Session 1

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  1. == Session 1 4/12/16==
  2. (2:33:52 PM) You are now known as AC[GM]
  3. (2:34:03 PM) AC[GM]: Months ago posters went up in taverns, bars, on bulletin boards, and telephone poles all across Whinnysota.  Mostly along well-traveled roads, they could even be found in the numerous small farming towns that dotted the plains spreading out around the ruined Whinnyapolis metropolis.  They all bore the same masthead, grabbing the eye, and smaller text, all of it printed, a luxurious if helpful expense that most wasteland businesses can't afford.
  4. (2:34:08 PM) AC[GM]: HELP WANTED it read across the top in big block letters.  Slightly smaller it followed with 500 CAPS PER WEEK and WILL PAY IN CASH on successive lines.  Then followed prose paragraphs.
  5. (2:34:20 PM) AC[GM]: "Said work will be of a hazardous nature and require creatures in prime physical condition, facile of mind, and willing to endure extreme conditions.  Needed equipment will be deducted from pay at candidate's request.  Loner's preferred."
  6. (2:34:26 PM) AC[GM]: "See Two Gears, Room 332, Corn Exchange Building by November 1st"
  7. (2:34:30 PM) AC[GM]: This has stirred up a lot of talk but very little in the way of actual applicants so far it seems, at least from what you may have heard in the bars and shops.  A lot of talk and curiosity but no one seems terribly interested in running such risks.
  8. (2:34:35 PM) AC[GM]: Most seem to think that it'll certainly appeal to the mostly unemployed influx of southerners, plus the usual crowd of Whinnysota adventuring riff-raff.
  9. (2:36:27 PM) AC[GM]: Today is October 31st.  In days of yore it was celebrated as Nightmare Night, a revelry in memory of the abortive attempt of the transformed Princess Luna to take over Equestria.  Largely filled with parties, treat giving, and costumes the holiday goes uncelebrated by all but a few religious cults in today's wasteland.
  10. (2:36:59 PM) AC[GM]: There's one day left on the notice, should any equines desire such lucrative employment.
  11. (2:41:13 PM) ***Shimmer was going about their work when he saw one of the posters . 'His' work in this occasion was selling the goods that he'd picked up from the last sales trip. The cute mare that was running the shop usually gave him good prices and sold some ammo at a good price...which he would later sell as a cute mare to some of the mercs that were around...however the-
  12. (2:43:20 PM) Shimmer: post oddly stuck in mind. Shimmer definitely was not a loner, and infact was missing the bodyguard that she'd hired. Then against most ponies refer to 'extreme' conditions as anywhere rads infested...He decides to the least to see what the nature of the work was.
  13. (2:43:43 PM) ***Necessary_Force tears one of the fliers down and reads it as she holds it in a hoof, her clothes dirty from a few days uninterrupted travel towards Whinnysota proper.
  14. (2:43:59 PM) Necessary_Force: Whinnyapolis*
  15. (2:45:06 PM) ***Necessary_Force has been struggling in her travels. Her skills aren't entirely conducive to acquiring steady work, but steady work is what she needs if she wants to continue her... investigation in the region.
  16. (2:46:50 PM) ***Arcadia hovers rather low to the ground, most of her belongings tied in a bundle upon her back and wrapped with some slightly rusted chain she had found in her idle scavenging during the long trip north. In her telekinetic grasp was one of these posters that she'd snagged from a board on her way, a single eye gazing over the note and ignoring the buzzing thoughts of the ponies within her telepathic range. <Hrm... No. No, We don't need to buy a
  17. (2:46:51 PM) ***Arcadia gun.> She says to herself mentally, catching a faint thought from some trader or something. "Buck us with the moon... I'm doing it again..."
  18. (2:46:52 PM) ***Necessary_Force figures that the job offered by the flier is her lucky break. Now she just needs to get there fast enough...
  19. (2:50:01 PM) ***Shimmer asks around if anypony has investigated Two Gears' offer! Doing their best to learn as many details as possible. Shimmer wanted to lead best hoof forward!
  20. (2:52:02 PM) AC[GM]: Shimmer finds a few ponies that express surprise that a....  Merchant would be curious about such dangerous work.  She can't find anyone who's actually taken up the offer, though several mention that Two Gears is fairly well known in the scrap and salvage market.  His present business seems to be high-tech goods that are marketable in the Core Wastelands.
  21. (2:52:14 PM) Necessary_Force left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  22. (2:52:41 PM) Necessary_Force [Mibbit@Pony-92a.p79.202.138.IP] entered the room.
  23. (2:53:46 PM) AC[GM]: Arcadia is getting some strange looks from the ponies around her but none seem willing to give voice to their trepedation.  That, and no one is running away from her per say... More just eying her with curiosity.
  24. (2:54:12 PM) ***Shimmer smiles and thanks them all. She even explains that hazardous work tends to result in quite a bit of scavenge rights and that should hopefully help her bring some exotic stuff to the market! She walks off with a happy giggle pulling the leather cloak that concealed just how...okay rather comical her armor looked. It was good stuff though.
  25. (2:55:01 PM) ***Necessary_Force passes along on the thoroughfare as anonymously as she can. An earth pony mare with fairly drab colors doesn't exactly draw attention, after all.
  26. (2:55:27 PM) AC[GM]: In point of fact, most of Whinnyapolis's residents are earth ponies.  Another one of any shade is unlikely to attract attention.
  27. (2:56:18 PM) ***Arcadia pauses a moment, so lost in her thoughts that she'd not even noticed entering the city area, slowly folding up the poster and glancing around at the crowd. "Well, huh... We must have moved faster than we thought. Could anypony help us find a pony by the name of Two Gears?" She says, her voice quite... Exotic, from the southern area of the core wasteland with that faint drawl that was just enough to be enticing.
  28. (2:56:32 PM) ***Shimmer is presently a quite attractive blue unicorn with a brighter blue man that has a white stripe. The fact it's the 31st is fitting because she rather does resememble a unicorn Luna.
  29. (2:57:00 PM) AC[GM]: What passes for a main street is the wide boulevard to the side of one of the city's uncollapsed skyways, the open-air shops clustered under its protective overhead cover and quite a few filling the patched together brick buildings on the other side.  In general, it traced a line west to east towards the Great River at the heart of the city's inhabited core.
