347. "Erm, actually. I've got stuff to do tomorrow. Sorry..."
  348. >"It's ok, I got stuff to do tomorrow to. All sorts of things. You all sleep tight and stufferooni. This queen has got to go to bed. Seeya!" Chrysalis said, as cheery as she's ever been.
  349. >You all say your goodbyes before Chrysalis wanders out of the castle. With the party over. The curse you placed was gone.
  350. >"I didn't know she liked documentaries. I have an old projector with some old documentaries she could use if she wants to watch a few of them. Actually, we could watch a few together. That could be fun" Twilight smiled at the thought of it. You, it just made you more on edge. Chrysalis didn't change at all. Even with the goodbye you had to fix for her. It was obvious she was still evil.
  351. "I dunno, she's really picky about things like that. Let me get her used to hanging out with others by herself before we do anything like that"
  352. >"She seemed fine to me," Fluttershy noticed how pleasant Chrysalis seemed during the party, especially since, from her perspective, she seemed nervous about it before.
  353. "Trust me Aunt Fluttershy. Tonight was different, for sure. She didn't have to interact too too much. But one on one time, we still have to let her get used to it."
  355. >"Mmmm, I guess you might be right. Everytime I ever speak to her alone. She seems to get nervous whenever I try to show her any affection. It makes me sad knowing that she'd be uncomfortable with hugs."
  356. "Well, that's how it is. One step at a time ok? This party though, was definitely a step in the right direction."
  357. >"I hope so. She looked so tired when she left. I just hope she'll be alright" Fluttershy worried for her.
  358. "She'll be ok. It's just a short trip to home thanks to Dad's water travel system."
  359. >"I think anon's right. She'll be able to get home just fine. As for Nymous being uncomfortable one on one, well, I think we can definitely show her that here in Ponyville, there's nothing to worry about and friendly faces everywhere!" Twilight grinned a happy grin
  360. >Sure, safe, besides monster attacks and shit like Tirek. But whatever, now wasn't the time to be snippy about it.
  361. >"Anyway, Fluttershy. How about letting Anon sleep here tonight? Since we need to go to Canterlot in the morning. It'd be best, I think, if he just slept here at the castle so we can go together at the same time." Twilight suggests.
  362. >"That sounds like a good idea. But, shouldn't we discuss what's going to happen tomorrow?" Fluttershy was worried about it all. She just wanted to feel better about what could happen tomorrow.
  363. >Twilight shook her head and shot her friend a supportive grin "There's nothing to worry about Fluttershy, I'm sure Princess Celestia just wants to see us to discuss what happened and what should be done."
  364. >"I-I guess...But..mnnn" Fluttershy turned towards you, still feeling worried "Anon, please, if there's anything else that happened while you were with Princess Luna. Please, tell me. When I think about it, it makes me worry that something really bad is going on."
  366. >Her face, it crushed your heart. She was so filled with worry and confusion. But...
  367. >You just couldn't tell her. and it hurt. That old familiar feeling of lying about this kind of thing. It hurt.
  368. "There's nothing else, I think Princess Celestia only wants me there because of the fact that I was with her sister when it all went down."
  369. >"o-ok Anon...I believe you. So, I want to ask one more thing. Are you alright staying here for the night?" Fluttershy asked this because she not only felt it was common courtesy, but a part of her wanted you to decline. If only so she could inquire just a little more.
  370. "It's fine, I think it's a good idea."
  371. >And if it's early enough. You could beeline back to the house when everything was over to make sure chrysalis didn't obliterate her own hive.
  372. >"O-ok....Come here Anon" Fluttershy opens her legs up for a hug.
  373. >She looked so downtrodden, you gently enter her embrace as she snuggles her muzzle on top of your head. "I love you, no matter what happens. Ok? And I'm sure, your father feels the same way"
  374. "I love you too Aunt Fluttershy. I'm sure everything is going to be ok"
  375. >You hoped...
  376. >After that. Fluttershy bid her farewells and left you to Twilight.
  377. >Twilight wanted to go by Celestia's word. And while she was intensely curious to ask you some questions about what happened. She was too tired to sperg out and ask them. She led you to her chambers like once before. And let you sleep at either the foot of the bed or with her under her wings. She didn't even mention the classes or the time you'd be able to teach her more about chaos magic. She refrained herself from saying anything that may cause you to worry.
  378. >For tonight, you chose to sleep at the end of the bed. You had a lot to think about. But, as it turned out. you were tired yourself. and found yourself dozing off into sleep.
  380. >"Anon, Anon. Come on. You gotta get up"
  381. >Egggggggghhhhhhhh...toooo early.
  382. >"Anon, trust me. You're going to want to wake up before the train does."
  383. >The train?
  384. ".....in a second, in a second. I'll be ready in a secAAAGGHHH!"
  385. >You sprang up in surprise and fell onto a bench seat. The sound of a train's blaring whistle waking you up from your slumber.
  386. >The train's whistle?
  387. "G-Gg.....ngh."
  388. >You held your hoof to your chest as you looked forward. You were on a train. Twilight sitting across from you.
  389. "W-what?! WHAT?! WHERE AM I?!"
