The Eternal War, Session 02.

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  1. 03[11:54] * Now talking in #EternalWar
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  7. 01[19:13] <@Staffen> You stand on the outskirts of child's residence. The underhive around you echoes with distant liveliness while water drips down on you from far above.
  8. 01[19:13] <@Staffen> (Herp)
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  10. 01[19:16] <@Staffen> You stand on the outskirts of child's residence. The underhive around you echoes with distant liveliness while water drips down on you from far above.
  11. 01[19:17] <@Staffen> The girl stamps her foot nervously against the dirt, and looks up at you. "I'll wait here, okay? Please bring back my mommy?"
  12. [19:19] <Petrus> "Alright we will."
  13. 01[19:20] <@Staffen> The girl gives a quick nod, then scurries off to the building past the fence.
  14. 06[19:21] * Varian pushes onwards through the rusted fence's opening, careful to keep clear of the bare spokes and edges, "Let us go find this Amanetta."
  15. 06[19:23] * Varian barely glances at the girl while he passes her, heading towards the group and onwards in the direction she indicated.
  16. 06[19:24] * Petrus follows Varian
  17. 06[19:27] * Horace snuffs out his latest lho stick under his foot into the grimy mud and takes his hammer into his dominant hand
  18. 06[19:28] * Varian pushes on towards the sump-pool, his boots scuffed by the dirt and detritus scattered about by the teeming masses infesting the lower hive.
  19. [19:28] <Varian> "At least they didn't abduct and drop me here while I was wearing my five hundred dollar shoes."
  20. 01[19:29] <@Staffen> Sure enough, following the child's directions brings you to a marshy and large pool of water. Structures  pepper its banks while the bases of hive spires stand like enormous treetrunks amidst ruins of older building styles.
  21. 01[19:30] <@Staffen> It is, as the girl said, raining.
  22. 01[19:30] <@Staffen> The stench of the place is profound.
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  24. 06[19:32] * Varian pulls up his flak cloak's hood a little higher while placing his hands in his pockets, miserable as the whole hive seems to be pissing down on him.
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  27. 06[19:34] * Horace whispers, "...Folks on the far side of the bank are moving in patterns. Sentry rounds, possibly. Weapons are in hand."
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  29. 06[19:34] * Horace pulls up his shield in his free hand, stretching out his left arm
  30. [19:35] <Varian> "I see them, gangers no doubt. Probably just protecting their turf."
  31. 06[19:35] * Petrus unslings his rifle and puts it to his shoulder
  32. [19:36] <Brother_Ezekiah> "Thieves? Kidnappers! All must burn! Shall we put the sinners to the sword!?"
  33. 06[19:38] * Petrus moves foward and lays down amongst some rubble "I'll cover you from here"
  34. 06[19:39] * Horace frowns deeply
  35. [19:39] <Horace> "Let's go make contact."
  36. [19:39] <Brother_Ezekiah> "Yes. Of course. Contact! Let us go and make contact of our steel against their sinful flesh!"
  37. [19:40] <Petrus> "Hold it!"
  38. [19:40] <Petrus> "One has what looks like a machine gun"
  39. [19:41] <Varian> "Lets not start a fight unless we have to. Do we have any thrones? We might be able to bribe our way past. A toll if you will?"
  40. [19:43] <Horace> "Let's actually talk to them first and see what happens."
  41. 06[19:43] * Horace flexes his hammer arm
  42. [19:45] <Brother_Ezekiah> "I do know like this bribery. The true warriors of the Emperor have no need of greasing the palms of such ne'er-do-wells!"
  43. [19:45] <Varian> "Think of it as giving alms to the poor. You won't be far wrong."
  44. 06[19:46] * Varian leads on, looking for a way to cross.
  45. [19:47] <Petrus> "Go talk to them I'll keep you covered."
  46. [19:47] <Petrus> "Just stay out of the way so I don't shoot you."
  47. 06[19:47] * Horace gives a throaty grunt and continues along
  48. 06[19:49] * Brother_Ezekiah will go as well. "In case anything happens, I will go along side you!"
  49. 06[19:49] * Varian pulls his hands from his flak cloak slowly as he approaches, keeping them by his side as he casually strolls forward.
  50. [19:49] <Varian> sides*
  51. 01[19:52] <@Staffen> One of the hivers -- a big bulky man with one arm slightly larger than the other -- turns his weapon, a huge hand-cranked gun at you. "Wrong place 'ta be, skavs. Best get mov'n."
  52. [19:53] <Brother_Ezekiah> "Do I look like a skav!? That's an extra strike against your soul, SINNER!"
  53. 01[19:54] <@Staffen> The man grunts. "Don't gimme none'a yer 'ligion talk, preach, or I'll bite your damn head off."
  54. 01[19:55] <@Staffen> "Now get back, the lot of you, or I'll shoot."
  55. [19:55] <Brother_Ezekiah> "Not just a sinner, but a HERETIC!" He makes sure to shout that last word loudly.
  56. 01[19:55] <@Staffen> Another man, this one spindly and ragged, now approaches with a handgun drawn.
  57. 06[19:56] * Petrus keeps his sight on the man with the heavy stubber
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  61. 01[19:57] <@Staffen> "For zek's zekkin sake, Dej, let me just shut his yapper." The new man points his gun at Ezekiah, and fires.