  30. (2:58:22 PM) AC[GM]: "Downtown" by The Falls held several of the city's semi-functional flour mills and other industry, not to mention the city's limited field space, the old Whinnysota University grounds, and far enough down to where the river's joined was The 135s' headquarters at the Castle.
  31. (2:59:28 PM) AC[GM]: To the east of that, and south of the central business district, was the Corn Exchange Building.  A ten story, solidly built granite building that had been the whole commonwealth's hub of agricultural trade before the war it was perhaps the least changed structure in the city.
  32. (2:59:29 PM) ***Necessary_Force just reads street-signs until she's reached the Corn Exchange Building. Shouldn't be hard for a mare with her single-minded purpose.
  33. (3:00:03 PM) ***Necessary_Force ... and besides. She's barely got a bit to her name.
  34. (3:00:35 PM) AC[GM]: Ponies still swarmed it during the harvest, and other times, looking to make buy or sell their products.  Tons of wheat, corn, flour, potatoes, rye, barley, every conceivable field crop that could grow in the cold but fertile north flowed across its trading floors as bit signs and caps.
  35. (3:01:03 PM) AC[GM]: The upper floors held no small number of offices for the more, or less, respectable businessponies in the community.
  36. (3:01:45 PM) ***Shimmer likely encounters the Alicorn. She reacts with a bit more fear and hesitation then most ponies. "umm. He....he is over this way...or rather the building is. Is this about the job?" Shimmer was a bit intimidated by the alicorn...less because of what she was and more what color she was. After all didn't Green mean mind reading?
  37. (3:02:45 PM) AC[GM]: A middle-aged stallion in an apron, standing on his hindlegs with a broom in his hoof clears his throat near Arcadia.  "Ah, miss?  Two Gears's place is the next right, just keep goin' to you get to the big building wit' the guards and show him yer paper there," he says with a genuine looking smile.
  38. (3:03:45 PM) AC[GM]: He waves at Shimmer, "Oh, heya Shimmer!  You're in good company there miss, if Shimmer's going your way you can folla her!"
  39. (3:04:58 PM) AC[GM]: Necessary_Force finds the building easily enough!  A good block away she's stopped at a baricade by a lightly armed policemare who has a few questions about where she's going in such a hurry, but the uniformed pony sends her on the way with directions.
  40. (3:05:40 PM) ***Shimmer smiles and waves a tiny bit nervous. "Hey...there Dust...still haven't found that thing you were looking for." Shimmer did her best not to think that she might need to adopt a new identity here.
  41. (3:05:52 PM) AC[GM]: Outside in the street are a few carriages, their motive power seem by and large to have left their posts to cluser up by a burning barrel or two to chat noisely while their employers conduct business inside.
  42. (3:06:17 PM) ***Arcadia grumbles a little, landing down on the ground with a hefty thump. Between her weight and her gear, she was pretty heavy at the moment. "Not a single-" <Wait... that mare talked to us... Why can't we hear... Oh, unicorn. Maybe a spell of some kind.> Drawn out of her reverie, she nods at both Shimmer and the stallion. "Thank you both, we are much looking forward to meeting him." Turning to Shimmer, she nods once more. "The job, yes. We are
  43. (3:06:18 PM) ***Arcadia looking for him for that." <She's not right... She seems too nervous...> [It's nothing we should be worried about, no... Just a spell, that's all.] "So, you can lead us to him?"
  44. (3:06:37 PM) AC[GM]: "Ah, don't worry 'bout it!" he says, waving her off with a hoof as he heads back into his shop, "Jus' don't go gettin' yourself killed on some crazy mission 'fore you do."
  45. (3:06:58 PM) AC[GM]: *cluster
  46. (3:07:15 PM) ***Necessary_Force keeps heading along at a fairly swift trot until she arrives.
  47. (3:07:51 PM) AC[GM]: Necessary_Force also sees individual ponies entering and leaving on their own time, most unhurried, in warm looking coats and hats, heading every conceivable direction after they exit the colunnaded front.
  48. (3:08:33 PM) Shimmer: "Well...maybe...with Ms...Green here it will be easier." She says calming herself. It would be easy just don't think about the elephant in the room...infact no DO think about elephants. Elephants weren't the issue here.
  49. (3:08:46 PM) ***Necessary_Force watches the ebb and flow of the crowd for a moment before slipping into the stream.
  50. (3:09:13 PM) AC[GM]: Ponies going about their business skirt Arcadia and Shimmer at a fairly good distance.  They seem to have adopted a similar stance on alicorns in the room and what-not.
  51. (3:10:40 PM) ***Arcadia flicks her ears upwards as a slight shiver causes her wing-feathers to ruffle. "Shall we go then, uhm... Was it Shimmer? We would like to get out of the cold."
  52. (3:11:18 PM) ***Necessary_Force glances at the... giant, hovering alicorn floating somewhere in the room, half-curious, half-hostile, before diverting her attention to asking for directions.
  53. (3:11:40 PM) ***Necessary_Force offers the flier as a visual aid.
  54. (3:11:50 PM) AC[GM]: Shimmer and Arcadia are several blocks away still....
  55. (3:12:34 PM) Shimmer: "yes. I am Shimmer." This wasn't even a lie. Her actual name really was Shimmer. Her bodyguard had accidentally given it after learning what she in the instances that she wasn't flipping goods as passing merchants she was known as Shimmer.
  56. (3:12:41 PM) ***Necessary_Force busies herself asking for directions inside the Corn Exchange Building, offering the flier as a visual aid.
  57. (3:12:55 PM) ***Necessary_Force hasn't seen (or at least noticed) any alicorns yet.
  58. (3:13:08 PM) AC[GM]: Nessa finds the building's entranceway is nice and warm; here and there ponies sit/lay on chairs chatting or snacking.  One of the building's janitors looks at her flyer and points her up!  He tells her the to look for the stairwell sign, go up two floors, Two Gears's office will be halfway down on the right.
  59. (3:13:49 PM) ***Necessary_Force nods her thanks, removing and stowing her rattan hat as she proceeds up the stairs.
  60. (3:14:09 PM) AC[GM]: *her to look for the stairwell
  61. (3:14:40 PM) ***Shimmer heads for the building shortly. She was starting to relax. Being too nervous might effect the prices she gets after all.
