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  2.       blinked the thought away. Whoa What the FUCK, Kian?
  4. ← Kian
  5.       was left staring at her back for a long LONG time. Was she ever that hot?
  7. → Kian
  8. a soft chuckle sounded as he accepted the offer with notable enthusiasm, hand that lingered near ear previously would give a dismissing wave. God had she ever been so young? "I'll see you tomorrow evening then, six o'clock," proceeding forward with an impossible to ignore saunter to her hips. The click of her heels would eventually fade away.
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  11.       "Oh!" Nearly bowed at her for that. "Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you!" Pressed a hand against his chest. "I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate that. I--" A super happy sigh left lips. "God. I needed the money and everything it's just..." Actually bowed this time. "I won't disappoint you, miss. I- I- I promise. I'll sort those books like a was librarian." The awkward joke wasn't necessary, Kian.
  13. → Kian
  14. eyebrow lifted as he stumbled over an apology and an explanation for his plea to be given an alternative. Financial difficulties hmm? Fiona wasn't heartless, just a bit tough with her expectations. "I suppose you could assist me with categorizing a recent shipment of books? Depending on how efficient you are, I may give a tip," head tilting to the side with consideration, she meant monetary of course.
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  17.       Shit. Crap. Wait. He's going to fail? "I--" Fuck. "--can I actually do something else? Like, community service, miss? Sorry I don't-- I- I- I'm not telling you how to do your job, I just--" Clicked his tongue all frustrated. "--I have to work off a few debts? And if I don't well--" What does happen? Does he go to jail?
  19. → Kian
  20. a light frown was given at the inquiry, one arm folding under the swell of breasts and opposite hand raised to permit fingers to tuck a strand of red behind ear. "All assignments are a requirement in my classroom, Mr. Keller. As I give so few of them throughout the term."
  22. ← Kian
  23.       stopped on his way to Vince's place because he needed to borrow money for the cafe door. "Wait--" Blinked. Shit. Was it? He hadn't gotten around to it. "--really? It's not required to pass the course, is it?"
  25. → Kian
  26. "Mr. Keller," halting the young man as they passed in the courtyard. "I hope you remember that your paper is due on Monday. Have a nice weekend."
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