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Oct 12th, 2019
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  1. Can anyone make a compilation for foundational info on the movement?
  2. We're entering the phase where we're going to have some tough explaining to do with people that are close to us.
  3. We had something sort of close to this on Qresearch. Anyone care to help?
  5. This was a sort of preface an anon did a bit over a year ago or so:
  6. Sometime soon, a friend or a family member is going to approach you and try to provide you with some context about what you are seeing in the news.
  7. Your friend/family member has been collaborating in an established but obscure online workspace with like-minded patriots and a small team of Trump administration officials. This collaboration has been going on for months (now years), and has been kept deliberately obscure from the public and mainstream media. This is not a joke.
  8. During this collaboration, information relevant to what you are seeing in the news was surfaced, evaluated, and prioritized. Listen to your friend/family member. They will explain this information and why you aren’t hearing these revelations from the mainstream media. Although the material may seem difficult to believe, please keep an open mind.
  9. Although it is not that important to the overall story unfolding in the mainstream news now, the small team of administration officials, known as “Q Group”, or simply “Q”, had some difficulty establishing their bona fides / credibility in the online collaboration forum they chose.
  10. On January 7th, 2018, all doubt was removed when Q arranged for POTUS to send a personal message to the online collaboration forum via Twitter that was hiding in plain sight. If you are interested in the details your friend/family member will be happy to show you a graphical representation of how this occurred.
  11. Please trust what you are hearing from your friend/family member. Be skeptical of the mainstream media reporting on these new revelations. This is not a game.
  12. Here’s what we know- The facts:
  13. Trillions of dollars are missing from our national coffers
  14. Traitors and leakers inside our government have betrayed us for many years in pursuit of financial gain and power
  15. These traitors are guilty of legal, moral and ethical crimes
  16. A group of Patriots inside our government asked Donald Trump to run for President with their backing
  17. The election was rigged to ensure that the traitors remained in power
  18. The American people rose up and defeated the traitors at the polls
  19. The traitors declared war, both overtly and covertly, to retain power
  20. The traitors are responsible for most of the terror attacks upon our citizens
  21. This is your land. It does not belong in the hands of traitors.
  22. It’s time to choose a side.
  23. What to expect in the coming days:
  24. There will be indictments for many disturbing crimes including, but not limited to:
  25. 1. Treason
  26. 2. Sedition
  27. 3. Bribery
  28. 4. Extortion
  29. 5. Child abuse
  30. 6. Murder
  31. These indictments may contain familiar and beloved figures (prepare for this)
  32. There will be accomplices and co conspirators
  33. The accused will be judged and sentenced according to the laws of this republic
  34. Many will not believe that those they trusted betrayed them, even when the facts are at hand (prepare for this)
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