Fang deleted scene from 42

Jul 10th, 2015
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  1. Shima: He pauses as she flies over him to cut off the exit, growling as he lowers his talon, though the staff stays coiled.
  3. He looks at his staff, "I dubbed it Gigant, and it is a staff I created of my own two talons. It shares your staffs appearance because I imagine it shares a very similar tale." He begins to pace, back and forth.
  5. "Your spirit possesses the detail of its creation. Along with the rest of your memories, safe from my probe. But if I know how it was created." He points a talon at you, "You made the staff, with your very own hooves. You sought to create an implement of great power, for whatever the reason, and succeeded. But that power came with a life of its own, a life that saw potential in you. A life that saw fit to give you a new identity, casting aside your old name to make for your rebirth. Eo-Naxx Fang."
  7. He looks at his own staff, "You are not alone in this matter. Though your spirit is different than any other the Order has encountered. I know not why it is so... difficult." He chooses kind words to describe it.
  9. Sneaky Hydrax: Fang seems quite flustered, "It's not something i let it do, it took my life away, the only thing Eo-Naxx seeks to do is take my body for it's own." She stares down the griffon waiting for him to make his move.
  11. Shima: Claw nods, continuing his pacing. "Yes, I gathered that." He holds up his staff wrapped around his arm. "That did not happen to me... we still became of one mind, I gave my body over to it and it gave its power over to me, but it never wiped away my memories. I remember the pale excuse for a griffon dying out there in the wastes I was before." He grips his talon hard.
  13. "Why yours demands so much I do not know. I imagine something to do with the 'personality' it was born with. Your story has repeated itself throughout history but no two staves are identical. Yours, Fang, seems predisposed towards power and ambition. At little thought to moral implications. You are lucky to have such a unique specimen." he rubs his crooked beak, as though impressed.
  15. Sneaky Hydrax: "I fear following you was a mistake. But i'am still curious, answer one question, and i'll let you leave. No fight." she says after taking a breath, relaxing a little but still remaining on guard.
  17. Shima: "Are you certain of that? I'm actually starting to feel rather favored you chose to. It has been so long I did not speak with my mind, in fear of that spell being stolen again."
  19. He waves a claw, "Feel free to ask. I will promise only to answer as best I can, but your last few have been things you yourself will come to learn in time, Eo-naxx Fang. I've a feeling you and I are destined to meet again."
  21. Sneaky Hydrax: Fang smirks unable to tell whether he actually liked talking or not, "earlier you said the Order of Eon was helping people, I'd like to know what you meant by that."
  23. Shima: He pauses, but his face shows no emotional response other than staring at Fang for a long moment. Hard to tell if he is simply thinking or nervous.
  25. "You see this world outside the protection of its people's domes? Over 95% of the entire world is now being baked in the temperatures of the sun 24 hours a day. And that percentage grows more and more until there is nothing left. The Order... and the staffs... serve to end this disaster, through careful planning over millennia since its founding. For if they do not, it is not only this world that is doomed."
  27. He holds up his staff, which slithers into a straight line along his arm until it is a solid pole that he then grasps. "And through these, they have a hope of success. Does that answer your question, Eo-Naxx Fang?"
  29. Sneaky Hydrax: "No, but I'd like to hear more, i said only one question. I'd like to keep it that way, but you don't seem like the one to be fighting here as we are both attempting to stop the sunfall. Give me reason not to stop the order of eon for some how being associated with the evil that i perceive the staff as."
  31. Shima: He grins, "You want a reason not to stop the Order? I assume the salvation of sentient life throughout the cosmos not sufficient enough?" He lets off of the smile, taking on a more serious look.
  33. "I understand. You have suffered much at your staff. It is unlike any other, but they all share a common origin that you see as evil. The same origin, ironically, as the Sunfall itself. It is only through Eo-Naxx's power that the Order of Eon can prevail. That should suffice? If not, I should add the Order tends to go to... extremes, to see their plans aren't halted. Should you try to stop them, they won't be pleased."
  35. Sneaky Hydrax: Fang rubs her forehead, "Your answers only lead to more questions" Fang arches her wings angrily, looking up at Claw as she puts her hoof down, "I'm letting you go, don't let me find you doing anything disagreeable without a good explanation." Fang gives a great flap of her draconic wings as she propels herself into the air, up and over Claw, as she slowly makes for the entrance, flying backwards as she awaits a response.
  37. Shima: He clicks his beak. "As I'm told I frequently do: correct one flaw in the system, and make two new ones. Do not worry about 'disagreeable', I came here only to observe: I had no ill-intent planned for the denizens. Though I hope your portal is still there when you arrive, otherwise... well, I'll be seeing you again shortly."
