May 8th, 2017
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  1. George thanks for joining me today it's a pleasure to see you nice meeting you Jason, it's great
  2. so i've been really fascinated by the investigation that you've been doing and the whole story of the Awan brothers I'd love it if you could, ya know break it down for us, it's my understanding that you started looking for Eric Braverman.
  3. Right
  4. and have we found him? Do we know if he's still alive?
  5. I started this basically because and article in the True Pundit came out about Huma's emails and that lead me to watching this Eric Braverman go on the run there was an article that came out the next day about him running to the Russian embassy
  6. For people who haven't been following since the beginning, Eric Braverman was the CEO of the Clinton Global Initiative or the Clinton Foundation?
  7. Clinton Foundation, at that time it was sort of combined.
  8. And Chelsea was the one who noticed sort of book keeping anomalies and opened up some kind of an investigation...
  9. Yeah, I think there was an internal struggle between what I call the Bills and the Hills. Ya know, old Teneo people it kind of was a good ol' boy network of the Clinton Foundation, they kind of used it more in the party mode. I think Chelsea was trying to turn it into more the Hillary people kind of get the Bill people out and turn it into more into a kind of ivy league think tank. He left the Clinton Foundation because he tried to do several accounting reforms and he got fought every step of the way by the Bill people who said "we don't need no stinkin' accounting..." basically. So he left right around the start of 2015 even after getting a raise and a promotion... He left the foundation in 2015? Right at the beginning, yeah... I thought this all happened right around the election? Braverman leaves the foundation primarily because they're going to do a large seminar in Morocco. And it turns out that the king of Morocco was gonna give Hillary $12 million dollars and then the phosphate king, there was an oil and gas deal going down as well.. so there was a $28 million dollar chunk of change that was the last straw for Braverman he just said "I can't do this anymore" now he still consulted with the foundation and he went to events and so forth from his Twitter feed I follow his Twitter feed... we still haven't seen him in those 178 days of my series from that report of him running to the embassy we still haven't seen him now he's tweeted a couple of times but... but he was a very active tweeter prior to disappearing and now it's quite sporadic, huh? Ya, so the night of the election Democratic Primary was one of his last tweets and he was remarking about how here in Chelsea Donald Trump only got like two votes so he thought it was odd (laughter) so Braverman ya know could be dead Braverman could be teaching at Yale and I was up there a week ago I went to the barber shops I went to his favorite cafe to the Yale Daily did they know who he was? Uh no, no... he only teaches one class at Yale which is Ethics in Government (laughter) You almost feel like you know him because you're walking around chasing his footsteps I think a lot of people would say that about you you and I have just met but yet I feel like I've been following you yeah, all the researchers really do everything for my channel I just summarize kinda what they say on a daily basis that provides the leads for this I go knock on doors and no matter where the neighborhood is I practice what I'm gonna say if somebody pulls a weapon ya know I got a tip that he was in Chelsea on the night of the bombing now that was October... September 17th was it? September 17th the fact that a bomb went off on 23rd and the two Egyptian pilots ya know took that roller trolley suitcase that Louis Vitton suitcase and they rolled it four blocks up the bomb didn't explode on 27th street but you got the Egyptian pilots you've got them in the hotel lobby ya know they could've stayed at any hotel the FBI has not published that but there is a photo I tweeted out today oh of the two guys the two Egyptian pilots one was 35 the other is 42 but they didn't publish their names McCabe did not... McCabe runs the counter terrorism division of the FBI so I'm saying McCabe meaning counter terrorism division not talking about the field division of the FBI so those two guys are in the lobby at 9:30 with that bag it looks like they're carrying the two bombs they drop one here on 23rd street in a dumpster right which you I think... I remember the night that that happened and I remember thinking what kind of a bomb doesn't even break the whole window it just shattered it it just seemed like a very bulls#!t bomb to me now see if you are under surveillance and you are under active surveillance or what's called harassment low level harassment type campaign because you talked to the press uh huh ok which I believe Braverman goes to the press that previous year in March Podesta writes that email saying "who is it? who is it?" leaking