Sunday Night Chatroom 2015/06/28

MegaBossMan Jun 28th, 2015 236 Never
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  1. Where have the Users gone?
  2. (18:03:34) ThatGuyNamedMike: We need staff here besides just Boss. Doc and Spin are too busy testing, Rhythm's too busy with life, and every1 else is AWOL, really.
  3. (18:04:10) ThatOneEnderMan: MMX100, why is the guy still a mod?
  4. (18:05:44) MegaBossMan: We should probably have some marker or indication of inactivity in the credits page.
  5. (18:06:16) ThatGuyNamedMike: So, as far as I'm concerned, if you ain't been here for 3 months, let alone be in the Chat, you shouldn't be Staff. Seriously.
  6. (18:06:34) MegaBossMan: I don't really think he is Staff, at this point.
  7. (18:09:50) ThatGuyNamedMike: I seriously can't recall any staff outside of you, Adrian, Spin, Doc and Rhythm being on this site for the last 2 months.
  8. (18:09:53) MusicalKitty: The best way I can think would be used for marking activity would be labelling the Username by color, like for legacy players, Magenta
  11. Extra Fields for Starforce?
  12. (18:26:37) MusicalKitty: So, one of my ideas is, for Starforce, that the Light/Wily/Cossack Cidatel could be used as fields for Fusion Stars
  13. (18:26:58) TheDoc: What element would they be?
  14. (18:27:10) Kirbologist: neutral/copy I assume
  15. (18:27:15) TailsMK4: Neutral Starforce would be very complicated...but with the changes to the Copy Shot, Copy Starforce might not be a bad idea.
  16. (18:27:34) MegaBossMan: I'm not entirely sure if we can interchange chapter 2 missions and chapter 3 missions, though.
  17. (18:27:38) Kirbologist: Wait, copy shot has been changed?
  18. (18:28:01) TheDoc: I would personally be against Neutral Starforce. The idea of the Neutral element is that it's not a Starforce element...
  19. (18:29:53) TailsMK4: Some more info in the future about the Copy weapons could probably help us reach a decision on this idea.
  20. (18:30:06) MusicalKitty: But if Copy is chosen, I think it would combine with the non-copy moves they have too, like if Mega Man has Air Shooter, then Mega Man would get Boosts from Wind AND Copy
  22. Mike’s Corner!
  23. (18:37:41) ThatGuyNamedMike: So, anyway, my ideas this week--4 of them, precisely--are random, again. Different things.
  24. (18:38:22) ThatGuyNamedMike: And, funnily enough, We start with Star Force. :D
  25. (18:40:03) ThatGuyNamedMike: This is actually a suggestion of a way to use it as something OTHER than a stat-booster, though:
  26. (18:41:46) ThatGuyNamedMike: What if STAR FORCE--and not BP--unlocked certain features of the game?
  27. (18:42:02) MegaBossMan: Like the stars from Super Mario 64?
  28. (18:43:23) ThatGuyNamedMike: I mean, not MANDATORY stuff, but, Story+ material, like Sigma fights, and the Player missions, and Superboss fights, etc.
  29. (18:44:41) TailsMK4: Starforce can have a MUCH better usage than just simply being a collector item.
  30. (18:44:59) TailsMK4: Plus, how would you justify 1000+ Stars?
  31. (18:45:08) TailsMK4: For just mere story content?
  32. (18:45:33) ThatGuyNamedMike: Yeah, I know, Tails. Look how.....well.....that's working now. Least broken stat-boosters ever, right? :P
  33. (18:45:33) MegaBossMan: I'm interested in the story+ unlocking, but only if kept to smaller amounts. I think SF has already justified it's existence and doesn’t need anything else, though.
  34. (18:45:36) TailsMK4: It would be make sense if we had FAR fewer Stars.
  35. (18:47:07) MusicalKitty: Hmm, how 'bout also unlocking characters from Starforce, that's what comes to mind when "Starforce doing something else comes to mind
  36. (18:47:22) MegaBossMan: I'm not into SF character unlocks.
  37. (18:47:59) TailsMK4: I don't see any reason right now to change SF, so please don't make any other suggestions unless you can justify the large amount of Starforce we currently have...
  38. (18:48:39) TheDoc: Yea, I don't think Starforce will be undergoing such a drastic change any time soon
  39. (18:48:52) MegaBossMan: I'm really into what we have now, honestly.
  40. (18:49:15) ThatGuyNamedMike: NO ONE can justify *1*,000 of something, Tails, let alone the almost ***10***,000 planned. x)
  41. (18:49:35) MegaBossMan: How many players are going to go for the 10,000, though?
