Message to the Government of Nova Scotia

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  1. Hello, leaders of the Government of Nova Scotia. We are Anonymous.
  3. We reacted with satisfaction to your announcement of an independent inquiry into the Rehtaeh Parsons case. But upon further inspection, the depths of your cynicism and dangerous hypocrisy have been made clear to us.
  5. Rehtaeh's family continues to endure harassment and intimidation at the hands of these young men and their so called supporters. And your inquiry omits critical pieces of the puzzle, all designed to safeguard your power. We call upon the public to speak loudly to this conduct and remind her family and the world that we are still here. What is being done is not yet enough.
  7. Darrell Dexter, the eyes of the world are upon you. This case is being heralded as the quintessential example of rape culture and its devastating effects on humanity. You have an opportunity to determine the causes and potential solutions to one of the most troubling and complex subjects of our time. It is your duty to present the unvarnished facts of this case not only to Nova Scotians, but to the world. The public deserves to know why everyone from The RCMP to elected officials did not act until they were made to.
  9. Instead of seizing this chance to learn and educate, you have responded by dragging your feet, protecting your own interests, and acting with unrepentant cynicism. The independent inquiry you have ordered is but a shade of what is required to get to the bottom of this case. Rehtaeh was failed not only by the police, prosecutors, and school board. She was failed by her school, her hospital, her mental health care system, her community, and you.
  11. You hoped we would not notice the independent review stops immediately at the doors of your offices. You thought we would let you get away with that didn't you?
  13. Think again.
  15. Anonymous issues the following new requirements to be met:
  17. 1. The independent inquiry will expand to include all government departments that should or could have helped Rehtaeh.
  19. Including: The Capital District Health Authority, Capital District Mental Health Services, The IWK Mental Health and Addictions Program, The Administration of Cole Harbour High School, The Nova Scotia Department of Justice, The Nova Scotia Department of Education, The Nova Scotia Department of Health, and The Office of the Premier.
  21. 2. A detailed and public apology from Justice Minister Ross Landry, by May 4th 2013.
  23. Mr Landry, the situation demands you take at minimum an hour of your time to read about rape culture before this happens. Consult your colleagues, take this opportunity to educate. Explain to the public your personal thoughts on any link between rape culture and your failure to act until forced. Without such an apology, you will have lost the moral authority to govern.
  25. 3. Any inquiry called into this tragedy will be fully transparent, open to members of the public at all junctures, and operate under the auspices of a neutral body whose job is not to form opinion, but to collect the facts for all future experts researching this field.  
  27. 4. All non-independent investigations of government departments will immediately cease with all files related to this case frozen, including internal emails. We do not trust your hands on this evidence.
  29. Anonymous will not stop until these goals have been achieved. We invite all members of the public to participate in a day of action on Saturday May 4th, to bring Justice For Rehtaeh. If you cannot join us at Province House in Halifax, we encourage you to have your say in your own community.  
  31. To Premier Darrell Dexter and the New Democratic Party: we have had to do your job for you once already. Do not make us do it for you again. After all, there is an election just around the corner.  
  33. We are Anonymous.
  34. We are Legion.
  35. We do not forgive.
  36. We do not forget.
  37. Expect us.
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