to the press... it's Braverman Eric Braverman and uh, that Neera Tanden email how did Podesta know that? Well my theory is that well, just from my knowledge of Hillary she has used McCabe for twenty years starting surveillance surveillance starting with the impeachment now in the beginning it was just political targets and so all of a sudden you had scandals coming about starting with Bill Clinton's impeachment Bill Clinton she turned to McCabe and said "hey, I need you to surveil some people" how do we know that? Well I have yet to prove that there's Sibel Edmonds who's a very good reporter she was in the D.C. bureau of the FBI right I believe she has that data so she worked directly with McCabe I believe she did She lives in Turkey doesn't she? Uh, I don't know I see her on television Newsbud right yeah Newsbud I think it's been shown through this Trump thing with Susan Rice and so forth that this is a regular practice for them regular practice just listening to whoever the hell they want yeah from the 2013 Snowden case we know we capture it all everything well that's the NSA the Vault 7 Wikileaks release has revealed that the CIA is separately doing all of that on its own they can order it up anytime they want now what they need to do is called a deep dive so all somebody has to do to order up surveillance is say it's national security order a deep dive I believe that Podesta ordered that up through McCabe for everyone working at the Clinton Foundation all four hundred people and the FBI will work, John Podesta is just a private citizen working at a lobbyist firm and he's getting surveillance from the FBI? Well Sid Blumenthal is just a private citizen and he ordered up a war Osprey Global Osprey Global with General Grange he ordered up the overthrow of Gaddafi and the overthrow of Syria with stinger missiles and sarin gas so we're really seeing these operatives of the Deep State I mean Deep State really is sort of Eisenhower warned everybody about that was the Military Industrial Complex that now has combined Zbigniew Brzezinski's Technocratic all of that is the Deep State essentially so you're saying players like Sidney Blumenthal John Podesta even though they're not in the government they've got their fingers right in this pie yeah I think they're customers of the Deep State ok I think Zbigniew Brzezinski does kind of start off this new kind of directorate gang of twelve ya know sitting on the board making these decisions seventh floor of the State Department and all that kind of stuff Seventh Floor but I think the real decisions are made over at Henry Pratt House up on 72nd with the Council on Foreign Relations I think that's where the real decisions are made I don't have proof of this but I think there's gonna be four or five guys ya know Kissinger associates type people Steve Feinberg Soros Soros and then some ex-CIA guys like a George HW Bush ya know so back to the Braverman thread because I want to complete that my working theory is he went under Podesta orders the surveillance McCabe does the deep dive on everybody they find that smoking gun Ron Fournier the MSNBC communication ya know "hey I'll meet you over at the office" whatever then what you're gonna look at is all of Braverman's conversations before and after because he's now saying "follow the money" Braverman's saying follow the money or even if he isn't he did go to the press he said something to the press well and also it's important to note that this is before the leak of Podesta's emails before ya way before were the DNC emails out already by September no no this is 2015 oh oh ya so it's a whole year before that but what is leaking is Hillary's server breaks around that same time the Hillary server the Benghazi investigation yes it breaks I believe May of that year I wanna say more and more drip drip drip they're really concerned that Braverman's is gonna testify he's gonna be one of the first people you'd call who do you call you call the CEO of the Clinton Foundation so the server Hillary's server was located there for a while over at Committee to Re-Elect hmm so there's a tie there that you're going to end up going there asking questions you gotta remember that you have five or six people at the State Department working for the Clinton Foundation as well as Teneo as well Huma's working for four different people we're not including Saudi Arabia in that right yeah (laughter) but uh Sid Blumenthal while he's negotiating the overthrow of Gaddafi and trying to overthrow Assad with the Zero Footprint and Timber Sycamore operations he also is in the Clinton Foundation what is Sidney Blumenthal's role he's just an advisor just an advisor he's in a law firm it's a very vague ya know way for him to get payments and have his uh, sort of be in that swamp Hillary wanted Blumenthal in the State Department and Obama specifically said no because I mean that too sketchy it's a known operative I mean that's just like inviting the fox into the hen house so Blumenthal or is that because he would come under more scrutiny as a part of