Party Mamono

Oct 23rd, 2021
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  1. 0 - Bogey/Bogie Hybrid Mage
  2. - Two minds with two very distinct personalities inhabiting a single body. Only one of them is ever in complete control at a time though they're apparently able to converse inside of their own head. The gentle and protective bogey personality uses only healing/protective spells such as 'Comfort of Artemis', 'Ward of Slumber', and 'Dream Theater/Final Act: Lucid Awakening of Potential' while also having surprisingly high physical strength and resistance to damage. In contrast, the spiteful and clown-like bogie personality uses only damaging/weakening spells such as 'Electric Flame Juggle', 'Blood Moon Sickle', and 'Lunatic Dance: Shared Madness (MAX SYNC)' while boasting unnatural speed and dexterity. She transforms completely upon switching personalities, something which can happen very sporadically and for a variety of reasons. The two personalities thankfully have enough sense to voluntarily relinquish control to the other if a healing spell or attack spell is needed in a specific and extreme situation. The two personalities are on a nebulous quest to find a method to split them into two separate bodies, though the bogie seems far far more eager to find such a thing. They're both nocturnal and tend to fight for control more frequently at night. The phases of the moon seem to also affect their conflict. The bogey loves complete darkness and tends to become more dominant closer to the new moon, while the bogie adores the full moon and will become more dominant while it shines. It's during the moon's middle phases when their switching is most erratic.
  4. 1 - Sadistic Krampus Bounty Hunter
  5. - Easily mistaken for a satyr at first glance. She's a dark, heavily armed goat beastwoman with perhaps her most notable trait being her tremendous height. She stands even a head taller than minotaurs who are easily twice her weight. While the Krampus is a creature typically tasked in ritualistically punishing the wicked, she has instead found a way to sate that need by gearing up as an adventurer and actively combating evil. She specializes in hunting down wanted fugitives and will always prioritize objectives of that nature...but so long as a job involves fighting evil people or things she tends to have few objections as to party direction. The mere mention of violence or evil gets her blood boiling. Her sadistic side emerges and may enter into a frenzy, actively searching for evil to 'vanquish'. If she's gone too long without sating her lust for violence then even minor 'acts of evil' may incur an ass-kicking, such as spitting on a sidewalk or littering. She uses a variety of creative and cruel weapons but her favorite is a meathook attached to a motorized chain which she swings much like a flail, throws like an axe, and then reels targets in like skewered fish. When not caught up in a sadistic frenzy she's shockingly laid-back, friendly...even big sister-like. She treats good, upstanding people very well and is especially protective of children, even the bratty ones. She has a habit of gently bullying anyone she actually likes.
  7. 2 - Befuddled Blue Slime Witch
  8. - Once a dark mage of considerable strength, a laboratory mishap has reduced her to the form of the lowest variety of slime. Though her brilliance still remains it's unfortunately locked within a gooey blue cage of forgetfulness and mana limitations. She's brilliant but easily distracted and needs to be constantly reminded of even the most minor things for her to make any kind of progress. The more she thinks the less she's able to maintain a solid physical form so she often degrades into a bubbling pile of pondering goo. Because of this she spends most of her time in a wheeled cauldron as a kind of thinking jelly stew with a witch's hat on top, her only real article of clothing. Though she has a high maintenance cost for taking her into your party she also comes with her own magical wagon. It serves as a house, an apothecary, a laboratory, a kitchen, and a reliable mode of transportation when pulled by two pots-and-pans horse constructs which were thankfully created with a permanent spell when the witch was still at full power. She claims knowledge over a massive variety of spells, but the effectiveness of them vary greatly between high-level instant battle-enders and useless puffs of barely-magic. The witch has a very small chance of activating her full mental faculties for brief periods, an event which seems to be heavily affected by her mood. Personality-wise, she's easily excited and has an uncontrollable love for knowledge...but is a little smug for a forgetful bowl of slime. Physically she quite likes being a slime and seeks only a way to restore her mental faculties permanently while retaining her new body.