  39. He makes for the exit, "Secrecy is the Order's greatest ally, Eo-Naxx Fang. But you carry our symbol. One day, sooner or later, you will have no more questions. Farewell..." He opens the shadowy reflection of the main door leading out of the dome to the Tram tunnels below, and stops.
  41. "If you seek out a being called 'Chitus' in the time you and those others last came from, he may share more than what I know. Perhaps it will expedite the issue with your staff. But, be wary. He is dangerous."
  43. Sneaky Hydrax: "Chitus, I'll look into that, farewell griffon, i hope your pellets haven't overpowered my compatriots by now." Fang begins flying back to where she came into the shadowy realm.
  45. Shima: He smirks, descending into the darkness as you leave him be.
  47. In the time since you left, you see that the hole from before has shrunken drastically to about a head in size, with a light magenta field keeping it from shrinking further as you hear voices reminiscent of your friends just outside, talking about several matters at once.
  49. All around the floor of the shadow-copy of the lab, you see the crushed and burnt out corpses of Boo... a LOT of Boos. All of them baring the same physical attributes from mane to coat to wing, scattered about in chunks around the room. Some frozen, some lasered into oblivion, but all dead.
  51. Sneaky Hydrax: Fang keeps herself from gagging as she levels her staves at the gap in the shadow verse, and attempts to peel them back open enough for her to slip through.
  53. Shima: [success]
  55. Shima: You try and peel back the hole farther, but its force held in place by Twilight's field of stasis keeps it completely in check as the green flutter of magic draws attention. You hear Twilight say,
  57. "Wait a moment! Interference..." you see a purple muzzle poke through the hole, gasping, "Fang! There you are!"
  59. "Fang made it?!" Boo you hear behind her, "Is she alright?"
  61. "She's fine, she's fine! Fang, where did you go? Did that griffon Boo says made all these clones get away?"
  63. She looks at the portal, "I'm sorry, whatever he did to make them, they worked: the apple this portal came from is destroyed now. The only thing keeping it in place is a stasis field. It can't grow OR shrink now, but if I let it off... it'll close permanently."
  65. Sneaky Hydrax: "The Griffon got away, unfortunately. I'll find another way out, unless you feel like shrinking me, or letting me copy a spell to do so."
  67. Shima: Twilight looks at you through the portal, rubbing her chin as she looks at it. "I've already tried teleporting 'in', to no avail. When I focus on that point where you are, I get there, but on OUR side of the portal. I don't think I know any shrinking spells... uh, well, I guess there is 'one' I know. It's sort of rough though, but if you copy it it might work."
  69. "Can't you just turn her into a Breezie? Or show her how to do it?" Rainbow asks, also on the other side
  71. "Not without a Breezie present. The only 'shrinking' spell I picked up after my duel with Trixie. It's... an aging spell."
  73. "Not it!" Rainbow Dash backs off.
  75. Sneaky Hydrax: "Sounds horrible efficient, cast it, if it doesn't work, I'll copy it."
  77. Shima: "Okay. I'm just going to cast it on myself for you to pick up on. I don't want to try and guess what sort of side-effects casting it 'through' the portal might be. Watch carefully." Twilight envelops herself in a bright pink field, blinding through the portal.
  79. When the light subsides, you see an Alicorn a few years younger before you, but not by enough to squeeze through the portal. The Twilight of a few younger years looks at herself, flexing her wings, "A few years is all I've been able to pull from current study. Can you copy this and amplify to farther?"
  81. Sneaky Hydrax: "I guess we'll see how i fare compared to an alicorn." Fang's eye's spark green as she pulls the purple aura through the aperture, and into her horn. Concentrating she envelops herself in a green aura, attempting to significantly reduce her age.
  83. Shima: [Rolled 9+1 for effectiveness]
  85. The copy successful, you transfer the application of the magic you saw through the portal to yourself, able to replicate the results without having had any prior knowledge of it. Through your natural talent to copy what you see, you feel a wealth of magic from within as a small spark emanates around your neck temporarily.
  87. The next time you open your eyes, you see the portal much, much higher off the ground than before, and your heavy hat and monster cloak draped around you like a blanket as you probe around with tiny limbs.
  89. "Fang! Fang did it work?! I can't see you!" You hear Boo call. You can fit easily through the portal now, and you feel your wings and physical strength still enough to lift yourself up to it even with your filly-like body.
  91. Sneaky Hydrax: Babby fang futily attempts to flap her wings but she's caught up in the heavy leathers. Finding no short reserve of mental strength fang floats up her staves and uses them to levitate herself through the portal with her attire, followed by the staves themselves, "I dinki werk."
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