  62. (3:15:06 PM) AC[GM]: She can hear a lot of voices behind closed doors as she passes the second floor, the traffic on the grand staircase gets heavier and then abates as she keeps climbing...
  63. (3:15:07 PM) ***Necessary_Force takes a moment to catch her breath and smooth her well-worn traveling clothes before knocking on Two Gears' door. Or on the threshold, if it's open.
  64. (3:15:15 PM) ***Arcadia folds her ears down again. "We are Arcadia." She says simply. "Please, lead the way. We would get lost if we tried on our own."
  65. (3:16:12 PM) AC[GM]: The door to the hall is closed; the lettering is neat but hastily applied.  It reads 'Gears & Bucklyn Co.' above 'Dealers in Electronics and Salvage'
  66. (3:16:33 PM) AC[GM]: Necessary_Force can hear a mare from within call out, "IT'S OPEN."
  67. (3:17:27 PM) ***Necessary_Force opens the door and passes inside, snagging the corner of the door with her hoof to close it as she gets past.
  68. (3:19:25 PM) ***Shimmer leads the way. "I am Shimmer, and I suppose we just need to find floor thirty two...if the number is anything to go by.
  69. (3:19:30 PM) AC[GM]: Shimmer and Arcadia find the conditions outside the building unchanged, though it seems there are fewer ponies entering and leaving.  Two attractive mares, however, draw a little more attention then a nondescript earth pony.  They can hear a few whistles and muffled stomping as the chilled carriage ponies appreciate their passing.
  70. (3:20:08 PM) AC[GM]: Inside things are exactly the same; a buzz of voices and the warmth of a building with functional central heating.
  71. (3:21:20 PM) AC[GM]: Necessary_Force walks into a well furnished ante-room with couches on either side of the room, a clear area in the middle towards a desk where a cadet gray unicorn sits behind a typewriter starring towards the door.
  72. (3:21:54 PM) AC[GM]: It's finished in light colored woods, with some gently worn paintings on the walls and bushy ferns in the corners beside the seats.
  73. (3:22:17 PM) ***Shimmer doesn't mind the attention too much at all. It doesn't take her too long to find the stairwell and then the room they're looking for.
  74. (3:22:19 PM) AC[GM]: The mare looks a little to the left of Necessary_Force and asks, "Can I help you?"
  75. (3:22:20 PM) Necessary_Force: "Hello," Necessary_Force greets her, approaching at an easy walk. "I'm here to apply for the position." She produces the flier.
  76. (3:22:43 PM) ***Arcadia glances towards some of the whistling ponies, a gleam in her eyes as she winks in their general direction just before ducking into the warmth of central heating. A quick shake and an unfurling of her wings to readjust all her feathers, and she's ready to look around the area for stairs... <Those ponies liked us... That is strange.> [It's not strange, we are an attractive pony compared to most. Besides, had they not liked us, what would
  77. (3:22:44 PM) ***Arcadia you do?]
  78. (3:23:21 PM) AC[GM]: "Oh, of course," she says with a hmf through her nose, gesturing towards the seats Nessa passed to get to her desk, "Take a seat.  I'll let Mr. Gears know you're here.  What name should I give him?"
  79. (3:23:39 PM) Necessary_Force: "Necessary Force."
  80. (3:24:46 PM) AC[GM]: The mare mumbles it again to herself and stands just in time for there to be the sound of hooves outside the door again.  Arcadia and Shimmer can hear a mare shout "DOOR'S OPEN" at them from within.
  81. (3:24:59 PM) ***Necessary_Force is an average sized earth pony mare with a curly, free-hanging mane and coloration somewhat reminiscent of a plum-- a magenta mane, a dull pink coat and indigo eyes.
  82. (3:25:35 PM) ***Necessary_Force is wearing a thick, full-body suit of traveling clothes, a pistol of some sort tucked in against her chest where she can reach it easily.
  83. (3:26:06 PM) ***Arcadia glances towards Shimmer. "Want to? Or shall we?" She asks, her horn beginning to glow with the telltale telekinetic light
  84. (3:26:29 PM) AC[GM]: She scrunches her muzzle and waits for the rest of her present intruders to enter.  The presumptive secretary is a rail-thin blue-gray earth pony mare with a dark gray mane; she moves with a severe limp that jerks her hindquarters around the axis of a badly bent rear right leg.
  85. (3:27:09 PM) ***Necessary_Force carefully removes and sets her saddlebags down in front of the seat she's claiming for the moment.
  86. (3:27:16 PM) ***Shimmer nods and her own horn glows briefly. She grows a bit more confident and you almost have trouble forgetting her nerves before. (Softlight) She nods. "Thank you" She says politely answers the mare. " seems we aren't the only ponies to answer the request."  She notes upon seeing Necessary force.
  87. (3:27:59 PM) ***Necessary_Force only has time to briefly glance at the secretary mare's limp before she turns and looks at whoever's entering.
  88. (3:29:16 PM) AC[GM]: "Are you two here about the job as well?" she asks testily, tapping her front hoof softly in the plush carpeting.
  89. (3:29:31 PM) ***Necessary_Force can't hide the grimace that immediately appears on her face at the sight of an alicorn. The blue-ish unicorn mare seems to be beneath her notice.
  90. (3:30:01 PM) ***Shimmer nods. "Possibly. I am going to see what the work entails first."
  91. (3:30:29 PM) ***Necessary_Force wrestles her expression down to one of mild distaste -- they're free willed now, after all... -- and sets her gaze on the opposite wall.
  92. (3:31:47 PM) ***Arcadia lets Shimmer walk in first, before the large green alicorn strides in after her, legs stepping gracefully upon the floor as she physically ducks under the doorframe. "We see this... And yes, at least... We are. Our companion did not say, we think... Oh! Maybe then? Either way, we are interested." She hums afterwards, gaze looking over the grumpy secretary and the oddly... Irritated pony? She was having trouble placing her emotions, too
  93. (3:31:47 PM) ***Arcadia much interference for her mind to work through this far into the city
  94. (3:32:04 PM) AC[GM]: The mare grunts at Shimmer and Arcadia, "Names?"
  95. (3:34:14 PM) AC[GM]: "I don't have all day," she grumbles at the pair
  96. (3:35:56 PM) ***Arcadia glares back at the mare, her gaze stony for a moment. "We are Arcadia." She reaches out tentatively with her telepathy, not able to get much of any reading due to not knowing the pony she was targeting.