  62. 01[19:58] <@Staffen> The round goes wide, and strikes the mud at the Redemptionist's feet.
  63. [19:59] <Brother_Ezekiah> "MY TURN!~" Ezekiah is practically shouting in glee as he turns his flamer onto the new guy that tried to shoot him.
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  66. 01[20:03] <@Staffen> A crack from Petrus's long-las takes the big man in the forehead, and his cranium explodes.
  67. 02[20:04] * Varian ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  68. 01[20:04] <@Staffen> Ezekiah's burst of flame hits the thin man dead-on. He shrieks as his body combusts.
  69. 01[20:06] <@Staffen> The second ganger's screams dance among the ruins until he finally falls dead.
  70. 03[20:07] * Varian ( has joined #EternalWar
  71. [20:10] <Brother_Ezekiah> "Well! This went excessively well!"
  72. 01[20:10] <@Staffen> Nothing else seems to happen.
  73. 06[20:12] * Horace smashes the burned man's skull with a sigh
  74. [20:12] <Horace> "Well...there goes being civil about this."
  75. 02[20:14] * Varian ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  76. [20:15] <Brother_Ezekiah> "There can be no diplomacy with sinners and heretics!"
  77. 06[20:15] * Horace gives a shrug
  78. [20:15] <Horace> "True."
  79. 06[20:15] * Horace gives his hammer a test swing
  80. 01[20:17] <@Staffen> Las bolts fizzle by overhead.
  81. 01[20:18] <@Staffen> You hear a loud "bang".
  82. [20:19] <Brother_Ezekiah> "It seems are brother in arms is in the midst of furious, cowardly combat. Perhaps we should find our own sorties and take out this scum once and for all!?"
  83. 06[20:19] * Horace looks to Ezekiah and gives a nod
  84. 06[20:19] * Horace puts up his shield and strides towards the other gangers, hammer up
  85. [20:20] <Horace> "Leave some alive so we can interrogate them!"
  86. 06[20:22] * Brother_Ezekiah will switch to his shotgun and follow behind Horace.
  87. [20:22] <Petrus> "He was in my spot!"
  88. 06[20:32] * Horace enters his time-tried and trained arbite shield-assault run position
  89. 03[20:35] * Varian ( has joined #EternalWar
  90. 06[20:36] * Varian draws his autopistol and keeps pace with the rest while staying safely behind the shield toting arbite.
  91. 01[20:39] <@Staffen> A trio of gangers nursing knives and pistols jump out from the ruins ahead.
  92. 03[20:40] * Retrieving #EternalWar modes...
  93. 03[20:42] * Staffen changes topic to 'Horace, Ganger 1, Ganger 2, Petrus, Ganger 3, Varian'
  94. 03[20:43] * Staffen changes topic to 'Horace, Ganger 1, Ganger 2, Ezekiah, Petrus, Ganger 3, Varian'
  96. 01[20:45] <@Staffen> You hear an angry roar in the distance.
  97. 06[20:46] * Horace brings down his hammer on the nearest ganger
  98. 01[20:47] <@Staffen> The man shudders from the heavy hit, and tries to stab at Horace with his knife.
  99. 01[20:48] <@Staffen> The attack misses, and is closer to a mad swing to try to scare the arbitrator back.
  100. 01[20:49] <@Staffen> The second ganger starts shooting his autopistol at the redemptionist.
  101. 01[20:55] <@Staffen> The shots do negligible damage, however.
  102. 06[20:55] * Brother_Ezekiah moves up to the ganger that attacked Horace, proceeds to put the muzzle of the shotgun up against him... and pulls the trigger.
  103. 01[20:56] <@Staffen> The man's chest explodes in gore, splattering Horace and Ezekiah in blood.
  104. 06[20:57] * Horace licks his lips and gives his head a quick shake to fling off some of the misted blood and scraps
  105. [20:57] <Brother_Ezekiah> *KER-CHAK* Ezekiah smirks, the eyes behind his gilded, eagle nose mask glinting with righteous fury as he chambers the next shell!
  106. [20:57] <Horace> "...Sweet. Near-diabetic, give or take five years."
  107. 03[20:57] * Staffen changes topic to 'Horace, Ganger 1, Ganger 2, Ezekiah, Petrus, Ganger 3, Varian, HW Guy'
  108. 01[20:59] <@Staffen> The third ganger starts firing at Horace and Ezekiah, no keenly interested in seeing them dead after what happened to his friend.
  109. 01[21:01] <@Staffen> *now keenly interested
  110. 06[21:02] * Horace 's ponderous bulk fails to dodge, but luckily his lockshield saves him from ganger's bullet
  111. 06[21:05] * Varian raises his heavy autopistol to line the ganger who had just fired, pulling the trigger the first couple shots stitch a path across the muddy ground before the muzzle lift to bring him into the firing arc.
  112. 01[21:05] <@Staffen> The ganger is shredded by the rounds, and dies firing wildly with his autopistol.
  113. 01[21:06] <@Staffen> You hear a loud shout as an enormous brute of a man comes barreling through the rubble, wielding a club in one hand.
  114. 06[21:07] * Horace gives a long whistle
  115. [21:08] <Horace> "That one's using a damn heavy stubber for a club."