the State Department and could operate with impunity as a private citizen outside of all that see his e-mails came out and he turned over his e-mails first in the server case before Hillary that's how but they deleted any of em that had any ya know some of his e-mails that came out in the Podesta leaks were it's amazing that they didn't coordinate better because that's how they knew Hillary had withheld e-mails it's because they had this body of work from Blumenthal and we had a short list from Hillary it's all it's all yoga and wedding ya it's all yoga and wedding planning well if you think of yoga as a code word and you think of weddings as a code word she might be right right I can't quite picture Hillary in a downward dog so I don't know if that yoga excuse really holds water some of the pizzagate folks which I am not some of the pizzagate folks think that the yoga is a everybody thinks it's a code word the key with Braverman is you start looking you start from that March 15th it could be the one with Ron Fournier article that triggered this it could be the Ken Vogel article in Politico that triggers this but something triggers that deep dive and then he's spotted I just state unequivocally the way surveillance works in the U.S. you don't just go "oh, ok" and then walk away the FBI has plenty of resources they're just watching him forever now to put a box around you and watch you going forward they also can go back and look at all your communications here's where well they can look at where you've been your GPS stuff from your phone they have a way of tagging your car and so forth and looking at your movements this is where I think the Wikileaks thing comes in because if you are if you go to the FBI ok and say "hey I'm being harassed now every since I went to the press in March I'm being harassed now" well how are you being harassed and he goes through but it's the FBI doing the harassing correct they'll be like "oh that's a very difficult problem Mr. Braverman we'll get right on that" try to establish a state of mind then when you know everybody's in on it the joint terrorism task force has agreed that you're a target you're an enemy of the state now so the joint terrorism task force is this unit of the FBI which basically controls state and local law enforcement by infiltrating people on these different forces and then gaining control infiltration is as old as the books as far as CIA and FBI are concerned so now you are an enemy of the state you can't go anywhere but you're being harassed what do yo do? This is where the Wikileaks thing comes in leak it to the press I'll go anonymously leak it and my working theory and I have people who are retired FBI field FBI and retired NYPD and I believe also active NYPD are giving me breadcrumbs they are the ones saying that Braverman was under surveillance not me so if Braverman then goes to Wikileaks Ratner is the New York lawyer for Wikileaks let's say he goes in the summer of 2015 Ratner's dead in April of 2016 sudden cancer what type of cancer did he die of? I wanna say I wanna say lung cancer but I'm not sure that's you're aware of course of Dr. Mary's Monkey and Lee and Me and the weaponization of cancer in the 1960s Yeah Dr. Mary's Monkey is a tough book to read it's kind of written ya know lots of details maybe some people compare it to this case becuase Jack Ruby died in prison of lung cancer claimed he was injected with cancer I believe well last year March I believe Ratner dies the New York contact the London contact Jones is pushed in front of a train in August ok then on September the 23rd Gavin MacFadyen right the founder the founder I mean basically Julian is his protégé died of a sudden cancer like three months that was on a Sunday Sunday night when that news broke Monday morning I would do the same thing he did you're out of options the only thing you have left is to go to the Russian embassy the only success model was Snowden going to Russia so I really do believe that Braverman did go on the 23rd there was a rumor they called the American embassy etc in Washington they were trying to figure out what do we do with this guy he's sitting out there in the lobby finally about two hours later they said "come back next week for your interview for your visa" gotta do the personal interview he's like "yeah, I might be dead next week" and he didn't show my theory is he was helped off the street by our friends in the FBI Mr. McCabe and they just disappear him he's dead probably if they intervene no I think they took him to a mental farm or something you know a recovery area just to get him out of the way until the election was over because he was the most obvious threat I mean he was at the end of his rope I believe if you throw in the Chelsea bombing then you really get a guy who's at the end of his rope there's a guy here Tyler Derden which is a nom de plume yeah it's a nom de plume it was three guys but I think it's uh Krass K-R-A-S-S Krassian or something like that I think it hurts his credibility to not write under a real name I wanted