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  1. I do not see that the analysis of "Shock and Awe" is correct here because it misses an important point:
  3. To be a dedicated maneuver of that kind "campaigning" – or put in other words "demonstrating power" – would have been an essential part of that strategy. But the now revealed things were planned to be kept secret as long as possible (and I am pretty sure other states like Russia, China, Japan, etc. are working on or deploying similar stuff). Only the whistleblowing action made those things public. Without Edward Snowden we would not have a clue that we were and are all fucked and would have continued blaming some CCC-nerds as conspiracy-lunatics. That is an important point to notice from my point of view. The US would have had all the fake-M3-money and power to display force, but they didn't. They wanted to hide all that force in secrecy.
  5. Using more of the same (i.e. more crypto) to fix the already known problems does apparently not fix the other – now pretty new – attack vectors that popped up, like being filmed from above the sky by Argus e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBfSbdAC-3k beeing tracked by your smartphone wherever you are via DROPJEEP and beeing sold malicious hardware directly from your e-Dealer like amazon and e-Bay.
  7. If I were the NSA I would spend all my resources on compromising displays by recording content and reflections of screen content in the close environment to bypass ANY protecting tool and or software at all. And people are actually working on stuff like this even at universities in Germany http://www.cs.ut.ee/~unruh/publications/reflections.pdf
  9. What your eyes can see, may soon also be seen by NSA if no one stops them and others involved by taking political action on their weaknesses. You cannot defeat all the technology they deploy at the same time (that is what I learned through #postsnowden), but you can attack all the money that is needed to develop, buy and deploy all these evil technologies.
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