Meeting of the minds

Oct 6th, 2013
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  1. Kaurav city was a sight to behold during the day with elegant banners and works of art on display from every hab block and spire, but it was when night arrived that the city truly came to life. Lights twinkled as much in the sky above as they did on the ground below as people celebrated and mingled. Off in the distance a fireworks display was beginning, painting the night sky with brilliant, streaming colors.
  3. Although far from the elegance of her Craftworld Ulthwe, Farseer Caerys couldn’t help but find a quaint charm in the city and its people. She watched the scenes below her unfold with interest from the balcony of a spire connecting to the Imperial Guard headquarters, biding her time.
  5. “Perhaps if he had a watch…” she murmured.
  7. “Better late than never,” a voice chuckled behind her.
  9. Smiling, Caerys turned to see General Vance Stubbs standing in the doorway; his typical over-the-top commander’s garb replaced by a simple set of officers fatigues.
  11. “Farseer,” he nodded. “I hope I didn’t keep you waiting too long.”
  13. “No more so than usual,” she teased, signaling to the space beside her. “Will you join me?”
  15. Accepting her offer, the General leaned against the railing alongside her and looked out at the city below. At times like these, Caerys wondered if Vance cared for this system like she cared for her Craftworld. Sensing his nostalgia and pride for his home, she thought it a safe guess.
  17. “This was the first night I arrived,” he explained. “The Karauvan’s… well, they know how to make a person feel welcomed.”
  19. “The people here are strong, if somewhat blunt,” Caerys noted. “It’s an interesting sight, but why bring me here? Has something happened?”
  21. Vance’s smile slowly faded and the Farseer sensed… sadness?
  23. “We’ve been lucky,” Vance said, looking off into the distance. “The blasted Orks, the overzealous Sisters, your sadistic counterparts; we’ve managed to send each one to hell with sheer luck and surprise. That, and your ever wise and heeded council.”
  25. Though a sense of dread was building in her, Caerys smiled.
  27. “But I don’t think our luck will carry us much farther, and our enemy knows we’re coming for them. My men and I have allowed Chaos to run free for too long, and it’s time to finish what they started,” he continued. “We’re liberating Kaurava IV, and I’m leading the first wave through the Web Gate.”
  29. Even as he said the words, the Farseer couldn’t believe what she was hearing.
  31. “You can’t be serious,” she said, turning to him. “Those that arrive first will be torn apart. What could possibly make you wish to join that slaughter?”
  33. “How can I ask them to do something I wouldn’t do myself, Farseer?” he asked, looking over at her. “I lead by example, you know that. It’s how I’ve kept the men alive and together this long.”
  35. “But to lead a frontal assault against waiting and prepared defenders? Pay tell, mon-keigh, how will your bravado help anyone when your skull sits in a Berserker’s collection?” Caerys scowled. “I thought you smarter than this!”
  37. “You’re comments are noted, Farseer, but I didn’t come here to argue about tactics.”
  39. “Then why -are- you here?”
  41. “Because I wanted to say goodbye.”
  43. The Farseer’s eyes went wide, whatever rant she was about to produce faltering as the General straightened, smoothing out a nonexistent wrinkle in his uniform.
  45. “You think me a fool, and I agree. But this is a matter that has to be settled once and for all; for my sake, as well as that of this system. I know many will fall, but I plan on making each and every sacrifice mean something. The Conservator Regiments will bring honor to the Imperium once more, even if the price is paid in the blood of good men. Emperor knows we’ve already lost enough, but we will answer the call. As we always have.”
  47. “Mon-keigh…”
  49. “You and your people have helped us in the past, but this time the servants of the Imperium must go alone. We’ll show that our faith has never quit, never faltered. With the head of their Champion, our place in the Guard will never be questioned again.”
  51. “Damn your Guard and damn your honor, mon-keigh! This talk will only lead to death! Yes, our forces are strained containing the Necrons, but at least allow me to-“
  53. “Caerys.”
  55. He had never used her name before. Always ‘Farseer’ or ‘Ma’am’ but never her actual name. As if to add insult to injury, he wore that stupid smile he used whenever they would start bickering, as if the whole thing was a game to him.
  57. “I appreciate your concern, but what’s done is done. I asked you here so I could thank you, and be able to go into battle with no regrets. Believe me, I have none. For my Conservators, for Karuava, or for you.”
  59. “…for me?”
  61. “Our talks have done more than give me help in this conflict than you think. Your laugh, your wit, the way your nose crinkles when you scowl, like right now; you’ve helped keep me together when I thought of breaking. I think of you as a friend, and if fate should have it we do not meet again, I want to thank you. For everything.”