to meet him today because I wanted to say exactly that why don't you just get out from behind that and be uh, but anyway I think in that period of September 23rd to the election he was kind of off to the funny farm I tried to contact his mother down in New Jersey Cherry Hill, NJ I tried to talk to his father Stanley Braverman up in Connecticut he had friends here in New York he had a home in Washington been to all those places and none of them know where he is? None of them know What does his mother say to you? What does his father say to you? I never spoke to his mother I tried twenty different times we tried calling his faculty people that do the scheduling of the classes and so forth everyone says "no, we're not talking" so there's just this huge clamp down on information on Eric Braverman and you went to Yale on the day that he was supposed to be teaching and the class was canceled it wasn't actually the day he was supposed to be teaching but I did go to the building that he was supposed to be teaching at Hill House on that beautiful Elm lined street like I said I went to the barber I went to the kosher delicatessens ya know I showed his picture to everybody and no one I mean in the neighborhood somebody should know him somebody should know him in a barber shop I mean particularly on the campus at Yale if he's an adjunct or if he's a professor there how could they not Blue State Cafe he supposedly like the Blue State Cafe I went over there and asked nobody knew him you see the other interesting thing about Eric Braverman in other reading that I've done about Iran-Contra and Marc Rich and all of this crazy Clinton activity there's Avi Braverman now is there a connection between Eric Braverman Avi Braverman the Clintons why are these guys all always hanging out doing sinister stuff together? This is the Mossad connection people accuse me of being Mossad I'm not Mossad ok so let's get that out of the way but Marc Rich I think is fairly obviously Mossad had deep Mossad connections Avi Braverman was the hero of the Negev Brigade ya know they were surrounded on seven sides the Egyptian army was in Beersheba the Negev Brigade created souther Israel ok all the way to Gaza he establishes in Beersheba Ben-Gurion University which is a Mossad cyber hacking center uh-huh so the first person that he acknowledged as a founder and father of the University was Marc Rich uh-huh so Marc Rich had the secret pipeline going through Beersheba all the way to the ya know Mediterranean to buy the Iranian oil during the embargo how he made his billions yep so that's the Clinton connection to Avi Braverman there's also a Braverman Gallery in Tel Aviv that Abramović has shown her stuff at which is really some sick art if you've ever seen the stuff that was shown at the Braverman Gallery in Tel Aviv and then her side kick her her you know protégé also has demonstrated stuff there and it's very strange very troubling now where do I think Eric Braverman is right now well his brother is a rabbai he's in a little town not far from Tel Aviv about 30 miles Eric Braverman's a U.S. citizen or an Israeli citizen I think he's a dual citizen and I think his brother is but maybe it's his half brother but his brother is as well but anyway his brother did extremely well on Wall Street I think he was the roommate of Marc Zuckerberg What? at Harvard yes yes Eric Braverman's brother was the roommate of Marc Zuckerberg Ok at Harvard one of the six roommates that you see in the in the movie yeah oh one of the guys who didn't go to the meeting that would have made him millions yeah yeah there's a news article as a matter of fact about this about Eric Braverman's brother saying "I'm the one guy who didn't become a millionaire knowing Marc Zuckerberg at Harvard" and of course people have speculated that Facebook is in fact a construct of the CIA and the story of it being created by a young genius is fiction we don't really have any proof but that's people have speculated that that I think it's pretty I mean James Woolsey and Larry Summers and Dick Cheny and the directorate all kind of put together they all liked that comment (laughter) well I think that it's pretty obvious they implanted inserted ya know Zuckerberg in there for one reason and that was to get the Winklevoss' code ya know I mean so how do we know that Dick Cheny inserted well it was Larry Summers was the president at the time of Harvard and uh well that's another conspiracy that's a whole other yeah So we don't know where Eric Braverman is cause there I have seen reports you know various things around the internet saying like "oh no don't worry Eric Braverman is back everything is fine" but yet that's just based on him sending a couple of tweets yep have you done any kind of evaluation of how do his most recent tweets compare to what he was tweeting about previously ya much different I think they're very tinny very you know arcane not anything like the kind of authentic thing that he was before I think they brought him back after the election was lost and said "look we're