In the Deep Depths of Light, Epilogue

Mar 10th, 2015
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  2. <DM> *And now... you return after two weeks- I mean... the next day, of course... to report in more detail to Lord Eldin about your quest. You are now standing outside of his office. Without even knocking, you hear an old, raspy voice say, "Come in, Lightwall".*
  3. * Lightwall opens the door, confused at how the person knew he was there.
  4. * Lightwall enters.
  5. <DM> *You enter the room, seeing Eldin slumped over, grumpy and tired as heck as usual. To your right, leaning against the wall is the old man you saved, Sahasrahla, who is now smoking a pipe. ... he does resemble a certain wizard, now that I think about it...*
  6. <Lightwall> (to Lord Eldin) Excuse me, sir.
  7. <Eldin> *clearly irritated* Welcome.
  8. * Eldin punches his desk and throws a nearby sword at the wall. The sword clatters loudly off the stone, painfully grating against your ears.
  9. <Eldin> Gah! I can't believe it was him...
  10. <Lightwall> Dan Kaze, sir? Bloodwind?
  11. <Sahasrahla> It is not your fault, Eldin. You did not join the Knights of Light until the middle of the war.
  12. <Eldin> I... che!
  13. * Eldin looks up at you Lightwall.
  14. <Eldin> I apologize, it's not you. In fact, it's not even Bloodwind, didn't surprise me much, really...
  15. <Lightwall> He was pretty sneaky, sir. Completely fooled me... twice.
  16. <Eldin> Indeed.
  17. <Eldin> My problem is our enemy was once one of the leaders of the Followers of Light, that slimy bastard Orland!
  18. <Lightwall> Yes, sir. I tried to battle him, but he conjured up a dragon, and even with my armor I wasn't able to fight that.
  19. <Eldin> I looked up to that group when I was younger! That group was the reason I wanted to join the Knights of Light! To protect the peace of the land, and he.... HE.... he lied. He killed the one we worshipped. He spread the rumors about the Triforce. HE STARTED THAT DAMN WAR! GRAAAAAHHHHHHH!
  20. * Eldin literally flips his desk. It slams forward and it nearly crushes your foot, Lightwall.
  21. * Lightwall jumps back a little, startled.
  22. * Eldin sighs heavily.
  23. <Eldin> ... alright... Joseph Lightwall, what else did you want to report to me?
  24. <Lightwall> I've been concerned about a few things, sir. For one, I joined the Followers of Wisdom, and their leader is able to track the location of the cloak that the Followers wear.
  25. * Sahasrahla continues smoking his pipe.
  26. <Lightwall> ... So, I'm concerned they might track me down...
  27. <Lightwall> ... if they know I've defected from them, that is.
  28. <Lightwall> It might put my family in danger, so I
  29. * Eldin looks up with a lightbulb going off.
  30. <Lightwall> am not sure what to do with my cloak.
  31. <Eldin> Really now?
  32. <Eldin> So... just the location? They don't know anything other than just the location?
  33. <Lightwall> Not... that I know of, sir.
  34. <Lightwall> They only said their leader could sense the location.
  35. <Eldin> Well, I certainly hope so. Hand the robe to me. I've got a little idea I want to try out. Perhaps we can catch of them with this ploy...
  36. * Lightwall pulls his FoW robe (neatly folded) and hands it to Lord Eldin.
  37. * Eldin takes the robe, smiling devishly.
  38. <Eldin> Well, they still believe you have the robe, probably.
  39. <Eldin> I'm going to start wandering around with this robe from now on. Let's see if they're foolish enough to bite and take the bait. What other excellent news do you have for me, Lightwall?
  40. * Eldin seems to be smiling diabolically, now.
  41. <Sahasrahla> Don't mind Lord Eldin, young one. He gets like this when he comes up with... ideas.
  42. <Lightwall> ... I ... guess that was it. ... I wasn't sure what the raid was that you mentioned yesterday, if that had something to do with capturing the Followers of Wisdom.
  43. * Eldin is about to slam his fist against the desk when he realizes it's still toppled over. He loosens up a bit.
  44. <Lightwall> I don't know if they've caught on that I've left yet.
  45. <Lightwall> I didn't know if you needed anything from me regarding capturing them.
  46. <Eldin> They most likely have. I'm hearing stories around the town about a man in crystal armor that's capable of fighting dragons. No doubt the Followers themselves are spreading that rumor.
  47. <Eldin> With Orland as our enemy, the raid is cancelled. However, Sahasrahla has told me something interesting...
  48. <Eldin> Lightwall, did you ever learn how to control someone while you were down there? You know, the yellow eyes thing.
