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  1. TILTED  dredge  Rolled her eyes at his words but otherwise kept her focus on the screen. She didn't mind him moving up behind her, "What? Worried I'll beat your score?" she quipped at him, mashing at a button and tugging the joystick back, yelling more obscenities at the screen as she leaned in closer, her butt poking out further and pressing back against his crotch. Was she particularly good at it? No, but she was determined and that stubborn determination had actually progressed her (over the course of several losses in her history of playing) to a pretty advanced level. She was good at memorizing things rather than reacting appropriately.
  2. dredge  TILTED  Intended to move up to the side of the cabinet, but.. caught a glimpse of her butt wiggling around and decided it would have been better to stand behind her and attempt to get a view of the action. "I probably won't have to wait very long, in that case. This game always kicks your ass." He leaned over from behind, squinting at the screen.
  3. TILTED  dredge  slips a quarter inside the slot, a hand mashing at the select button, one on the analog stick, kind of leaned in a little bit, occasionally shifting her weight from one foot to the other or wiggling her butt a little whenever she got excited, cursing at the screen in Korean. Knew he'd follow, of course. "If you want to play you'll have to wait til I'm done," said in that bossy tone of hers.
  4. dredge  TILTED  Well.. was fucking shown tiddies, so he had no choice but to follow her over to the arcade cabinet, looking over his shoulder a few times to see that they weren't followed.
  5. TILTED  dredge  shoots him a little cheeky grin before turning off with the soda he bought her and towards the one arcade game tucked into a little nook off the main room.
  6. dredge  TILTED  blink. rubs the underside of his nose with one of his fingers. oh, aight.
  7. TILTED  dredge  ...flashes him her tits.
  8. dredge  TILTED  eyes.
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