  63. For once, Caerys was speechless. She avoided his gaze, cheeks turning red as his words sunk in. Yes, she had come to enjoy their talks as well, even looked forward to them, but to mean that much? To be trusted and considered such? Her kind treated her with respect and reverence, but she wasn’t certain she could truly call any of them friend. And yet… this mon-keigh…
  65. She didn’t realize she had started crying until she felt Vance’s hand gently brush the tear from her cheek, and with that realized the space between them was all but gone.
  67. “Why?” she asked, meeting his gaze once more. “Why are you so resigned to a death you can’t be sure of?”
  69. “We don’t exactly live in the safest of times, my dear,” he joked. “Can you see what the future holds for us?”
  71. “I can try, and-“
  73. “Don’t. Promise me, Caerys. Promise me you won’t look and see how this story ends. You know I love surprises.”
  75. “I-I promise… I…”
  77. The Farseer wasn’t sure what it was that finally did it. The constant fighting, the stress of leading a people away from extinction; all she knew was that someone was there for her, as a person, not just an ally or pawn. She buried her face in his chest, years of pent up grief finally coming to surface as she wept. Warm, protective arms wrapped around her, bringing her closer and letting her vent. She didn’t know how long she stayed like that, crying in Vance’s arms, but for once she didn’t feel the need to protect herself. She already felt protected.
  79. After a time she leaned back, rubbing at her eyes and laughing bitterly.
  81. “I must look terrible,” she mused.
  83. “I don’t think you’ve ever looked more beautiful.”
  85. She blushed, her already reddened cheeks darkening, but she didn’t try and move from his embrace. Seeing this, Vance decided to take a chance.
  87. “Do you know what I’m going to do next, Farseer?”
  89. Instead of answering she instead acted first, closing what little distance remained between them and pressing her lips against his. The kiss was passionate and needing as she cupped his face and his arms wrapped around her waist, each one looking for comfort after weeks of fighting, pain, and suffering.
  91. When they parted both were breathless, each panting quietly as they stared at one another. Vance’s eyes shone with warmth he didn’t even show his men, and as she realized it was meant for none but her blushed and looked away.
  93. “The mighty Farseer Caerys is suddenly skittish?” he chuckled.
  95. “Oh, shut up,” she murmured.
  97. This time when they kissed it was much slower and softer, breaking off with Caerys giving a surprise squeak when Vance’s hand trailed down to her shapely bottom and giving a playful squeeze.
  99. “It’s not everyday one gets the chance to try something like that,” he shrugged.
  101. “I should mentally fry you for that,” she growled.
  103. “You’re cute when you’re angry.”
  105. She smacked his arm, but it didn’t have any real force behind it. Her angry façade only lasted a few more seconds before her glare softened. Sighing, she hugged Vance closer to her, who happily obliged.
  107. “This isn’t going to work, Vance,” Caerys whispered, resting her head against his shoulder.
  109. “Maybe,” he said, hand running soothingly up and down her back. “But for now, we’re here. For now, I have you.”
  111. Caerys breath hitched as Vance nuzzled her neck, leaving a trail of kisses as he moved up to her ear. Nipping teasingly at her, the General took great pleasure in feeling her grip on him tighten.
  113. “Vance,” she gasped. “S-Stop, that’s…”
  115. Her words died on her lips as a hand came up to tease her as well, rubbing her ear tips between his thumb and forefinger. In response he heard a string of Eldar words he was sure were not very clean, but the way Caerys seemed to melt into his embrace gave him no reason to stop until a trembling hand pressed against his chest. Pausing in his ministrations, he looked back to find the Farseer’s face crossed with a number emotions. Fear, uncertainty, and maybe a bit of longing fought behind her turquoise eyes.
  117. Smiling, Vance took her hand in his and pulled her encouragingly toward the doorway. Wordlessly, she followed. He led her into what she could only guess was his original bedroom as Governor-General. She didn’t have long to inspect the room, however, before her attention was drawn back to Vance.
  119. “We can stop, if you want,” he offered, sensing her uncertainty.
  121. “No,” she said a bit too quickly. “I-I want this. I want… you.”
  123. Dressed in a simple tunic, Caerys suddenly felt very self-conscious as she crossed her arms over her chest. Was she… endowed enough to be pleasing? What did he like? What if-
  125. The kiss caught Caerys off-guard, but she was happy for the distraction as some of her tension eased. Pulling away, she scowled at Vance’s knowing smile.
  127. “I can hear you thinking,” he said.
  129. “Well, you -are- giving me a lot to think about,” she answered wryly.
  131. “You can think later.”
  133. He took his hand in hers and slowly placed it against his chest. Her hand trailed across his shirt, feeling the fabric and the muscle behind it before taking the hem in both hands and slowly pulling upwards. Vance was more than obliging, and with a final tug the shirt came free and fell to the floor.