  49. <Lightwall> Yes, sir. They taught all the recruits how to do that.
  50. <Eldin> Good. Do you know why they can't use it infinitely?
  51. <Lightwall> Hmm...
  52. <DM> (hint - look at the skill itself)
  53. * Lightwall looks down while thinking a moment...
  54. <Lightwall> ... It was said that you use a part of your soul to control the other person...
  55. <Eldin> Ahhh...
  56. <Lightwall> ... I think the limit of subjugated subjects has something to do with one's skill level...
  57. <Sahasrahla> That would explain much, and confirm my theory...
  58. <Lightwall> I got the impression that I could only control about 2 or three others when I was there.
  59. <Sahasrahla> Young one, I was imprisoned there for nearly a year. During my time, I'd seen matches in their coliseum many times, between most of the recruits. They were fighting at full strength.
  60. <Sahasrahla> They may teach that ability to everyone, but most of them don't use it. What you just said explains why.
  61. <Eldin> Yet... many villagers in our town is under their influence, including a large portion of the Guard.
  62. * Lightwall nods in acknowledgement.
  63. <Eldin> ... go ahead, old man.
  64. <Lightwall> I remember seeing some of them a while ago.
  65. * Sahasrahla puffs his pipe once more.
  66. <Sahasrahla> They do not use that ability in their hideout, or else Eldin would have been able to track them to the hideout long ago.
  67. <Sahasrahla> There are a number of villagers, very powerful members of the Followers of Wisdom, living among us that spend their power purely to control the subjects.
  68. <Sahasrahla> If we are able to find these villagers, we can mess up most of their control, and they'll have to start all over.
  69. * Lightwall looks up in shock.
  70. * Lightwall wonders who those villagers could be...
  71. <Eldin> The problem is, we don't have the slightest idea who they are. Whoever they are, they're good at hiding this plan.
  72. * Lightwall thinks...
  73. * Lightwall wonders if he knows anything that could help...
  74. <Eldin> Before I ask you to hunt them down... can the user let go of the control spell at any time?
  75. <Lightwall> Yes, sir. It just takes a thought to release them.
  76. <Eldin> Hmm, that's not good then... Lightwall, if you had help in the event you were able to find these people and reveal them, would you be up for the task of tracking them down?
  77. <Sahasrahla> If these are the most powerful members of the Followers save for the two leaders, then surely each one could control around ten each, putting them all not far below your level, Lord Eldin.
  78. <Lightwall> Yes, sir. The more of them we take down, the safer I'll feel at home.
  79. <Eldin> Excellent. Let me know the moment you have a lead. I'll have a certain two fellows tag along to help you out with this. One of them, I'm sure I can get to help. It's the other I'm worried about... or rather, I'm worried he'll attack the first candidate...
  80. <Eldin> Anyhow... another question for you...
  81. * Eldin kicks up a nearby chest, revealing the powerful armor you were wearing before, Lightwall.
  82. <Eldin> What is this armor?
  83. * Lightwall stares at the armor, remembering...
  84. <Eldin> Sahasrahla told me not to wear it and ask you about it.
  85. <Lightwall> There was some voice entering my mind as I wore it... I think they said this was from the Fierce Deity or something...
  86. <Sahasrahla> It is certainly a very dangerous artifact...
  87. <Eldin> Who?
  88. <Lightwall> Even Orland was afraid to use it.
  89. * Lightwall shrugs his shoulders.
  90. <Sahasrahla> I've been around for several hundred years myself, and I have never heard of the name before.
  91. <Lightwall> I'm not sure who this Fierce Deity is, but I heard something about someone called "Majora", too.
  92. <Sahasrahla> Now that is a name I have heard...
  93. <Eldin> Isn't Majora the God responsible for the near destruction of Termina?
  94. <Lightwall> Didn't the Hero of Time fight that guy?
  95. * Sephiroth face-palms.
  96. <Eldin> Yes, I'm familiar with that legend. It apparently happened around the same time Ganondorf was defeated in our land. I'm still skeptical it was the same person...
  97. <Sahasrahla> Majora isn't a God from Termina, though. I've heard the name in Hyrule several times. And each time, right afterwards, some terrible calamity would befall the land. In fact... it's usually an iteration of Ganon...
  98. * Lightwall widens his eyes upon hearing Ganon's name. I've heard THAT name before, for SURE!!!
  99. <Eldin> You're kidding. There's someone genuinely worse than Ganon?!
  100. <Sahasrahla> Yes. Lightwall, tell us more about what that armor did. I'm curious to know about this "Fierce Deity". I saw you had crystal armor...