  116. 03[21:08] * Staffen changes topic to 'Horace, Ganger 2, Ezekiah, Petrus, Ganger 3, Varian, HW Guy'
  117. [21:12] <Varian> "Well this party keeps getting better and better."
  118. [21:14] <Brother_Ezekiah> "So many blackened souls to purify under the flame of righteousness!"
  119. 06[21:14] * Horace stores his hammer, and notches his Armageddon onto his shield's firing nock, facing the remaining ganger
  121. 01[21:16] <@Staffen> Panicked, the man drops his autopistol and falls face-first into the muck.
  122. 06[21:20] * Brother_Ezekiah switches from his shotgun to his flamer and unleashes the purifying flames upon the large brute!
  123. 06[21:21] * Brother_Ezekiah is also cackling. "YES! Burn away the wicked! Purge the unclean sinner from the Emperor's Domain!"
  124. 01[21:21] <@Staffen> The big man cries out, "Agh! Fire! Fire!" before falling on his back and expiring.
  125. [21:22] <Horace> "Great last words.  Care to join him, mud-man?"
  126. 03[21:22] * Staffen changes topic to 'Horace, Ganger 2, Ezekiah, Petrus, Varian'
  127. [21:23] <Horace> "Close in on the perp!  Don't lift your head up!  We got questions for you!"
  128. 06[21:23] * Varian holds his autopistol at the ready, quickly exchanging a magazine from beneath his flack cloak before checking on the dead man he shot, looking for spare rounds and other equipment or identification that could be useful.
  129. 01[21:27] <@Staffen> The living ganger is sniffling to himself in the mud.
  130. 06[21:29] * Brother_Ezekiah will proceed to browbeat the living ganger. "And such is the wage of sin, scum! The only reprieve from this life is true devotion to Him-on-Earth! He who sits upon the Throne of Mother Terra! Repent! Repent and be made clean! Repent and be made whole! Repent and live another day!"
  131. 06[21:29] * Horace stows his gun and draws his hammer as he walks up to the man in the mud
  132. 06[21:29] * Varian starts pulling bullets from the gangers magazine and refilling his half spent magazine before tossing the last six in a pocket. He rummages around a bit more before pulling a few coins from another pocket. Tossing a coin in the air before catching it he remarks,"Oh good, my life of skullduggery is close to an end."
  133. 06[21:30] * Horace nudges the man with his hammerhead
  134. [21:31] <Horace> "Alright, tell me...  I see you are part of a nice little gang here!  Where's your hideout!  Otherwise I can let you go back to them to tell them you failed."
  135. 01[21:32] <@Staffen> The man takes one hand off the back of his head and points the way he came.
  136. [21:32] <Horace> "How many of you are there?  And are there more?"
  137. [21:33] <Varian> "Does it have a star shaped sign nearby?" Varian asks while he squats rummaging through the dead body.
  138. 06[21:34] * Petrus returns to the group with a new rifle
  139. 01[21:34] <@Staffen> "Four more," the man whimpers. "The boss's hostin' some fancy guy from up-top too. Don't kill me!"
  140. 06[21:34] * Brother_Ezekiah will pick the man up and hoist him against the wall. "Answer us! Swear upon your soul! Swear upon the Sacred Name of our Emperor! Swear that you will tell us the truth and you shall live another, purified!"
  141. [21:35] <Horace> "You know anymore about this star symbol group?"
  142. 01[21:35] <@Staffen> "Hey zek you man!" the ganger wails. "I didn't want to do nothing, I just want a good meal!"
  143. 01[21:35] <@Staffen> "And I have no idea about any star!"
  144. [21:36] <Brother_Ezekiah> "Answer truthfully! I will know if you lie, for your very tongue will sing out your lies by His will!"
  145. [21:37] <Horace> "Come with us, and there's shiny throne and, even better, living to see tomorrow for you."
  146. 01[21:38] <@Staffen> "Nah 'forcer," the man whimpers, "I know what happens when people go 'gainst those guys, I don't want to anger the upper hivers!"
  147. [21:38] <Horace> "...Upper hivers.  Tell me more about that and there's TWO thrones in it for you."
  148. [21:39] <Petrus> "I'm an "Upper Hiver"
  149. [21:39] <Horace> "Or you get my hammer up your anus."
  150. 06[21:39] * Petrus grins
  151. 06[21:39] * Varian gives Horace a concerned look, nodding to the man on the ground before he runs a finger over his throat in a mock gesture.
  152. [21:40] <Horace> "I've had to perform the latter before.  It's not pretty.  Takes forever to clean my hammer engravings."
  153. 01[21:41] <@Staffen> The man cries. "Fine! Fine! They pay the boss for every person we take! They pay him good!" He sobs a bit more before continuing: "The boss's been getting testy since we started. Juk tried to walk out when an 'forcer offered him coin to find out what was going on, and the boss nailed his head to a wall!"
  154. [21:42] <Horace> "...Arbite killers."
  155. 06[21:42] * Horace tosses the man two thrones
  156. [21:42] <Horace> "Get out of here and forget this ever happened if you know what's good for ye."
  157. 01[21:42] <@Staffen> The man pushes his face out of the unmentionable substances beneath you, and then hurries off.
