Mar 29th, 2015
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  2. >you stumble back from the bar to your house
  3. >it was only, what three blocks
  4. >ah, you'll be fine
  5. >it takes forever, but finally, you drunkenly push open the door to your house and slump inside
  6. >you trip over the entrance way and fall on your face
  7. >as you look up, something is sitting in front of you
  8. >she has a look on her face somewhere between worry and a cringe
  9. >"A-anon? Are you ok?"
  10. "Yes... Twi, I'm fine."
  11. >pushing yourself off the floor, you stagger to your bed
  12. >already, you've got the beginning of a headache
  13. >not even bothering to pull up the covers, you close your eyes
  14. >nose boop
  15. >"A-anon? I was here to give you the deal we talked about... A-are you sure you want to do it now? You seem pretty hammered, I think I'll come back another day."
  16. >oh shit, Twilight made a deal with you a couple months ago
  17. >she gave you the option to either be a pony, or fuck a pony as yourself
  18. >you're pretty attractive, but, free vag and be a pone?
  19. >fuck yeah
  20. >the downside, is that you didn't get to choose who you were going to be
  21. >but you could take the risk
  22. >pretty much anything but a filly fondler
  23. >Twilight backs out of the door
  24. "Twi... No, I'll do it."
  25. >"You sure Anon? I mean..."
  26. "Just do it you fucking horse."
  27. >"F-fine. Just lie down, and don't move. Got it?"
  28. "Alright."
  29. >fuck your head hurts
  30. >your body starts to warm up, and a purple glow engulfs your body
  31. >your head starts throbbing
  32. >"A-anon, I really don—"
  33. "JUST DO IT"
  34. >the pain keeps growing, and eventually your vision fades
  36. >you're facedown on a glass pane
  37. >below you see all sorts of delectable treats
  38. >your face pulls off the glass with a little sucking noise
  39. >sugar cube corner
  40. >surprisingly, it's empty
  41. >a sign hanging on the door reads open
  42. >you walk over, and flip it around, reading closed on the other side
  43. >looking down, you see aqua hooves
  44. >oh shit, it worked
  45. >you supress a little giggle then panic a bit
  46. >pinkie doesn't have blue hooves
  47. >a cake sitting on the counter jogs your memory
  48. >Mrs. Cake
  50. >oh man
  51. >moving away from the door, you take a closer look at the counter
  52. >all sorts of pastries litter the shelves
  53. >anything from croissants to rhubarb tarts
  54. >the rhubarb looks a little lonely, most likely untouched all week
  55. >you walk into the kitchen
  56. >surprisingly, it's spotless
  57. >you half expected a mess from pinkie's daily escapades
  58. >maybe her nightly ones too
  59. >a bit of cake batter lies untouched, maybe in preperation for the next day
  60. >some bread dough lies next to the oven, as well as a discarded icing bag, left next to a wedding cake
  61. >a little jingle of a bell signals someone's entered the shop
  62. >The Anon you'd be fucking would be here soon, and you didn't want any customers
  63. "Sorry, we're close—"
  64. >it's him
  65. "Ooh, Anon! I was just expecting you! Take a seat, please."
  66. >you lead him over to a seat where he sits down
  67. >what were you expecting, him to magically appear
  68. >idiot
  69. >you grab his tie and lean close to his face
  70. >in the most sultry voice Mrs. Cake can muster, you whisper into his ear
  71. "Now what do you want me to bake for you."
  72. >you punctuate it by licking your lips a little
  73. >his face flushes a little
  74. >"I was thinking... How about a plain old cake. It's your namesake isn't it."
  75. "Traditional... I like it. Don't move a muscle."
  76. >you walk back into the kitchen
  77. >you grab the pre-made batter and ladle it into a cake mold before shoving it into the oven
  78. >before you walk back out, you grab the icing bag
  79. "Oh Anon? I have a little extra icing here. Would you mind giving it a lick or two?"
  80. >you can see a small bulge in his pants now as you walk over to him
  81. >standing by him, you dab a small amount of the icing onto your hoof
  82. >you lift your hoof to his mouth and he gives it a curious lick
  83. "How is it?"
  84. >"Very sweet. Would you like some?"
  85. "I guess a little more will leave enough for the cake..."
  86. >you pull one of his hands next to you and dollop some onto his index finger
  88. >you take his finger into your mouth, licking the frosting off the tip
  89. >after that, you caress it, licking every nook and cranny
  90. >you release his hand, letting a single delicious strand of spit connect your mouth and his finger
  91. >again, you look him in the eyes and state, licking your lips
  92. "I can't wait to taste a little more of you later anon... Maybe even a little of your homemade frosting... Hm?"
  93. >his mouth is hanging slightly open, and the small bulge you saw before has signifigantly grown
  94. "That's what I thought."
  95. >you giggle to yourself
  96. >as you walk back to the kitchen, you flash him a little plot
  97. >as you return to the kitchen, you think of your next tease
  98. >you put the icing bag down and survey the room for anything... interesting
  99. >realizing you should check the cake, you peer into the oven for a quick second
  100. >seems about half done
  101. >the Cakes must have a really expensive oven for it to cook this hot
  102. >you grab a rolling pin, as well as a bit of dough and return to the table
  103. "I was thinking of making some pie crust, and what better time to do it than now?"
