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  1. zachariel11/17/2018
  2. hey Foli dont forget about the calendar accept/decline/tentative for today monday and tue :smile:
  3. Fennexis11/17/2018
  4. Fixed :slight_smile:
  5. zachariel11/17/2018
  6. Thx :)
  7. zacharielToday at 6:34 PM
  8. hey hey sorry was in a dungeon :))
  9. hence the long response
  10. FennexisToday at 6:34 PM
  11. O haha no problem
  12. zacharielToday at 6:35 PM
  13. ok so I just took a look at your application, I don't know if square has checked it yet but we have 2 kind of "pass fail" questions, one is the discord guild rules and other is attendance, where we ask ppl to write something specific to show they read it, you answered kinda wrong, I think you can edit your application though to make it right if she hasn't checked it yet :smile:
  14. FennexisToday at 6:35 PM
  15. wat
  16. I mean sure
  17. Can do
  18. zacharielToday at 6:35 PM
  19. :stuck_out_tongue:
  20. just a bit of a hint
  21. i usually look at the new applications on a regular thing
  22. but lately i forgot
  23. FennexisToday at 6:36 PM
  24. Yeah that appl. was a bit weird
  25. because I wrote some stuff down at Neck
  26. And that confused me somewhat
  27. Well I cant edit a google doc can I?
  28. And I read the discord rules back when I was in splendour so I didnt think I had to ask for an invite again
  29. zacharielToday at 6:39 PM
  30. it is needed even if you did before
  31. i know woc needed to redo his
  32. FennexisToday at 6:39 PM
  33. lol
  34. zacharielToday at 6:39 PM
  35. recently
  36. :stuck_out_tongue: better read all the things you know how square is with things :smile:
  37. FennexisToday at 6:40 PM
  38. Aight, can you tell me though how I can edit the appl.? Since you said I should change
  39. zacharielToday at 6:42 PM
  40. when you did your application didn t you receive something on your mail as in you applyed to this thing??
  41. or try to acces the form again and maybe it shows the thing you filled in
  42. FennexisToday at 6:43 PM
  43. Naw, well I guess I need to redo it or whatever, going to ask the boss herself then I suppose
  44. Since I cant access that one again, no mail nothing
  45. but thanks for the heads up
  46. zacharielToday at 6:45 PM
  47. no worries :smiley:
  48. just say i think i fucked up bla bla how can i do this??
  49. and she will say the correct things
  50. FennexisToday at 6:47 PM
  51. Yea thanks
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