  158. [21:43] <Horace> "We got what we need.  Let's go find our cultists...and pass breakfast."
  159. [21:44] <Brother_Ezekiah> "So we know where the cultists lie, then? What of the girl's mother?"
  160. [21:44] <Horace> "Where they are...she probably is.  ...We're probably not going to like the state she's in."
  161. 06[21:45] * Horace stows his equipment and goes to bring together the corpses and their items
  162. [21:45] <Varian> "I hope he is leal in his silence. We should confirm the cultists location and prepare the cargo for transport. "
  163. 06[21:46] * Horace jams his injector and draws blood from the leg of the man-shreds of Ezekiah's shotgun, then places it in a small 15mL vial
  164. [21:46] <Horace> "Well, let's see.  What did you all find?"
  165. [21:47] <Varian> "Some rounds and thrones. Little worth mentioning really."
  166. [21:47] <Brother_Ezekiah> "I do not like stealing from the dead, but what must be done must be done. Let us get our cargo, and spread the holy word of our Emperor to these duplicitous traitors that would besmirch His name!"
  167. [21:47] <Petrus> "I found a rifle" Holds up his prize
  168. [21:53] <Varian> "Anyone have grenades? could be useful toss inside."
  169. [21:53] <Horace> "Nice work.  ...Let's head out.  I'm not liking that their boss is entertaining some upper hiver."
  170. [21:54] <Brother_Ezekiah> "I do not like that someone is finding such blesphemous entertainment!"
  171. 06[21:55] * Horace shoulders one of the heavy crank-cannons
  172. [21:55] <Horace> "I'm good to go.  Let's hurry.  Or the heretic will finish his business."
  173. [21:55] <Petrus> "Indeed"
  174. 06[21:55] * Varian heads out with the rest towards the hideout
  175. [21:56] <Brother_Ezekiah> "Then let us maaaarch to holy war!"
  176. 01[21:56] <@Staffen> You come to a hole in the side of an old hab that has long-since fallen on its side. This seems to be the entrance the hiver described.
  177. 06[21:58] * Varian crouches by the hole, "So, how do we do this? Horace first?"
  178. 06[21:58] * Horace grunts affirmatively
  179. [21:58] <Horace> "Any objections?"
  180. [21:59] <Brother_Ezekiah> "None here."
  181. 01[22:00] <@Staffen> Heavy automatic fire erupts from within the hab. It sprays worthlessly, failing to hit any of you.
  182. 01[22:01] <@Staffen> You hear a booming voice shout out, "Come in and I'l zekking blow your balls off!"
  183. [22:01] <Petrus> "How about you come out here and we blow off your balls"
  184. [22:01] <Varian> "Zek you! We got'sa new plaything for ta boss!"
  185. 06[22:01] * Horace gives another long sigh
  186. [22:02] <Horace> "Zek this for a lark."
  187. [22:03] <Brother_Ezekiah> "There is only one thing we can do! SCOURGE AND PURGE! For the Emperor!"
  188. 03[22:04] * Staffen changes topic to 'Ezekiah, Varian, THE BOSS'
  189. 06[22:04] * Horace 's face becomes very read and he bites his lower lip
  190. [22:04] <Horace> *red
  191. 03[22:05] * Staffen changes topic to 'Ezekiah, Varian, Horace, THE BOSS'
  192. [22:05] <Varian> "Good work you zekking retard." Varian states as the fanatic blows their cover.
  193. 03[22:05] * Staffen changes topic to 'Petrus, Ezekiah, Varian, Horace, THE BOSS'
  194. 06[22:09] * Petrus leans in the doorway and fires a shot where the shots came from.
  195. 01[22:10] <@Staffen> You hear a grunt and a clatter of objects being toppled over, then nothing more.
  196. [22:10] <Petrus> "I believe I shot his balls off"
  197. 06[22:10] * Brother_Ezekiah would go into there. And look around.
  198. 06[22:10] * Horace covers Petrus by walking straight in, his activated glow-globe mag-locked to his shield
  199. 06[22:11] * Varian lets the others go first waiting a few moments to see if any more fire comes out.
  200. 06[22:12] * Petrus follows Horace in
  201. 06[22:13] * Varian stands, straightening his flak cloak while vainly brushing some dirt from his shoulders before heading through to follow the others.
  202. 01[22:14] <@Staffen> Horace's glow globe illuminates an overturned table, with an assault rifle lying in front of it. You find the gunner behind it, clutching the stump of his leg. A snake tattoo runs along his temple down his cheek.
  203. 01[22:14] <@Staffen> He looks up at you hatefully as he takes heavy breaths.
  204. [22:14] <Petrus> "Oh I missed his balls."
  205. 06[22:14] * Horace bring his hammer down hard onto the hammer
  206. [22:15] <Horace> "Nice tats. Metal-based, from the tint.  Tell us where's the group that wears them."
  207. 01[22:15] <@Staffen> "Zek," the man wheezes, "you."
  208. 06[22:16] * Horace shoves gives the man's stump a miniature golf-tap with his hammer
  209. [22:16] <Horace> "Now, that's not very nice.  Especially to a Warden."
  210. 01[22:16] <@Staffen> He clenches his teeth and gurgles.
