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  1. general skill idea not named yet
  3. How to train said skill; a variety of methods
  4.  - Completing raids
  5.  - Completing task scrolls
  6.  - Grinding items in item grinder
  7.  - NOT levelled up by hunter experience lamps
  8.  - XP can be gained over-time by showing loyalty to the server (implement a timer where if player is afk for X time; they go into idle mode and no longer gain XP in the skill until they move their character or perform an action
  9.  - Participating in World Boss kills
  10.  - Placing top 3 in the daily/weekly boss kills events
  12. -- Perks --
  14.  - Players could recieve more rewards/increased rewards for doing the above
  15.     - ex: level 99 of the skill; players gain double dp count (killing a boss grants 1, at 99 it would grant 2)
  16.     - double DP per raid at 125
  17.     - more base money from the item grinder (currently 60%, could scale with level up to say 75%)
  18.     - Hidden boosts to worldboss loots
  19.     - At certain level access to a "skillname only" task scroll loot table that's only able to be rolled when you're at that level or above it
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