gonna re-introduce you, you're not going to be murdered" ha that's very reassuring when the people you think are gonna kill you tell you "oh everything must be fine now" ya and I think they worked through his mom and reassured him they're reintroducing him as the president of the Google Foundation oh right yeah and Hillary you know Google is just right there yeah so and I mean there's how do we find this guy he shouldn't be the most difficult person to just put eyeballs on him and be like "there he is" 178 days I've offered rewards I've had the you know that web site where you can offer a reward for a picture of somebody uh no one has produced a picture of him in 178 days Hill House is where he's currently teaching the seminar they keep moving the location of the seminar that he teaches if it's thirty different students somebody how about contacting one of those students that's enrolled in the class I've been trying posted on Facebook posted at Yale the Yale Daily if anybody at Yale is watching this video send an e-mail to George or to me or tweet at us or whatever but we gotta find Eric Braverman now the other thing that I found so interesting cause I just happened to cross your channel and became really super engrossed in it one of the things that I found so interesting about it is that you have organically begun doing what I wanted Crowdsource the Truth to do which is people are feeding you leads and all of that has lead you to the Awan brothers you didn't know anything about them before you started this no no I didn't so let's talk about them a little bit the star of the show is Imran Awan now my favorite cricketer is Imran Khan cricketer a professional cricket player and now he's a professional politician in Pakistan uh-huh and the Awan brothers are working in Congress the funny whole set of circumstances around Imran Awan ok there's two brothers that he has one little bit younger than him called Abid Imran is about 36 and Abid is about 34 and then there's this way younger brother Jamal 22 and there's a fourth Awan that says he's unrelated Omar all four are working in Congress three of the Awans the first three I mentioned are making over $160,000 a year right which is as high as you can go be paid I mean if you're a representative from U.S. Congress that's your maximum salary really? and then what are these guys doing they're in the IT department there They're in the IT department they're in the IT department now we haven't even why would we hire someone who's not a U.S. citizen to work in the IT department at Congress? not only the IT department at Congress but also working for different representatives that are on the most sensitive committees in Congress how does the most recent executive order that Trump just signed yesterday about the H-1B visas how would it impact this or does it yeah well it does I mean H-1Bs can be used for cut out businesses so I could say for instance I could set up a shell company like Lightbridge Communications and a cut out that is a business that is specifically used for clandestine not what it seems to be let's say I wanted to spy on as many government organizations as possible let's say I want to what they call 'dope' routers so I want to build these back doors into all these routers so that I basically can get anybody's e-mail at anytime no matter how secure and for someone who doesn't know a router when you're in an office all the computers are connected to that that's connected to the internet they're even if it's super secure yeah from the router I can then also break into using the Vault 7 tools that you talked about I can get anything I can get your encryption keys the whole thing now the first Awan come in to the United States Imran 2004 ok ok Abid comes in around 2006 and then Jamal is more recent like 2015 and how did these guys get jobs in Congress an unknown foreign national Debbie Wasserman Schultz oh wow yeah Debbie Wasserman Schultz recommends them to these different ha! the person running the DNC at the time is Terry McAuliffe the current Governor and long time lifelong friend of Bill Clinton the key here is 2004 Hillary is on the Senate Armed Services Committee a very powerful Committee yeah I think she also was on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee I'm not sure it's very helpful to be seeing government contracts coming through to steer things toward your favorites right John McCain is in that position now exactly well and he has been for some time right so if you wanted to steer business toward Raytheon which is located in Arizona McCain's if you wanted to steer things toward your representatives in California you know through like a Maxine Waters or whatever you would steer it into Lockheed so that is what my working theory is why the first Awan came in Abid comes in a little bit before like 2007 and I believe he's really brought in because she's planning on running in 2008 bunch of different things happen at that point for domestic spying and so forth now you're going after the Bushs spying on the Bushs you gotta