  10. 3 - Hardboiled Black Harpy Rogue
  11. - A short, fit black harpy with clipped wings. She's had a bit of a rough life as evidenced by the numerous scars crisscrossing her body. She's flightless but compensates with some pretty extreme leg power and natural craftiness. Skilled with tools and a master of escape, she carries numerous simple necessities within the dense feathery layers of her wings. Knives, needles, lockpicks, wire, etc. She has an obsession with ensuring that 'no cage can possibly hold her'. She puts on an air of tough, no-nonsense grittiness but deep down is the sentimental type. Her most outstanding trait is her loyalty and she places a very high value on friendship. She's nimble and unpredictable in a fight and has the unique black harpy feature of being able to project her murderous intent through her stare. Loves to drink and tell stories after a 'job', and she has more stories than can possibly be told in one sitting. She's content to take board quests for now but really wants to start her own Robin Hood-esque gang. She won't admit but she really loves things like heroes, masks, and speeches about friendship.
  13. 4 - Passionate Salamander Monk
  14. - She was once just your average, every-day, run-of-the-mill superhumanly strong fiery lizard woman. Then, by chance, she happened upon an instructional scroll for Mist Continent-style martial arts and became entranced. She journeyed to the distant land with nothing but the clothes on her back, at times even swimming for miles to find her destination. She made it to a monastery and stood by the gates unmoving for 100 days uninterrupted before they accepted her into training, where she excelled and took to teachings quickly and seriously. Though she sought only strength she feels she found something more; a respect and duty to the weak. She has a love for fighting that she must frequently restrain and still enjoys nothing more than a friendly spar. She often gets loud and fired up but she's still tremendously disciplined and dedicated to being peaceful and honorable. She's a muscular woman who favors light, simple clothing and dislikes weapons despite being proficient in nearly all of them. She practices many stances and forms but heavily favors a form of southern dragon kung fu that favors strong internal qi and smooth but hard, powerful movements. She claims herself as a master of this style, not out of pride but out of honesty. She tries to represent her monastery well by presenting as stoic, but she has weaknesses to puns, silly humor, and adventure stories. She has only the simply objectives to travel, see the world, and protect the weak.
  16. 5 - Feverish Succubus Paladin
  17. - An armor-clad, sword-swinging adherent of Knightly Order that even many mamono would consider 'heretical'. Her order believes in the power of resisted temptation to the point where many of their magical abilities rely on this power as fuel. She believes in resisting her temptations, but also in purposely exposing herself to them and then funneling this frustration into internal strength. She's the chivalrous, justice-loving type who adores the idea of saving a guy from danger more than anything. Her hobbies, in line with the beliefs of her order, include reading saucy romance novels and appraising erotic artwork. She's rarely not flushed and is prone to rousing speeches and confident declarations. Despite her somewhat goofy demeanor she's a highly distinguished swords-woman wielding a flawless rapier named Benevolent Predator and draped in a cursed set of armor. In a pinch she also has access to both conventional support spells and ones unique to her order such as 'Temptation Wave: Frustration' and 'Temptation Wave: Denial', but she considers herself more a dashing sword-wielding hero than a true mage. Sometimes gets a little TOO excited about saving the day.
  19. 6 - Sly Arachne Bard
  20. - Charmingly well-spoken, wickedly intelligent, and a natural born liar. She's a mysterious arachne who keeps a tight lid on her past and personal life. It can be easy to mistake her playfulness and secretive nature for maliciousness but all of her ominous teasing never really results in anything bad. She's a bard who can cast mesmerizing spells in the form of songs, either sung with her enchanting voice or plucked quietly on her own spun silken strings. She rarely presents as a bard, preferring plain yet elegant dresses and bonnets that make her look more like a yarnspinner or a midwife. She has a specialty of blending into crowds at places like pubs or open markets and playing her mind-altering songs without being noticed. She has all the skills to be a hypnotic master criminal but insists that she's only a 'simple artist looking for new experiences'. Even if she did put you under her spell you probably wouldn't remember afterwards. Many people, for this reason, have a hard time placing any trust in her and she has few friends, but deep down she's a lonely woman who yearns for companionship. She's a competent and effective party member as long as you don't mind her endless teasing and mysteriousness.