  390. >Twilight giggled and waved her hoof at you to calm down "You're on a train Anon"
  391. >Wut?
  392. "How? What happened?"
  393. >Twilight sighed as she grinned and shook her head "You wouldn't wake up. I know it's early but I even tried giving you a few zaps of light magic and you didn't even wiggle. So I just took you with me so we wouldn't be late."
  394. >Oh..
  395. "Ugh..."
  396. >you slumped down on your seat, fuck. Now your head hurt from being woken up so suddenly. You could already feel the train starting to speed up. When you looked outside your window, you could see it was sitll very early.
  397. "Why so early though? Geez,"
  398. >"It's not that early. Besides, My sister-in-law has to come by train too. She probably got an emergency letter late into the night and stepped onto the first train toward Canterlot. So she's probably a lot more tired than you are Anon. So come on, don't be lazy. I know you're better than that" Twilight gave you a light scolding. She felt it was a little selfish of you to complain. Considering the fact that she felt you'd have adjusted your sleep schedule at some point.
  400. "Egh..."
  401. >You adjust yourself a little more, and decide to take up the whole bench by laying on your belly.
  402. "I mean, yeah, I am better than that but. Y'know, I'm a kid. Kids need their sleep. Y-y'know?"
  403. >Come on Twilight. Lay off.
  404. >You didn't need her berating you. You just slept hard, that's all.
  405. >"Spike is a baby dragon and he gets up just fine. Applebloom actually gets up earlier than him sometimes. There's no excuse Anon. You can get away with it now BECAUSE you're a kid. But when you get older and have responsibilities. You're going to have to get up on a more appropriate time" Oh yeah, she was lecturing you alright.
  406. "Come on Twi. It's the morning. Can we not talk about my sleeping habits? There's more important stuff than that to talk about, right? Like chaos studies."
  407. >"I'm excited for that sure, I want to learn even more about how chaos magic works. But that's for later. For now, we're talking about your sleeping habits. I sure hope Discord doesn't encourage you to just lounge around and sleep all day."
  408. >He didn't. considering you had to get an alarm just so your own bed wouldn't kill you by catapult.
  409. "Trust me, he doesn't. He has my bed rigged to get me up if I oversleep for school"
  410. >Twilight was baffled by that. she was silent for a good moment before letting out an "Oh" But then she realized something else "Wait, so even your father encourages you to wake up on time and you still haven't tried to actually do that?"
  411. "I mean, I have. I got an alarm to wake me up for anything important. It's not my fault I sleep so much. It just happens"
  413. >"Anon" Twilight shook her head, she felt you weren't actually giving an effort or even listening. "That's an excuse. and you can't live your life through excuses. You need to learn to have a consistant sleep schedule. It'll take some time. But I promise" Twilight gave you a gentle smile "Your body and especially, your mind will thank you for it. You could try reading a book to help you relax. It always works for me"
  414. >you weren't much of a book reader though. Besides, you had it handled well enough you think. Like you said, you had an alarm.
  415. "I'll get it. Trust me, it's just been stressful lately is all. Even you gotta admit that all the kind of stuff I handle would affect my sleep."
  416. >"But...." Twilight just blinked, her expression changing to near expressionless look. Before just looking at you with a piercing glare. "You've had this problem for as long as I've known you."
  417. >....dammit
  418. "I mean, ok. Yeah...b-but"
  419. >Twilight sighed "Anon, it's not my place to tell you what to do. But I'm sure your aunt would appreciate it if you worked on it a little more. That's all I really wanted to say"
  420. >she was right on that. That you were sure of.
  421. "....yeah, ok. I'll try to do better. I guess I haven't been trying that hard"
  422. >She mentioned Fluttershy, so of course you'd agree to it now. It would make Fluttershy happy if you got up at a more appropriate time. That was for sure.
  424. >"Thank you. I'm not asking for something instant Anon, just work on it. That's it." Twilight tries to give you a smile to ease the mood
  425. "I know, I know...mnnng."
  426. >And now that you were awake. You also felt the sting of hunger.
  427. "I promise to try better, but, erm. right now, ummm...can I get breakfast? somehow?"
  428. >Twilight had a little giggle at that "Breakfast? Well, that's not going to be a problem. I ordered pancakes before we headed off. I figured you'd be hungry so I ordered you a medium stack. You can handle that right?"
  429. >Ahhh fuck yeah Twilight! That'd be fine!
  430. "Yeah! I can handle it! Thanks Twilight, I mnn.."
  431. >Now you felt bad after being so dismissive towards her
  432. "Sorry if I seemed like a jerk."
  433. >"It's alright Anon, we're all on edge. It'll be fine. Oh look, here it comes!"
  434. >Twilight pointed at a server pony who brought over a cart with two plates stacked with pancakes and a bottle of syrup beside it. "Here you are Princess Twilight, Pancakes for you and your young friend. Specially made for the royal pallette. We hope you enjoy." The pony says as he serves the both of you.
  435. >"Thank you very much, I'm sure we'll enjoy every bite" Twilight says, looking polite and regal towards the pony
  436. "Yeah, thanks dude. It smells great!"
  437. >Ohhh man, it looked mouth watering. You couldn't wait to take a bite.
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