  97. (3:37:25 PM) AC[GM]: The mare mumbles it to herself, then waves a hoof at Shimmer, "Hello?  Name?"
  98. (3:37:28 PM) ***Necessary_Force pulls a rag out of her bags and dusts her hooves off a little as she waits for the secretary mare to finish-up.
  99. (3:37:40 PM) Shimmer: "Shimmer."
  100. (3:38:26 PM) AC[GM]: "Great.  I'll be back in a minute," she says, turning to the door behind her desk and hobbles through it, slamming it behind her and leaving the three mares to their own devices.
  101. (3:38:33 PM) ***Shimmer was happy to let Arcadia introduce herself first.
  102. (3:39:23 PM) ***Necessary_Force strokes the underside of her muzzle a little as she regards Arcadia and Shimmer with a more neutral expression on her face.
  103. (3:39:48 PM) Necessary_Force: Both Shimmer and Arcadia can catch sight of a PipBuck 3000 clapped around her left foreleg.
  104. (3:41:14 PM) ***Arcadia hums again. <She seemed less irritated after that.> [Really? we thought she looked more so...] She thinks to herself, sitting down with a thump. "So... We are all here for this job?" She asks, ears splaying to the sides.
  105. (3:41:21 PM) ***Shimmer takes a seat and gets comfortable. "So...Vault dweller, Ranger...or fortunate pony that managed to buy one?" She inquires politely.
  106. (3:41:49 PM) Necessary_Force: "They're called Stables," Necessary_Force corrects Shimmer.
  107. (3:42:03 PM) Necessary_Force: "Vault is a bit of a simplistic term for something so complex."
  108. (3:42:13 PM) Shimmer: (eep my bad! been ages since I FO:E'd)
  109. (3:42:19 PM) ***Necessary_Force seems to have a bad case of resting-bitch-face.
  110. (3:43:27 PM) ***Shimmer blinks. "My apologies. I...have never been near one. I heard them called vaults because...if you manage to get inside're likely to make a fortune. Either by trading with the ponies within...or sadly more likely scavenigng the remains..."
  111. (3:43:55 PM) ***Arcadia frowns. "I have heard of these... Stables. Why would you want to live deep underground? Locked away in what is just an overly advanced sarcophagus?"
  112. (3:43:57 PM) Necessary_Force: "Yeah," Nessa says dismissively. "You two together?"
  113. (3:45:35 PM) ***Necessary_Force waves a hoof in Shimmer and Arcadia's general direction.
  114. (3:46:57 PM) ***Shimmer shakes her head. "We only arrived togeather." She smiles. "So only in the literal sense of the word."
  115. (3:47:00 PM) ***Arcadia shakes herself from the blank staring at the wall she was doing. "Sorry, we get... Distracted easily. We are not with the unicorn, she was just... Giving us directions. Are you alone here as well?"
  116. (3:47:30 PM) ***Necessary_Force looks thoughtful.
  117. (3:47:45 PM) Necessary_Force: "For the moment," she responds to Arcadia.
  118. (3:48:31 PM) ***Arcadia hums again, a thoughtful look on her face.
  119. (3:50:31 PM) Shimmer: "So...You have us at a disadvantage" She smiles. "You've heard our names, but we do not know yours. So introductions. I am Shimmer."
  120. (3:52:34 PM) Necessary_Force: "My name's Necessary Force," the mare says.
  121. (3:52:59 PM) ***Necessary_Force does not seem to have any sort of native Whinnyapolis accent.
  122. (3:53:50 PM) AC[GM]: None of them do, in point of fact.  Behind the inner door they can hear a stallion's voice as well as the mare they met.  Nothing distinct, but they seem to be having a fairly in-depth discussion.
  123. (3:54:52 PM) ***Necessary_Force closes her eyes and listens carefully.
  124. (3:54:58 PM) Shimmer: "With an evocative name like that. I take it you're skilled at the use of your name sake?"
  125. (3:55:25 PM) ***Arcadia blinks a few times, coming back to focus on the mare. "You have interesting technology on your fore..." She mumbles, looking curiously down at the pipbuck. She really doesn't understand physical personal space very well!
  126. (3:55:36 PM) Necessary_Force: "Military doctrine?" Nessa says. "Not especially. Now if you please: be quiet."
  127. (3:55:49 PM) Necessary_Force: "They're talking about us."
  128. (3:57:07 PM) ***Arcadia frowns again. <Why would ponies talk about us?> [We don't know, shush... Maybe this earth pony knows?] <But she told us to be quiet!> [We know that, but...]
  129. (3:57:20 PM) ***Shimmer goes silent. She was admitably curious what was being said.
  130. (4:02:17 PM) AC[GM]: The secretary seems to be giving a description of Shimmer, including her cloak, to an older stallion who isn't saying much other then 'mhmm'
  131. (4:02:49 PM) AC[GM]: He then directs the gray mare, Wit, to send the three ponies in.
  132. (4:03:17 PM) ***Necessary_Force opens her eyes and stretches her legs at that.
  133. (4:03:42 PM) ***Shimmer suddenly finds herself nervous. She listens for a description of the others. Her mind immediately leaps to do they know?...or was this just a case of her appearance being of note.
  134. (4:04:29 PM) AC[GM]: It seems likely from the tone of discussion, to Arcadia and Nessa, that they were probably being discussed in turn.  Shimmer is left to stew in her own worries.
  135. (4:04:49 PM) ***Necessary_Force hrms.
  136. (4:05:47 PM) ***Arcadia flicks her ears. <Too many thoughts... We need to find some way to block all of this out...> [My head hurts...] "Why would they be talking about us...?" She mutters softly, standing up to begin a slow pace of the room..
  137. (4:06:06 PM) Necessary_Force: "Because they're looking to hire us," Necessary_Force says.
  138. (4:06:15 PM) AC[GM]: The door opens in a second, the gray mare beckoning them onward, "Come on it. Mr. Gears will see you now."
  139. (4:06:23 PM) Necessary_Force: Arcadia might hear the word "Obviously" echo in her head from Necessary_Force's direction.
  140. (4:06:56 PM) ***Necessary_Force gets her hooves on the floor and walks into Two Gears' office.