  211. [22:17] <Horace> "...!  Dammit... Too far gone."
  212. 06[22:17] * Brother_Ezekiah will get into the dying man's face. "REPENT, SINNER! Repent and mayhaps there will be a place for you at His table! Repent and your immortal soul will join the uncounted heroes of His Domain!"
  213. 01[22:17] <@Staffen> The man gives one last warm, foul-smelling breath before his head falls back.
  214. 01[22:17] <@Staffen> You all see a man in robes in the gloom, trying to slip past a sheet of scrap metal down the hall.
  215. [22:18] <Horace> "...Petrus, if you would, shoot that man."
  216. [22:19] <Petrus> "My pleasure"
  217. 06[22:20] * Horace opens fire over the head of the man to support Petrus' shot
  218. 01[22:20] <@Staffen> The man slips past safely, unharmed by your sudden bursts of fire.
  219. [22:21] <Petrus> "After him"
  220. [22:21] <Brother_Ezekiah> No need to tell Ezekiah twice. He is after him with a start. "SIIIIIINNER!"
  221. 01[22:23] <@Staffen> The robed man stumbles, half-way past the sheet and falls to the ground to avoid your gunfire.
  222. 01[22:24] <@Staffen> * earlier comment redacted *
  223. [22:24] <Horace> "GET HIM! We'll get rid of breakfast soon enough!"
  224. 06[22:25] * Brother_Ezekiah is leading the pack, then!
  225. 06[22:25] * Varian moves forward to grab the man.
  226. 01[22:27] <@Staffen> Varian is able to obtain the robed man with little effort.
  227. 06[22:27] * Horace joins Varian and Ezekiah, gun at the ready a couple of meters away
  228. 01[22:28] <@Staffen> "Damn you!" the man snaps. "Damn the lot of you! You'll regret this!"
  229. 06[22:28] * Petrus stays behind watching to make sure no one sneaks up on the group
  230. [22:29] <Brother_Ezekiah> "Regret!? There is no regret for the holy warriors of the Emperor! Now, bleed dry your black secrets, sinner! And perhaps your death with be swift and relatively painless!"
  231. 06[22:29] * Horace throws off the man's hood
  232. 03[22:30] * Petrus_ ( has joined #EternalWar
  233. 01[22:30] <@Staffen> Beneath the hood you find a slightly pudgy man with a shaven head and watery eyes.
  234. [22:31] <Horace> "By the Lord Sector's Will, tell his Warden your name."
  235. 02[22:31] * Petrus ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  236. 03[22:31] * Petrus_ is now known as Petrus
  237. [22:32] <Varian> Varian looks at Horace, "Do your thing. Search him for an Ident card, if he is from the upper hive he would need a pass to move freely up and down."
  238. 01[22:33] <@Staffen> The man's mouth twitches, but he decides for the better to speak. "Perrak Dolun."
  239. [22:34] <Horace> "Why were you here...?"
  240. 06[22:34] * Horace pokes the man's body with his gun barrel, looking for pockets
  241. [22:35] <Brother_Ezekiah> "Who is the name of your master!?"
  242. 01[22:35] <@Staffen> "Getting the typical delivery," Perrak tells you. "Underhivers. Worthless shitstains that nobody gives a damn to see gone. Nobody misses any of them."
  243. [22:36] <Horace> "Well, now, I would say the Emperor misses his labor force...  What do /you/ need them for?"
  244. 01[22:37] <@Staffen> "Wouldn't you like to know?" An uneasy smile crosses his lips. "It'll drive you mad if you only knew, though."
  245. [22:37] <Brother_Ezekiah> "And that is where you are wrong! The Emperor misses His subjects and He knows when they have been taken! Each act you have done is yet another black stain on your soul that needs to be excised!"
  246. 06[22:37] * Horace goes face-to-face to the man, and lowers his sunglasses enough to look into the man's eyes
  247. 06[22:37] * Brother_Ezekiah would laugh at the mans talk of madness. "Is it not written that only the insane have strength enough to prosper!? And only those that prosper can truly note what sanity is!?"
  248. [22:38] <Horace> "I think I know enough about things that make for insanity.  Tell me more."
  249. 01[22:38] <@Staffen> The man hacks up a glob of spit at Ezekiah.
  250. [22:39] <Brother_Ezekiah> For his trouble, Ezekiah kicks the man in his stump. "INGRATE!"
  251. 03[22:39] * Varian_ ( has joined #EternalWar
  252. [22:39] <Brother_Ezekiah> For his trouble, Ezekiah kicks the man in his batch. "INGRATE!"
  253. 02[22:40] * Varian ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  254. 03[22:40] * Varian_ is now known as Varian
  255. 01[22:41] <@Staffen> "You might as well kill me," says Perrak. "I don't feel like telling enforcers anything."
  256. 06[22:41] * Horace whispers several words into the man's ear
  257. 06[22:42] * Varian grips the man by the neck and whispers in his ear, "I doubt you serving up some gutter scum for your mother to zek is that maddening. Though I will admit I have heard she is deliciously filthy."
  258. [22:43] <Horace> "...Now..."
  259. 06[22:43] * Horace pulls back
  260. [22:43] <Horace> "I hope you can tell us something nice about your friends."