be pretty bold well they're going out George Bush is going out they got a line they got Jeb you got Pierce there's no shortage of Bush well and she's looking at it saying well it could be Romney it could be Trump it could be McCain let's get dirt on all of them I mean Cheny did this stuff too you know on all his political opponents I'm not pointing out and saying Hillary is the first person to do espionage to try to win an election and remember I'm going to all these people's homes right they own twelve different homes in the Washington area he's also working for this Lightbridge Communications right he's being accused of stealing equipment from the government and then also selling it back to the government I don't think he's just doing that to steal equipment I think he's implanting the tech in the routers he's doping the routers he's doping the routers so I believe right now there's doped routers all over Washington can that be detected or yeah so what they do with the firmware is there's a way of plugging in to and comparing the IOS of the routers Imran also starts this company called Nanoset not sat like the little small cube sats Nanset Technologies if you're working for Congress and making 160k a year and your two brothers are making 160k a year and you're managing twelve homes and oh by the way I have about ten car companies it's a lot of work for somebody to do haha yeah so there's twenty two or twenty eight I think at the last count companies that they have and they keep shutting them down and like Goodfellas style running out the credit running out the credit build up confidence in the local bank manager and then collapse it when all the bills come in how are they then able to open another business don't they have a horrible credit rating as a matter of fact Abid declares bankruptcy in 2012 uh-huh so a lot of the files from the bankruptcy come forward now I visited these homes there's one home in Lorton it's about an $800,000 home there's another home in Springfield about a $400,000 home how's somebody with a $160,000 salary buying all these homes? loans from the U.S. Congress non-U.S. citizens are getting loans of that amount? Isn't that a high risk? What's interesting is Congress repossessed two of their cars in 2008 the U.S. House of Representatives Credit Union repossessed a car in 2008 for like $3000 it was probably a pay off type situation you know to pay off a balance and then there was another $35,000 car so in 2008 when you repo two cars that is a sign of poor credit ah ya I would say (laughter) that's usually very strange but then they go ahead and get this loan for a who's approving the loans? Can we find that out? I think I'm gonna say Cheryl Mills but I don't know (laughter) when you don't know the answer it's either Valerie Jarrett or Cheryl Mills it's gotta be one of the two but getting back to the Congress twenty two companies with the full time job oh and by the way they're not working for just one congressman they're working for three congressmen part time what congressmen did they work for? There's Jackie Speier there's Becerra out in Fresno in California Greg Meeks here can we talk to these people oh I've I've call all these folks and they don't want to talk to you no you're being Islamophobic and so forth like I said my favorite cricketer is Imran Khan I'm not anti-Muslim I'm not anti-Pakistan I'm anti-ISI ISI is the intelligence service of Pakistan and ISI has been used as you mentioned since 1979 so the first ten years made sense because it knocked Russia out of Afghanistan and brought down the Russian empire but ISI kept going they kept doing the drug running but they weren't buying arms with it anymore they were buying hospitals in the U.S. they were buying nursing home chains they were infiltrating the Veteran's Administration with spies I believe it's to sell counterfeit drugs into the Veteran's Administration our major hospital systems I believe that Wellpoint has been compromised I believe Spectrum Health has been compromised I believe Kaiser has been compromised when you say compromised you mean... I mean let's take Grand Rapids as one example right I start a in this case a Mosque which is usually the place where people are recruited I befriend the different doctors you know in different agencies and so forth I learn about pharmacists I gradually talk about ways we're trying to raise money in Pakistan and one of the things we do is we replace Pfizer drugs generics with our drugs with generics they don't say that these are counterfeit they don't say that they're quarter strength they say people are gonna die from that if they're not getting the proper but the way this is compartmentalized is that people are thinking they're doing the right thing right that's what you mean by compromised they're able to sell these counterfeit drugs and then so what about the organ harvesting that's gotta be compartmentalized there's no way that doctors are knowingly you only need one people say well 99% of people are good and theres one bad that's all you need for a rat