  141. (4:07:03 PM) AC[GM]: *in. Mr.
  142. (4:07:15 PM) ***Shimmer steps in after taking a moment to recompose herself. She steps in ready to deal with whatever may come her way.
  143. (4:08:24 PM) ***Arcadia shoots a glare towards Nessa, haughtily fluffing up her wings before striding in after Shimmer.
  144. (4:09:50 PM) AC[GM]: There are two chairs facing a much larger, heavy looking dark wood desk behind which a middle-aged stallion with a bushy beard reclines, puffing on a cigar and looking appraisingly at the trio.
  145. (4:10:50 PM) AC[GM]: "Come in, ladies, I'm afraid I don't have enough seats for you all but Wit's gone to grab another chair, so in the meantime, get comfy!" he says politely, the shimmer holding his cigar fading as it floats to an ash tray on the corner of his desk.
  146. (4:13:25 PM) Shimmer: "Thank you." He gives him a  smile. She notes that the receptionist's name was Wit.. "That is okay. I will save my questions until the end."
  147. (4:20:34 PM) Necessary_Force: "I'll stand, if you don't mind, sir," Necessary_Force says, approaching the desk and shifting her weight to one side after she decides on a place to stand.
  148. (4:27:46 PM) AC[GM]: "Oh good, I'm glad you have questions, but I do ask you hold them until I've said my piece," he says, chair squeaking as he leans to sit upright.  The secretary drags in a folding metal chair, setting it up between the two arm chairs facing the desk before departing.
  149. (4:29:25 PM) ***Shimmer takes an arm chair. Her armor chafes enough without asking for it by sitting on a metal chair thank you very much.
  150. (4:30:15 PM) ***Arcadia frowns a little at the folding chair. <Surely they have more... Comfortable seating.> "If you do not mind, we shall stay standing. These chairs seem too... Small, for us."
  151. (4:30:50 PM) Shimmer: "The arm chair seems quite comfortable to me." Shimmer says politely.
  152. (4:30:50 PM) ***Necessary_Force motions for Arcadia to take the armchair she gave-up.
  153. (4:32:07 PM) AC[GM]: The stallions waits, legs crossed on the desk, for everyone to get settled in.
  154. (4:34:05 PM) AC[GM]: "I'm going to be up front with you three.  You're hired if you want the job.  There are literally no requirements up front other then wanting to do it," he says matter of factly, bracing his hooves out against the desktop, "The name's Two Gears.  I sell scrap, lots of it, and repaired pre-war technology.  For a price.  Judging by the fact you all aren't from here, that means you've probably seen some of my work."
  155. (4:34:33 PM) ***Necessary_Force raises an eyebrow.
  156. (4:36:13 PM) AC[GM]: "I've sold computers to the Followers and robots to the Desert Rangers, Autodocs to the Talons and information to the Steel Rangers," he says levelly, "And I've got a line on the biggest score of my life or your's."
  157. (4:36:41 PM) ***Arcadia lifts her ears up, a curiosity coming upon her face. "Pre-war tech? Hm... So many implications..." Once more, she's a little behind in her attention span, those gears turning in her head.
  158. (4:37:54 PM) Necessary_Force: "What's the catch?" Nessa asks him.
  159. (4:37:54 PM) AC[GM]: "I'm guessing since, again, none of you are from the area you've never heard of the Whinnysota Experimental City," he says seriously, looking to the three and apparently expecting some sort of response.
  160. (4:38:10 PM) ***Necessary_Force thinks, squinting her eyes...
  161. (4:40:02 PM) ***Arcadia just stares blankly at the stallion.
  162. (4:40:47 PM) Necessary_Force: "... no," she says. "What is that?"
  163. (4:41:13 PM) Shimmer: "I have." She says.
  164. (4:41:26 PM) Shimmer: "I...also heard enough to...stay away..."
  165. (4:44:48 PM) AC[GM]: He leans back, "Why?  Because it's so far north?  There's nothing inherently dangerous about a mysterious city full of wartime technology, other then perhaps any power armored sentinels and deathbots they have sitting around I suppose."
  166. (4:46:07 PM) AC[GM]: "But the potential salvage, or, if anyone actually happens to be alive, /trade/ could be... Extremely lucrative for me, and by extension, you," he says, thoughtfully.
  167. (4:46:11 PM) ***Necessary_Force just watches the old stallion as he speaks of this... place.
  168. (4:47:42 PM) ***Shimmer nods. "Certainly more then the five hundred caps a week we would be getting paid. Especially considering tehe dangers...are apparently such that it is still there"
  169. (4:47:59 PM) AC[GM]: He shoves a wrinkled photograph across the table towards them.  Its covered in water splotches but seems to show a giant dome looming over a pine forest and fields of snow.
  170. (4:48:14 PM) ***Necessary_Force leans in and looks.
  171. (4:48:30 PM) ***Shimmer looks at the picture. She wasn't really sure what she was supposed to get from this.
  172. (4:51:10 PM) AC[GM]: "It isn't a myth, either," he says, apparently expecting for one of them to complain or object on those grounds, "Some of your associates retrieved this from the University library.  It was taken the week the city opened for settlement."
  173. (4:51:33 PM) Necessary_Force: "... well now /that/ is something," Nessa mutters.
  174. (4:53:02 PM) ***Arcadia lets out a low whistle as she looks over the picture. "We are... Impressed."
  175. (4:53:35 PM) ***Necessary_Force brings up her regional map of Whinnysota on her PipBuck.
  176. (4:53:51 PM) Necessary_Force: "Whereabouts is this thing?" she asks, showing the stallion.
  177. (4:54:06 PM) AC[GM]: He's apparently ignoring Shimmer's statement for the time being.  He tosses another on top with his magic... It looks much the same as the last, excepting that great swaths of trees seems to have been swept away.
  178. (4:54:55 PM) AC[GM]:  "I think you can deduce what I want at this stage.  Head north, find the city, make contact with its residents, or failing that, secure the most valuable items from a list I'll provide of my customers' needs," he tells them, pointing a hoof at Nessa and Shimmer, "No questions yet.  Well, actually, questions now, never mind..."
  179. (4:55:45 PM) Shimmer: "I was going to question scavenging rights and what you exactly wanted." She smiles. "a laundry list of items. I think we can manage.