  261. 01[22:43] <@Staffen> Perrak begins to sweat after Horace whispers into his ear.
  262. 06[22:43] * Horace lifts up his hammer
  263. [22:43] <Horace> "This is also going into your anus if you don't tell us."
  264. [22:44] <Horace> "I can get this pretty far up there.  I'm not ashamed of my strength."
  265. 01[22:44] <@Staffen> "You want to know, do you, Arbiter? Fine. We come out of the mid-hive outskirts. The Deloran Mines. These people," he gestures towards the sheet of metal, "were going to help dig something out for us..."
  266. 01[22:45] <@Staffen> He struggles in Varian's grasp. "Now just get it over with."
  267. [22:45] <Horace> "What sort of thing?"
  268. 06[22:45] * Horace lifts up the hem of the man's robe and prepares his hammerhead
  269. 01[22:45] <@Staffen> "I don't know," Perrak insists. "That wasn't for me to know."
  270. 06[22:46] * Horace ties the hem of the man's robe around his waist and gives his hammer and experimental jab in the air
  271. [22:46] <Horace> "Who is your employer?"
  272. 01[22:47] <@Staffen> "The Architect of Fate," the man answers simply.
  273. 06[22:47] * Horace breaks off, stepping backwards
  274. [22:48] <Horace> "FREK!"
  275. [22:48] <Varian> "Who is that?"
  276. [22:48] <Varian> ?*
  277. [22:48] <Horace> "I know what I need. You lot have anything else to ask of him?"
  278. [22:49] <Horace> "...Heretic god.  Don't think too much on it."
  279. [22:49] <Horace> "Seriously, don't think to much on it.  It, it starts the heresy happening."
  280. [22:49] <Brother_Ezekiah> "Perrak! Do you repent and accept the Lord of Mankind as your true master? That all you have done has been against His Divine Will? That in your death, your soul may yet be saved?"
  281. 06[22:49] * Varian replies, "Well in that case" before drawing his bolo-knife and holding it at the man's throat.
  282. 01[22:50] <@Staffen> "I hope your soul is fed unto a million mouths, redemptionist!" Perrak quickly spouts before Varian ends him.
  283. 06[22:51] * Horace grabs a large, self-rolled red lho from a pocket in his coat and sucks heavily on it after lighting
  284. 06[22:52] * Varian let his body fall to the floor, checking it briefly for any items he was carrying.
  285. [22:52] <Horace> "...I don't like this.  Even here, they're here and warp-blight...coming..."
  286. [22:52] <Horace> "We should head for the mines and see if we can find anymore of his ilk."
  287. 06[22:52] * Horace smokes heavily, pacing about as if distracted
  288. [22:53] <Petrus> "Indeed, but we should stop and prcure some items first."
  289. [22:53] <Brother_Ezekiah> "So he died as he lived. A heretic to the end." He'd spit on the corpse."
  290. [22:56] <Varian> Moves around the man's body, picking some small items up. click thrones is heard once more before he pockets them and stands.
  291. 06[22:56] * Horace moves in a trance rooting through the dingy hovel
  292. 01[22:58] <@Staffen> Horace's search is largely unsuccessful, but behind the sheet of scrap metal Perrak had been trying to access, you all find a room filled with cages.
  293. 06[22:59] * Varian pulls a caognoman from the dead man, holding it up he states. "Matches the name he gave us."
  294. 01[22:59] <@Staffen> Within them are people, some in better shape than others.
  295. [22:59] <Varian> cognoman*
  296. [22:59] <Brother_Ezekiah> "We should release them."
  297. 06[22:59] * Horace goes from person to person looking for obvious signs of taint, like a man possessed
  298. 01[23:02] <@Staffen> All the people are bound and gagged; are stuck together in single cages meant for only one person-sized creature. A fair share of them are women.
  299. [23:04] <Brother_Ezekiah> "How do we know which one is the little girl's mother?"
  300. 06[23:05] * Horace coughs to clear out his lungs from his lho
  301. [23:05] <Varian> "Under all the dirt and grim they should have similar features."
  302. [23:05] <Horace> "Try her hair color or face."
  303. 06[23:08] * Varian rubs the bridge of his nose with his hand, "Her name was Amanetta if I recall correctly."
  304. 06[23:11] * Horace looks to one squirming woman
  305. [23:11] <Horace> "Hey, you.  Yes, you.  You know an Amanetta?"
  306. [23:11] <Horace> "One blink yes, two blinks no.  Three if you want a beating for wasting my time."
  307. 01[23:12] <@Staffen> The person in question blinks once, trying to fight her restraints.
  308. [23:12] <Horace> "Good enough.  She blinked once.  Let's get these saps out of here."
  309. 06[23:12] * Horace smashes the cage lock with his hammer
  310. 06[23:13] * Horace points at the gagged woman
  311. [23:13] <Horace> "You're now Amanetta's mother until we learn otherwise."
  312. [23:13] <Brother_Ezekiah> "Shouldn't we ungag them?"
  313. [23:13] <Horace> "Good idea."
  314. 06[23:14] * Horace stoops down and frees the gathered people, starting with Amanetta's mother
  315. 06[23:14] * Varian heads to the door outside to be away from the still warm bodies of the dead and the prisoners. A look of distaste crossing his face.