  22. 7 - Reformed Minotaur Bandit
  23. - A big, buff, scar-riddled, tattoo-covered minotaur who used to be one of the fiercest bandit leaders around. She had a major moral epiphany after being rescued from certain death by a nun she had attempted to rob and now seeks to right every wrong she was ever responsible for (which is a lot of wrongs). She swings an enormous bardiche with inhuman strength and is HIGHLY resistant to magic. She once made her career on ambushing traveling mages and the experiences have made her an expert in dealing with enemy casters. A high-damage, high-defense anti-caster type, but rather than having a hatred of magic she has an immense love of it. Her fascination with magic was what drove her to seek out magical items to begin with and it had just sort of become a profitable 'business' from there. Her heart's in the right place but she can be a bit dimwitted, very stubborn, and she has a lot of misconceptions about the way regular law-abiding folks do their business. Her wild and rambunctious nature sometimes gets her in trouble with the law even though she's on a quest for redemption. Loud and aggressive...but friendly, quick to become fond of people. Expect her to laugh loudly and frequently while slapping you on the back.
  25. 8 - Trustworthy Elf Merchant
  26. - A sweet yet savvy blonde elf, she isn't much of a combatant but has the business acumen of a shrewd, elderly prospector. She's a peppy but oddly plain girl who styles herself as a 'Jill of All Trades' though she's rather average in most of them. She has an almost supernatural talent for appraising the worth of just about anything and her 'cheerful girl next door' style of charisma makes her an expert haggler and negotiator. She's a bit of a bumbler when situations get dangerous but she's incredibly lucky and is so decked out in adventuring equipment that it's almost as if she ALWAYS has the right tool for the job. She'll find the best loot and the best deals in any dungeon or town and take in the cash, but she's oddly stingy when it comes to actually spending on anything. She isn't all numbers and money, however. She places a very high price on anything with sentimental value as if the sentiment itself was worth money. Her most prized possession is a simple leaf-shaped hair accessory; she never removes it and becomes very agitated if anyone tries to touch it.
  28. 9 - Gloomy Troll Alchemist
  29. - She's always been a little odd. While other trolls grow goldenrods and honeysuckle in their hair, this one grows bleeding tooth mushrooms, poison nightshade, and carnivorous bladderwort. Pale, low-energy, sharp teeth, bags-under-eyes, and all dressed in dark grays and purples and blacks; she could almost mistaken for a very large and unusual undead. She has a laugh that's both raspy and squeaky and often giggles at inappropriate or disturbing things, but is usually quick to apologize. Despite her gloominess she's usually smiling and has no shame in indulging in the things she loves; things like growing rhubarb in complete darkness or scavenging graveyards for corpse flowers. She's an expert on magical plants and their uses and has everything from herbal healing powders to natural poisons so vile they can melt skin. She even grows a 'special fruit', a demon world variety swollen like a bulb at the tip of her tail. If asked about she simply replies that it's still 'ripening' for a 'special occasion'. Being a troll she's also incredibly strong and durable. Combat with her tends to be stressful for her enemies and allies alike. Her greatest talent, however, may be cooking. Her love of cookery rivals her love of creepiness and she's eager to cook three meals a day + snacks. Most of her dishes are ominous and intimidating for those who haven't known her long, dishes like chilled black mushroom chowder and blood sausage onion pies. Anyone who tries her food though is almost guaranteed to love it. She uses all magical ingredients in all of her recipes which, if eating meal after meal over a long period of time, will have permanent benefits to any eater's strength, stamina, and ever mood. She always smiles a bit more strongly, a bit more fully whenever she sees someone eat and enjoy her cooking.
  31. Doubles - Dysfunctional Oni Duo
  32. - A red oni ronin and a blue oni kunoichi, both having traveled far in pursuit of their prey. They're a codependent pair who always work together despite the fact that their personalities are completely different and they constantly argue. The red oni ronin is a serious, tomboyish hothead wearing a loose yukata and carrying a giant nodachi. The blue oni kunoichi is a vain, feminine type who takes her job less seriously. She wears a total body ninja suit and prefers using ranged throwing needles, trickery, and tools rather than direct combat. The blue one is usually the more outgoing of the three, but they both become pretty chatty and indulgent when drinking (which they make a habit of every evening). They're mercenaries on a mission to hunt down a wanted fugitive from Zipangu: a Bake-Danuki conwoman said to be responsible for the financial collapse of a major daimyo. They're both talented and insist they would've gotten their girl by now if 'SHE would stop getting in MY way'. Despite this they refuse to work by themselves for some reason and have been friends since childhood.
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