  42. --------------------
  43. (18:50:32) ThatGuyNamedMike: Oh, yeah, yeah. Sigmas. Uh, Boss, you've fought a bunch of them: How hard are they?
  44. (18:50:53) MegaBossMan: Besides the clearly-tenative moves, they're alright. Pretty fun, actually.
  45. (18:50:56) TailsMK4: It depends on how much you played the individual mission prior to fighting them.
  46. (18:51:08) TailsMK4: Cause the more you beat up said robot, the harder they become.
  47. (18:51:09) MegaBossMan: Oh yeah, level 100 Cut Man. Good times.
  48. (18:51:09) ThatGuyNamedMike: EXACTLY. Not hard enough. x)
  49. (18:51:16) TailsMK4: For me Sigmas are super easy.
  50. (18:51:29) MegaBossMan: Why would they necessarily need to be incredibly difficult?
  51. (18:52:29) ThatGuyNamedMike: 'cause they're supposed to be the overall strongest version of a robot. They're technically mini-bosses, what with them being able to go beyond Lv. 100.
  52. (18:52:28) TailsMK4: The Dark Frags are what make the difficulty in the battle. If you can't get one in one hit, then they'll just sap away your stats while you're trying to get more WE.
  53. (18:55:04) ThatGuyNamedMike: What if, instead of giving them preset Levels,
  54. (18:55:41) ThatGuyNamedMike: They always appeared being ## Levels higher than the highest-Leveled member of your team?
  55. (18:56:12) ThatGuyNamedMike: Or rather, the team you bring INTO that battle.
  56. (18:58:14) ThatGuyNamedMike: Boss, tell me, do Sigmas give exp.?
  57. (19:03:07) ThatGuyNamedMike: I was gonna wonder why Sigmas give normal old exp. in the first place. I always figured that a better reward to give would be BP, what with being able to use them as BP feeders.
  58. (19:05:26) MegaBossMan: They do give off EXP. Not more than you can currently get in something like the Citadel or Wily's Castle, though.
  59. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  60. (19:05:51) ThatGuyNamedMike: Anyway, this moves me on to a controversial 4th idea. NO ONE will like it, I'm positive of it, but, I think it'd prove to make their counterparts more challenging.
  61. (19:06:29) ThatGuyNamedMike: You all know Roll, Disco and Rhythm, yes?
  62. (19:07:17) ThatGuyNamedMike: Here goes. *inhales*
  63.  .....DS versions of them as Bosses. *ducks*
  64. (19:07:31) TheDoc: Wha-.....why?
  65. (19:07:50) MegaBossMan: I mean.....Eh?
  66. (19:10:39) ThatGuyNamedMike: So, it would stand to reason that if Trill and.....whoever else he's going to be working alongside would make the DS's,
  67. (19:11:08) ThatGuyNamedMike: They'd make the heroes AND their supportive counterparts, no?
  68. (19:11:34) MegaBossMan: What would Disco DS even look like?
  69. (19:11:52) MegaBossMan: Where would you figure we'd place them?
  70. (19:12:25) ThatGuyNamedMike: I honestly believe that the 3 DS bots by themselves are jokes, even with 125-125-125-125 stats.
  71. (19:12:55) ThatGuyNamedMike: So, I'd Putt Roll DS wherever Mega Man DS can be found.
  72. (19:15:45) ThatGuyNamedMike: Though, if it matters that much, just put them with the Genesis Units.
  73. (19:16:24) MusicalKitty: We could change the DS's base stats to somewhere between 150 and 250
  74. (19:17:06) ThatGuyNamedMike: That won't matter. The problem is that Star Force is going to become available in the main storyline.
  77. To Switch or not to Switch?
  78. (19:21:33) Kirbologist: Well, I honestly hate the fact that your opponents switch around so much
  79. (19:21:58) Kirbologist: So I have two alternatives: Make them switch less, or make them switch before the attacking phase
  80. (19:22:20) Kirbologist: Heck, when you switch, it acts like it's still the same turn as when you previously attacked
  81. (19:22:57) Kirbologist: So it would make sense if they switched immediately after the attacking phase, instead of during
  82. (19:23:27) Capcap200: but its the bot they switch into that attacks, not the bot thats out.
  83. (19:24:00) Kirbologist: So before you choose your commands, then they'll switch
  84. (19:24:36) Kirbologist: Instead of after
  85. (19:25:35) TailsMK4: Actually, the current system does have a problem.
