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  3. ➸ Username: @J15UNG5PLU5H13
  4. ➸ Slot: Scorch 4
  5. ➸ Backup Slot: Moon 4
  6. ➸ Face Claim: Yoojung (ioi)
  7. ➸ Backup Face Claim: Dahyun (Twice)
  9. 『HERO』
  11. ➸ Full name: Hwang Jiyeon
  12. ➸ Other Name: Angelia Hwang
  13. ➸ Nicknames:
  14. » Tiny Dancer; Her group members sometimes call her this as she's a bit small for her age and she's a Beautiful Dancer.
  15. » Angel; Her family because they are her little angel ever since young and it's a short form of hee English name.
  16. » Yeonnie; Everyone calls her this because it's a cute nickname for her korean name.
  17. ➸ Birthdate: 22/10/97
  18. ➸ Age: 22 | 21
  19. ➸ Birthplace: Incheon, South Korea
  20. ➸ Nationality: South Korean
  21. ➸ Ethnicity: South Korean
  22. ➸ Height: 161cm
  23. ➸ Weight: 45kg
  24. ➸ Blood type: O
  26. 『FIRE TRUCK』
  28. ➸ Personality: Shes an extremely SOFT person. She loves fluffs, puppies, plushies, anything soft. She's a shy girl who blushes easily and has a dolphin laugh. She's really cute and loves doing  aegyo. She's always putting others before her and caring for them a lot. She really lives up to her name as an angel.
  30. She's also very ADVENTUROUS. She's a person who is always daring to try new things, big or small. She's always looking for some fun and adventure in her life to make it more exciting.
  32. She's a CREATIVE girl who has a strong imagination. Having use daily to produce here won songs and choreographies for fun and writing stories, all these activities really reflect her creativity and she's always bursting with helpful and excellent ideas.
  34.  She's extremely WEIRD too. She's an actual walking meme and a little ball of sunshine that's always really loud and ready to have fun together. She'll do anything to brighten up the mood and is is always shyly cringing after her weird actions or bad jokes.
  36.  She's also an avid DREAMER. Daydreams are normal for her as she likes to travel in her own little world. Her creativity sparks there and she can always daydream whenever she's down or bored.
  38. Lastly, she's very HARDWORKING. She's been training hard for 6 years and didn't lose hope. She's always practicing things like duality and is constantly seen trying to improve herself. She sometimes may overwork though, which isn't good for her health.
  40. ➸ Background: She was born in Incheon with an older Brother. Her family moved to Los Angeles when've she was born and she was baptised there, having her baptismal name as Angelia. She learn to fluent English in Los Angeles and loved it there. She had always loved the arts and dreamed big about her future. She was one to work hard to achieve her goals. She produced her own songs and choreographies for fun. She painted and wrote stories during her free time. She posted her work on her social media sites. When she was 13, she got scouted by a JYP scout on her YouTube channel, "ArtAngel" for her original performance video of a songbook she wrote called "Light Up". She happily accepted and moved to Seoul, saying sad goodbyes to her family and promises to visit.
  42. 『HARD CARRY』
  44. ➸ Likes:
  45. » Vibrant Colours
  46. » Aegyo
  47. » Iced Tea
  48. » Cheesecake
  49. » Plushies
  50. ➸ Dislikes:
  51. » Creepy Crawlies
  52. » Nuts (allergic)
  53. » Uncooperative people
  54. » Being teased (especially for her height)
  55. » Heights
  57. ➸ Trivia:
  58. » She is close with Twice, Stray Kids and GOT7. She trained with all of them and featured in their videos.
  59. » She loves vlives so much that she made her own section like "EATJIN" called "ALiveAngel".
  60. » She's the first one up every morning. In fact, she only sleeps at most 5 hours in one night.
  61. » She has a Pomeranian called Yeoko and a Labrador called Huang.
  62. » She loves having the tips of her hair highlighted, especially in purple.
  63. » Her motto is "No matter what happens, Let's stay together."
  64. » She believes in Angels after so called encountering one when she was 14.
  65. ➸ Hobbies:
  66. » Daydreaming
  67. » Writing
  68. » Listening to Music
  69. ➸ Habits:
  70. » Pouting
  71. » Sticking toungue out when concentrating
  72. » clapping her hands when really excited
  74. 『MY PACE』
  76. ➸ Suggested Fandom Name: Luxuries
  77. ➸ Suggested Fandom Colour(s): White & Gold
  79. ➸ Suggested Songs: As If It's Your Last, Boombayah, Playing With Fire, Goodbye Baby and Starry Night.
  80. ➸ Suggested Album Names: Burn It Up, Heat Wave, Burning Out.
  81. (I'm not good at this sorry!)
  83. ➸ Member Intro: “ Annyeong, Nice to meet all of you! I'm Lux's little Angel! ”
  84. ➸ Which slot/s are you closest to?: Scorch 1, Scorch 2, Scorch 3, Moon 2, Moon 3, Solar 3 and Limitless 3. (Burn honestly all because they're all angels uwu)
  89. ➸ Love Interest: Kim Yugyeom
  90. ➸ Backup: Han Jisung
  92. ➸ How did you meet: They met behind the scenes of the "Girls, Girls, Girls" MV shooting when she knocked into him while trying to get to her bag for her phone. After Recognising her behind the scenes of other MVs, he became friends with her.
  93. ➸ How do you want your relationship to go: a secret relationship and when the public found out, they receive some hate but they didn't care and are still dating in the end.
  95. ➸ Anything I missed:
  96. » Training period: 5 years 4 months in JYP, 10 months in YG.
  97. » Predebut activities: featured in GOT7's "A" MV, "If You Do" MV, "Girls Girls Girls" MV, Twice's "Like Ooh-Ahh" MV and Stray Kids "I am: Not" teaser video.
  98. » Social media?? @hwangelux._
  99. »Nothing else but here's my love ♡
  100. ➸ Message to me: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUVE DONE FOR ME YOURE SUCH A QUEEN T T ILY!! THIS AF IS AMAJING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also sorry for the late form I TRIED REALLY HARD-
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