  180. (4:55:57 PM) AC[GM]: He harumphs as Nessa shows off her fancy leg computer and reaches a hoof out for it, "You've made this remarkably easy.  Let me see your PipBuck's connection cable."
  181. (4:56:20 PM) ***Necessary_Force draws it out.
  182. (4:56:55 PM) AC[GM]: "Scavenging rights?  They aren't your's," he says, narrowing his eyes at Shimmer again, "Wit and I rediscovered this place, after all.  You three are employees, not independent agents.  I think you should be able to grasp my meaning."
  183. (4:58:14 PM) ***Arcadia hums again, another quick grinding of gears in her head. "Environmental hazards? Inclement weather patterns? Radiation? Balefire? Toxins and poisons that might be found in the air?" She glances at her pack, and the four small, opaque bottles tied tightly upon the sides of it. "Flux or taint?"
  184. (4:58:20 PM) AC[GM]: He presses something under his desk with a hoof, a section of the desk pops open to reveal a compatible socket that he plugs it into.  The device bings several times, her HUD informing Necessary_Force that several new locations have been added to her map.
  185. (5:00:02 PM) AC[GM]: "Snow, cold, maybe a forest fire or two depending on how the season's gone for the barbarians," he harrumphs again, "It's getting towards the Blizzard Season.  I can pretty much garuntee it's going to snow, so if you don't have anything to wear for the weather I'd advise you use your advance pay on a good coat and hat."
  186. (5:00:54 PM) ***Shimmer smiles "I was wanting that clarified because it seems like relative to the danger posed. You are under paying us. Especially considering the potential dangers posed." she was in her element here. "Especially as it stands. You seem to have a deadline and not many other options."
  187. (5:00:57 PM) Necessary_Force: "Mm," Nessa says.
  188. (5:01:57 PM) ***Arcadia nods quickly, taking down a quick mental list. "I'll save further queries until my... Can we call them associates? Anyways... Until they have finished what they want to say."
  189. (5:03:08 PM) AC[GM]: "I never mentioned a deadline," he grunts, not removing Nessa's Pip-Buck cable as she has the chance to examine her map with the changes made, "Five hundred caps is fifty times what you'd make doing anything else here in town, and I hate to break it to you I'm paying by that scale rather then what I plan to profit off of."
  190. (5:04:29 PM) ***Necessary_Force makes sure she's got her fake tag up and isn't giving Two Gears any information without knowing about it.
  191. (5:06:11 PM) ***Shimmer nods. "your fliers however did have one." She reminds him. "And at five hundred caps a week. Assuming this takes what...a month. We would certainly make better money scavening a well picked site." She smiles. "even if it meant fighting off another scavenger...which may even make the job more profitable. All I request is proper rights to
  192. (5:06:46 PM) Shimmer: any equipment used by anything trying to kill us." She nods. "It is rather standard clause in most scavenging contracts."
  193. (5:08:02 PM) AC[GM]: Nessa can see that beyond the snaking streets of metropolitan Whinnyapolis, the tags have been added almost due north of the city in a line with the distant end of the Great Lakes.  Approximately 150 miles.
  194. (5:09:38 PM) ***Necessary_Force doesn't seem particularly moved to haggle like Shimmer is, but she's willing to benefit from the mare's argumentation.
  195. (5:09:53 PM) Necessary_Force: "May as well hire us on under one contract," Nessa says.
  196. (5:10:53 PM) Shimmer: "i would infact insist on it." She says. "A singular contract tends to prevent those...that feel they can collect their coworker's pay by killing them." She says.
  197. (5:20:53 PM) AC[GM]: "You'll be payed individually, and the decased's share won't be split," he remarks casually, "It will go to their next of kin, or to the indigent.  But if you're so convinced you can make 2,500 caps plus bonuses picking tin cans and fused circuit boards I'd say we don't have much need of a contract."
  198. (5:22:58 PM) AC[GM]: "Because I'm not paying you to pick up some sap's guns or whatever junk they've strapped to themselves as armor, I don't care what you do with it or the drugs they've got in their pocket.  The story's different if you kill a robot, or tangle with anything obviously arcane," he adds seriously, "That would be covered by my own business clauses."
  199. (5:24:27 PM) ***Arcadia frowns a little at that. "Can we not even examine them? I am... Very interested in arcane technology and the possibility of finding something We desperately need."
  200. (5:26:17 PM) AC[GM]: "We can discuss specifics, if you want, or you can keep it personal and I'll throw whatever you want in as a bonus, if it isn't something I want," he says a little easier, "But it comes back here first."
  201. (5:26:34 PM) ***Shimmer nods."Them. You'll understand if perhaps we get a bonus or incentive to deal with any robots we encounter. Because it sounds to me. Like it be of greater benefit to us to simply ignore them as the threat they pose is not worth the profit we'd stand to gain. Perhaps a bonus for them to be negotiated upon return so we don't just go spritebot hunting?"
  202. (5:26:56 PM) ***Shimmer nods as he finds himself agreeing with Shimmer.
  203. (5:28:27 PM) AC[GM]: Gears harrumphs, "I don't care whether you kill robots or not, but I'd prefer you not start a fight with the city's residents if they're still alive.  You're a businessmare, Miss Shimmer, perhaps you can understand why I might not want to pay future competitors to collect inventory on my dime."
  204. (5:29:39 PM) ***Shimmer nods. "If they are still alive." She smiles. "I will accomplish the contract, and make contact with them. Peacefully of course." She nods. "However I doubt our mutual fortune would be such that we are likely to meet friendly inhabitants.
  205. (5:34:19 PM) AC[GM]: "We'll see about that," he says simply, "So we have an understanding?  500 caps a week plus whatever junk you pick up off the idiots that stand in your way, plus bonuses to be determined by what you return with?"
  206. (5:35:23 PM) AC[GM]: Shimmer can feel from somewhere deep in her innate trading skill that there's very little room for compromise in negotiating these terms.  Two Gears seems adamently opposed to granting any kind of rights or negotiating any further rates for salvaged material.
  207. (5:36:10 PM) AC[GM]: Necessary_Force can tell, after checking her connection, that it's basically a secured one way link between either a basic navigational unit like a pre-war GPS or a very tightly locked down computer.
  208. (5:36:51 PM) ***Necessary_Force hmmmms.