line what we call a rat line which is an illegal trade line you only need that orderly at 2 AM to 4 AM nurse anesthetist to put somebody out and get their organs you call the pathologist at 3 he comes in and looks at the slides and says "let's go on this kidney" and heart is the same way liver's gonna be the same way there's profusion machines and so forth to keep those organs fresh until you get that person in there so you you start to look at how valuable these organs are they're like a quarter of a million dollars for a heart quarter million dollars for a liver kidneys between one hundred fifty and two hundred thousand dollars yeah I saw that episode where you broke down the value down to the bone marrow it's compartmentalized I go down to the street I go for my DEA informant and I just say "hey just let people know if we come up with a body in the next ya know two days you're gonna get five thousand bucks or ten thousand bucks whatever the number is they're just taking any body what if this person is a drug addict or has some disease they're just popin' out the liver and giving it to somebody there's tests that they have to do I hope we're not putting in diseased organs into new people I think the people that are getting them are elites or people who think of themselves as elites right and I think that the people in the middle are kind of saying "well I'm just saving a person like Stephen Hawking or David Rockefeller so he can live another day" and we had that conversation last night of course about the ridiculous notion of David Rockefeller having seven heart transplants and as we discussed I looked into that and it doesn't seem that there's any record of any human being surviving beyond three heart transplants and even that number is extremely rare and this is what I love about public research because I have been one that has said I don't know I think he's got seven or is it eight I spoke to cardiologists and they found it preposterous to think that someone would be able even the healthiest subject could live through seven heart transplant surgeries I make mistakes in my series and one of the beauties of open media research or open newsroom or whatever you wanna call it or Crowdsource the Truth you have only one choice Deep State is judges politicians and police right you're walled off you're like Braverman on the 23rd the only way out is to start throwing breadcrumbs to people like you and me or check in to an Air bnb at the embassy in Ecuador (laughter) I went to Ecuador really ya I went to Ecuador and I went to the embassy they didn't want me (laughter) I went to the Russian embassy in Berlin they didn't want me so it definitely follows the pattern of ya know government agencies hiring criminals giving them plausible deniability if anything happens "we don't know that guy he's a criminal murderer he's not involved with us" there's a couple layers even if I have ISI do the spying because it's called a liaison operation it's because it's a liaison operation I don't need to do what's called a finding well this is sort of like when everyone was saying oh Obama used GCHQ to spy on Trump this hides the paper trail there's no paper trail and so it's obvious that these surveillances are being ordered if I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna do it with the same people I'm not gonna have one year gonna have ISI no it's a tight operation Imran specifically gets brought to the United States as a kind of a plant inside of the House of Representatives in 2004 Abid 2007 and then Jamal 2015 now there is a theory that there is only one Awan brother what was all that stuff you got from the Facebook pages that was so I went to Imran Awan's Facebook page Lorton Virginia right now he owns four homes in Lorton Virginia ok that alone is crazy how does somebody making a hundred and sixty grand have four homes well he has twelve so I mean it could be that he creates the other brothers because remember there's another Awan Omar that has access to the Peoplesoft system the Peoplesoft system is how you create a new employee so if there was no checks and no balances you could say "well this is getting suspicious I own twelve homes now" fake identities to receive payments well no one's ever seen them so none of the thirty one different democrats that have employed these folks over the years none of the staffers and I went to Washington and I talked to as many staff as I possibly never saw the pictures of those guys the only person anybody's ever seen is Imran Awan and where is he now he's back in Pakistan well he's chilling with Eric Braverman (laughter) well I think Eric Braverman is with his brother in near Tel Aviv staying there kind of in a like laying low I mean this is like Kibbutz but it's off the beaten path right now Imran their father ok so the step mother story is Imran a good guy or a bad guy on January 2, 2017 the step mother of the Awan brothers this year January 2nd she calls the police and says "I've been imprisoned in my home these boys have threatened me to not leave the house