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  1.                              The Legend of Kyrandia
  2.                            Roland MT-32 Recording Notes
  3.                            ----------------------------
  4.                             (C) 1992 Westwood Studios
  7.  Music composed by Frank Klepacki
  8.  Sound effects by Dwight Okahara
  10.  Status: complete.
  11.  Number of tracks: 52.
  12.  Length: 1:20:57.  
  15.  Thanks to Tracker Noise for the original Roland MT-32!
  17.  - All tracks were recorded with Audacity 1.3.12 in 32 bits stereo with a PreSonus
  18.    Inspire 1394. They were edited in Adobe Audition 3.0.1 and converted to 32-bit
  19.    Wavpack and 16-bit FLAC lossless formats with dBpoweramp (triangular dithering
  20.    was applied to 16-bit FLAC files).
  22.  - All tracks have been recorded in their entirety, I hope!
  24.  - All tracks recorded with a Roland MT-32 "old-type" revision 1 (ROM version 1.07)
  25.    with the master volume at 20. There was no checksum or buffer overflow error.
  26.    Serial number is 887099.
  28.  - The English Version 1.3 of the game was used for the recording. Some tracks
  29.    are different between Version 1.0 & Version 1.3, but it's probable that most
  30.    tracks are identical between the two versions. There is nonetheless one major
  31.    and noticeable difference: track "30 - Restoring the Fountain" does not exist
  32.    in Version 1.0. As far as I know, XMI files are identical in Version 1.3 and
  33.    subsequent (and ADL files too - for Adlib music).
  35.  - In order to preserve the game's original dynamics, all tracks have been recorded
  36.    with a unique input volume. All tracks' volume has then been increased by +1.5 dB
  37.    in Adobe Audition 3.0.1 to maximize the volume. No other transformations have
  38.    been applied. The track with the loudest peak is "29 - Malcolm at the Enchanted
  39.    Fountain" (the very end with the chimes).
  41.  - All tracks were recorded with DOSBox 0.74 except track "20b - Healing the Songbird
  42.    (ScummVM)", which was recorded with ScummVM 1.2.1. It features the (beautiful)
  43.    sound effects from the game sequence by Dwight Okahara. I used ScummVM instead
  44.    because the "Timbermist Woods" would not fade out properly in DOSBox before the
  45.    songbird sequence. Track "20 - Healing the Songbird" does not feature the
  46.    sound effects and was recorded with DOSBox.
  48.  - Track "11 - Playing with Merith" features a sound effect. I recorded a version
  49.    with no sound effect: track "11b - Playing with Merith (no sound effect)".
  51.  - Some tracks are considered "sound effects" by the game, for instance track
  52.    "15 - Game Over" or track "31 - Getting the Blue Power". I assume they were
  53.    nonetheless composed by Frank Klepacki and not Dwight Okahara, but I might be
  54.    wrong.
  56.  - I believe tracks "38 - Meeting Malcolm in the Castle" & "39 - The Castle of
  57.    Kyrandia" contain a bug and that some instruments are not properly reset on
  58.    repeat, most noticeably the lead instrument. It's pretty obvious in the Castle
  59.    track where the flute disappears on repeat (~7:24). Since it sounds different,
  60.    I recorded the full tracks (which makes the "Castle of Kyrandia" almost 15 minutes
  61.    long!). It was never corrected and appears in all versions.
  63.  - Track "41 - Herman Possessed (alternate)" seems to be heard only at a particular
  64.    moment in the game. See the video here: http://www.warriorlabs.net/index.php?showtopic=388,
  65.    "Ep. 6: ...And the Rest" at 36:45 for a demonstration. Thanks to fllthdcrb for
  66.    this very useful video! I never knew how/where to hear that music before.
  68.  - I did not split track "46 - Malcolm Defeated & End Credits" in two because it
  69.    is considered one track by the game.
  71.  - Track "48 - Unused Track" was played and recorded from the game itself (I renamed the XMI
  72.    files, etc.).
  75.   Well, if you're still here, thanks for reading! :) This recording was a lot of
  76.   work, I am glad it's done. :) And I hope you enjoy it! The game has been one
  77.   of my favourite since the first time I played in 1992. I have played it over
  78.   and over these past 20 (almost!) years and I still love it as much as the first
  79.   time. Thanks to Westwood Studios for making this great game (among others!)
  80.   and especially to Frank Klepacki for his hauntingly beautiful music that keeps
  81.   me dreaming after all this time!
  83.   - Ben
  84.     March 2011
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