  209. (5:37:02 PM) AC[GM]: Nothing is being transmitted other then an encoded coordinate chain that has not been downloaded to her PipBuck.
  210. (5:37:18 PM) Necessary_Force: "Sounds fair enough," she says.
  211. (5:40:19 PM) Shimmer: "So you say no contracts wil be signed?"
  212. (5:42:53 PM) AC[GM]: "They will be, we're establishing terms," he grunts at Shimmer, "Now my stipulations.  No personal scavenging while I'm paying you, you keep nothing from the WXC unless it's a personal gift or you pay for it from a shop keeper, you do /not/ reveal any locations given you by myself or other employees, no starting a war, or attempting to use my name to negotiate non-company business."
  213. (5:44:24 PM) AC[GM]: "Anything else you pick up in the city is mine."
  214. (5:45:01 PM) AC[GM]: "In return, your pay will be provided as such; five hundred caps up front, five hundred a week so long as your expedition takes with a minimum of four weeks provided for, you will receive directions and a guide furnished by myself, the rights to the belongings of anyone you kill in direct combat outside the city limits, and such bonuses in salvage, cash, or equipment as you may reasonably ask for."
  215. (5:47:36 PM) Shimmer: "In the event of peaceful contact with the residents of the WXC. I can agree to those terms, but if hostilties arise. We reserve the right to scavenge from things that make an attempt upon our lives even those within city limits." Shimmer nods negotation was going quite well. "although given the nature of my magic I am going to need to insist on a clause for
  216. (5:47:38 PM) Shimmer: indirect combat."
  217. (5:49:22 PM) AC[GM]: "Absolutely not," he says, shaking his head, "Any archano tech inside the city limits belongs to me.  Magic, is direct combat.  I'm just not paying ponies to go siege towns into submission.  Again."
  218. (5:50:19 PM) Necessary_Force: "It's a dome," Nessa says to Shimmer. "So... probably not much in the way of suburbs."
  219. (5:50:23 PM) Necessary_Force: "Or sprawl."
  220. (5:51:37 PM) AC[GM]: "None, actually, the lack of sprawl was part of the design," Gears comments.
  221. (5:51:45 PM) Shimmer: "if one of them kills another on my behalf. that is infact indirect." She says.
  222. (5:52:29 PM) AC[GM]: "You expect to collect the belongings from everyone your companions kill?"
  223. (5:52:34 PM) Necessary_Force: "Can we get to the doing?" Nessa says. "I think we've talked plenty."
  224. (5:53:33 PM) AC[GM]: "You'll forgive me, Miss Force, but Miss Shimmer seems determined to keep me at the negotiating table rather then the handing out money table," he says, turning slightly to give Necessary_Force a grimace of a smile.
  225. (5:53:37 PM) Necessary_Force: "I think our employer's interests can basically be summed-up as: 'Don't steal the treasure from me'."
  226. (5:53:46 PM) Necessary_Force: "Which is fine. Where do I sign?"
  227. (5:54:24 PM) AC[GM]: "Whenever Miss Shimmer is finished, I'll have Wit bring in the contracts."
  228. (5:54:59 PM) ***Necessary_Force looks askance at Shimmer.
  229. (5:55:00 PM) Shimmer: "By all means." Shimmer says annoyed. She had a few choice thoughts but the contract was largely agreeable.
  230. (5:55:32 PM) AC[GM]: "Excellent," he lifts himself up a little in his chair, "Wit?  Did you get all that?"
  231. (5:55:47 PM) AC[GM]: They hear an annoyed whinny from the anteroom.
  232. (5:57:46 PM) AC[GM]: "She'll be here in a minute, then.  Did you three want anything to drink in the meantime?" he asks.
  233. (5:58:40 PM) Necessary_Force: "Whiskey, if you please," Nessa says.
  234. (5:58:43 PM) AC[GM]: He presses another button beside the outlet Nessa's PipBuck is attached to and her hoof computer bongs again with a 'Location Updated' notification before he unplugs it.
  235. (5:59:19 PM) ***Necessary_Force slots the cord back and lowers her hoof.
  236. (6:00:08 PM) AC[GM]: Gear rises from behind the desk and steps to the sideboard, handily (or hornily?) lifting a decanter from the top in his magic, pouring honey colored liquor over ice he tongs into the tumblr.  "Miss Shimmer?  Arcadia?"
  237. (6:01:22 PM) ***Shimmer considers and nods. "Sure." she smiles. She did not often drink but it was polite not to turn an offer down.
  238. (6:02:26 PM) ***Arcadia blinks rapidly, coming up from her delve into thoughts. "Hmm? Oh, um... We don't usually drink..."
  239. (6:02:56 PM) AC[GM]: "I've got water, coffee, soda," he adds
  240. (6:03:11 PM) AC[GM]: "Whiskey as well, Miss Shimmer?" He asks
  241. (6:03:48 PM) Shimmer: "Yes please."
  242. (6:04:55 PM) AC[GM]: He pours a second glass and floats them over to their respective mares as the secretary limps back into the room with three sets of papers held in her lips.
  243. (6:05:30 PM) AC[GM]: She sets one on Arcadia's back, one in Shimmer's lap, and one on Necessary_Force's head between the ears with pens to hold them down.
  244. (6:06:15 PM) AC[GM]: "Thanks Wit," he adds as glum secretary mare makes a monosyllabic reply of her own before retreating to the anteroom.
  245. (6:06:27 PM) ***Shimmer takes up her Whiskey and takes time to read her contract sipping occasionally.
  246. (6:06:47 PM) ***Necessary_Force grabs the contract and sets it down on the desk so she can sign.
  247. (6:07:00 PM) AC[GM]: It's what was said verbally typed out in a numbered list with the approrpiate business legalese appended.
  248. (6:07:29 PM) ***Necessary_Force waits for everypony to receive a sign before saying, "Shall we toast, then?"
  249. (6:07:36 PM) Necessary_Force: to sign before saying*
  250. (6:07:46 PM) ***Shimmer signs as Shimmering Shine. The name she has given to this disguise.
  251. (6:08:30 PM) AC[GM]: "If you'd like," Gears nods, his own hoof empty of drinkware.
