1.0.6 and 1.1.0 Changes. Non-exhaustive.

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  1. 1.0.6 Changes- Configs and Scripts in no particular order. Also includes things mentioned in official patch notes. The official notes may give further insight into why changes were made, this just lists them off in more detail so you know what part(s) of your base are kaput.
  3. XU2 sound muffler disabled (presumably due to a crash bug?)
  4. Gas, Plasma, and Steam turbine output buffs. Gas = 18776, Plasma = 29081, Steam = 6144.
  5. IV+ Ore Washers and Thermal Centrifuges exist.
  6. Various NuclearCraft integration recipes disabled, including recipe conflicts and some cheaty recipes.
  7. Wyvern core no longer uses nether stars and tungstencarbide blocks, instead uses 2 crystalline blocks. Also uses 1/2 the energy.
  8. Chaotic solar panel no longer uses 16x superconducting wires and only uses 2 draconic solar panels, down from 4. Also uses 1/10th the energy.
  9. Neutronium solar pannel no longer uses 16x omnium wire and infinity ingots, instead uses 4 16x superconducting wires and 2 blocks of omnium. Also uses 1/10th the energy.
  10. Draconic energy core uses 1/10th the energy.
  11. Wyvern solar panel no longer uses charged draconium blocks, instead uses 2 draconium blocks. Also uses 1/10th the energy (see a trend yet?).
  12. Draconic eveolution reactor core uses 1/3 the energy (jebaited).
  13. Chaotic tier fusion injector no longer uses blocks of omnium, instead 2 Crystalline blocks. Also uses 1/3 the energy.
  14. Awakened draconium recipe charges 5 blocks at a time, up from 1.
  15. Awakened core uses 1/2 the energy.
  16. Chaotic core no longer uses infinity ingots, instead uses 2 omnium ingots. Also uses 1/5 the energy.
  17. CofH enchantments re-enabled.
  18. Reactant and Numismatic Dynamos now produce more base power.
  19. Large and Medium Microverse projectors no longer have fluid input and output hatches, instead casings where they were.
  20. Some changes to the layout of the oil drilling rig. But it no longer uses unobtainium, so there's that.
  21. Nerfs to T5+ up to chaotic solar panels. They produce 50% as much RF/t as before.
  22. Thermal sulfur can now be turned into GT sulfur.
  23. GT neutronium plates can now be exchanged for More Plates neutronium plates.
  24. Neutronium frame gains a crafting recipe.
  25. Added compressor recipe for various dense plates. 9 regular plates->1 dense.
  26. Essentia needle is no longer craftable.
  27. Super star bow custom recipe removed.
  28. Naquadah dust now smelts into Naquadah ingots in a furnace, instead of a blast furnace. (I believe this change was supposed to be made to Enriched Naquadah, and not regular Naquadah)
  29. "Alternate" Dragon hide -> Hot Draconium recipe no longer uses a draconium dust. Now produces 2 hot draconium ingots from 4 dragon hides.
  30. Making fluxed electrum in the blast furnace no longer uses tritium and is done much faster and at a lower temperature, making it available from MV. The cheaty fluxed electrum recipe in a chemical bath has been disabled.
  31. Various custom "widget" items added. They're used in bounties.
  32. Enriched Naquadah and Naquadria now use 1 ingot's worth of their radioactive element, down from 4.
  33. Black quartz ore can now be smelted into black quartz.
  34. Rock salt no longer smelts into sodium. For the 0 of you who relied on this behaviour, HA GOTCHA.
  35. Added a iron gear crafting table recipe.
  36. Quantum Processor, Quantum Processor Array, Crystal Circuit, and Crystal Processor changed to custom items due to GTCE changes. Their recipes, uses, appearence, etc remains unchanged, but their item name (interally) has changed, so automation recieps need to be updated.
  37. Buckets can now be made in a assembly machine. It uses Program 3, same as your iron/dark iron bars.
  38. Rainbow generator no longer uses MAX voltage components, instead more opinion cores and a heart of the universe.
  39. The following items can now be melted in a fluid extractor: Crystal Matrix Ingots, Lapis, Quartz, Emerald, Spawn egg (cow).
  40. Infinity ingots now use 1 infinity catalyst.
  41. Hearts of the universe can now be melted down into "Molten Creative Portable Tank". It can then be solidified into regular creative portable tanks. One heart makes 2 tanks, although maybe you'd rather make 1 tank, and then put Molten Creative Portable Tank in your Creative Portable Tank and then...
  42. Minor changes to the skullfire sword recipe.
  43. Logipipes scripts updated to no longer fail to execute with latest LP version.
  44. T7 micro miner can no longer get chaos shards, that mission has been moved to T8.
  45. T7 micro miner now brings back more eggs than it costs to make it (32->128). It also brings back a few more hearts (16->32). Poor dragos.
  46. T8 micro miner now can run the Chaos Dragon mission. It brings back 4 chaos shards and 256 dragon eggs.
  47. T9 micro miner now brings back more neutronium nuggets. 256->384. They're also no longer crafted out of unobtainium.
  48. Cryogenic distillation of liquid air now runs 4x as fast and uses 2/3 the RF/t.
  49. Cryogenic distillation of noble gasses now runs 1/2x as fast. This will require a different ratio of air distillers:noble gas distillers.
  50. Naquadah Reactor MK1 now produces 5x as much power as before (65500->327500 RF/t) and fuels burn significantly longer (1200->3000t for enriched, 3050->12000t for naquadria). 1 enriched naquadah ingot burns for 20m. 1 Naquadria ingot burns for 1h20m.
  51. Naquadah Reactor MK2 now produces 10x as much power as before (262000->2620000 RF/t) and fuels burn significantly longer (same as above)
  52. Oil drilling rig now consumes a pipe 1% of the time (1 pipe per 100 buckets, on average). It also consumes 10mB of drilling fluid for every bucket of oil. Drilling fluid is 99% water, .9% stone dust, and .1% lubricant, it isn't going to break the bank.
  53. ! Z-logic controllers now have a (more expensive) shaped crafting recipe, making them available from MV. This means things like farming stations, advanced EIO filters, and powered spawners are available at MV, down from EV.
  54. You can now down-grade your obsidian furnace back to 2 diamond furnaces.
  55. Carbon mesh can now be made with carbon dust, instead of just coal dust.
  56. Augment: Elemental Catalyzer for the reactant dynamo has a cheaper recipe.
  57. Bounty system added. You can trade widgets and microcrafting components for omnicoins.
  59. 1.1.0 changes- Difference from 1.0.6 Configs and Scripts in no particular order. Also includes things mentioned in official patch notes. The official notes may give further insight into why changes were made, this just lists them off in more detail so you know what part(s) of your base are kaput.
  61. AE2 WCT supports colored lights (unsure what this means)
  62. Oil Drilling rig fixed to work (3rd time's the charm)
  63. Fixed the tiny dust exploit for smelting lumium, signalum, and enderium.
  64. Fixed the widgets to be craftable and not use tools.
  65. Fixed the Iron Gear shaped recipe to accept any appropriate tool.
  66. Astral Sorcery configs added. Hinting at AS being added to the pack?! (The mod is not included, yet)
  67. A new "lumber jack" mod added, because GTCE axes are kaput.
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