  86. (19:26:33) TailsMK4: If you destroy a bot that switches out on the turn you attack, then the bot that gets switched in instantly is allowed to attack that moment. You never get to attack again if it happens to you until next turn.
  87. (19:27:31) Capcap200: this actually happened to me with elec man, and it ended up fully healing him.
  89. Custom Missions
  90. (19:35:03) TailsMK4: My approach to this is kind of like elements of rescue/outlaw missions in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.
  91. (19:35:33) TailsMK4: Where you can design the mission however you want, and select from preset restrictions.
  92. (19:35:42) TailsMK4: And it would be ranked in difficulty.
  93. (19:35:55) TailsMK4: Other people would be able to play your missions, of course.
  94. (19:36:34) TailsMK4: It's more like designing your own story missions, for example.
  95. (19:37:14) MegaBossMan: Would you pick the robots players used?
  96. (19:37:29) TailsMK4: Could have a restriction like that
  97. (19:38:01) TailsMK4: And one of the things I hope is discussed alongside this is benefits for people to do these missions in the first place.
  98. (19:39:11) ThatGuyNamedMike: The only real problem I see with Customs, regardless of how much or little control you have, if the uncontrollable monster that is Star Force.
  99. (19:39:47) MegaBossMan: What if you can choose the amount of Starforce the player could use? Might be hard to program, though....
  100. (19:40:16) TailsMK4: But creating your own mission, you could do say 8 level 100 Enkers if you want.
  101. (19:40:39) Kirbologist: Maybe the prototype itself decides the BP
  102. (19:40:54) MegaBossMan: I'm fine with no BP.
  103. (19:40:54) Capcap200: would you be able to "give" them a robot you normally couldnt use for the custom missons, like enker?
  104. (19:41:46) MegaBossMan: If so, that kinda makes me think of a fighting-game's traditional Versus mode...
  105. (19:42:36) TailsMK4: But you'd get to design the field however you want.
  106. (19:42:51) TailsMK4: Building a field from the fields readily available.
  107. (19:43:06) TailsMK4: And perhaps some other bonuses like custom music playing in the battle.
  109. -----------------------------------------------
  110. Bonus: Response on Last Week’s ideas
  111. (21:33:01) MegaBossMan: "I would LIKE them to summoned in a similar way to mechas, either via an ability or via a special multi-use item (Rush Whistle? Tango... Catnip? Lol. Maybe just Rush Support, Beat Support, etc.) and then they would fight just like mechas do BUT have more than one ability."
  112. (21:33:37) MegaBossMan: "I think it would be nice if they all had at least one attack and one support move. Maybe Rush Search (support, finds items on the stage) and Rush Coil/Jet/? that actually does damage."
  113. (21:34:03) MegaBossMan: "Tango would have her rolling attack as well as some kind of support ability, and then Beat would have the barrier plus some kind of attack. Or at least that's how I imagined it. Oh and Treble... almost forgot about him."
  114. (21:34:24) MegaBossMan: "If we have them as items, then we don't necessarily need to pair them with specific heroes but if we do pair them, I think Mega/Rush and Bass/Treble are obvious (because the super adapters) but Proto is a bit if a head-scratcher."
  115. (21:34:51) MegaBossMan: "Out of Tango and Beat, I feel like Tango fits with the other two animals better in terms of size and utility, but Beat has a more obvious affinity to Cossack (Proto's master in the RPG) so... yeah. If we didn't have to consider the super adapters it wouldn't matter, but I know people really want them so we'll have to see."
  116. (21:35:20) MegaBossMan: "Maybe everyone could join in but Rush/Treble/Tango are Tier 2 animals that can be summoned like mechas and have super-adapter compatibility while Beat/Eddy/? could be Tier 1 animals that appear once via an item, do their thing, and leave.
  117. (21:35:14) ThatGuyNamedMike: Proto Man doesn't need a Super Adapter.
  118. (21:35:21) ThatGuyNamedMike: HE already has his Break Man form.
  119. (21:35:21) TailsMK4: We don't need to have the adaptors. Other fan games do that stuff.
  120. (21:36:08) ThatGuyNamedMike: If we HAVE to have Super Mega Man and Super Bass, I still say that should be optional Superbosses only, as a dream fight of sorts.
  121. (21:38:08) MegaBossMan: I feel like it's a waste, just throwing Super Adaptors aside. People generally seem to like it.
  122. (21:38:31) MegaBossMan: Capcom's already thrown aside the Super Adaptor, and I've never played a fan-game with the Super Adaptor.
  123. (21:40:01) TailsMK4: Then I guess my final comment is this: The animal support is probably better as an item or an ability than a mecha, imo.
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