  252. (6:09:26 PM) ***Arcadia frowns a little as she moves the contract around to read it, carefully mulling it over before scrabbling what could pass as her signature. She's never really worked on her horn writing before.
  253. (6:10:37 PM) Necessary_Force: "To a lucrative agreement," Nessa says, lifting her glass.
  254. (6:13:28 PM) Shimmer: "To hopefully pointless negoation as we meet hopefully friendly ponies."
  255. (6:14:41 PM) AC[GM]: Gears just sort of raises a hoof in tandemn
  256. (6:14:45 PM) AC[GM]: *tandem.
  257. (6:15:07 PM) ***Necessary_Force drinks her whiskey.
  258. (6:16:15 PM) ***Arcadia rolls her eyes and giggles lightly, finding some humor in this exercise. "And to the finding of lost knowledge, may it help us in our goals."
  259. (6:18:27 PM) AC[GM]: "Here here," he adds at the end, "Now, I've got your caps up front.... If I could make a suggestion, I'd recommend spending it on something to eat for your trip and some extra clothes."
  260. (6:18:53 PM) Necessary_Force: "That would be the smart choice," Necessary_Force concurs.
  261. (6:19:37 PM) ***Shimmer nods. "That was the plan." She stretches a bit. "I am going to also recommend camping gear."
  262. (6:22:05 PM) ***Arcadia uses a quick flash of telekinesis, chains unraveling as she pulls out a rolled up bedroll and a folded tent.
  263. (6:22:41 PM) Shimmer: "She is better prepared then I."
  264. (6:24:06 PM) Necessary_Force: "Guess we'll be off to the market as soon as we get those caps," Nessa says, looking at her PipBuck map.
  265. (6:24:06 PM) ***Arcadia beams brightly. "We also have a bone saw!" She says, perhaps a little too enthusiastically.
  266. (6:24:17 PM) AC[GM]: "That's one of you then," he says with a small smile, floating out three good sized satchels, one to each of them heavy with caps, "There's your caps.  Take the day to stock up, it's early enough you could probably head out tonight if you move fast enough."
  267. (6:24:23 PM) Shimmer: "err...good to know..."
  268. (6:24:48 PM) ***Shimmer sizes the bag of caps and tries to get a general idea how much was within it.
  269. (6:24:49 PM) AC[GM]: "Or, tomorrow.  Don't take too long though I'd ask."
  270. (6:24:53 PM) ***Necessary_Force nods to Two Gears as she accepts her share.
  271. (6:25:21 PM) AC[GM]: Shimmer could safely assume from the weight and their agreement it's 500 caps.
  272. (6:26:36 PM) ***Arcadia grasps the bag of shiny metal trinkets in her moment-field, almost childishly listening to them jingle to some beat only she knew. "We shall get actual clothes now."
  273. (6:27:21 PM) AC[GM]: "Have you all been downtown yet?  If not, I'm sure Shimmer can direct you," he drifts back over towards his desk.
  274. (6:27:22 PM) Shimmer: "I am going to get two tents...I was going to inquire about your choice in adornment." Shimmer smiles at Arcadia. "It goes well with your mane.
  275. (6:28:43 PM) AC[GM]: "Excellent.  Leave next of kin contacts with Wit on your way out!" Gears says, "And good luck, ladies.  May you find success."
  276. (6:30:41 PM) ***Arcadia lazily salutes with one of her wings, glancing towards Shimmer as the group turns to go. "Our adornment? It's really nothing special, we believe... We found it in a suitcase near us, after we were awoken."
  277. (6:31:27 PM) ***Necessary_Force gives Wit the address for Stable-Tec Headquarters in Fillydelphia.
  278. (6:31:29 PM) AC[GM]: Gears seems to be waiting expectantly for the trio of adventurers to take their leave... They are, after all, in his office.
  279. (6:31:40 PM) AC[GM]: The Secretary mare asks for a name.
  280. (6:32:21 PM) Necessary_Force: "Well, try... Strawberry Lemonade."
  281. (6:32:42 PM) AC[GM]: She scratches that onto the form.
  282. (6:32:47 PM) ***Necessary_Force then turns to head out the door.
  283. (6:33:35 PM) ***Arcadia folds her ears down. "We cannot contact any of our sisters, they are out of range. Perhaps sister Sonata? She was scavenging last we had heard..."
  284. (6:33:51 PM) ***Shimmer depaarts leading the way. "Well most ponies won't question an alicorn wearing lingerie." She laughs softly. She leaves the contract with wit.
  285. (6:34:17 PM) AC[GM]: She asks Shimmer for a name and address.
  286. (6:34:56 PM) Shimmer: "Diamond Dust. She lives south of here in an unnamed settlement. the one next to the huge water tower."
  287. (6:35:19 PM) ***Necessary_Force asks a pony or two for directions downtown once she's reached the first floor.
  288. (6:35:31 PM) AC[GM]: The secretary writes it down, along with Arcadia's and sends them on their way after Nessa.
  289. (6:38:05 PM) ***Necessary_Force waits around a bit for Shimmer and Arcadia to catch up.
  290. (6:38:06 PM) AC[GM]: Necessary_Force, Shimmer, and Arcadia are left standing in the empty hallways, no longer truly strangers but not yet friends either, companions is a good word.  Bound by their signature to a dangerous mission with great rewards possible they certainly have an adventure ahead of them!
  291. (6:38:16 PM) AC[GM]: (Last posts and then we wrap for the week.)
  292. (6:39:08 PM) Necessary_Force: "Well, since we're partners now, you may as well call me 'Nessa'," Necessary_Force says to Shimmer and Arcadia. "I'm well aware 'Necessary Force' is a bit of a mouthful."
  293. (6:40:01 PM) Shimmer: "Nice to meet you Nessa. You may call me Shim." She nods.  "I am going to see about making sure Arc gets some good winter clothes.'"
  294. (6:40:31 PM) ***Arcadia ruffles her wings a little, giving the ground a scuff. "We find that easier, yes... Nicknames are good!"
  295. (6:40:49 PM) Necessary_Force: "Mm."
  296. (6:41:09 PM) Necessary_Force: "I don't think 'Arc' is a good one, honestly," Nessa says. "Arcadia sounds better."
  297. (6:41:26 PM) ***Necessary_Force considers what she should purchase for their sojourn...
  298. (6:44:39 PM) AC[GM]: == Session End ==
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