  135. Vance was a soldier, Caerys knew, but she didn’t think of it that much until now. Seeing his chest, toned and chiseled but covered in scars of all shapes and sizes, she felt a pang of excited curiosity. A hand traced an especially long scar running from his collarbone to his stomach, wondering of the story behind it. He captured her hand in his and smiled reassuringly.
  137. “You should see the other guy,” he joked.
  139. “Do they hurt?” she asked softly.
  141. “Not… often,” he admitted. “Now, it’s your turn.”
  143. Caerys helped return the favor as he pulled her tunic free from her shoulders, thinking it was only fair. She paused, uncertainty gripping her a moment before she let the material fall freely to pool at her feet. The cool night air touched her bare body and she blushed a deep red, suddenly wishing she had worn more. She immediately felt Vance’s eyes looking over her, and she placed her hands on her hips in an attempt to try and look confident.
  145. “Like what you see, mon-keigh?” she smirked, confidence growing.
  147. “Very,” he said.
  149. Upon noticing the bulge now -very- apparent bulge in his pants, her demeanor again grew sheepish. Even so, she didn’t waste time before she grabbed hold of his last piece of clothing and pulled. No longer constrained, the General’s shaft now stood tall and ready, and Caerys grew more than a little excited by the fact that it was because of her.
  151. What little boldness Caerys had gotten wilted as Vance led her to the bed and laid her down. They kissed again as Vance’s hand trailed down her body, pausing to tease a stiffening nipple before trailing over her stomach. Reaching between her legs, he found her slit already damp from anticipation. His mouth moved to give her petite breasts attention, allowing an approving moan to escape her as a finger teased her folds.
  153. Not one to be helpless, her hand trailed down his chest until her hand wrapped around his member. Smiling impishly as his breathing hitched, she began to stroke his eager member. Moaning his approval, Vance put renewed effort into his actions. He started with one finger teasing her lower lips, then added another, and another until soon her whole body trembled, as much eager for release as he was.
  155. “Vance,” she whimpered, and he stopped to look up at her pleading expression. “Please.”
  157. Not one to leave a woman wanting Vance positioned himself between her legs, resting her long slender legs on his shoulders. With a surprising amount of gentleness he entered her slowly, carefully pacing himself. As he filled her Caerys gasped, fists grabbing handfuls of the satin sheets and tensing as she felt herself being filled to what at first felt like the breaking point. When he was fully inside her Vance kissed her leg, waiting for her to relax. After a few moment the Farseer squirmed, pain giving way to impatience.
  159. “K-Keep going,” Caerys urged.
  161. Drawing himself back, he adjusted to her tightness as she relaxed, mewling encouragingly as he began a slow but steady pace. As he quickened her tone grew louder, hands coming up to tease her breasts. A hand came between them, lightly rubbing the small bundle of nerves at the top of her womanhood. At that Caerys gasped, legs tightening around Vance’s neck as she felt her first orgasm fast approaching.
  163. “Oh, Isha, oh, oh yes!” she cried. “Harder, mon-keigh! Hardeeeaaaaaaaaah!”
  165. She tightened around Vance’s shaft like a vice as she came, and with his will finally spent reached his own end as his seed spilled into her. Both panted, Caerys face a look of utter euphoria as she began to come down from her high. Pulling out of her, Vance lay next to her as he regained his strength. Wrapping an arm around the Farseer to bring her closer, the two cuddled together. Eventually both were breathing normally once more, enjoying one another’s warmth.
  167. “Caerys?”
  169. “Hmm?”
  171. Looking up at him, her heart fluttered as she saw the loving gaze he gave her. This time, though, she didn’t look away.
  173. “I love you.”
  175. “I…I love you too.”
  177. They shared a chaste kiss and Caerys nuzzled Vance’s chest, sighing happily. After a moment, however, the Farseer smiled up at him mischievously.
  179. “That’s not a laspistol poking me, is it?”
  181. “I’m not quite sure. Let’s find out, shall we?”
  183. As she straddled him Caerys giggled as, for that moment, nothing else mattered but the two of them.
  185. *********************
  187. For the first time in what felt like ages Farseer Caerys was in a good mood. The Necrons may be just a little ways away, and the final confrontation between their races grew closer with each passing day, but that did little to take the smile from her face. She entered the council chambers, humming a melody when she noticed the mood in the air.
  189. “What’s happened?” she asked.
  191. Xhail, one of her most trusted Warlocks, stood and bowed respectively.
  193. “The mon-keigh have begun a push against their traitorous kin, Farseer,” he reported.
  195. “I am aware,” she replied.
  197. “The council is anxious as to what you plan.”
  199. “Nothing.”
  201. The murmur went through the chamber.
  203. “Begging your pardon, Farseer, but... nothing?”
  205. “It is their fight, not ours,” Caerys smiled sadly. “We have more important matters to attend to.”
  207. 'Let it be a surprise,' she thought, putting her hands and mind to work to distract from her heavy heart.
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