they've threatened me not to call on the phone they've put a listening devices in the house they've been able to somehow hack my cellphone why do they want to do this to her they have said to her "we will kill your relatives and kidnap your relatives in Pakistan if you do not give us the inheritance from our father the father Muhammad Shah was sick and he was supposed to be in the U.S. to get medical treatment she signs over the power of attorney to the boys this is their biological father? this is their biological father why would they not be in his will anyway? well it's also interesting to see that the name is Muhammad Shah and their going with this Awan their last name is Awan odd now are the Awans running around to everyone who's ya know sick and just saying hey ya know if you don't give us your money I mean if on Imran's web page he's got a lot of radical jihad doesn't seem like regular IT guys no veins bulging out of the neck of these clerics you know working in these rages he's got on his private movie channel all these movies where they take over Mecca kind of Muhammad re-enactments and so forth I know that's the channel is his because I went to the home and that home is in one of his movies on his oh he's making movies yeah he's making movies and putting them on YouTube or something he's also uploading movies of you know great wins why are these guys so stupid why would they... couple questions about who is stupid and why they are so stupid so if Hillary Clinton is engaging in all of this cyber espionage what the hell is she doing having an unsecured server don't you think you'd be aware that other people will be doing that to you it's a little crazy one of the oldest trick in the book with reporters where they say "oh here's some top secret documents I'm gonna put on my desk" right as you walk out of the room "I'm gonna go get a cup of coffee" so she put it on the server specifically so it could be hacked to be hacked and so when there's a report of China hacking you're gonna put Chinese intelligence let's say could be South China Sea oil reserves that have been identified by ya know USGS or Rex Tillerson or whatever ya but usually around economics usually around oil but it also could be around weapons you know and there are these daily intelligence briefs that the President gets there are these intelligence assessments for if I'm going to go into a country and try to take over like Libya like Syria like Sudan like Yemen those are valuable and those are the assessments same assessments that Tyler Drumheller from the CIA gave to Sid Blumenthal in his e-mails so we're not making up stories here we have the e-mail to show that she loved assessments and the assessments will go through and say here is all the tribes here are the leaders here are the people that are reliable here are the people who are not so if you want to go in and create a coup you get rid of this guy you promote this guy wow that sort of thing this is her how sausage is made process I mean yeah and you can see it through the Blumenthal e-mails the Tyler Drumheller e-mails have you poured over those Wikileaks e-mails yeah it's interesting reading isn't it and what's also coming into more focus now is the older cables and so forth because every time a body of work or a body of knowledge comes in more clues are you know there's more dots being connected all the time so if McCabe again would release Hillary's server data the metadata the day I sent you the e-mail the time the subject line that's all we would need because if they're all about yoga yeah let's see it great ya know if they're all about Tyler Drumheller at the CIA that's something else if it says code words like Timber Sycamore or Zero Footprint or whatever the coup in Honduras was called then that's something else again same thing with Huma's server most people don't even know about this coup in Honduras and the woman who was the president or whatever it was she implicated Hillary days before she was assassinated yes Honduras was kind of the baby coup to get going get in the mood (laughter) first she had to clear out there was three guys basically the State Department stalwarts that had to get cleared out and Philippe Reines who's kind of the male Huma writes this article basically telling the journalists what to say that these three guys are gonna be lined up like a firing squad and so you know make it sound like Hillary's new smart power it was the whole smart power initiative but the Honduran coup is like a couple a days before that she was trying to recast herself as this smart power person what strategic value does Honduras hold for the United States Drugs Drugs Drugs Honduras is just a great jumping off point to go into El Salvador, Nicaragua wow and you know any smart rat line you move it around you and I could talk about this stuff for hours on end and just go in every different direction but I think for now we'll sort of wrap this one up and I hope we can do another in the future let's do it again
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