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  1. sib2 commented on a post in r/QuakeChampions
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  4. on the very day cypher playing OGA QC Duel tourney, his team Nemiga announces end of their Quake teamNews(
  5. submitted 6 hours ago by drunkenFoooLL to r/QuakeChampions
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  7. abija • 3 points • submitted 4 hours ago
  8. Meh, easy to say, but not like Syncerror could just snap his fingers and replace the engine and saber with some proper dev team...
  10. Those decisions come from bethesda management.
  12. sib2 • -3 points • submitted 2 hours ago
  13. the engine isnt the problem, and nothing has been fucking shown that this game is a money grab. nothing has been done to scam anyone out of money in comparison to..i dunno, CS GO?!?! fucking hell you guys are so depressing.
  15. pzogel • 21 points • submitted 5 hours ago
  16. A bit unrelated, but it was actually funny to see how Cypher gave absolutely zero fucks about his match versus Xron. That tournament was nothing but a short interruption of his Apex Legends session basically, literally five minutes after losing he was already streaming Apex again. Cypher doesn't care anymore, Nemiga doesn't care anymore, nobody cares anymore.
  18. sib2 • -7 points • submitted 2 hours ago
  19. you don't speak for everyone pzogel you rat fuck. you speak for the rest of your boyfriends on here that will agree with anything negative but you dont speak for players who actually play the game and support it. no shit you dont care, none of you have cared, the proof is in the pudding look at the shit you guys have posted for over a year straight. but what it makes you happy to see Cypher be that way? it was "actually funny" i mean you literally constant expose yourselves for giving zero shits about the game by finding awful negative things funny or amusing. its so obvious you guys just laugh to yourselves with negative posts and just get butthurt when someone doesnt agree with your incoherent rage.
  21. sib2 commented on a post in r/QuakeChampions
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  23. Can we all chill for a second?Feedback(r/QuakeChampions)
  24. submitted 10 hours ago by take-a-stroll to r/QuakeChampions
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  26. DarkangelUK • 18 points • submitted 10 hours ago
  27. The vast majority of players who tried the game more than likely never visited this sub or steam, that's just a poor deflection of accountability as to where the problems lie. The irritation of players on here is justified, if the game was good then you wouldn't see it, you should try focusing on the REAL problems instead of blaming the players for a poor game chasing new players away, because that's worse for the game than "toxic" posts here.
  29. sib2 • -1 points • submitted 2 hours ago
  30. You are so full of shit. A TON of people go on reddit or steam before trying the game. You morons have gone out of your way to destroy this games reputation and fabricating problems and crying like spoiled children. This game is incredible but you kids could care less about it or at least being thankful Quake is coming back and a new one is being worked on. You have no idea how many players all of you have turned off to this game from your dramatic high school bullshit. You kids are the only ones not being held accountable. The irritation of people on here is not justified, how can you even call them "players" they literally don't play the game or even have it installed, they purely come here to make up shit and to ruin the future of this game. If you want to do something to help the game then do it, but all you guys have done is go out of your way to turn people off and to shit on everything. Just because all of you are on here repeating what each other is saying doesn't mean you're all right or have any good points. Its been a year now at the least of all of you repeating one another over and over and over and yet never having that self realization to think for yourselves or that its pathetic to just nod on and agree with one another from a hatefilled childish place.
  33. You guys all sound like spoiled little brats yet you guys are old enough to know better. I shouldn't be surprised though right? You go literally anywhere on Reddit and its the exact same story, a group of boys, repeating what each other are saying, thinking thats somehow valid, and are just the most ignorant and pseudointellectual people on the planet. Its classic of reddit to be like this so no wonder you guys act like a typical reddit kid who knows nothing but what other people upvote and post about. Why don't you guys focus on the REAL problems? Like yourselves, or hyping up things in the game, show cool mechanics, you can be way more creative in this game than any previous Quake. Yet funny enough you Quake "veterans" literally suck at Quake Champions, strafe jumping is harder, theres more to figure out, more to learn. You kids seem to hate that and cannot adapt. How pathetic honestly, yet you say this place turning people off from the game isn't the issue? Its a HUGE issue. I've had hundreds of people at the least tell me they never even gave Quake a chance because of this subreddit. You are full of shit. If hundreds of people have informed me alone then you guys have at least turned off thousands. And even just thousands can snowball the game into growing more and pump more life into the competitive scene and community. You guys are just stuck in 1999 and could give two shits less that we have another Quake being worked on. Literally spoiled little redditor kids screaming and throwing shit everywhere like dumb monkeys.
  35. CaptSchwann • 3 points • submitted 2 hours ago
  36. So in this subreddit we have:
  38. Players hating on the game.
  39. Players hating on other players for hating the game.
  40. Potential players not playing because of 1 and 2.
  41. Players hating on players because of 1, 2, and 3.
  42. Makes sense. That's why it's called toxic behavior, the shit spreads like cancer.
  44. sib2 • 1 point • submitted 2 hours ago
  45. well Schwann thats the thing, this subreddit needs to focus on the actual game, the cool mechanics, the creativity that is possible, future tournaments, upcoming players, upcoming content creators, podcasts, streams, not bitching and whining like children and then trying to justify it because some other guy literally said the same thing 5 minutes ago which means he must be right because he got upvoted. At the end of the day this subreddit is just a playground for negative pathetic men who literally downvote people who make legitimate points or support the game. But they will upload any moron who can say the word retard or fuck when it comes to trashing the game. they giggle at anything negative and are offended by anyone who makes any lick of sense. this place is awful and should be shut down. whoever the moderators of this place are as well should be ashamed as hell.
