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Judge N Tempia Westminster Court file Lauri Love extradition

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Jun 25th, 2016
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  1. City of Westminster Magistrates Court, South Eastern Circuit
  3. The Honourable District Judge Nina Tempia
  6. Case of Lauri Love of Suffolk UK, Case # 011503187270
  8. Amicus curiae brief filed, due to terrorism of solicitor / barristers & UK officials
  9. Threats to this Court from the most powerful crime group operating in the UK
  11. Dear Honourable Judge Tempia,
  13. Due to criminal intimidation upon both the solicitor & barristers for Mr Lauri Love, and UK cabinet ministers, by a crime group supported by the USA government, It seems to fall to me to file this amicus curiae brief, to present to you key facts & a brief concerning the US extradition request concerning the accused computer expert 'hacker' Mr Lauri Love.
  15. These facts and the attached brief from UK government files, are well-known to Mr Love's barrister & solicitors & to the UK ministers who present this extradition case to your Court in rather bad faith … they signal to me that it is I who must inform you, of the facts well-proven in UK police, National Crime Agency & Crown Prosecution Service files, of the murderous corruption of USA judges amongst those who would try Mr Love.
  17. Home Secretary Theresa May, Lord Chancellor Michael Gove, Mr Love's solicitor & barristers, & the USA Justice Dept itself, all fully recognise that the attached brief & the 1000-plus pages of evidence in UK gov files, make the extradition of Mr Love legally & morally impossible. However, these UK ministers & lawyers across the UK, are frightened & terrorised, of menaces to defame them, destroy their careers or possibly murder them, & they need you to rescue them from a bad conscience & not extradite Mr Love. On its part, the USA hopes to make you yield to this extradition request not by law, but by their bluff & intimidation.
  19. Mr Love is in grave danger from bribed, corrupted, under-threat US judges; a fraudulent US 'proceeding' with gov-tied 'lawyers' betraying him; or a fake 'suicide' as often happens there.
  21. As the UK National Crime Agency Director-General can outline for you if not frightened, his files show that Pearson plc bribed 3 American judges including 2 USA federal-national judges amongst those to try Lauri Love, as part of a Pearson scheme to defraud millions of pounds from its own book authors & from the public, in collusion with US-based, London-office law firms, who also defraud millions of client funds. UK obstruction & perversion of justice crimes include terrorist threats to kill people, US-judge-created fraudulent documents, the bribery of the UK Guardian, & a top Google lawyer hiding truth & publishing hoaxes on the UK internet, whilst joining with London-office US law firms to menace all UK lawyers & public officials.
  23. No doubt, Judge Tempia, it is frightening for you to see UK cabinet ministers & UK solicitors & barristers all intimidated, fearing for their lives just to show facts in your courtroom. The USA would like you to feel fear as well. But from these files I am sure you know your duty - However great your fear, make a formula to not render Mr Love into the hands of criminals whom the UK Home Secretary & Lord Chancellor are themselves too frightened to confront.
  25. Dr Les Sachs, Witness to the EU Commission & UK & European governments
  26. c/o Law Offices of George-Henri Beauthier, Berckmansstraat 89, 1060 Brussel, Belgium
  28. L.Sachs@Inbox.LT
  30. Attached supporting files
  32. UK gov brief to stop extradition of UK hacker Lauri Love to USA
  35. US gov brief on bribed US judges re UK hacker Lauri Love
  38. US Attorneys face rejection of US request to extradite UK hacker Lauri Love
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