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EMs rules

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  1. __**EMS rules.**__
  3. 1. When on duty you are not allowed to drive civ vehicles.
  4. 2. Radio chanels are 10 codes only,no unneeded radio chatter is allowed.
  5. 3. Costumise vans is not allowed like painting,rims or any tuning.
  6. 4. Chain of command need to be followed when having problems no drama between departments.
  7. 5. Code 3 is 70 mph in city to emergency call and code 2 is 50 mph.
  8. 6. When more then 3 day's away you need to inform a higher up and fill in a loa
  9. 7. Breaking traffic laws or endanger public life can get you in prison or pay a fine to the city.
  10. 8. You signed up as a ems act like one be professional and calm at all times.
  11. 9. Departments can not change or bent rules without speaking to the staff members about it.
  12. 10. Only heli certified people can fly a heli and only 1 in city and 1 on the highway can be avaible at the time (2 total).
  13. 11. 2 ems personal is maximum allowed in 1 ambulance.
  14. 12. When joining a department you have to stay 30 day's in that department,and give a good reason for a transfer.
  15. 13. Power promoting members in a department is not allowed or promoting when that member is not ready for that role.
  16. 14. Every 3 heads of eatch of the department is there responsibility to gett there members in check and take actions against it.
  17. 15. Be up to date with the community rules and department rules are you'r responsibility.
  18. 16. You not allowed to take civs for a ride along or play as a taxi.
  19. 17. Medics that respawned afther died on a scene are not allowed to go back to the scene for 10 min,also have memory loss.
  20. 18. Ems is NOT allowed to have a fire arm when on duty.
  21. 19. Ride alongs and training can only be done by certified people.
  22. 20. Call signs for ems Are example: [M-1]
  23. 21. Departments are not allowed to make changes on the rosters,like adding ranks or major changes without speaking to staff members.
  24. 22. Do not use the revive command without properly roleplaying the situation.
  25. 23. Do not revive yourself or your friends unless it is valid roleplay.
  26. 24. Do not heal yourself or your friends unless it is valid roleplay.
  27. 25. All EMS commands are logged and will be checked by the administration staff daily.
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