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  48. sib2 commented on a post in r/QuakeChampions
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  50. Some questions about QuakeHelp(r/QuakeChampions)
  51. submitted 7 hours ago by effinnelle to r/QuakeChampions
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  53. NewQuakePlayer • 15 points • submitted 7 hours ago
  54. It doesn't
  55. Russian low quality coders are way cheaper
  56. Completely different from Idtech as you can tell from the trully horrible performance
  57. DX11 i think
  58. sib2 • -4 points • submitted 3 hours ago
  59. "Russian low quality coders" i hope you realize Russian coders are one of the best in the world and most common, this is why they are hired from all around the world because they know what they are doing in that field. You almost can't find a company with coders in it that doesn't have Russian people involved. Does Quake Champions seem like it was made by low quality coders? Such stupid shit being said, shit talking to shit talk like a god damn high school kid. Typical Quake subreddit mentality.
  61. sib2 commented on a post in r/QuakeChampions
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  63. So... is the game dead or beyond saving at this point?Discussion(r/QuakeChampions)
  64. submitted 1 day ago by omikron200 to r/QuakeChampions
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  66. pzogel • 31 points • submitted 1 day ago
  67. I still remember when Zoot called me out on stream for comparing QC to Lawbreakers back in December 2017. Now here we are more than a year later, Lawbreakers has already been shut down and people start making comparisons again while Zoot is busy streaming Siege and Apex. The irony.
  69. sib2 • 2 points • submitted 12 hours ago
  70. that isn't what irony is, christ sake use the word properly. this doesn't compare to lawbreakers in the slightest. anyone with half a brain would of called you out for making such a stupid comparison. now you wanna brag about it like you're right, nice ego man. means fuck all though. this game is miles better and miles more of having potential in comparison to lawbreakers. not to mention the people working on Quake clearly love it and are doing a great job. the game is night and day how it was at the start. once they fix how it runs for everyone its going to be near perfect. a few more balance changes, maps, improving a few modes/adding more and we're good. there are no extremely overpowered things or bugs or shots not registering. its so clean right now it just needs to be polished up with performance and advertised more after that.
  72. greendingbat • 2 points • submitted 7 hours ago
  73. Hey look it’s internet tough guy Sib
  75. sib2 • 2 points • submitted 3 hours ago
  76. yeah man you know i totally portray myself as a tough guy. how much of a pussy are you that you're intimidated by me over the internet?
  78. sib2 commented on a post in r/QuakeChampions
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  81. Called it a week before the beta came out.Media(
  82. submitted 1 day ago by IMplyingSC2 to r/QuakeChampions
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  84. sib2 • -2 points • submitted 12 hours ago
  85. This is a pretty pathetic post, what did that screenshot possibly call out before the beta came out? Kids have been saying this non stop for a long time. The mechanics in QC are way more satisfying than QL or Reflex. The game is incredible its just a shame that a bunch of man children on here would rather see Quake dead than to support it. Its sad seeing grown ass men constantly needing to act worse than children.
  87. I mean its hilarious isn't in, how this in that screenshot it says "some of you retards fall for it because you think you're cool and hardcore when you're defending Quake." Doesn't this just reak of arrogance and a lack of self awareness? Literally its been the "cool/hardcore" thing to constantly shit on the game and the devs for no solid reasons. To purposely trash the game and its reputation. Plus of course to call people who work on the game or support the fact that WE HAVE ANOTHER QUAKE GAME BEING WORKED ON "retards." This is typical of Quake veterans who are too far up their own asses to notice. Its pathetic, there's nothing about this game that shows its a cash grab. A little bit of self reflection can go a long way.
  89. Rolynd • 4 points • submitted 10 hours ago
  90. Game's dead, you can stop shilling.
  92. sib2 • 2 points • submitted 3 hours ago
  93. you morons have been saying the game is dead since it was released. it literally has only made sense for you guys to say that now out of dumb luck. you're so full of shit. shilling? lmao right you guys can keep dick riding one another though and just shit talk without making sense. But someone can't defend the game legitimately because oh no thats "shilling" just because what? I want to see the game grow and i'm happy we have another Quake? You children dont want another Quake game and you guys suck at Quake Champions and arent willing to adapt.
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  96. sib2 commented on a post in r/QuakeChampions
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  98. 27 viewers on twitch for this game?Discussion(r/QuakeChampions)
  99. submitted 1 day ago by otherworldy to r/QuakeChampions
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  101. sib2 • 0 points • submitted 12 hours ago
  102. What mostly caused it has been hysterical men on this subreddit and other places. They have been campaigning for over a year now to make it die and to ruin its reputation. i'm surprised you stay up to date via reddit posts and somehow don't realize this place is one of the core issues. The game itself isn't.
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