  101. * Eldin suddenly backs away from the armor upon hearing "crystal armor".
  102. * Lightwall recovers and begins to explain.
  103. <Lightwall> Oh, yes. Once I put it on, these crystals formed all around me. When I first stepped, it shook the ground.
  104. <Eldin> That... sounds disturbingly familiar. Go on.
  105. <Lightwall> I was able to use crystals as a weapon and a shield, depending on how I formed it with my thoughts.
  106. <Lightwall> I was able to form crystal pillars at will.
  107. <Lightwall> I used all these abilities to fight against Bloodwind.
  108. <Lightwall> ...
  109. <Lightwall> Oh yeah, that's right...
  110. <Lightwall> I found out who Bloodwind was when I looked in a mirror that guarded this armor...
  111. <Lightwall> In the same room that Orland himself was guarding.
  112. <Eldin> What do you mean "who" he is?
  113. <Lightwall> Meaning, I found out that Dan wasn't actually Dan.
  114. <Lightwall> I looked at Dan in the mirror and saw Bloodwind, though I didn't know it at the time.
  115. <Lightwall> It must've been a "truth" mirror or something.
  116. <Eldin> Oooh Monroe is going to be soooo ticked off when he hears this....
  117. <Sahasrahla> Was there some dark shadow around him?
  118. <Lightwall> Also, I just remembered, Orland said that previous Followers that used the armor became obsessed with power.
  119. <Eldin> Why am I not surprised....
  120. <Lightwall> Well, Bloodwind was practically a shadow himself. It WAS kinda' dark in there to begin with...
  121. <Lightwall> He had creepy red eyes, too.
  122. <Lightwall> He looked kinda' like a shadowy Grim Reaper with shadows in place of bones.
  123. <Sahasrahla> Why, that sounds quite familiar. It's been some time, but I've met someone just like that before. He called himself an "Interloper".
  124. <Eldin> Seriously?! Bloodwind is an Interloper?!
  125. <Lightwall> Umm... Actually, he tried to summon one, and he was upset because he said it was a fledgeling Interloper instead...
  126. <Lightwall> That was after he filled the room with darkness.
  127. <Eldin> Great.... wait....
  128. <Eldin> .... the original rumor is that Wind killed his whole party suddenly in an escort mission when he made the whole area completely dark. You're telling me what that spell actually does is suppose to summon an Interloper?
  129. <Lightwall> Whether or not it was the same spell, I'm not sure, but that's what he acted like he was trying to do.
  130. <Lightwall> He was pretty upset when it wasn't an actual Interloper, too. Just a fledgeling one.
  131. <Eldin> I see. Was there anything else about him in particular? Why did he want that armor if all it does is take control of you?
  132. <Lightwall> Well, all I know is that it gives you great power. ... I can't remember if he said something about his reasoning, but he acted like he knew Majora and the Fierce Deity.
  133. <Lightwall> As a matter of fact, when he was distracted by the Interloper thing, I was able to hear his location and shot a charged crystal bolt at him from my sword!
  134. <Eldin> If he knows Majora, he must know the Happy Mask Man as well. Great... good to know they're connected... *sighs* ... this is just getting better and better....
  135. <Eldin> Good. Any chance you killed him?
  136. <Eldin> Or at least put him out of comission for a while?
  137. <Lightwall> I thought I did, sir... I knocked him down, then he weakly got up and collapsed on the ground again. I know he was out at that moment, but...
  138. <Lightwall> ... afterward an illusion of Dan led me to the prison to free Sahasrala. Seems like that was his power, though it was weak as the illusion shimmered and faded at times.
  139. * Lightwall suddently looks up in horror.
  140. <Eldin> What is it?
  141. <Lightwall> Oh no! I know he's not dead!
  142. <Lightwall> After I left, yesterday, he appeared to me and thanked me... and said that he'd see me again!!!
  143. <Eldin> That is not good. .... however, I think it's a chance, too.
  144. <Lightwall> He only appeared briefly, though, so it must've been an illusion.
  145. <Eldin> For whatever reason, he decided to help you after you nearly killed him. I have the feeling he wants something from you and is willing to help you again. Should he appear next time...
  146. <Eldin> Be reluctant to help, but play along. Honestly, it's your best shot at not dying and figuring out what he's up to.
  147. <Lightwall> Yeah... It seemed like he thought I KNEW I was helping him to begin with, and that he might want my help later, too.
  148. <Lightwall> Yes, sir. Definitely.
  149. <Lightwall> I'm still not sure why he wanted the armor, unless it was just to be unstoppable or something.