  316. 01[23:15] <@Staffen> As soon as Amanetta's gag comes off she breathes deeply. "I'm Amanetta," she tells you. "Klenna's my daughter."
  317. 06[23:15] * Horace nods to his companions
  318. [23:15] <Horace> "Let's get them together and we finish our work."
  319. [23:16] <Brother_Ezekiah> "Yes! The people are free! Praise Him! For His work, while never finished, has lead to this glorious day!"
  320. 01[23:16] <@Staffen> The sits back and sighs. "Thank you," she says as the others are released. "Oh, Throne be praised, thank you so much!"
  321. 01[23:16] <@Staffen> *The woman
  322. 01[23:19] <@Staffen> The prisoners are, for the most part, able to leave on their own, but those who are so malnourished they cannot walk are helped along by their fellow escapees. You return Amanetta to her daughter, and the two give you endless thanks before you return to the mid-hive again.
  323. 01[23:32] <@Staffen> You are able to get Ezekiah to a walk-in clinic to patch up his injuries while Petrus goes elsewhere to secure a truck for the crate.
  324. 06[23:33] * Horace talks with Varian about his past with roundabout questions, trying to gain mental dossiers of his companions
  325. 06[23:35] * Brother_Ezekiah is a mental, naive, hopped up on religion fool. Like every other member of the Red Redemption. Even during getting patched up, he refused to remove his mask. And gave glory to the Emperor, for it was through His will alone that he was healed, or some non-sense he shouted at the top of his lungs.
  326. 06[23:44] * Horace meets Petrus and company back at the storage depot
  327. [23:45] <Petrus> "I got us a hauler"
  328. [23:45] <Horace> "How goes the box collection?  We need to stop those heretics..."
  329. 06[23:46] * Varian pulls the package office's slip from a pocket, "Safe and sound. Lets go retrieve it."
  330. 06[23:47] * Varian heads to the retrieval station to collect the 'box'
  331. Session Close: Sat May 05 23:47:49 2012
  333. Session Start: Sat May 05 23:47:49 2012
  334. Session Ident: #EternalWar
  335. 02[23:47] * Disconnected
  336. 02[23:47] * Attempting to rejoin channel #EternalWar
  337. 03[23:47] * Rejoined channel #EternalWar
  338. 03[23:47] * Topic is 'Petrus, Ezekiah, Varian, Horace, THE BOSS'
  339. 03[23:47] * Set by Staffen on Sat May 05 22:02:23
  340. [23:47] <Horace> WE ARE ABANDONED
  341. 06[23:47] * Horace nods and follows along, relaxing his fraying nerves with a constant trail of lho smoke
  342. 06[23:48] * Brother_Ezekiah will join the rest.
  343. 01[23:49] <Staffen> Varian turns in the form little hassle, aside from an uncomfortable wait in a thirty-minute line. Before long, however, a load-bearing sentinel walker comes out with the package on a palette. The crate is gently on the bed of the hauler's hold, and secured with ties before the dockworkers shut the hauler door and leave.
  344. [23:50] <Brother_Ezekiah> "We we drop it off at the mine, open it up, and then watch the fireworks?"
  345. [23:50] <Varian> "That was remarkably easy. Now to find our destination."
  346. [23:50] <Horace> "Hope so.  Let's go.  Who's driving?"
  347. 06[23:50] * Horace kicks at the dirt ashamedly
  348. [23:50] <Horace> "...I don't know how to."
  349. 06[23:51] * Petrus gets in the cab and starts the engine "I'll be driving"
  350. 06[23:52] * Horace sits on the hauler bed, back to the cabin
  351. 06[23:52] * Varian gets into a passenger seat.
  352. 06[23:54] * Brother_Ezekiah hopes on the hauler bed, next to the box.
  353. 01[23:55] <Staffen> Petrus gets underway, able to work the provided map and street signs efficiently. After a couple hours, you pass through the hive walls and to the outskirts, where the current mining operations take place. A side-fact is provided on the corner of the map: Jusano's underhive was once an enormous quarry during the days of Saint Drusus, and converted afterwards to make use of the enormous space left behind.
  354. [23:55] <Brother_Ezekiah> "So what is our plan? Just drop it off behind us?"
  355. [23:57] <Horace> "I think we find the right mine shaft, knock off the box top in the right direction, wait to see if anything comes out, then drive like hell."
  356. 01[23:58] <Staffen> Outside the city the landscape is barren from years of mistreatment. By the time you come close to the apparent location of the Deloran shafts, it is night, and it is cold.
  357. [23:58] <Varian> "I like that plan, keeps us well away from anything bad."
  358. 06[23:59] * Horace attaches his glow-globe to his shield mag-strip, but leaves it off
  359. 06[23:59] * Horace tests out the microbead
  360. [23:59] <Horace> ++We going to find our mine shaft in the dark, or are we going to be open about it?++
  361. [23:59] <Brother_Ezekiah> "Why do we not just open the box and let whatever is in it do it's job?"
  362. Session Time: Sun May 06 00:00:00 2012
  363. 06[00:01] * Varian shivers, bunching his flak cloak in closer to keep warm and starts looking for a heater in the large hauler.
