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  1. # Crawljax Command-line
  2. This is the Command-line distribution of Crawljax. The project is assembled in a ZIP file containing the jar that you can run to execute the crawler.
  5. Unzip the zip and in the resulting folder you can run Crawljax as follows:
  7. ```
  8. usage: java -jar crawljax-cli-version.jar theUrl theOutputDir
  9.    -a,--crawlHiddenAnchors     Crawl anchors even if they are not visible in the
  10.                                browser.
  11.    -b,--browser <arg>          browser type: firefox, ie, chrome, remote,
  12.                                htmlunit, android, iphone. Default is Firefox
  13.    -click <arg>                a comma separated list of HTML tags that should
  14.                                be clicked. Default is A and BUTTON
  15.    -d,--depth <arg>            crawl depth level. Default is 2
  16.    -h,--help                   print this message
  17.    -log <arg>                  Log to this file instead of the console
  18.    -o,--override               Override the output directory if non-empty
  19.    -p,--parallel <arg>         Number of browsers to use for crawling. Default
  20.                                is 1
  21.    -s,--maxstates <arg>        max number of states to crawl. Default is 0
  22.                                (unlimited)
  23.    -t,--timeout <arg>          Specify the maximum crawl time in minutes
  24.    -v,--verbose                Be extra verbose
  25.    -version                    print the version information and exit
  26.    -waitAfterEvent <arg>       the time to wait after an event has been fired in
  27.                                milliseconds. Default is 500
  28.    -waitAfterReload <arg>      the time to wait after an URL has been loaded in
  29.                                milliseconds. Default is 500
  30. ```
  32. The output folder will containt the output of the Crawl overview plugin.
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