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Dec 30th, 2016
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  1. Tesla
  3. Skills:
  5. Galvanism: A
  6. The free conversion and charging of bioelectric current and mana.
  7. By instantly converting attacks without form such as magic light, magic wind, and magic bullets into electricity and charging it, Tesla can recharge his own mana.
  9. Knowledge of a Gifted Genius: A
  10. A skill that shows unparalleled natural knowledge.
  11. Allows the use of most skills excluding those inherent to the body (such as divinity) or ones unique to particular heroes, at proficiency or A-B rank. However, Nicola Tesla does not use this skill very often.
  13. Pioneer of the Planet: EX
  14. A special skill given to heroes who became a turning point in human history. All difficult journeys become possible while remaining impossible. Tesla brought an existence that belonged only to beings from the age of gods down to the Earth, and raised the level of civilisation on the entire world, and thus has this skill at a high rank.
  16. Noble Phantasm:
  18. Myth of Man: The Advent of Lightning / System Keraunos
  19. Rank: EX / Type: Anti-Fortress / Range: 1-99 / Max targets: 400
  20. System Keraunos. The result of Tesla's deeds in life and the mysteries of numerous supernatural legends being raised. The power to control electromagnetism. Brings forth a massive power that reminds one of the many legends of lightning gods. Uses the projection of electromagnetic force, and the existence of this long range attack is what made Nicola Tesla, who made no use of bows or other ranged weapons, into an Archer.
  21. By releasing its true name, an entire area can be destroyed through the generation of a limited pseudo time-space fault.
  22. Can be used in both offense and defense, but it consumes a lot of energy and so mana reserves have to be watched closely. The amount of mana used when releasing the true name is especially high. (Using Galvanism to recharge as he fights is his regular fighting style)
  25. Helena
  27. Skills:
  29. Mana Synch: C
  30. Simulataneously greatly stimulates the mana of self and others.
  32. Mahatma: A
  33. She refers to those who have reached the origin before her to be Mahatma and considers them to be beings of a higher dimension.
  34. She uses many magecraft bases carved into the world, saying that she's borrowing power from the Mahatma. It is unknown if some higher being is actually lending her power, or if she just has a particularly special magic circuit. She can use summons, black magecraft, alchemy, elemental change magecraft, rune magecraft, ancient Egyptian magecraft, and so on. She can use the Holy Church's blessing incantations as well.
  35. By using multiple magecraft bases simultaneously, she miraculously succeeded in using especially powerful magecraft. The simultaneous use does not always work, and luck and chance factor in as well, so the effect is that especially powerful spells only sometimes occur.
  37. Seeker of the Unknown: B
  38. Direct marketing from Ms. Blavatsky, who seeks the Origin (Truth). A fleeting dream, of her wanting to share the bond with the unknown that she once encountered in a dream with others.
  40. Noble Phantasm:
  42. God of Venus: Heavenly Master of Flame / Sanat Kumara
  43. Rank: A / Type: Anti-Army / Range: 1-50 / Max targets: 150
  44. Sanat Kumara. A giant clad in a body of shining ether appears alongside a flying object, and burns the area with flame.
  45. "It's one of the greatest spells in Theosophy, the temporary re-enactment of the power of Sanat Kumara, a divine being that came from Venus, one of the creators of Earth."
  46. "The saucer? Oh I found it left next to my pillow one day when I woke up."
  47. "My Noble Phantasm? Uh, it came out of some documents I got from the Mahatma. It started of really small. It had really cute eyes too."
  48. "I met it by chance, this one time when I was travelling through Nevada... Yes, Nevada in the United States. My consciousness was sent to Alpha Centauri where it touched something magnificent... And when I came to, I had the saucer."
  49. She speaks of many origins, but the true identities of the flying object and giant remain unknown.
  51. Medb
  53. Noble Phantasms:
  55. Iron Chariot of Beloved Me / Chariot My Love
  56. Rank: B / Type: Anti-army / Range: 2-40 / Max targets: 50
  57. Chariot My Love. A charging attack in a chariot that is Medb's power as a queen given form. AOE attack. This chariot represents the royal authority of a lord, the iron that tortures people, and the fear that makes them shake, and uses the two bulls of the Táin Bó Cúailnge.
  58. Especially effective against males. It is difficult for any man to deflect Medb as she charges at them.
  59. In Fate GO it has been re-adjusted from being an anti-army noble phantasm to becoming an anti-person NP.
  60. No male who has been captured by Medb's chariot can escape it. The inside is a reality marble, and a nest of love that will not let them free until the deed is over.
  62. My Red Mead. Any man offered this mead will drink it for some reason, and any man who drinks said mead will belong to her.
  64. Conchobar My Love
  65. Temporarily borrows Conchobar's ability to see the future.
  67. Fergus My Love
  68. Temporarily summons and uses Caladbolg.
  70. Beowulf
  72. Noble Phantasm:
  74. Grendel Buster
  75. Special NP that can only be used by destroying Hrunting and Naegling (wording suggests he has to do it himself). And NP made of the concept of killing Grendel. Gives him the overwhelming power he had in life. Because it's a primitive form of combat (punches and kicks etc.), skills and NP that nullify an attack after one use do not work on it.
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