  104. >you say, placing a little flour onto the table before plopping the dough down
  105. >you stand up, balancing on your haunches
  106. >the table is just short enough to give him a fleeting shot of your holy land when you straighten up
  107. >perfect
  108. >you begin rolling out the dough, making little moans whenever you push down to flatten a crest
  109. >a single bead of sweat leaks down his face
  110. >you start rolling slightly faster, increasing both the frequency and intensity of your moans
  111. >he wipes his forehead, staring down at what you're rolling
  112. >faster you roll, pushing and moaning louder and louder
  113. >you push a little too hard, tearing a hole in the corner of the now nearly flattened dough
  114. >you stop and fold a bit of the dough over it
  115. >next, you pick up the pin and lick it
  116. "Did you know Anon, that spit actually allows dough to bond? It's an easy way to fix any mishap you have with it, quite handy."
  118. >you push down on the dough once more
  119. >you start standing on the hooftips of your haunches, letting just a little of your pussy wipe on the dough, leaving a little discolored area
  120. >the sweat running down anon's forehead could quench an african family for a year
  121. >suddenly, you stop rolling, and pick up the dough
  122. "Well Anon? What do you think? Good enough for tomorrow?"
  123. >you make sure to clearly display the part where you shamelessly rubbed yourself
  124. >"Looks good to me! Say, do you cook thick or thin crust pies here?"
  125. "I like thin, but my husband likes it thick... To each their own"
  126. >Anon's eyes widen, and you see a smile come over his face
  127. >you're dying of laughter inside, but letting it show would completely ruin the moment
  128. >you head back to the kitchen and pull the cake out of the oven
  129. >deciding not to keep him waiting, you quickly cover the cake in frosting, then ice the edges
  130. >it's not the prettiest cake you've ever seen, but it's pretty enough for your purposes
  131. >carrying the cake out, along with a small bowl of whipped cream, you place the cake in front of him
  132. "Tah dah! Now... I get to see what's been cooking in your oven.."
  133. >you unbutton his shirt and lean up to kiss him on the lips
  134. >you're right about cooking, he's sweating bullets
  135. >next, you take your antics a little lower, down to his nether-regions
  136. >you unbutton his pants, thankfully he doesn't have a zipper, and out pops his dick
  137. >he's not too large, maybe a little under average size
  138. >not that you mind anyway, just'll make it easer to hilt
  139. >jesus christ, what has Twilight done to you
  140. >you slide the tip of his cock into your mouth, savoring the bit of precum from the top of it
  141. "Delicious..."
  142. >he's completely speechless
  143. >you rub his tip over your tounge, tasting it like you said you would
  144. >it's not a bad flavor, but not something you'd try again
  145. >pushing him a little deeper into your mouth, you caress his length with your tounge
  146. >he quivers a little in your mouth, and you crack a smile
  148. >he lets out a little pleased sigh, as you continue sucking
  149. >suddenly, you feel his hands grasp you, and bring you onto the table
  150. >your hind legs splay on top, and your pussy smushes into the cake
  151. >you feel two fingers wipe a little frosting, and enter you from behind
  152. >as this happens, your nose unwittingly boops his groin
  153. >you've been taking him deeper and deeper without noticing
  154. >hawt
  155. >his fingers work and caress your lips, smearing icing outside and inside you
  156. >his fingers, coated in a mixture of frosting and mare juice, slide in and out of you effortlessly
  157. >you let out a contented sigh, mouth wrapped around his dick
  158. >he pulls you off, and rounds the table
  159. >he plays with you for a minute, shoveling cake and icing into you, before grabbing your tail, pulling you up, and thrusting into you
  160. >what he didn't have in size, he made up for in stamina, pumping full speed like no tomorrow
  161. >the cake pushed against your inner linings, giving you a spongey feeling around his cock
  162. "H-harder, h-harder."
  163. >you thank and curse Twilight simultaneously
  164. >he obliges you, pushing into you with greater force, albeit at a cost of some of his speed
  165. >you suddenly tense around him, vagina clenching on him
  166. >ecstasy tingled up your spine, leaving you breathless
  167. >however, he dodn't stop pomping, clouding your mind again and again with pleasure
  168. >he was starting to lose consistancy, thrusting at an un-even pace
  169. >getting close to the big finish
  171. >you decide to help out, flexing around him as he thrusts
  172. >panting, he lets out one last push before pulling your tail, hard
  173. >his seed rushes in, warm and a bit sticky
  174. >you shake your ass a little for him, before pulling off, dripping a mixture of mashed cake, frosting and cum
  175. >his cock is covered in it
  176. >"I'm sorry, but that was..."
  177. "Oh, you're not done yet."
  178. >you wrap your mouth around his dick once again, cleaning and sucking the mixure off
  179. >you swallow every last drop before pulling off and smiling up at him
  180. >he's looking down at you in awe
  181. "Some delicious batter you cooked up there Anon, might have to get your recipie."
  182. >again, fuck you twilight
  183. >you usher anon out the door into the night, and get to work cleaning the table
  184. >it's not too difficult, seeing how it's varnished wood
  185. >it wipes off pretty easily, and you get another taste of the mixture, greedily licking it off your hoof
  186. >you then get to cleaning your nethers
  187. >it's starting to cake a little
  188. >heh
  189. >and is rather hard to wipe out of fur
  190. >you walk over to the kitchen, wet a washcloth and wipe it into the sink
  191. >sufficiantly clean, you make the way to the stairs, vision fading as you do so
  193. >your eyes open to blistering pain
  194. >"ANON I AM SO SORRY!"
  195. >Twilight is flipping out in front of you
  196. "No really, Twi, it wa..."
  197. >you look down, and see blood rushing from your nose, down onto your white sheets
  199. >your nose tingles for a second, and the flow stops
  200. "Ok... All fixed, phew. Well, hope you enjoyed that Anon!"
  201. >she turns and walks towards the door, accidentily giving you a last peek at her nethers as she leaves
  202. >she's a bit damp, leaving your imagination to run wild
  203. >guess she was watching...
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