  150. <Eldin> Perhaps... assuming he knows a way to use the armor without it consuming you.
  151. <Eldin> I believe that is all... unless you have something to add, Sahasrahla.... Sahasrahla?
  152. <DM> *Sahasrahla apparently slipped away while you two were talking.*
  153. * Lightwall looks over at Sahasrala.
  154. <DM> *You look over at a blank wall. It stares blankly at you, reluctant of knowing how to see.*
  155. <Lightwall> Um... Ooookaaaaay... I guess he's... gone...
  156. <DM> *Suddenly, Sahasrahla poofs back in, holding some sort of object.*
  157. <Eldin> What the...
  158. * Lightwall looks up, startled.
  159. <Lightwall> Whoah!
  160. <Sahasrahla> I apologize for that. After hearing about Bloodwind being an Interloper, it reminded me of why the Followers locked me away in the first place.
  161. * Lightwall raises his eyebrows. That's something I'd like to know, he thinks.
  162. <Sahasrahla> They believed I knew how to open a portal to the Dark World, a parallel dimension to ours that transforms everyone into creatures of evil and confusion.
  163. <Sahasrahla> The truth is, I do not know how to get there, though they kept me locked up anyways.
  164. <Sahasrahla> I do, however...
  165. * Sahasrahla holds up a cracked mirror.
  166. <Sahasrahla> ... know how to get to the Twili World, home of the Interlopers.
  167. * Lightwall 's jaw drops open.
  168. <Eldin> Woah.
  169. * Lightwall shakes his head to recover from his amazement.
  170. <Eldin> Wait, isn't their realm destroyed? I thought the Spirits of Light wrecked havoc on it at the end of the Hyrulean Civil War.
  171. <Lightwall> ...
  172. <Sahasrahla> They did, but it did not destroy the realm. It did prevent the Interlopers from using it, though... it seems with the recent rise of the Interlopers, and not just Bloodwind... they've found a way to fix it... perhaps.
  173. <Sahasrahla> I'd like to suggest a party be formed to investigate this land. Young Lightwall, you are very brave, however... this is a quest for a much stronger group of folks.
  174. * Lightwall blinks his eyes in amazement and disbelief.
  175. <Eldin> With pleasure. I've got a group in mind. How will they get there?
  176. * Lightwall recovers and nods in acknowledgement.
  177. <Sahasrahla> This cracked mirror can transport someone to that realm, though I cannot guarantee where they'll end up. It will take some time for me to repair this mirror for it to be usable once again. Perhaps another season or two...
  178. <Eldin> Good. Get to work on it as soon as possible. The sooner we can get access to that realm, the better.
  179. <Sahasrahla> I shall. For now, I head home to my house in Kakariko.
  180. * Sahasrahla bows to the two of you.
  181. * Lightwall bows back.
  182. <Sahasrahla> Once again, I thank you Lightwall for freeing me. I bid the two of you a good day.
  183. <Lightwall> Thank you, sir. Good day to you, too.
  184. * Eldin bows back.
  185. * Sahasrahla poofs out.
  186. * Lightwall thinks, "Aw, darn! I was hoping to walk home with him."
  187. <Eldin> Oh one of these days, I'm gonna get the secrets of that teleportation spell from him...
  188. <Lightwall> It sure helped us escape alive yesterday, sir!
  189. <Eldin> Indeed.
  190. <Eldin> Thank you for your report, Lightwall. Thanks to you, we've found out vital secrets about the Followers of Wisdom that will surely lead their defeat someday.
  191. <Eldin> I have already sent my reward to you to your house. Is there anything else, young warrior?
  192. <Lightwall> No problem, sir. I feel a little better now.
  193. <DM> (said reward has already been applied to your profile)
  194. <Lightwall> That's all, sir.
  195. <Lightwall> (thx)
  196. <Eldin> Excellent. Get some more rest. I'll let you know when I'm able to get your party mates together for helping root out the control masters.... assuming they don't kill each other first...
  197. * Lightwall smirks.
  198. <Lightwall> Thank you, sir. I will.
  199. * Lightwall salutes Lord Eldin and turns to leave.
  200. * Eldin looks at the salute Lightwall did and sits there, confused.... then tries it....
  201. <Eldin> Huh... interesting....
  202. <DM> *Congratulations, Lightwall, you've turned Eldin into an American soldier by teaching him an American salute!*
  203. * Lightwall leaves Lord Eldin's office to return to Kakariko Village. He heaves a sigh of relief to not have the cloak anymore.
  204. <DM> -=QUEST END=-
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