  364. [00:01] <Horace> ++I was hoping that was the plan.++
  365. [00:02] <Brother_Ezekiah> "Then someone open the box!"
  366. [00:02] <Horace> ++We find our correct mine shaft?++
  367. [00:03] <Horace> ++We release it randomly, the damn thing inside may die or shut off running lost through random tunnels.++
  368. [00:03] <Petrus> ++Sounds good.++
  369. [00:05] <Brother_Ezekiah> "Do we know which shaft if the correct one?"
  370. 06[00:06] * Horace points at a lit shaft
  371. [00:06] <Horace> "That one's lit.  Good enough for me."
  372. [00:06] <Brother_Ezekiah> "Then let us do this!"
  373. 01[00:08] <Staffen> The crate, on inspection, is sealed on one end. A complimentary crowbar was left to you by the dockworkers.
  374. 06[00:09] * Petrus stays in the hauler with the engine running
  375. 06[00:09] * Horace opens the hauler straps and grabs a corner of the box
  376. [00:09] <Horace> "Gonna need help here."
  377. 06[00:09] * Brother_Ezekiah will assist the good arbite.
  378. 06[00:10] * Horace looks at the two men in the cabin
  379. 06[00:10] * Varian gets out, going to help. "Get ready to run."
  380. [00:10] <Horace> "Thanks.  Alright...let's just position this carefully over there...UNF"
  381. 06[00:10] * Horace lifts
  382. 03[00:11] * Petrus_ ( has joined #EternalWar
  383. 02[00:12] * Petrus ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  384. 03[00:13] * Petrus_ is now known as Petrus
  385. 06[00:13] * Varian takes a crowbar to the edge and starts working at the seal to pry it open. His grunts of effort growing louder by the moment.
  386. 01[00:14] <Staffen> You all pull at the side of the container Varian is prying open. Slowly, surely, the metal groans as it surrenders, and the lid comes off.
  387. 01[00:14] <Staffen> Nothing happens thereafter.
  388. [00:14] <Brother_Ezekiah> "... so what's in the box?"
  389. 06[00:15] * Horace puts up his shield and looks into the box behind the shield visor
  390. [00:15] <Varian> "I don't want to look in."
  391. 06[00:15] * Horace turns on his glowglove
  392. [00:15] <Horace> *glowglobe
  393. 01[00:15] <Staffen> Within, you find a man-sized block with a slab covering - a sarcophagus, it looks like. On the top of it, you can read a low gothic inscription: "I AM DEATHLESS, FOR MY PURPOSE IS NOT YET DONE".
  394. [00:16] <Brother_Ezekiah> "... what in blazes is that going to say?
  395. [00:16] <Brother_Ezekiah> *going to be."
  396. [00:17] <Horace> "...Some sort of coffin...  I don't like this.  Let's get it out of here and face it into the mineshaft."
  397. [00:17] <Brother_Ezekiah> "But a box within a box. It reminds me of Emperor's Ascension Day on Bront." Ezekiah nods. "Quite. Whatever is in that... isn't for us to see."
  398. 06[00:17] * Horace takes an end of the coffin, gingerly waiting for someone to take the other end
  399. [00:17] <Horace> "Someone bring the crowbar..."
  400. [00:17] <Horace> "And let's get ready to run.
  401. 06[00:19] * Varian puts the crowbar under his armpit and adducts his arm to keep it tight before going over to help lift the coffin from the other side.
  402. [00:19] <Brother_Ezekiah> "Leave the vehicle running." He'll help lift the coffin out.
  403. 01[00:19] <Staffen> The lid comes off simply. A waft of frost-filled air escapes and pours down the sides of the sarcophagus.
  404. 06[00:20] * Horace hides behind his shield, making a tactical retreat back to the hauler
  405. [00:20] <Horace> "Let's go.  That should be enough, hopefully."
  406. [00:20] <Varian> "Shit, RUN!"
  407. 06[00:20] * Brother_Ezekiah joins him. "Yes. We should make haste."
  408. 06[00:20] * Horace breaks and runs at the nobleborn scum's yell
  409. [00:21] <Horace> "Frek!"
  410. 01[00:21] <Staffen> For a few moments, nothing seems to happen. Nothing emerges from the crate. After a few moments' passing, you hear a moan of pain.
  411. 06[00:21] * Varian legs it, sprinting for his life.
  412. [00:21] <Petrus> ++We should go now++
  413. 06[00:21] * Horace leaps onto the hauler bed
  414. 06[00:21] * Horace grabs one of the straps used to secure the box down as an impromptu restraint
  415. 06[00:21] * Brother_Ezekiah doing the same. But he's still looking to see what is in the box?
  416. [00:22] <Horace> ++I'm clear!  Get in Redemptionist!++
  417. 06[00:22] * Varian scrambles to safety on the back of the hauler.
  418. 01[00:26] <Staffen> The night lights up in the distance: gunfire breaks out as you rush away, and you can see bright blue puffs cough into existence from closer to you. After a short while, things die down.
  419. [00:27] <Horace> ++Glad that's over with.  Let's get our damn antidote, and I can get back to my work.  Nice meeting you all.++
  420. 06[00:29] * Varian lets out a sign, "Yeah... nice I guess. Now to live another day and make it worth living with a nice Chateau P├ętrus, 82."
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